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Procreate for Digital Illustration: Ice Cream in a Cup Super easy

teacher avatar George-Daniel Tudorache, Together we will create amazing things.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Procreate ice cream color palette

    • 3. Procreate ice cream cherry

    • 4. Procreate layers of ice cream

    • 5. Procreate ice cream wiped cream and topping

    • 6. Procreate ice cream glass

    • 7. Resize last layer. Thank you so much

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About This Class

In this class I will show you how to illustrate an ice-cream in Procreate. I will be using the iPad and apple pencil. In this class you will learn key concepts in drawing the lines, atmospheric perspective, lighting placement, and using colors. As well as how to use the app Procreate and apple pencil to create this illustration.  You’ll also find out how to adjust opacity, transparency, and value, which is super important when you start getting into inking, shading, and highlighting your drawings.

You won’t have to worry about coloring outside the lines or cleaning up any outside-the-lines coloring. And you’ll be able to make changes later without having to redo half your drawing.


For many illustrators and concept artists, Procreate is the go-to program to create mind-blowing art.


Procreate is actually a simple app you can get for your iPad and there’s even a version for the iPhone. Although you really need an iPad and Apple pencil to use it to its full potential.


Overall most digital artists find the program easy to use and relatively affordable compared to other painting programs.

Procreate stands out because it’s made to mimic the experience of drawing with analog materials, but with the added bonus of instant copy, cut, and paste functions, and also instant erasure so you can redo something fast.

As with any digital art program there’s a learning curve. But many artists find Procreate intuitive to use and easy to learn.


This class is for everyone how wants to draw easy, fast, and comfortable, without needing brushes, color paint, or any other tools required in real painting. You can sit at your desk, in bed, even in the bus or train! Practically, you can take the iPad everywhere, on each occasion the inspiration hits you!

Ice-cream is the perfect dessert for the summer!  Cold and delicious! And of course, colorful ! Let’s play with this amazing modern type of painting , relax and enjoy every moment!


This course is for you if:

You want to learn to draw but don’t know where to start.

You are looking to learn everything about Procreate.

You love drawing and sketching and want to start doing it digitally.

If you liked this course and you want to learn more about procreate:

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

George-Daniel Tudorache

Together we will create amazing things.


Hello, I'm George 

Together we will create amazing things.

Would you like to paint with more freedom or feeling?

You will be finding ways to develop your own way of applying paint and to compose the visual space.

You'll learn painting techniques used by professional artist to create elaborate works of art.

