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Product Design Basics - Understanding Product Section and Construction

teacher avatar Susovan Mazumder, Design & Innovation Consultant, Educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction & Welcome

    • 2. Importance of Section Study

    • 3. Study Sections on Real life Products

    • 4. Study Sections on Product images

    • 5. Importance of Product Construction Study

    • 6. Study Construction on Product Images

    • 7. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class, we will learn one of the most fundamental lessons of product design - understanding sections and construction of products. Throughout my experience in teaching, I have seen students who are unable to visualize their product ideas in spite of having decent sketching skills. The main reason for it is that they don’t understand construction of products, and usually skip this fundamental aspect of design which comes even before sketching. Hence I have taken this as my first course. Hope, you will have a great learning experience with me here.


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Susovan Mazumder

Design & Innovation Consultant, Educator


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1. Introduction & Welcome: Hi, My name is Susan and I am a industrial designer and I were diverse experience in design and innovation. Working in automobile and consumer electronics industry. I work as an independent design consultant with various clients globally and also as an educator for graduate and postgraduate. These instructions. I'll be taking classes here to share my knowledge and skills and took cover various aspects . Off product design like understanding fundamentals are productive sketching, rendering product presentations, etcetera. These classes are designed for design students, students who are aspiring to study product design in coming years or any creative person who wants to learn put up sketching. Today we will learn one of the most fundamental lessons off product busy understanding sections and construction off collects. Throughout my experience in teaching, I have seen many students who are unable to visualize the product ideas in spite off having decent skeptics. Kids. The main reason for it is that they don't understand the construction off products. Also, I have seen many, many do drills off sketching and rendering, but I have not seen tutorials that explain this fundamental aspect of which comes even before sketching. Hence, I have taken this as my first course in this course, we will focus on two fundamental and critical aspect of corrupt sections and construction off problems. These you all must learn before you start sketching products in order to develop your correct understanding. I hope you will have a great learning experience with me here. So stadium. Thank you. 2. Importance of Section Study: thank you for joining back. So let's start with understanding the importance of Section Study section Study is one of the most important lesson for product designers. It is almost like the human anatomist study for doctors. If you understand sections, you will be able to accurately visualize your production through sketches and renders most business students skip this and directly start sketching. That's off. No use because if you don't have this experience tomorrow when you sketch your own products , you will suffer from what I call as section blindness. No section blindness is a problem where you are not able to see the three D form off your product in your own sketches. And trust me, that's a huge problem. As a professional, productive in the falling listen, you will learn how to study sections off a product in depth, so stating 3. Study Sections on Real life Products: thanks for joining. Now we will learn how to study sections off products in real life. Studying the sections, forms, shapes, materials off products in real life is the best way to understand any product fundamentals . Today I have with me these two products and I will show you how toe study sections on these will start with this one. This is a travel adaptor we all have with our smartphones and all you need is a pen or the marker. Make sure it's not a permanent marker because if you have a permanent marker, it will be very difficult for you to then get rid off the lines which you make on these products. So get a sketch man or a temporary white board marker. Whatever you have with you absolutely works. So let's start with the 1st 1 What? What you can do is you start with the center. Either this or dissent. If we start with this center, make a line and continue the line till the bottom off the productive run through the depth again second side and drive it back. This is the center line off product. Similarly, you can take this center, come to the side, you see? No, this is the Change off section which we want to study in a product like this. Now, if you compare lend ways, the section here is different than the section here. The radius here is much lose. Then the radius here, here, the releases more tighter. Similarly, you can study something which is offset so ultimately you can make like a grade on your product. The more lines you make it will help you visualize the sections better. These are called section now. These are along the length of the once you go along the top. That was You know, as you can clearly see, there are two parts off this. So if we start center off this part so this gives you the radius off this Que No coming to this second foot again. Same thing. Started the center. Go around, rotate now it will become a little messy. But that's fine because the more mess you make, the more you learn. Now if you compare the section off this was Is this how competitive you can just along? You can see both Now this radius is very tighter than the series. So that is how you start visualizing What is the form off this product? As mentioned, you can make as many lines the more you studied because even here, even see as you move, the radius becomes different. To see this, the radius here is different than the radio. So that how you make sections in a productive. So this is for our first product. Let's take our second product. This, as you can see, is a very common consumer product Any Kozma takes. Our medical products are available in this form