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Procreate for Digital Illustration: Draw a Cartoony girl Portrait

teacher avatar George-Daniel Tudorache, Together we will create amazing things.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (2h 4m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Canvas size and colors

    • 3. Girl face sketch

    • 4. Girl hair

    • 5. Girl body

    • 6. Girl hands and legs

    • 7. Girl shoes

    • 8. Girl legs

    • 9. Girl hands

    • 10. Girl face color

    • 11. Girl hair color

    • 12. Girl clothes color

    • 13. Girl hands and legs color

    • 14. Girl details on the face

    • 15. Girl more details

    • 16. Girl last details. Thank you!

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About This Class

In this class you will learn  how to illustrate a girl in Procreate. You will be using the iPad and apple pencil.

 You will learn key concepts in drawing and using colors. As well as how to adjust opacity, transparency, and value, which is super important when you start getting into inking, shading, and highlighting your drawings.

This class is perfect for the ambitious beginner, intermediate, or skilled artist just looking for inspiration or to check out a new process and way of working.


When it comes to creating feminine portraits capable of communicating emotion, style, and fluidity, every little detail makes the difference. In this course, you will learn all the steps to illustrate a female character, using basic face anatomy techniques, composition of elements, and color application, to the final editing and preparation of your document.

Learn how to apply light, color, and texture to your image. Explore basic concepts of illustration.

Be sure to post what you create to the class project.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

George-Daniel Tudorache

Together we will create amazing things.


Hello, I'm George 

Together we will create amazing things.

Would you like to paint with more freedom or feeling?

You will be finding ways to develop your own way of applying paint and to compose the visual space.

You'll learn painting techniques used by professional artist to create elaborate works of art.

