Produce A Daft Punk Track In Under An Hour

Josh Ableton Buddy, Music Producer

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19 Videos (37m)
    • Welcome! Intro & Setup

    • The Two Views of Ableton

    • Load MIDI

    • Record Tracks To Arrangement View

    • Load Piano

    • Load Drums

    • Adjust the Buffer & Add Limiter

    • Load Synth 1 (Plucky Synth)

      Settings - Synth 1 - Saw10 Thin Reso
    • Load Synth 2 (Guitar)

      Settings - Synth 2 - Guitar-Muted
    • Load Synth 3 (Bass)

      Settings - Synth 3 -
    • Load Synth 4 (Vocoder Synth)

      Settings - Synth 4 - Bright Saw
    • Import Recorded Vocals

    • Line Up Vocals

    • Looping Vocals

    • Vocoding Vocals

    • Adding The Auto Filter Intro

    • Tweaking The Bass Line MIDI

    • Adding A Final Synth Line

    • Review


About This Class


You should take this if you've ever wondered how groups like Daft Punk get their sound.  Or, if you just want a crash course in music production, so you can tell people you produce dance music, this would be the course to take.

In an hour, you'll learn how to go from having little to no musical experience to mixing and producing a dance track with vocals (using a vocoder, that alien-like voice synth) AND you'll be able to take these tools to create your own music.


You don't even need instruments--just three things:

  • A computer keyboard
  • A built in mic on your smartphone or computer
  • A free copy of Ableton Live (DL it free at

I'll show you a trick for getting right to producing without playing a single note.  You don't need to be a beat programmer or a good dancer -it's all there for you.

NOTE: The trial of Ableton lasts only 30 days, so make sure you finish this course quick so you can get started on new songs!

After this crash course, it should be easy enough for you to move beyond the song I teach you into new songs, including doing your own remixes and covers of popular music.

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Works as both a nice introduction to Ableton as well as inspiring you to try it out for yourself.
No one starts as a great engineer, and if you are starting and want to see how you to deal with eletronic music, daw and how can do good stuff, that's for you! If you're just a hatter, no big deal for you.
Cesar Benzoni

Musician, sound engineer and videomaker





Josh Ableton Buddy

Music Producer

I am from the U.S. but I'm currently living in Japan, teaching in Tokyo since 2006, including music production with Ableton Live.

I've been using Ableton Live for 7 years now to produce everything from podcasts to short film & animated film scores in several genres of music, also doing mixes for DJ'ing with Live.

I started a project last year where I am creating my own softsynths in Ableton that are all free for download.

My music has been released on a few labels around the world (South B. Records, Disco Demolition Records and an upcoming release on Shaddock Records, along with releases on my own label Halcyon Tone). 

I am a multipotentialite, a person with several passions and interests, but music has been the one thing I have never stopped doing. 

I have a passion for teaching my skills to people in an efficient, relatable way.  I know how hard it can be to learn a new skill, and my job is to remove any obstacles that keep you from reaching proficiency.