Product Creation Quickstart: The Three Key Scrum Roles, Product Owner, Scrum Master and Dev Team

Jeb Riordan, Project Manager | Web Developer |

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7 Videos (25m)
    • Scrum Process Flow

    • Product Owner

    • Product Owner Part 2

    • Scrum Master

    • Scrum Master Part 2

    • Development Team

    • Development Team Part 2


About This Class

This short course is a follow on course from the "Product Creation Quickstart Using the Agile Scrum Framework."

We deep-dive into the scrum framework and get to know the key roles in a scrum team - the Product Owner, Scrum Master and Development Team.

Watch out for more deep-dive short courses focusing on the events, artifacts and the practical aspects of the scrum framework.





Jeb Riordan

Project Manager | Web Developer |

My name is Jeb Riordan and I've been a project manager for, well, too long.

Primarily in the telecommunications sector I have managed multi-million dollar projects in more than ten different countries, including, the UK, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Cambodia and the Caribbean.

I am a past member of the UK based Association for Project Management (APM) and the USA based Project Management Institute (PMI).

Although no longer a member of any professional institution I have maintained my PMI Project Management Professional Certification (PMP) status because it includes an element of continuing professional development (and it looks good on my resume!)

Now my focus is on managing web development projects. And moving from the traditional waterfall project management methodologies to the New World of Agile/Scrum.

Watch out for more short courses on the Scrum Framework for product creation (not only software, right...)