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1. Welcome : Hi, my name is George, and in today's course, you will learn how to make this wonderful little girl with a backpack. For that, you will need the Apple pencil to iPad and of course, the procreate app. You will first understand how to draw this little girl. And then you will learn how to render, how to add textures for each and every article of clothing, as well as the wonderful shoes. You will play around with colors, you will play around with textures and with shapes. Not only that, but all along the way you will be encouraged and you will learn everything you need to know about procreate. If you are ready to embark in this great journey of learning, than Welcome to the course. 2. Canvas size and colors: Hi. So first you need to start to make a canvas. This canvas is 4 thousand by 4 thousand pixels, but the most important thing is that it has 12 layers. So depending on the kind of iPad you have, this will be different. This is what we are going to create first, it's called a pellet. And we're going to add a plus here. Then just go to value and start creating some beautiful colors. This step is completely optional, since you will find this ballot shared on the course. However, it's very important that you create the ballot yourself because you learn a lot more about color. For instance, let's create some skin tones. Skin towns are quite Brown towards the pink, very, very light brown. As you can see, already created two different skin tones. One for the shadows, one 4A, highlights, and one for the blush. These colours will suffer a little bit of changes as we banked some adjustments. Because right now we are comparing it to the gray. We don't know how they look on the face of the beautiful girl, creating a very dark red, very dark brown. Just now over here. Okay, Brown, very intense and chroma almost to a 100%, but also very dark. We will use these colors for the hair. And of course, let's jump into some other colors, some more colors. And this is just like that, creating a lighter brown, but this time more intense and color. Putting it right underneath the shadow so you can see exactly what kind of a brown in it is. And now some graze. These are going to be used for clothes just like that. Three types of grays. And now selecting the brown and putting three honor Browns, one other, orange brown just added to the mix. Now a lighter shade just over there. As you can see, they start to create this beautiful square. Just looking wonderful. And of course, left create some beautiful accent colors. A bank, very, very beautiful, pink and yellow. Just like that. Lot of chroma end to this and very light and color over there. Putting this separately from the actual Paulette because they are just accent colors. They are very close together. They work very great with the other colors created. Now, this is going to be your palate. If you have chosen not to do this ballot, you will find it as a resource. Oh, okay. Now that that is created and saved, you will find it in the resource page. And let's go into the next step. 3. Girl face sketch : Okay, so for this step, you will need to rename the layer. You already have the pylab created and renaming the layer to sketch. Sketch just like that. Wonderful. Now, selecting the darkest brown over here, and of course, that beautiful dry ink from inking, you'll find this brush on the brush part of procreate. And of course, let's create a beautiful circle. Hold down that Apple pencil, and create that circle at its shape. And we're going to edit it and make it a little bit bigger. It's always easier to work bigger and then make it smaller as you go. So work big on the face. And then you can also make it smaller to fit the body. Once you go in for drawing the body, this is a very simple step, just creating the jaw line. If you don't feel confident and how to create the jaw line. A very simple way is to hold down once you do a curve, an arc, and edit that arc as you do with this, it's a very simple jaw, just has two slopes and then a small opening underneath. So very small jaw as well, since this is a girl. And just like that, you can see we are trying to replicate it. On the other side. You could have used the symmetry tool for this. However, that will create a little bit too much of a robotic look to the portraits. Sketched by hand is very, very natural. Looking. As you can see, erasing some of the lines. They are not perfect by any means, but this is just the sketch. We are going to go near the finish of the drawing of the illustration and ink everything. This is a very simple, very simple jaw, as you can see, super easy to do. If you have done some mistakes, well, not mistakes, but however you want to call them, you can always undo them and just make it again. And now connecting the AD1, just over there, as you can see, they're not perfect. They are just good enough. It's very hard to do it in one line. So just creating it like this, it's much better because it creates that jaw, that chin a little bit lower and a little bit more pointy, very small jaw as you can see. And now erasing a little bit of the excess ink. Then of course, just like that, you can start on the middle of the face, a little bit lower than the middle of the face, and indicate a line just over there, just above where the jaw connects. Just like that. You can also erase a little bit of that inner circle and leave a little bit to us, showing as a small smile. And you can see, even though we are going to move it a little bit in the end, it's very good to have. Now. Taking that dry ink to once again, you can start to see, yes, making it a little bit more straight. Can start to see the symmetry is quite well. However, it doesn't really matter. Now, let's create a very nice middle line for the face. And of course, a very nice middle, lower than mental line for the indication of the nose. Just about there. You can indicate the eyes, of course. Just an analyzing what outer points we can add the bottom of the lips and the eyes seem a little bit too high. Let's see. We're gonna just slowly move them down my editing that line. And now they are straight in the middle. And as you can see, absolutely perfect. Let's make them a little bit bigger. And this is our outline for the sketch. And now let's create some beautiful, luscious. I browse just like that first with the first part, which is just the line thicker at the middle and then going and connecting it with the curve. As always, you know, have to make perfect eyebrows. Since this is just the sketch. During the inking process, you will refine those very, very much. Okay. Now, let's just change the shape of the hand a little bit to make it more