Product Photography with Natural Light: Create beautiful product photos at home | Laura Romero | Skillshare

Product Photography with Natural Light: Create beautiful product photos at home

Laura Romero

Product Photography with Natural Light: Create beautiful product photos at home

Laura Romero

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9 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Equipment

    • 3. Light

    • 4. Before shooting

    • 5. Shooting

    • 6. Editing 1

    • 7. Editing 2

    • 8. Editing 3

    • 9. Project

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About This Class

In this course you will learn how to take great and beautiful photos of your product with available light. Set up a super easy home studio.

This can be use for any type of product, handmade too, so you can have a cohesive product photos for an online store.

In this class I'll show the process I use on my online store to take amazing photos of the products I sell.

You'll learn:
Set-up a homemade studio with cheap and available things. 
How to control available light
Photo editing basics for product photography

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Laura Romero


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1. Intro: Hi, I'm Laura. I had a whole bunch of order, and if it's over, I really could follow your brother. It's one of the most important major decision points of your customers because he showed that a really image of the colors, the textures on the proportion on your product. And also it would talk about social media or only show love come from the ice. This last is for anyone who wanted to learn about O J properly photography with your life. But it will be really useful. If you're a business owner, a blower, you want to take you first. Next time, I'll show you the class, the work working with natural light so you can start as soon as possible to show you beautiful books Also expect natural light works so you can really understand just with available light. You have what what is the right place to take your first? Finally. So anything. So you can begin to build first all the points in the glass I would for both cell phones and these camps, so don't worry about it. Pumpkin journey class 2. Equipment: not all the equipment listed below is necessary. I mentioned that because we then you can have a better result. Of course, first of all, you need it. Can you can use itself? I'll be yes. And the full friend. Yes. And for lenses, we need a 50 millimeter. Horrible. This is because below 50 millimeters, you'll have distortion on. Also in your camera is an eight PC. You can use a 35 millimeter horrible because of the prophet. But you can use any bathroom you like. You can Fabric paper would just need to be bigger than your own brother. Or did you like, for example, for the cover of the class just decorating? Mature Scott I already have in my house. Not really. You need a natural light source later explained, like one, so you can know how to pick the right place to make your first breath. Nick, you can use to reflect like anything with a wet surface paper fabric number, Or do you want to give a shiny touched? You can use a silver or a gulf souls if you use anyway. Trance lucid surface like a courtroom fabric or wax paper table. This is an option. Depending on your light source, you have a window that get to the floor. You can work in the flu. I have to use a table because my windows are sure. Try. I recommend you try, but or someone standing place for your camera. This is really helpful. You have to fall over a lot of projects. Is that also because I have a short window? Sometimes I have to get into step to get for it is not your case. It's OK, Bruce, you can have some props. For example, if it's a pencil case, you can use a procure materials like tripe Needle for it opens even make, depending on. 3. Light: natural light in always changing. So you have any jokes or how likely, Hastert Today in the places you have dined at home, for example, this is the same window in my house, but the one on the left is an A M on the other side for PM Life is changing through the time of the day, but it's also changing during the time of the year, in some places, off the blood, maybe even almost all here. For example, I live in the Caribbean and we tend to have super hard light almost all year. I'm only in December and January. We have some self light because of the position of the sun. We have two types of like her. They have a strong shells and so fight with small child on the child. It's like a gray scale of shows. For example, the following the right have really strong shells on the following. The lead is quite confusing because the sandals not trigger. Don't get frustrated if in the same finisher, the weapons change leave to prevent these Chinese stretch to shoot at the same time of the day or simply wait for the go to go Also, you can check the weather forecast to see it will be sunny or quality so you could be prepared away for another time or day. You can use any right in your house that come from a meeting or open, but it depends on the person you want to do. Which one at what time of that You will use it so the future, like you can use some fabric or wax paper. There's no different in most occasions, but in my experience, if you're working with really hot light, you might want to base in a professional diffuse. The material works really good. We heard like, and it does not let any hard show to go through. It's not so expensive, but as I said before, I only recommend buying one. If you can only work really hard like and you need to defuse now you know where the fun card night or diffuse light in your space. You might be wondering which life is better for your photos. Well, it depends what you want to transmit with your brand have, like it's more energetic and dynamic himself that it's more smooth and peaceful. As you can see it. Is it something you can see what brands do on the Eastern in our interest? Help making the decision. 4. Before shooting: Here are some points to consider before you made your shooting. There are different types of for the photo, but in this course we have the focus of seamless. They said before, show your brother as there, so you have to be careful to show color, textures and proportion. The closest to yet. Be sure to focus your brother right playing with Blue Mine and give all the details on the road to your customer. Like in this photo to those who keep millions are small. Pictures happen in Virginia Center, for it doesn't have to be the same plain white Barbara or only one color. But you can play with your brand colors of brothers that evoked the essence of your breath like wood fabric. Consider big ever with proportions. You can over you some brooks to help me to show the size. Also, you can use hands the apples for whether proportions are top. Give you princess understand and island. You can use all the angles, but if the image is going to be the presentation car of your brother, you need to show it as proportional as you can or customer might get confused. If your brother has that. Don't hide or make several forms. A frontal one on the recourse. Be aware of your surrounds leading corner of the war all your clubs, because they can bring colored cast in your photos and the brooks. And don't forget to choose before the shooting. The composition of the troubled for it will be on sometimes vertical square. This also wouldn't give consistency to your folks. And finally, don't be afraid to make some details, shoots your custom. We will be really grateful. 