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Procreate for Digital Illustration: Glowing Magical TREE Super easy

teacher avatar George-Daniel Tudorache, Together we will create amazing things.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Color palette

    • 3. Hat of the tree

    • 4. Creation by duplication

    • 5. Cloned sections

    • 6. Dancing part

    • 7. Final shape and trunk

    • 8. Grass and glow. Thank you

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to illustrate a magical tree in Procreate. You will be using the iPad and apple pencil. In this class you will learn key concepts in drawing, lighting placement, and using colors.

You will learn how to illustrate a fantasy magical tree! You will play with the light and shapes, creating a beautiful purple tree. You will be surprised how easily this can be done, although the illustration seems hard to do. Take this course and be thrilled by the tips and tricks you will learn, so in the future you could do other amazing artworks!


And you’ll be able to make changes later without having to redo half your drawing. As well as how to use the app Procreate and apple pencil to create this illustration. You’ll also find out how to adjust opacity, transparency, and value, which is super important when you start getting into inking, shading, and highlighting your drawings.

Procreate is a highly sophisticated, yet amazingly intuitive drawing and painting app that runs exclusively on the iPad. Over the past several years, Procreate has transformed the face of digital art and drastically changed the way many people make art in general, myself included.

The thoughtful Procreate user-interface, combined with its bountiful set of robust features, continues to be light years ahead of the competition in the space of mobile digital art-making.

The beauty of Procreate is this: it is powerful enough for advanced artists, concept and game developers, animators, and professional illustrators. While at the same time, it is friendly enough for a budding artist to pick it up and begin their art journey easily and joyfully.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

George-Daniel Tudorache

Together we will create amazing things.


Hello, I'm George 

Together we will create amazing things.

Would you like to paint with more freedom or feeling?

You will be finding ways to develop your own way of applying paint and to compose the visual space.

You'll learn painting techniques used by professional artist to create elaborate works of art.