pleasant. We have changed the angle that down a little bit, making the eyes and mouth and nose. Lower and squeezed the entire head as well as tilted it to the left a little bit. And this gives it a little bit more of an interesting look. Let's select the eyebrow and make it a little bit more squished. My using the wrap tool. You can see much better. Much better if you can't exactly duplicate the eyebrow, which is not really necessary. You can duplicate it if you want and change it with the wrap tool a little bit. However, it looks more organic if you draw them each individual. You can also edit a little bit of the shape if you want. I can get a little bit more crisp. Just like that. Don't worry too much about their shape. They just have to be angled down. Slack, some parentheses, Ford the highs. A very simple shape with curves. These are very simple eyes. Just one curve on top connecting the two lines. Just like that. Almost connecting the two lines and the outer one very, very almost two perpendicular lines connecting each other by a curved corner. And of course, some PU TOEFL, beautiful eyelashes. Yes, like that. Some eyeliner. Of course. I know. Of course, it looks a little bit alien like right now. But once we put pupils in, it will look much, much better. And of course you can erase a little bit of that eyeliner. And also over here inside the eye, a little bit of the shape. They don't need to be symmetrical. No one's eyes are perfectly symmetrical. So it's very hard once everything is done to perfectly see if it's symmetrical or not. But it doesn't really matter in the end. Okay, as you can see, once you put the iris in, this starts to look much, much better. Much less like an elegant. And look at how cute she is, just making that pupil a little bit bigger. You can also go inside any race with the eraser tool set to syrup. As you can see, one Pew, one pupil is little bit bigger. Should have noticed that, however, it doesn't really matter. It's good in okay, for the nose. It can create this beautiful shape. Just like that. That's just the shadow indicating the nose. Very simple. And of course, a little bit of upper lip. Very easy to do this like that. And of course, the bottom lip as well, just indicated by line. As you can see, you can also make a little bit more of the same line you created for animals of the same shape you created for the nodes, you can create it for the lip. And that is it. This step is officially over. And we are going to continue with the sketch in the next step. 4. Girl hair : Okay, and now continuing with the second part of the sketch with the same brush, dry ink, the same color. Just like that. And of course, creating some years. These are very, very simple ears to make. They are just ovals, slanted as the face goes. Just over there. In case you made one lower, you can make it higher to just look almost the same. Ok, don't worry if they are not exactly the same. You can always, for instance, raise the left one. And of course, some curves for the inside of the ears. Just like that. And now just making it a little bit smaller. And you can now make another layer. For this layer, we are going to rename it to hair. This is also a sketch, so you don't need to make it perfect. And just taking a lighter shade of brown? Yes. Like that. Just to have a little bit of a difference between the face and the hair. Starting with the end of the forehead where it meets the hair. This like that with two lines and another one that is a little bit more curved and it goes down. You can redo this one as many times as you want until it looks perfect to you. And of course, we are going to make the hair a little bit bigger than the skull. Just like that. Making it with some beautiful round shapes going down and under and behind the ear and the head. As you can see, very easy. Let's do another one. Just like that. And of course, some strands of hair, just to indicate some beautiful, beautiful hair. These are very simple to do. This lightly press on your pen. And of course, going in with a big or curve. For the outer side. She will have a braid going over her shoulder. On to the left side. And the braid is very easy to do. It's just some alternating shapes, just like this. Some curved, what a little bit more weight on the bottom. Just like that. Not a curve. What a little bit more of an angle to it. Of course, the ambulance is always present in every course. And okay. And there one. And of course, if you have the tool selected too, get a selection and move this braid a little bit more up. You can make it a little bit smaller and to have more space for the actual raid. Okay, let's do loops. And let's get the brush and make a beautiful end of the braid. Just like that small one. We can make it bigger later, don't worry. And just like that, the hair is almost over. However, let's do some more details. Let's play around with the shapes. Give them more definition. Yes, like that. You can see you can add another curve to make this quite looking like an S. And then you can use a little bit of eraser to erase the top of the head as well as the line going down the middle of the head. You can see this is very easy to do since there are two separate layers, 14 to face and one for the hair. This will reveal some other issues, some other shapes that need little bit more attention. But for now let's erase everything that needs to be erased as much as we can. And doing it quite loose and fast. And just like that, the brush that I'm using for the eraser, as always, is the syrup brush. You can find that in the inking section of the brushes. As you can see, the hair doesn't erase since this is on a different layer. Of course, just like that, erasing it inside the small hair. This integrates the sketch all together as you can see. And of course, for the honor, I Very easy to do, just like in kinda garden. And just over there for a little bit of line. It's not very important to do it perfectly, but it will help with the inking parts. The more parts that he have finished right now can be integrated into the inking section. Of course, you can also do a little bit of editing to the shape of the mouth, to the shape of the nows. If you want, make them a bit, a bit more crisp and a little bit more interesting. Bad line, just like that. Okay. And now taking a little bit of a brush, the dry ink brush, and creating a neck. Very easy to do this over here and over there with two lines. Okay. Just checking to see if it looks good. And now connecting the hair to the neck. Or we can go on the left side and create this opening for a lock of hair, just showing. This is another way to create this lock of hair. It's a very simple way. So if you're having difficulty, just like that, you