factor, which is a few with a cap. Now, this is a very good example of how one form transforms into something different. As you can see here it's a flat surface. But as it had started with a cylinder almost so using the same fundamentals, he started the center. You see here there is a nice change of section here. Here you will start seeing interesting things as you go along the length. As you can see, the line s tapering. So what happens when a center line papers now, as major, it starts with the cylinder. So if you draw a section here, it could be a circle Now what happens when this circle moves forward? A new move forward. It is still a certain that means it's a cylinder here when you see the neck. It's a perfect circle. So still, Here there is cylinder, what happens out of this? So you take a line, go around the product can go here and there because they're small products and very difficult to schedule over these. But we don't need to focus on how good or bad the lines are. The main study here is to understand the sections of the left You see here how this is different than section here. Here it is more round, but this has become more flatter. Now, as we go down the product, it becomes even more. When you see all these sections in a plane. You can see how the form off this product is changing from a cylinder toe paper flat. Do end here. Now, the more grids you make, the better for you to study. You see this change in sections, you can almost you will start seeing how the form is. So this is how you it studies sections on a product. You can take whatever products you have around, you look around and you will find many things that are man made and hence fall under pregnant draw section lines on those physical product. As many products you get in real life, I would suggest take 10 to 15 drugs daily and study their sections in. This will create a huge library in your mind. But what if you don't have access to so many products? At only no worries, We will learn how to study sections digitally in the falling listen, so state. 4. Study Sections on Product images: for joining In previous listen, we understood the importance of sections and how to study sections off real life. But if you don't have access to many products are you get trashed by family members for messing around with Brooks at home, we have the second best yet equally effective solution. Download or print product photos and draw the sections over it. Take an image and mark section lines as money as possible. Here I will show you on three products that I have already downloaded today. As you can see, I have three products images here. One is a simple household liquid soap dispenser. Another I have is a more organic shaped boots and followed by a complex product, which is on instant camera. So let's start with the simple one and see how we use the fundamentals that we already studied and how old were play. When it comes to a digital image, so same thing, you start with a center line and we run the line across the corrupt. They enter the section lane. That is true. Similarly, you can take an officer section once you done with the land you can start doing. Don't elect as we learned earlier. The line quality or the straightness off line is not important. What? You have to focus here, whether you were getting the sections so you can make as many section lines as you want. No, when we come to this bottom one, you see it turns here, and hence when you see the overall shape, you can see the radius. Here. It's much more than that. It is here similarly, and remove up can continue their sections here. And when you of these sections along the way, that is when we know that object is a cylinder. Here section the cylindrical, followed by a cube and then another you, but with a different radius, you can take it up into sections. Here you can drop as many sections as you wish. You can go as detailed as you want now when you feel that you have had enough practice on a simple product. That is a time when you can move on to a more complex or an organically shaped product like we hear have 2nd 1 which is a boot which very organically transforms from one section to another section. So here again, applying the same fundamentals. We will start with centers and we will take thes center lines. You know, take the centers and follow it along the lend up the body. You can again take another section here and here. Once you have this, you can then start doing it along the length you can take your diamond, understand? No interned behind this study. Also, when you follow along in this video, you will also understand that are the ideas that you are missing up? No. You see, this section is you can again go down and continue till the bottom of the shoot. So this gives you an understanding off how the form off the shoe is. You should try to do as many products and as detailed off a grade as you feel comfortable with. You can't even mark on opposite here and bring it. Don't. So you see, the more grids you do, it will be better for you to understand. Now moving on to the card product, which is a more complex product, it's an instant camera playing the same fundamentals. I'll take the center lane, know when you're doing a complex Brooke for understanding the sections you don't need toe. Take each and every details. You can skip some of the details like here. I can assume that it's if I can take it as a flat and I can started a male body Sections Take it up Similarly, if I take an officer section, take back it up so that I can take one here then you can t o rigged waste. See anything? Take it back along the body. Similarly, when you if you want to study what is happening here, what did the idea? Here You can start with the top aides almost a straight line. Then comes a swelling comes out here I was here and Don's similarly same thing Consult goes in along the length comes no. Here you can see winner Take this. It goes in here comes down, comes out and then you're still. Now if I repaired these sections here it was inside. So this is where you know that there's a change in section and there is an element of for no ever ignoring some off their details But later on you can take If you want to study the profile you can draw a line which is which follows the profile so you can go on, adding that they mentioned you can go on adding more and more section of the more section lines