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1. Welcome: Hi, my name is George, and in today's course, you will learn how to illustrate this wonderful tree. For this illustration, you will need the Apple pencil, the iPad, and the procreate app. Whether this is your first time illustrating in Procreate or you have some experience, this is the perfect course for you. You will get step-by-step encouragement all along the way. You will find helpful tricks and techniques that you can use an under illustrations as well. You will find it very enjoyable and relaxing to create this magical tree. If you are ready to take your illustration skills at the next level, welcome to the course. 2. Color palette: You can start by making a beautiful canvas, 4000 by 6000 pixels. This will give you seven layers or more. Once you do that, you can go on and create a color palette by clicking on, Create a new color palette. Let's rename this to three, color theory and color. You will find this color palette on the resources page of the course. Of course. But if you want to create it alongside, you can stick around and created just like this. The first one is a beautiful pink and going towards the blue. Now, decreasing the chromosome already created for more colors and going darker as we go to the right, six colors have been created super easily. Let's create a darker, more intense blue going towards the green now, and increasing playing around with that intense green to create a lighter shade of Greek once again, one more. Just so it finishes the row nicely. Super easy. Just move one slide at a time, playing around getting a new and beautiful orange, increasing the saturation and brightness just over there to create a more saturated orange. Now for a peachy orange and the red and a more intense red just over there as well as a darker red? No. Okay. Let's go in and create a beautiful orange light, very light, light orange. And going even lighter. And a little bit towards the yellow. Very nice color. Once that is done, you can go onto the background color and select the middle row color. And there you go. The background is over there. And let's rename this beautiful Layer 2, 3. Super simple and easy to do. Let's go into the next step. 3. Hat of the tree: Once you have downloaded or created the color palette alongside, you can now go and select the top row and go for the third color is some medium purple going into the brush. You can use the inking brush called Syrup, make it quite big. And for the shape you are going to start this illustration with, is going to be like the hat of a gnome or the shape of how opinio pepper. Let's start with an S shape, just like this, and connected when another S-shape at the bottom, you can start to see this beautiful elongated S shaped triangle curving a little bit and making it a little bit more chunky. Perfect. Once that is done, you can go into the selection tool and select the right side of this shape. Selected going on with the shape in the middle and then connecting it. And clicking on the small circle. Selecting the fourth color at the top of the color palette. And changing the brush to textures and dove lake, this will give a nice beautiful texture to the shadow side of this beautiful S-shaped triangle. Drawing it again and going for a deeper blue this time, just a little bit touching it onto the right side, just so it has a little bit more color variation. Once that is done, you can also add a bit of a shape. Just like this. This is a very simple shape, almost the same as the shape you've drawn. And selecting a beautiful pink. This pink is the first bank in the row. Once you've have selected this pink, make the brush a little bit smaller and start creating inside the shape. Or because you've used the selection tool, you can start to see it already draws inside the shape. Perfect, going further. And just like that, selecting a nother selection. Very nice, Just like that at the middle of the shape and then going and drawing it. Just lighter at the bottom of the shape. Super nice. Think of them as droplets of color that are going around the shape, making another one on top of the first one. As you can see, it starts to look even nicer. You can start to see the capacity effects, this beautiful color. So going in and selecting around the shape this time to create a little bit more depth. And then going the third color on the beautiful color palette and then adding this beautiful purple just so it creates a little bit more depth. You can start to see that the shape is much, much better accentuated even from a distance going in. And selecting the main color, add some textures going in for another selection on the middle of the shape. This is a very simple selection. And going in with the color, selecting the brush tool and painting in another shape. Once that is done. And we can add an Alpha Lock to the layer, increase the size of the brush, and lower the opacity. And go lightly with this beautiful pink on the left side. And with the middle purple just going over the shadow just to make it a little bit sweeter. Okay? Once that is done, we can make a selection over the shadow and the outer color. And select a lighter shade of this beautiful pink and make this shape visible. The best city is very low, just so it blends in with the other colors. Okay? One shape is done, and you can start to make one exactly a few centimeters on top, selecting the outer color, the lightest of the banks, and making another shape with just a few shapes. Six of them to be more exact, this has started to look quite nice. Okay, it's time for another one. And this time going at the bottom and creating it just over