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10 Videos (47m)
    • IntroUXResearchINTRO

    • Experience Design

    • Design Research

    • Types of Experience Design Research

    • Conducting Generative Research

    • Class Project Break: Customer Interview Practice

    • Conducting Evaluative Research

    • Class Project Break: Heuristic Evaluation Practice

    • Research Design

    • Class Project: Conduct and Compile Research


About This Class


The most efficient way to create a high-quality customer experience is to start research early in the design process and to keep testing every step of the way. As customer experience decision-makers, we can make better product choices if we know the basics of conducting user research. In fact,  according to Nielsen Norman Group, spending about 10% of a project budget on research will more than double a websites desired quality metrics. 

In this class, we’ll explore what user research is, how it fits into the experience design job family, why it’s essential, and, most importantly, how you can start doing it effectively - right away. This is a great class for UX or UI designers, graphic designers, web designers, product managers, developers, entrepreneurs or freelancers - anyone who makes decisions that impact customers can make better decisions if they learn about those customers. We’ll look at strategies for analyzing the data you collect from your research, creating effective research deliverables, and making a case for research with your clients or at your company.

I hope you leave this class inspired to get out of the building and talk with the people affected (or who could be affected by) your products.






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Carlye Cunniff

UX Designer. Avid Adventurer. Enthusiastic Eater.

Hello! I'm a Senior Experience Designer, currently working with Amazon. I help teams understand the goals and motivations behind human behavior, and design products that meet those needs. Helping teams embrace human-centered design is my jam. I love creative problem solving - the messier the problem, the better!

Big ideas don't scare me away. I'm passionate about helping small businesses, non profits, and government agencies create solutions that help their big ideas work for people....

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