you add. The authorities build your understanding off the road. The more you do, you will train your mind toe Observe sections as you start building your understanding. Get into more complex products. Study as many products as possible on daily bases. This will train your mind to automatically visualize sections in every product. Juicy now, along with the understanding sections, it's also important to understand the construction off any we will learn about product construction in the falling list so safe. 5. Importance of Product Construction Study: Thanks for joining. I hope you are practicing section study as we learned in earlier listens and building your mental moving forward, we will learn another very important fundamental of product design that is, understanding construction off a product. Every product is built up off basic solids. Planes, lines are clubs in order to sketch or designer productive is very important to understand its construction. Without it, you will be unable to get the proportions perspectives right in your sketching. Stay tuned as I will show you how to study construction off corrupt in the falling Listen. 6. Study Construction on Product Images: thanks for joining. We will now learn how to study and understand construction off, perhaps, as we did earlier, download or print product images from the Internet and start studying its construction by drawing over and marketing. Let's take the three examples again and try to understand their construction. As you can see, I have my three products here and I'll start with the 1st 1 and try to understand what is the construction off this person. Now remember, starting construction is a little different from studying sections in sections. You try toe, find out where on the surface to India's where things are turning. Where is the videos? How there really is a changing etcetera. But the main motive off a construction study is to understand the basic objects, which barely the print. So if we take this 1st 1 we can clearly see Firstly, it's made up a simple cube, so you can just mother first through. So this becomes your first construction, followed by another one, which is this as mentioned. You don't need to really focus on this. Radio is at this moment because you're tryingto understand the basic elements that build the no, this is second, which is again a cube, this cube one. And when we move up, we can see there is a fact I'll but I will do is reduce the capacity a bit so that it's more clear. Yeah, so this part he's a which is toward celibate, followed by foot cylinders and then the complex yet more flicker Que flatter cube, which is the fifth. So, as you can see, we have three things here. If you want, you can what? The section Some basic center line to understand. So this is our basic construction off the soap dispenser, similarly moving on to the 2nd 1 which is a shoe. No, here. As you can see, there is not a very well defined on like here. There is well defined basic objects, but here it's more of a complex. But even here, if you want to break it down, as you can see, if I draw the plane here when I break it down here because he although this circuit is here But there are two more globes. So this girl, actually, when you take it down, it ran still here. Studio school actually builds this surface and this go builds the side. What So overall, when you see there, you have to construct this girl and take it down in this place. Similarly here, when you see it's majorly go forward by straight line again, there will be hill behind and that is what is going to go. No, you take it up. You can see this girl again comes up so as mission because this is not as basic as said this one. So here we are, working with blends and golds injured off any cylinder or cube. These are not, but there is more often organic, but you can clearly see how the construction is. There is one plane like this. There is another plane. Similarly here there is a side wall that comes down and here it's buildup off something like that owned it flat object, Which is this similarly moving on to the third and a more complex product is this instant camera that we have, you know, here again, it's a mix off complex called like this one and some basic forms like this one. So, as you can see if we there is, uh, cylinder for the lens, followed by a bigger it's bigger cylinder again like like ways in the section study. You don't need to really focus on. You're sketching quality or line quality. Just need toe. Get the basic forms so you date is set into the one which is a small listen. And if we go to the body, the body is more or less Laker flag, you know, Cube. The basic construction is off cube and, of course, followed by additional copes like we were mentioning in the Sure there are. Some called it just as well say this becomes the handle, the gripping. But as this is the basic body and followed by the cylindrical, let's so as you can see there are This is 1st 2nd Third is a cube, and here is a complex job plane. So this is how you study the construction off any product, any product that you get. Are you calm? ACOs will always be constructed from some or the other basic solids or planes or copes. Remember, breaking down a productive into its construction is a fundamental training for your pain. Once you look at a part of your mind, must automatically start deconstructing it and visualizing the basic forms planes lines in the with practice, you will later be able to visualize the construction without actually drawing it over a product that will help you sketch the product or even redesigned it in future. 7. Conclusion : thank you for taking my class on product design, where being learned how to study the sections and construction off a product. The only way to master this is through Bailey practice. Take 10 to 15 product images daily and study the sections and construction. Indeed, it's You can do it digitally on a wacko more iPad or you can take prints off the product and schedule where it picked up In. Also, the best way to learn as a designer is to share your world, discuss and take feedback regularly. I will be uploading more represent classes to cover every aspect of visualization, like sketching, rendering presentation, etcetera. So please follow my classes here so that you get an immediate update as soon as my next class is only building happy sketching days.