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Product Business Workshop - Start a Product Business

Tiina Wilen, Start & Grow Your Design Business

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    • Product Business Workshop


About This Class

This workshop goes through the 7 basic steps to starting and launching a design business selling physical products. The workshop is suitable for beginners, and especially for designers; Interior Designers and other creatives who are looking to launch a collection. The steps we go through are following: 

1) Idea validation

2) Sample creation

3) Brand development, PR & Visibility

4) Marketing

5) Manufacturing

6) Logistics

7) Sales





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Tiina Wilen

Start & Grow Your Design Business

Tiina is a mother of 2, entrepreneur, design business owner, and concept developer, strategist, and IT professional. Her background is in IT and finance, where she worked as a consultant, project manager, business and process developer, with responsibility for offshore operations in India and the Czech Republic. Tiina was born in Finland, now lives in Sweden, is married to a Swede, they live in picturesque Mariefred, and she runs a business growth accelerator for women ( and a...

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