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Product Launch Mastery: Phase 1

Jimmy Razo, Learn-Implement-Earn

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14 Videos (2h 36m)
    • ProductLaunch 01Basics

    • ProductLaunch 02NicheResearchA

    • ProductLaunch 03NicheResearchB

    • ProductLaunch 04CreatingProductA

    • ProductLaunch 05CreatingProductB

    • ProductLaunch 06CreatingProductC

    • ProductLaunch 07ProductCreationIdeas

    • ProductLaunch 08CopywritingA

    • ProductLaunch 09CopywritingB

    • ProductLaunch 10CopywritingC

    • ProductLaunch 11CopywritingD

    • ProductLaunch 12Ecover

    • ProductLaunch 13EcoverCreationDemo

    • ProductLaunch 14Payments


About This Class

In this module we'll walk you through the entire process to getting your first product researched, developed, fleshed out, written up, decorated, uploaded, launched, promoted and so much more!

This is the most important module in this series and is definitely not to be missed!


Lesson #1 - An introduction to product creation and why it's the most profitable long-term strategy you can make.

Lesson #2 - How to do niche research correctly. There's no point creating a product that people don't want to buy - whether or not you think your product looks good.

Lesson #3 - We'll look at what kind of products you can create, what sells, how to format your product, how to break it down in chapters, how to present your product and much more.

Lesson #4 - See how we scan the web to see exactly what type of products are already selling well within our niche! This is intelligent marketing that will save you months of testing and guesswork.

Lesson #5 - Discover how to write excellent sales copy that speaks to your visitors on an emotional level and helps sell your product all year round.

Lesson #6 - Discover the power of having a high quality virtual covers created for your product. We'll reveal powerful tools that will help you create realistic looking covers that sell.

Lesson #7 - Watch closely as we take you by the hand and create a simple eCover from scratch.

Lesson #8 - Discover how to accept payments online, what solutions are available and which ones are the best to use and why.

Lesson #9 - Understand the real reason behind list building and why you're not just creating a product to make sales.

Lesson #10 - See how to setup a auto-responder account to build your list with a free provider.

Lesson #11 - Watch us as we create a web-form and set up all the variables correctly.

Lessson #12 - Now it's time to build a squeeze page and embed the web form code generated from the previous lesson.

Lesson #13 - Discover how to create a simple download page to deliver the product to your customers in a professional manner.

Lesson #14 - See how to create downloadable zip files for your thank you page to deliver content to your customers

The End of Phase1





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