here. Almost the same shape. Trying to avoid the outer beautiful shape above by just avoiding it. And with the darker color, we can start to beautifully accentuate the outer shape to the left. Okay? Selecting the base color just so we blend in a little bit of this shape into the background. You can start to see how it blends in a little bit and going over the outer shape to accentuate top shape. Okay, let's select a lighter color and start to blend it in a little bit, as well as making a highlight onto the shape above. Once that is done, you can start to create another shape on the left side going in between those shapes, carefully, adding them. Surrounding them with this selection tool, going with the pink and accentuating this beautiful shape just over here. Going in with the selection tool once again. Now at the middle section. Going this time over the shape, lightly touching. Once that is done, we can draw another shape just above. As you go up, the shapes become smaller in length, in size, as you can see. So they become thinner. With the eraser tool, with the syrup brush selected, you can start to shave off just a little bit of the tip of the shape just to make it more pointy. And there you go. This step is done. 4. Creation by duplication: Once you have created the first shape, it's now much more easy to create more shapes by just duplicating the layer. Once you've done that, you can undo the alpha lock and start making the shape bigger and try to position it just over the outer one, slightly smaller at the top, you can start to see the shape behind. Okay? And let's erase the top side of this beautiful shape, revealing the outer shape. Moved a big shape above in the layer section, and just delete a little bit more until it looks quite good. Once that is done, you can start to add just a tiny bit of this darker color to add another section on to the section below. And erase it just so you have a crispier shape. Back to the top shape, shaving off just a tiny bit of the angle, the round angle onto the left side. Okay. Once that is done, you can go on and undo the alpha lock of the first one as well. Now on the second layer, the layer below, you can start to beautifully add a shadow underneath this first shape. Just like that, just going very, very close to the shape and adding with the dove lake. Just this beautiful shadow. As you go more to the right, go with the darker blue. And now going in and shaping a little bit more the shape above. Okay. Following that beautiful crease and creating another one. Going to the layer below and adding the shadow where it doesn't show. Editing a little bit with the eraser to make that first shape a lot more defined. Perfect. Once that is done with the eraser tool, go on to the bigger shape and start doing the same at the bottom. Just start erasing. Make the eraser tool. And this is the same brush, that syrup eraser tool. As you can see, there is a small little beautiful shape. And you can follow it just over there. And then go back creating a small triangle, erasing and making that shape a little bit smaller. Just erasing a little bit more. And you can move on by creating some more interesting shape. As you can see, moving the pencil very slowly can create very interesting outside borders. Zoom in a little bit from time to time, just to see how it looks and where it needs more attention. And going in to the metal side, cutting this shape, just trying to make it quite smooth. You can also go a little bit higher if you want, and going into the shadow side, creating another beautiful outline. As you can see, the outline is crooked. It has many, many, many interesting shapes. The lines are also going in different lengths. They're not equal all the time. Going and adding another shape this time higher and for the next one going lower. So alternating in between those sections, just like that. And for another one onto the right side. Erasing everything that is left behind at the bottom. Perfect. Once that is done, you can go on to the Arrow tool and the wrap tool, the favorite rap tool, and just create the S curve that continues from the shape above. And also making the shape much, much more nicer. Don't forget to leave the shadow of the top shape still visible. Okay, Look at how beautiful that shape is. Let's select them both and rotate them a little bit, just like that. Just so they seem a little bit more straight. Go on to the bottom shape and duplicate it. Once it is duplicated, you can start to rename it to shadow. Okay, Let's flip it around and go into hue saturation and brightness. Lower the brightness of this layer just to about, let's say 20 percent. And let's move it a little bit with the wrap tool just so it doesn't show on the sides but only at the bottom. Tried to make it a little bit lower and arch it a little bit. As you can see, this will be the side on the other side of the three. We can move it around even to the sides if it needs to. And then erase the side just like this. Wonderful. Once that it is erased, you can go in and add this beautiful blue to the color palette. And the black as well right next to it, that deeper blue alpha lock the layer and go into the brush, the dove lake, and increase the size just so we can paint over the shadow side, perfect. Erasing some more of the leftover shaped on the right and left if it's needed. Okay. Look at how beautiful It's already looking. And there you go with this beautiful step. 5. Cloned sections: Okay, let's merge the two layers with the two shapes. Duplicate the layer just like that. In order to create another beautiful shape, rename it to three. Number two, or bottom. Three, bottom. Taking the shape and