can just select the outside line and just with the free hand tool selection to build a selection just over there. Okay, let's select a little bit more and connect it. Copy and paste. We now have it on another layer and we can just move it as well as if you want. You can distort this or rapids. Very nice. Let's duplicate it once again. And of course, moving it just to the right a little bit. And we'll create this wonderful shape. What did the store tool? You can connect it a little bit more. Just over there. As you can see, use the wrap tool if you want, or the connection tool or the distort tool to connect it where ever you want. Connecting it lower will make it seem like it gets out side. The big shape of the hair bounded, that is done. You can now erase a little bit of the outside shape. First, let's merge down all three layers for the hair. And you can now erase just like that from all three layers that are now just one layer is going down, erasing a little bit of those connections to make them more crisp. And tidying up everything. Just checking around to see what else we can do. Just query speed. Nice. Lock of hair is going to go underneath their first cleaning up the edges and now adding a beautiful line to stover dare. It's very important to repeat a line over and over again. The habit is very good and it builds muscle memory for drawing. And it's just like that added a Nadeau. Beautiful, bright. In case you want to change it, you can just select it and use the wrap tool just over there and move it towards the hair closer. This will give the impression that it's going out of the shape of the hair and just making the outline connected once again, since using that tool creates a crease, a cut in the outline. Okay. And for the hair, you can just do a beautiful line just going down and almost connecting. In some parts, just connecting. This will make the hair feel more like a braid. And you can also do some lines over the shape just to indicate some loose hair. Just like that. Very easy. Over here, over there. And making the outline a little bit more intense if you want. Just to see how the shapes communicate with each other. And over there you can add to the end of the hair a little bit more. And I mentioned and of course, going in for some more lines, just erasing a little bit and then putting it back. And let's do another lock of hair. Just over here. Just like that. Very nice and loose. Just checking and making them a little bit more interesting. Don't worry if it doesn't look too good. The locks of hair, you can always undo them if you don't like them, or even erase them. Very nice. Let's make this a little bit more crisp. Just over there. And just redoing the neck little bit to seem like the hair rests on top of it. Very much connected. Just over there. That's the uneasy change to integrate both sketches, the getter and goes like that, trying to get that connected. Perfect. And this is the hair sketch done. It was so easy and fun. 5. Girl body : Okay, now for some more interesting fun part, let's select both layers, both sketches, and do small rap, just making some small changes. Let's see if it looks better this way. Well, not really. So let's do an uniform change, just making the head smaller now that it's looking quite fine and just placing it above, making space for the actual body. This is going to be a very simple body. Just blouse and a skirt. Okay. You can wrap a little bit more of the hair if you want. Just like that. Nice. Erase a little bit of this lock of hair, too much connected to the outer Locke, the other shapes. So it should be a little bit more individual and a little bit less tech since it's just one small fragment of the hair. Just like that, looks a little bit too dark. So let's make it a little bit finer. Okay. Relaxing the hands and letting everything fall exactly where it needs to be. Now, you should create another layer name this. Of course, body. Body. Yes, like that. This is still OK. Sketch. So numb worry too much. If you do the inking, not exactly perfect. It should just have the shape. The shape is more important than the inking at this point. The shape of the body is very simple. It's quite looking like a bell. First, let's do an oval. Just make it smaller, just like that. Place it a little bit above where it needs to be made because we are going to use some handy tricks that procreate offers us. Very simple. We are going to, since this is the single shape of the layer, just going to words the bottom and erasing this shape, it's very easy. And of course, on top we can wrap first making it bigger on the base, and then making the corners a little bit more square, let's say. So it's making this. Flattened shape at the top, indicating some shoulders. As you can see, just flattening that will make some shoulders very easily. This is the best tool for creating shapes. The wrap tool, you create a simple shape and then you distort it while you wrap it until you have created the desired shape, okay? Now, E can create the neck part of the blouse. And now going down course, Let's make the neck a little bit more going into the shoulders. And of course, this girl needs some hands, well, arm parts of the blouse, Very nice. And at theory, looking blouse with two curves and connecting it to the blouse. And of course, making some details just indicating the end of the blouse that has some other type of material or shape. And just looks more intricate des y. For the end of the blouse. It's very easy. Just connect that bell. Looking absolutely gorgeous. Now, let's just see what we can do over here. Let's select this part of the bell of the blouse and make it a little bit smaller. Let's just start drawing the skirt. Of course, this needs to be a little bit more fluffy. Not fluffy, but LET a bit more going outside, like still continuing the bell shape. And of course, we are just trying to find the shape, trying different kinds of shapes. And of course a classic one just looks much better. This is what, some curved lines and then connecting it over there and making another curved line. And that is it for the skirts. Okay. Now going in towards the shoulders, we can add the beautiful backpack. And that's very easy, just making two curves going from the shoulder towards the actual hands, the actual blouse, the connection between the blouse and the hand. And of course, the backpack on our back. Very easy to do. Simple with lines, two dots to indicate a little bit more of an interesting design. You can erase some parts of this and redraw them to make interesting shapes so that they don't seem just connecting lines, curves and just like that they are part connecting to each other differently. As you can see. Just going in and