5. Shooting: first I'll check on the land and if I need to refuse it, I put the diffuser in the window. I have some vendors to clip it to the window. Normally, I do this because my burning servicemen and shadows don't look good on the products for reflect light. I use a former I have some boxes to keep arrested. But as I said before, you can also diffuse light with a cork in or a wax paper. I place the backward and I have some tape, especially worship tape to tape into. Knew what she take doesn't have a strong blue. I want her your wall or your paper. Then I place the object and begin the physician. And because I'm recording this video with a DSLR, I show how I would do it with discomfort. Camera. Here you can use your tribal, especially if you have a little progress to forever. But also I'm using it to record these beauties. If I need to take a look fun above. I use my steps toe do you? And that's all. Let's go to edit it 6. Editing 1: as we can see this for is almost on. But we have this party that I should blue backwards. So we're going to cut it here is the crop to So when we choose, if we have all deceptions, we can make it square, or we can leave it with this original Rachel would actually, it will be to buy Tree. So we're going to sing way. And we only could a little bit from here to take away the boot. We have to keep the composition right, so we just make a little adjustments so we don't lose the composition. Enter and that's all. So now if you want to have really white Bagram like, this program is already white. But let's suppose that is a little great and you want to keep it more white so we can use levels in almost all tools. In photo show, you have to work with the shadows and make tones and the lights. So here, because we have ah, lily white background, we're going to choose the lights, and we moved a little bit. As you can see, the background is getting whiter and is also getting brighter. But let's suppose we don't want the buck to have these brains. So what we can do needs to make a musk When we opened here from the adjustment, we already have a mask. So what we can do is have this brush tool and with the black selection here, we will can make a little bigger brush. You can make a bigger brush here too. And being tourists, as you see here, you have this. Black spots are the ones that are showing where were painted when we're actually taking away the brightness from the back. Also, you have to be careful with the capacity on the floor. If you have a big Europe s city, it will take away people on if we see the overall for Oh, it can look a little weird. So let's say what I want. So we put members here and we paid a leaderless. We want some of the brightness, but not old. And also we see here it's really, really dark. Well, we can do is to take this election talk in selected area or the areas that are really ready , Duck. And we want to get a little more brightness. We can also select this area. It doesn't have to be perfect selection because now we're going to feather. You have to pick the Rayburn and then felt we don't choose 50 pixels and you don't see, But this is going to make a little most soft the change we're going to make so we can take cups and break a little bit for no which area we want to bright. We can take this hand and choose here. And as you can see in the kerb section, we will have this little point that would show us which part of the library touching. So for this weekend's like you could make click here and the pope was stay there. So now you came awful, you know, And as you can see, the bug begin to break. If you don't want all of this to move, you can take a need a bit away from here. And this is the change 7. Editing 2: see that we have these yellowish. Why buns? So what we can do to change a little bit? The white balance. It's open color bands. We are working again with shadows. Meetem a hell. It's so now we have to the which one off this are affecting or or yellowish time. As we can see, you can take over the picture so we can work with mediums and we have digital. So we came in with a little bit, and as you can see, the photo begin to take a really bluish color. And then we have a good white butts. No, it's not Daijiro. 8. Editing 3: here we can see we have the state so we can crop it or we can clean it if we want for clean it. It will be with this stump too. So again you can make bigger size of your stamps and also be aware off the opacity. And if so, like, for example, if I put a little flow and I make a bigger brush, you have to select option or out to select the area you want to copy and then coquille you If I use a little flow, you can see it takes me a lot of times to take this. But if I use completely, I will only have to do it one time. But sometimes it will be better just to plan little by little here because the bubble earns descent. He doesn't show that much. We have these areas there really, really bright in these areas are kind of dark, So we're going to do again with the lasso tool and select this basis I have a little brightness. It doesn't have to be perfect because now we're going to feather it. We can select also like, 50 pics is and then we go to adjustments and curbs. And again, which is this? Him? And we saw, like almost the area we want to change. You have to be careful to Don't go that much because he could look like this also, where you can do if it's a little difficult to manage this point is just to move it. And if you think it's a little too much, you can go to the layer intention capacity a little bit. We do the same with this area, and again we feather. But now we're going to do but one. So which is the area? And when you call your lighting and when you go down, you're taking things starker. We can also have a brain in conscious to give a little more pop of color to your foe for Bremen and constructs we can use actually the adjustment Brendan countries, but we can also just corpse. I do prefer using carbs and for making countries. You have to take the highlights up and take the shadow sound again. If it is too much, you can adjustment in the capacity section. You can see the change here 9. Project: for this class product you need to for a product. Or did you like and showing the project section before an actor also will go to see yourself. Can't wait to see your product. If you have some questions, it will be a pleasure to help you The community section I really hope you enjoyed in class to your next list.