positioning it lower, just like this. Once that is positioned in place, going into the wrap tool and starting to wrap it around, just like this. Play around with it until we can position it above, just about there. Making a beautiful and elongated shape. Rounded a little bit at the bottom. Much, much thicker than the shapes above. Okay. Just positioning it and fine tuning that shape. Perfect. Once it is positions, we can make it even bigger. Okay? Perfect. Going and using the wrap tool just to position it and elongate it. Making the top just a little bit thinner. Selecting the dark color. The very dark blue alpha lock the layer, go into painting and the wash, brush and start coloring in with this color. Just going lower with the brush, just creating that beautiful shadow onto this shape. Adding this beautiful color. Perfect. Once that is done, you can go into the eraser and erase with the syrup inking brush this beautiful corner just over here, by just creating a small little section. Now going inside the shape, we can start to add some more holes just showing. And basically this is going to be where the branches just fan out and create this beautiful purple shape. You can start to see some small that'll holes very long in nature. And the shape already looks so much more different than desktop one. Okay, Going for the darker blue, still. Just like that to create the middle darker part. Perfect. Once that is done, we can go and select a beautiful purple just to create some small effects on the area just over here to have that shape much more intensely showing perfect going and erasing just a tiny bit of this shape. On the left. Look at how beautiful it is. It needs a bit, a bit more. Pulling. On top. You erasing some of the shapes, creating some more pockets. Just a tiny one to give the impression that that shape just follows the air shape, duplicating the shadow and moving it just below. Once it's moved, Let's flip it horizontal y naught. And once is flipped, we can start to wrap it. Positioned to two corners a little bit. Once they are positioned, we can start to play around with the shape, making it bigger or smaller. If it doesn't fit, we can make it a little bit bigger, but it kind of fits. We can play around with the middle section as well and start erasing the shapes that don't fit that well, that they are basically too long or too much to the left or to the right. As playing around trying to make a beautiful, nice oval at the bottom. Okay? Playing around a little bit more with the shape and erasing if it shows on the right or the left of the shape. And this step is done. So let's go into another one. 6. Dancing part: Okay, let's go into another beautiful step. And once again, duplicating the free bottom just like that going on to the bottom layer, renaming it to three. Bottom, too. Simple and easy. It doesn't make any sense, but it doesn't matter. Let's move it down just like this. Once it's moved down, let's scale it a bit by going to the wrap tool. And as it goes down, it will start to fan out a little bit more. And the curves start to exaggerate and create this beautiful S-shaped like a dam as hands. And they become more interesting, erasing the top of the shape of course, because we don't want it to show through. Okay? Once that is done, we can select this beautiful shape at the right side and close that gap by going into the move tool. Duplicate and get, of course copying, pasting it and moving it just like this to close that gap feeling a little bit too much over there because of the wrap tool. Okay, let's merge the two layers. Once they are merged, let's duplicate the three bottom again. Because we would like to create a beautiful effect by just moving this section on top of the other one. It will be on the bottom actually, if we grab the layer. And this is a very simple way of just creating another layer of complexity to the shapes. As you can see, super easy to position. Another layer of shapes. Very interesting. Let's erase the top side just so it doesn't show through. Okay, once that is done, we can merge the two layers. 123. Just like that. Rename it once again to three, bottom two. Okay, Perfect. Let's go into the eraser tool and select this beautiful shape. Once it's selected, we can start to move this shape only. Okay? Moving this shape just like this, will make the three look a little bit more proportioned. Perfect. Okay, selecting that beautiful color and adding with the selection tool another shape. And with the dove lake brush, we can start to add another beautiful shape. Okay? Once that is done, we can grab the last shadow and duplicate it. Going down with the shadow. And of course, trying to match the size just by moving it with the wrap tool, just like this. Perfect. For the right corner, moving it a little bit down and then moving to the left one. Just like that. Okay. Once that is done, we can zoom out to see the general shape. And of course, let's squeeze down the shadows, okay, and there you go. 7. Final shape and trunk: Going and selecting the three bottom two, duplicating the layer and renaming it to three bottom three, super interesting. Once that is done, you can go into the arrow to move it quite nicely down and make it a little bit bigger. As you can see, there is still something left at the top. So start by making the eraser quite big and start erasing some of that beautiful shape. Okay, let's go back into the Arrow tool and reposition and make it quite big. Going into the rep tool and making this shape quite a lot more arch like, like a beautiful smile that three has started this smile. Okay. And moving it and making it a little bit more chunky, perfect. Once that is done, we