Producing Music with Reason - Introduction | Edouard RENY | Skillshare

Producing Music with Reason - Introduction

Edouard RENY, Music Producer & Tutor in Physics

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3 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Intro Section, Video 1 - Introduction

    • 2. Intro Section, Video 2 - Q&A with Edouard Andre Reny

    • 3. Intro Section, Video 3 -Table of Contents


About This Class

This class is a free introduction to the "Producing Music with Reason" series.

This video course shows you step by step how to produce music using Propellerhead Reason! It is packed with goodies that both beginner and intermediate level users will find extremely useful in all steps of the music production process: theoretical presentations, demos, screencasts, activities and invaluable tips and tricks dispersed all around the course

If you are are beginner, it is highly recommended to enroll and complete the classes in order... 

The first section is a class aimed at getting beginners started: you will understand how Reason works, create your first devices, play and record your first notes, and apply your first effects.

The second section is a class in which you will learn our to compose your own music track from scratch! Everything you need to know to produce your first music track in Reason will be there. Together, we will produce a short music piece with beat, bass, pad, piano, effects and we will even design our own ear candy. Irt

The third section is a class aimed at introducing you to the fundamental of the mixing process (in Propellerhead Reason). You might have composed a masterpiece, but if it sounds bad, no one will really appreciate it...Take this class and get your Reason-based musical ideas to the next level and apply your newly acquired skills on the project you carried out in section 2 !

The 4th section is a free add-on for beginners that wish support in installing and setting up Reason.

The 5th section compiles 2 great tools to move forward with Reason: Keyboard shortcuts to enhance your creative workflow, and how to install and explore rack extensions

This course is aimed at beginners and intermediate level users. In addition, it only requires the Reason package: throughout this course, we will only use the devices part of the base package (except some videos in section 4).

This course will show you fantastic tools to explore your own musicality, so have a lot of fun following it!