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1. Welcome : Hi, my name is George, and into this course you will learn how to illustrate this wonderful ice cream in a glass. For this illustration, you will need the Apple pencil, the iPad, and the procreate app. Everybody loves ice cream. And for that reason, you will have a lot of fun in this course. All along the way, in the course, you will have step-by-step encouragement on how to do everything from top to bottom. How to combine colors, how to add textures, How to add shadows and light. How to make even the topping of the ice cream. That might sound like a lot to do. However, this is a very short and sweet course. If that sounds like something you wanna do, welcome to the course. 2. Procreate ice cream color palette: You're going to need 4 thousand by 4 thousand pixels. And the most important thing is the 12 layers. This is the squared canvas. And of course, let's start by making a beautiful color palette. Add a plus right over here, and let's go to value. Now over here, we're going to just put a beautiful red, make it a little bit lighter and a little bit less, less saturated, making this beautiful pink. And then even more for the highlights D saturate and increase the overall lightness. Now let's go into a beautiful brown. Well, yeah, gray brown, just like that. And put it over here. Make a lighter shade at this Brown as well as an even lighter shade. You can create a very light white. Let's put it more to the right, and now let's create a grey. And the deeper shade of gray. These are width, a little bit of blue, tenth. And now let's just create a beautiful, very, very nice yellow, green along very desaturated. Let's create a deeper shade of it, almost to a gray, but it's more yellow and lighter shade. Ok. Now you can start to create a beautiful desaturated, almost white, blue. And just moving this towards, a little bit towards the purple, you can create deeper shaded blue and purple, gray, white, actually. Ok. Now, creating a very nice almost white purple and increasing the colors towards the purple. You can now see all the pallet over here just inking it. You can find it in the description. Also during the illustration part, we are going to change a little bit the colors. So this pellet will change a little bit, but it's very, very important to know how to create your own palette and know how to create your own colors. Usually three colors like this. The Reds from dark to light is more than enough. If you ever want a lighter one, you can just increase the bar where it goes towards white from black. Okay, let's finish up by putting all the colors over here. You'll find them in the Resources page. And you can use them and many more projects. It's a vary. Of course, as always, the ambulance has always present. If you'd see your first course and all the courses, there is an ambulance in the background. And this is so funny. There is no recording. Mind without an ambulance. With God. Absolutely wonderful. Whenever you want. It's like the universe is like, Hey, we're here. Ok. So finishing up all the colors, some of them are barely visible, but they are still there and important. And there you go with this step. 3. Procreate ice cream cherry : Okay, let's go into the first step. Choose a very dark reds from the pellet. And with the syrup brush. You'll find that under inking. Let's start making you a very beautiful cherry. Cherry is very easy to do. That's basically a circle. And then on top it has two beautiful mountains, round mountain. However you wanna call them. It's basically a heart, but rounded at the bottom. Instead of having tip corner. And going in with the eraser with the same brush, the syrup under inking. Let's start by making this have very crisp edges. Just like that. This is much smaller than the brush we used, so it's the size. You'd decrease the size by going to the left. And you can see the bar is a third level way down. And then just make this look like a beautiful cherry. It doesn't have to be symmetrical. And now let's create this them using the same beautiful color but decrease the size, as mentioned previously, just like that. And of course, it's not just the line. It goes a little bit to the side would occur. And then a little bit of a point at the end, and connecting that point towards the stem. Very nice. Now, color pick our beautiful color from the canvas. And let's add some highlights. For the highlights, it's going to be very easy. Just a beautiful highlight on the left-hand side as a circle, and then a few highlights on the left-hand side and the right-hand side, just indicating a little bit of highlight at the edge of the fruit. And then an even more light highlight on top of the second pink, just creating a little bit of an edge just around to indicate that the light is quite surrounded by the object colour. You can also go in and select the second pink and do around. Highlights. Just a little bit of correcting what the first red actually. And then going in for some white, this is a little bit to blue. So let's undo that and create, get another white. This is still to be even more blue. So let's do what? The first one, and just leave it like that much better than the second one. Okay, that is the cherry. And let's go into the next step where we will paint some ice cream. 