can start to erase some of this shape and create another interesting shape just over there, making the size a little bit lower. And erase a little bit more of those very sharp edges. Okay? Going and erasing a little bit of the leftovers. Perfect. Going onto the left side, you can start to create some of the shapes over here as well. Just trying to erase some of that. And making some beautiful shapes on the way down, just like small beautiful stairs. Perfect. Erasing, all that is left over. Zooming out to see what else can be erased. Okay, Going for the shadow, duplicating it, and of course, selecting everything. Just making it more central. Moving the three a little bit more to the center, making it a tiny bit smaller. Selecting the last shadow you have duplicated and moving it at the bottom. This shadow, which will show just a tiny bit. However, it's quite important for the areas that have holes. So you should still duplicate it and move it just like this. Okay. It also shows a little bit onto the right. After everything has been squeezed down and merged, we can rename the whole thing to be once again just three, no more, many, many layers and create a new one called trunk. The trunk of the tree. Okay. Going into the brush, just like that, going to inking and Syrup brush, making it quite large. And of course, taking the trunk and putting it at the bottom, we can start by selecting a very, very dark blue, the one on the right, and make a very simple trunk shape. Just like that. Maybe it is a little bit too thick. So after going into the eraser, you can start making it a little bit more curved and slim. As well as finishing those sides. Perfect. Adding a little bit more texture to the edges just like this. Just so it doesn't feel like a whole chunk of simple illustration, but it feels more interesting going into a deeper, nicer, richer, green, turquoise and adding it to the trunk just like that, with the dove lake brush going back to the dark blue and now to a lighter shade of the color. Okay. Remember the layer has been alpha locked and as you can see, the trunk has come to life. The step is officially done. Let's go into the next one. 8. Grass and glow. Thank you: And for the last step, just add another beautiful layer, drag it at the bottom, rename it to grass. Going into brush. This time it's under touch ups, short hair, and start adding a patch of grass just going towards the right and the left of the tree. We can start by adding a bigger layer just at the bottom. Perfect. Okay. Some more. The shape should be just like an oval twit interesting edges. Once that is done, you can start to add with the color of the background some more interesting shapes. And of course, a shadow onto the right side. Can also add it with the blue of the trunk. With the dark shadowy blue of the trunk. Just like that. Perfect. Okay. And let's select the lightest green and start adding some more grass, some more lighter grass onto the front of the patch. As you can see, much, much lighter. Let's undo that and start by just going on with the pencil on an upward movement. Perfect. Okay, going into the eraser, into artistic and leather wood. Perfect. This will create just some few abstract shapes, just so it seems a lot more interesting. This beautiful grass. Okay? Don't press too hard, so it's not that big. And once it's done, we can also change the shape of the grass by going into the wrap tool. Of course, the favorite tool of making shapes, interesting shapes. Okay, once that is done, we can add some more grass just to break the shape a little bit more. Perfect. Okay. Just like that, a few more blades of grass going back into the trunk and adding some grass over it. By undoing the alpha lock layer. Just like that, and adding some on top, some blades of grass because it will seem like the tree grows out of the grass. Once that is done, we can go back on the grass layer and erase some of the shapes a little bit more just so we can see how it looks. Okay. Merging the trunk and the grass and then going for another layer and putting it on the bottom, renaming it to glow. Once that is selected, we can go for a beautiful orange and select the brush under luminescence called nebulae. Make it quite big and decrease the flow quite a bit, and start painting a beautiful nebula on the back with this beautiful orange. It's quite orange. It doesn't go that well. So we can go into creating a little bit more and then going into hue saturation and brightness underlayer decrease the saturation and make it white, bluish. Like that. A beautiful turquoise blue or teal blue increase a little bit of the brightness. Perfect. Once that is done, you can add even more this time with a little bit of orange just to make it more dynamic. Okay, perfect. Selecting the green, going into the brush and selecting glimmer this time. And adding some beautiful magical green glimmer. Shapes just like that in S shapes. And at the bottom just going, likely going for some orange glimmer as well, just for a little bit of variety. And then with some bokeh, the beautiful, beautiful bouquet with the orange. Look at how magical it looks with this beautiful backgrounds. Okay? Some for the right side and some for the left side going in hue saturation and brightness, decreasing that saturation. Just playing around to see if we change a little bit of the hue. If it looks better now, okay, just a little bit of the saturation. And there you go. You have completed this wonderful magical 3. Of course, if you are gracious enough, you can leave a review as well as share your creation with everybody by posting a photo of your artwork. Thank you so much and see you in the next course.