Producing Music with Reason - Section 4 - First steps for a deeper exploration | Edouard RENY | Skillshare

Producing Music with Reason - Section 4 - First steps for a deeper exploration

Edouard RENY, Music Producer & Tutor in Physics

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4 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. First steps for a deeper exploration

    • 2. Reason Keyboard Shortcuts - Improve your Workflow!

    • 3. Introduction to Rack Extensions

    • 4. Routing multi-output VSTs In Reason


About This Class

In the previous classes, you learned the foundations of Reason, how to produce a music track and how to mix it. However, this is just the top of the iceberg in terms of creative possibilities!

This section is a bridge towards the next level. In this class I present 3 subjects that will help you take the first step towards the next level.

1/ Optimizing the workflow is key. And the best way to start doing that is to be able to call functions or views without having to search for a button or getting lost in a scrolling menu… [for all levels]
Skill Gained: Improvement of workflow, thus increasing the focus on the music creation itself.

2/ I introduce Rack Extensions: What are they? Where do grab some (free and paid)? How to install them in Reason and how to let your creativity explode using them. This video includes the class project (see below) [for beginner and intermediate levels]
Skill Gained: Understanding Rack Extensions and how to improve creativity using them.

3/ VSTs. Since Reason 9.5, it is possible to use VSTs in Reason. Reason now stand side by side with Cubase, Logic and Protools in the professional production realm! To illustrate this, we will set up together a multioutput drum VST playing in Kontakt so that all virtual microphones used to record the drums are assigned to separate channels of the Reason mixer. [This episode is for advanced users ]
Skill Gained: Knowing how to set up and use a multioutput VST in Reason.

NOTE: In order to enjoy this section, it is recommended to be familiar with Reason or view the previous classes (Sections 1,2 and 3)

Section 1 is a class aimed at getting beginners started: you will understand how Reason works, create your first devices, play and record your first notes, and apply your first effects.

Section 2 is a class in which you will learn our to compose your own music track from scratch! Everything you need to know to produce your first music track in Reason will be there. Together, we will produce a short music piece with beat, bass, pad, piano, effects and we will even design our own ear candy.

Section 3 is a class aimed at introducing you to the fundamentals of the mixing process (in Propellerhead Reason). You might have composed a masterpiece, but if it sounds bad, no one will really appreciate it...Take this class and get your Reason-based musical ideas to the next level and apply your newly acquired skills on the projects you carried out in section 2 !

Detailed description of the videos

VIDEO 1 - Reason Keyboard Shortcuts

Nothing can be more frustrating than losing inspiration just because of a struggle in carrying out a simple operation! It is definitely super useful to know a few shortcuts to improve workflow and not let technical issues hinder the creative process. This video teaches you just that by presenting the must-know shortcuts in Propellerhead Reason. To avoid being just a boring enumeration of shortcuts, It does so by using examples..

Level: Beginner and intermediate.

VIDEO 2 - Introduction to Rack Extensions ==> CHECK THIS FOR YOUR PROJECT IN THIS CLASS

Rack extensions (RE) are additional modules that can be used in Reason. These can be seen as plugins exclusive to Reason. Some of these Rack Extensions are amazing and boost Reason to another creative dimension!

This video presents what is out there for you to play with. First, I will download a free RE (A control voltage meter) and show how to install it in Reason. Then, I will improvise for a few minutes by producing a little piece using various Rack Extensions. At the same time I will show you how to integrate the free Rack Extension that we just downloaded and set it up in my rack.

Level: Beginner and intermediate.

VIDEO 3 - Routing multi-output VSTs In Reason

Since Version 9.5, VST's are in Reason! This opened a brand new creative land for the music producer. In this video, we will show how to load a multi-output virtual drummer in Kontakt and link all sound sources to Propellerheads Reason mixing table via its VST support module.

The goal here is to set up a dedicated reason mixer channel for each of the microphones on the drums. This will allow the user to have total control on all drum sound sources during the mixing phase. In addition, it will simplify the final mixing process: by following this procedure, all sound sources end up being associated with an individual slice of the mixing table.

After describing the objective, the video presents a few slides presenting the structure of the audio connections between the various modules (studio Drummer – Kontakt – VST support module – Reason’s mixer). Then, the action begins with a step by step tutorial about setting up drums originating from a multioutput plugin source so that each drum has its dedicated channel in Reason’s mixer.

Level: Advanced.