4. Procreate layers of ice cream : Okay, now, if you haven't named the layer, you can name it cherry. Very easy to follow and very good for having everything on separate layers will help quite a bit by doing that, not only leaving them as layer one, layer two, layer three. And let's resize it a little bit. You go and do that. Rename the outer one for the outer layer. Just created two ice cream. One. Okay. And going in straight for some beautiful yellow just over here. The darker shade. Going in with the inking tool. Of course, it's always good to work with a 100% of capacity. Now. Just create a beautiful shape. Strike at the top and curved at the bottom on the long side. Very simple, very easy. And if you want, you can go with the eraser with the same brush and correct a little bit of the shape. Just make it very big, very nice. And correct a little bit of the shape. Just like that, making it much crisper. And now let's go into our favorite brush. First. Let's alpha lock the layer and then go into textures and of Lake. Very beautiful brush. And let's select brown. Over here. Let's see how this works. Brown looks quite good. Let's increase it a little bit. Just like that. Let's now select the beautiful, lighter brown just over here. Perfect. And then go in with a little bit more yellow. Just like that, the lighter shade and a little bit more of the lighter brown. Okay, now, the lightest part, let's select the lightest yellow we've created. Add another layer called ice-cream. Green. Two. We are going onto the next one. Select the inking syrup tool, syrup brush, and start drawing. Another layer of ice cream. Just like that, going in. Adding it on top and creating almost a square, but it goes and fans out at the top. As always, you can go in with the eraser tool and sharpen those edges. Be careful not to leave a white, some white showing through where they meet the two ice cream cups, scoops. Okay, that looks about right. Let's go into the colors this time with the darker part of the Yellow and with the texture, dog-like brush go in and create a different kind of ice green. A little bit lighter this time. Let's go into a very blue, white. Let's undo that. It's a little bit to blue. So let's create and select this grey, and let's see how it looks. The gradient looks quite good. Let's decrease the size and put this a little bit more yellow. Make this white a little bit more yellow we've added to the brush, to the palate so you can have it as well. You should have it as well. And it's a little bit more yellow and a little bit more towards the wide, so it looks much better. If it's too white, you can select the color from the ice cream or the yellow over here and add a little bit more texture to it that way. Absolutely perfect. Now, let's just create another layer called this I screen. If you want, you can named a layers as the ice cream color. So ice cream, yellow ice cream, white ice cream, read, ice cream brown. Okay, so let's go for a beautiful red. Now. Going in for the inking. Very nice. And let's fan out the ice-cream even more. Don't worry, if it doesn't look proportional, we can select all the layers and just make it a little bit smaller. Okay? You can always go for the eraser and erase the shape of it and make it very nice and beautiful in case the shape of the outer layer on the bottom is too big. You can also go into that any erase a little bit. And this is the most favorite ice cream. It looks the best. So let's select the darkest red. We, we've alpha locked the layer and start drawing a little bit of a darker shade around this beautiful ice cream. And of course, the highlight on top, you can see it looks quite, quite wonderful. But it only looks like that because we have other colors around it. So it stands out because the utter I screens are not that saturated. And now. Let's select all three layers of ice cream, except the cherry, and reposition it to have more space for another layer of ice cream. And the cherry, You can make it smaller, just like that. Very nice. You know, have to be perfect. You can change it in the end, going in for some other ice cream by making a layer. This is the same process as the outer layers, just naming it, I screen for. And let's go for a beautiful brown color. And now let's make it with the inking syrup brush or going to paint over two layers of ice cream, adding, not Irwin in-between them because they looked a little bit too similar and adding another layer in between them. It's quite good. Well, in between them, it's on top. But you don't have to worry about that. This layer being on top is going to be on top of everything. So if you paint over everything on the canvas, it's going to be basically on top. Okay, let's now make a beautiful brown. A layer of ice cream. Just like that. Fill it all in with the inking brush, the syrup inking brush. And now of course, doing a little bit of edge work as well as going in with a racer and erasing those edges a little bit more. Flip around the canvas to make it a little bit different. You don't have to be perfectly straight because ice cream doesn't just sit straight on a cup. A cup. And okay, nice. Now let's go into a lighter shade of brown. Go to our favorite brush of Lake alpha, lock this layer and start by adding a beautiful highlight. This leg that beautiful highlights now and go in and again with the lighter shade, just like that. And you can already see the flavors of this. I screen. Very nice. Let's go into making a beautiful brown. This time, a little bit more orange, just to increase the capacity around that ice cream. Now let's select the darker shade. Okay, let's undo that. And let's put a little bit more chateau. Nice. Let's go into the next step. 5. Procreate ice cream wiped cream and topping : Okay, let's start by moving, selecting all layers except the