Producing Music with Reason - Section 3 - Mixing Music | Edouard RENY | Skillshare

Producing Music with Reason - Section 3 - Mixing Music

Edouard RENY, Music Producer & Tutor in Physics

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4 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Mixing music: the fundamentals

    • 2. Preparing the mixing session

    • 3. Spectral mixing and side chain compression

    • 4. Finalizing the mix


About This Class

In Section 1, you learned the basics of Reason. In section 2, we created a music track together. In this class, section 3, we will heighten your mini track to another level: We will mix it in order to really make it punch!

Video 1: Mixing music: the fundamentals

Mixing is a crucial step when it comes to making a music track sound professional. Do not count too much on the mastering which is just the final polishing: your track should sound already amazing before the mastering phase! This video presents a step by step technique to mix your music. You will also learn fundamental theoretical concepts that will allow you to make wise choices when carrying out the three mixing processes (Volume, Pan and Frequency). This video ends with golden tips!
Level: Intermediate level user.


Video 2: Preparing the mixing session

In this video we will clean up and organise our little music track in order to prepare it for the mixing phase. On the fly, we will carry out a few sonic adjustments  to make sure we are satisfied with the individual sounds (EQuing, Reverbing, sonic sculpting). This episode will demonstrate how you can do these adjustments easily in Reason.
Level: Intermediate level user.


Video 3: Spectral mixing and side chain compression

This episode focuses on a special mixing technique that can be referred as frequency selective side chain compression (FSSCC). The first section of the video is a presentation showing the details of spectral mixing, and the problems due to frequency overlapping between instruments which can occur during that process. You will learn how side chain compression (SSC) can be a great tool to solve this issue. However, this can be at the cost of the timber of your sounds. This is when frequency selective side chain compression enters the game. After a demonstration on an electro track of what SSC can do for you in terms of being creative with electronic music, we will learn how to set up FSSCC in Reason and apply it to our music composition.
Level: Intermediate and Advanced.




Video 4: Finalizing the mix

In this video, we will go through the various adjustments I carried out in Studio on our little music: spectral mixing the piano and the pad, light compression applied on the kick, final volume and pan mix, inserting some EQ on the master bus and applying some general reverb on most of the tracks and finally applying light compression on the master bus using the mixers compressor. This video concludes this section by exporting our little music track.
Level: Beginners and intermediate level user.