cherry, and moving them, making them a little bit smaller. Do fingers. And select the beautiful light yellow color. Going into inking. Add a new layer called ice-cream. Five. Ice cream five, wonderful. Now that it's created, let's see if the color matches good. Yes. For this layer of ice cream, you can put a little bit more round shapes at the top because this is already out of the glass. So it has that ice-cream shape. The more round shape I screen. Okay, going in with the eraser and erasing a little bit of the edges going in. For the outer color. The outer yellow color, alpha locking this layer. And of course, with the texture brushes Blake, you can start to put a little bit of a shade around, as well as selecting just now the, a lighter shade and even lighter shade by going on the layer that looks almost the same as this one. As well as creating on the palate and the colors, so you have it as well. Now, that's create an even lighter shade and put it on top. Let's see if we can just increase the yellow and add a little bit more color to this. And of course, choosing the yellow and adding it a little bit on the sides, and then selecting a color from the ice cream and making those signs a little bit smaller. Perfect. Now, add another beautiful layer, call it cream. This is going to be the whip cream, cream layer. And let's select on the ice cream below, except the cherry, and make it even smaller. Beautiful. Let's now go into the cream. Select our beautiful, very white, blue. And with the inking tool, let's start creating some swirls. Some green whip Queen swirls. They are very S shaped. Well, you're going to see what that looks like in a few seconds. That's erase a little bit of this, make it like this. Just now, you can see it's quite blue. Even if it looks almost white. It's quite blue compared to a 100% widen the background. Now with the cherry, we can make it smaller and put it over there. It's not really important. We can do that in the end as well. And just editing a little bit of the shapes. We are on the cherry layer, so we should be on the cream layer. Perfect. Let's add a little bit of this whip cream on top, just going over the ice cream. And that of course, going in for a lighter shade of white, making it even wider. Almost a 100% white. Going in, zooming and doing those as shapes very close together, you can start to see how beautiful the whip cream starts to look over there and over here onto the. If you don't feel very happy about the shapes, you can always undo them. Of course, tried to keep a little bit of an outline to the whole whipped cream. Because if they'll have that, it will just bluer blur and to the background. Ok, let's now select different white. A more purple one. Add some texture to this little bit of texture, never hurt anyone with the flake. And a little bit of gray will help. This as well. Just the little bit on the bottom and the right. Just to add a little bit of texture. Now, let's rename this to topping width. So slight that let's make the topping. Select the brown, you can select it from the blood or the ice screen. Select the inking tool and going in and imagining this topping just going down and just like that's making small parts. Just over there. Don't worry, developing is not as dark yet, but we are going to make it darker by using the beautiful tool of color, hue, saturation, and color. Okay, let's alpha Lockett and select the lighter brown. Let's do some small shapes here and there, dots and lines, just a few, maybe two or three. Think of them as small highlights, small specular highlights. They only appear where the topping makes a round shape. Now go and what a lighter shade of brown. Even you can also go for the very, very white, yellow and some smaller specular highlights. Ok, I know it doesn't look like the helping just now, but once we make it darker, it's going to look even better. Let's go into hue, saturation and brightness. Darken this up quite a bit. Ok. We can saturated and bid a bit. That looks just about fine. Okay? And with the same light, yellow, we can put some highlights just over here and over there, just small dots. They start to stand out quite a bit more. As you can see from a distance, it looks like topping and it looks like it wraps around. Okay. And it drips, drips down. Perfect. Now, let's just go into the next layer in a few moments. 6. Procreate ice cream glass : Let's go into making another layer and calling it glass. Would the dumbbell s, Because we know proper English. Okay, let's go into the dark grey with the inking tool and go over the ice cream and a little bit outside of it as creating this shape. Beautiful. Okay, let's debt. Let's be more careful this time course to just about right. Nice. Okay, once the outline is done, you can either fill it in with the brush or just drag that color over there and fill it in just like that. Now, going into the layer and going in to opacity adjustments and capacity, let's do a little bit of opacity adjustment just over here, about 40%. Just like that. Let's create another layer, call it glass to and glass. What a doublet, S and two. Nice. And let's make the beautiful leg of the glass the same way. Just making what the inking tool and the same dark color making this beautiful leg. It's very simple. It looks like a bell. It doesn't have to be a 100% symmetrical. It's just like that. Fill it in just like that. And you can go in with the eraser tool and edit the shape. This the little bit, making those curves a little bit nicer and more symmetrical. Just like that going and continuing that s-shape. Very nice. At the top where they meet, you can erase a little bit of that. As well as going into adjustments and lowering the capacity to about 40% as well. Just like that, 40%. Let's now merge those two layers. Ok, perfect. And start by just making some beautiful textures on top. Let's create what? Blake, selecting the same color, lowering the size, and let's see how it looks. Ok, on the edges. Let's start by alpha locking this layer and see how it looks with the alpha log. It's a bit. Hard to paint if the capacity is 40%. So let's see how we solve this one. Ok. Basically, how we are going to do it is by just making some adjustments, adds to a 100% because we basically emerge. So no capacity is to a 100%. Okay? The way we're gonna do this is by duplicating the actual first, erasing a little bit of the highlight, just like that. Making a little bit of I like just over there making the brush it's bigger. Nope, smaller. So we are just going to erase a little bit of a highlight just over here, at the bottom and on the glass, just over there as well. Very nice as you can see, the glass starts to have a little bit of shape. And four, the darker parts, we are going to do something very interesting. We are going to duplicate the layer just by swiping to the left and duplicating the layer. Now you can see it's quite intense. So let's go in and erase a little bit of the shape, a little bit of the glass. To beautifully illustrates the screen. You can see the goal here is to have the darkest glass at the edges of the cup. Just like that. You can see add, let's do it. Once again. Lets first merge those two and duplicate. Once again, it's going to become very, very dark, but don't worry, erasing a little bit will make this look quite wonderful and increase the dark parts of the glass. Just over there. They're nice. Erasing and leaving only the edges merging the two together. If they merge. Perfect. And you can also erase a little bit of that just like that. This is with the texture, the flake brush. Now going in with the DOF leg inking and going in for some highlights. Well, WHO should do as well? So let's make it very small and do some highlights. So let's first undo the alpha log. So we can actually paint a little bit on this. Let's make the brush a little bit bigger and increase the zoom. So you can see the highlight just over there. Now the cup only has texture and color, so we can add some highlight. This will look quite wonderful. Because now it's just by, We've added highlight, just by erasing. So it's not actually a highlight, it's just transparency. Now it also has a highlight that's very easy to do. Just like that on the left-hand side of the glass. And at the bottom you can also do a little bit on the left and the right. Okay, let's do a little bit of capacity and let's decrease and increase the capacity to see how much capacity we want, about 75 to 80% dark in it a little bit increased the color, the saturation. And that looks just about right. Very nice. Inking. And let's go in and erase with the thinking tool. Another ambulance, wonderful. Erase a little bit of where to topping just spills out of the cup and go in and resize the cherry to position it just where you wanted. Just over there. Let's go onto the cream. Go a little bit darker. Just a tiny bit darker. Still over there. Perfect. And go into this light shade of white, just create a lighter shade of white. The dove lake course going in a little bit bigger and creating those lines would have texture line. So it has a little bit more of an interesting shape. Just like that. You can see, it creates a little bit more highlights. This is only possible because you have decreased the lightness of the web green. Absolutely wonderful. And let's just declared this a 100% finished. Just like that, making the cherry. The next step is just going to be a little bit of a play, just playing with the actual ice-cream. And there you go. It's a 100% finished. Congratulations for taking n finishing this course. 7. Resize last layer. Thank you so much: Okay, let's select all the beautiful layers except the cherry. Then we are going to play around with the shape of the ice cream, making it a big boy, I screen, select everything except the cherry. Let's do a little bit of a distort just by. Let's first make the canvas a little bit smaller. And then this store, this ice cream just over there, making get very, very big and very nice. Let's wrap this and wrap just the top, the whip cream. Just increase it and then lowering down the line almost close to the glass. And you've now made a big boy I screen. Let's make this side a little bit smaller, just so we can make it proportional. Lower it down. And we had one ice, one cherry on top of the ice cream. Now, we're going to have two cherries. So first position, the first one on little bit on its side, and then go in and duplicate it. Select it, move it, rotate it a little bit, and place it little bit more straight. And just over there. You can play around with this, the size, the shape, where it's positioned until you feel like it looks quite good. And there you go. You have now finished this ice-cream illustration. And thank you so much for being part of this community. If you are gracious enough, you will post a review and a beautiful photo of your creation. And as always, you can find a lot of utter beautiful courses on the instructor page. And as always, you can find more courses on acrylic paint, on procreate, on landscape painting, watercolors. You name it, you can find it on the teacher's page. Thank you so much.