trying to create this shape that goes underneath and connects to the back through the hand part of the blouse. Ok, let's erase that button. And of course, the lines underneath. And we can put in the button once again if you want. Okay, let's erase a little bit more on the top and make this curved line just going a little bit more interesting. So very nice addition to the design and now some lines in between the curves of the skirt. And of course, we can indicate some legs. Lags are very, very hard to make. However, we are going to play around until we find the good shape for them. And just like that. Okay, selecting everything so we have enough space for the legs, for the legs. In the next step. And there you go. We have made the body. 6. Girl hands and legs : And now let's just draw some beautiful hands. We are going to select just the body. And of course, first let's erase a little bit of that line underneath her neck and go on the sketch to eliminate a little bit more of that excess lines. Okay, going back on the body layer for the hands, you aren't going to make some beautiful lines that converge together, just like that. Very simple lines that converge there or not very parallel. They go towards an angle. For the legs are almost the same, just like that very cartoony style. We should put them a little bit closer together and a further step. And just like that, moving them a little bit more high. And of course moving them close together a little bit. And just like that, we now have some legs and some hands. Well, just the ending of them. Let's do some shoes. We're just going to do some lines. These are just lines that we can use in the future for the hands. These are very simple triangles. Just play around. And you can also see just making the thumb and then the hand. It's very simple and then it's going to be quite good. Making the hands revealed that the forearm is way too thick. So we are just going to do another line and you've raised the other one in the future. The same for the left-hand side, hands. Just like that. Some triangles, very easy to do. These are the simplest ways to make hands because you can just add the details later. And that's all for this step. This was very easy. It's going to get a little bit more complicated into the next steps. But don't worry, you have all the encouragement and all you need to get through the tough parts. 7. Girl shoes : Okay, for this step with the same brush, you're just going to indicate a beautiful, he'll just like that as it goes. And a curved line in front and now two beautiful lines at the ends and a doubling at the bottom. And then some beautiful marks just going down to indicate that this is the sole of the shoe. For the top of the shoe, just a beautiful round shape. And then as it goes towards the leg, it has the place where the shoe and the leg the feet entered the shoe. That is done with the first shoe, working a little bit on the legs, making the calf muscle a little bit more pronounced. Very nice and easy to simple lines just like that. One straight and going a little bit on the outside and then another one curving inside. And you can go into the eraser and erase some of the small lines, as well as the thickness of the line. Just connecting everything. And just making a lot of small little v to indicate the knee of the leg. Ok. Just like that. And you can go in with the eraser and erase the thickness of the line if you have it there. And over here, just connecting the two together. Just adding a little bit of a curvature. Don't worry if two legs don't look perfect. In a few moments, you will modify them just enough to make them look better. Okay? Going to the second shoe, doing the same thing, adding first the top where the feet entered the shoe and then going in for a small heal. Basically the same two lines just going down and then following the line of the shoe. This time the shoe is a little bit more skewed towards the viewer. It's a little bit shorter and it has a beautiful line in the middle of the shoe. As you can see, there is a small little difference. So you can imagine a small dome or a ball in front and then the second part of the shoe as behind. And you can indicate that what a small that'll line and then what the bowtie, it's a very simple shape to create. And just going in and putting the finishing touches on the bow tie. As you can see, and indicating the last few lines of the shoot. And there you go with the step. 8. Girl legs : Okay, so for the legs, let's erase a little bit of lags and newborns, making them older but better. They're easy to erase. Just being careful not to erase the skirt as well. And for the right leg, just doing the same. Okay. And a little bit more awesome. Let's rename this layer to lay eggs. It's an easier way to sketch. We don't have to worry if we mess up and need to erase. Let's do some lines going from the body this time. So we have that in mind that the legs don't just start underneath the skirt. They start from net body. Okay. That's good enough. Let's see. Okay, bigger line. Okay, let's do it again. That's Simms. Good. This is just so we have an idea where the position of the leg is. Okay. There you go. And for the right one, we are going to do the same little bit thick. Okay, let's edit the legs, just selecting them and doing the distort and positioning them just over there so they connect almost perfectly with the rest of the legs. And of course, knowing in drawing just over there, the calf muscle, very simple angle. Just like that. Okay. And let's just about right. And of course, just indicating the rest of the leg. This leg is a little bit higher, as you can see. Keeping in mind the body as well, that the legs connect to the body helped us position the knees better. Now for the other one, just about the same, rounding up the shapes and making the calf muscle just a little bit to indicate that those are not just sticks, their legs and of course, erasing a little bit of that shape to draw it. Okay. And let's go on to the legs part. And now we can erase just those lines on top. Just like that. And let's go four to other one. Okay. They served their purpose. And the ones that show up at the legs like that, very easy to erase this because they are part of the k, This, they are part of the under layer. Now. Just merge those two layers and everything is perfect. You have now changed the legs to look a little bit better. Let's go into the next step. 9. Girl hands: Okay, so for this one, we are going to make another layer and rename it hands. Okay, and with that in mind, let's start making this thumb very easy to make. Don't just add another line just connecting to that. And of course the tip of the hand connecting it just over there and adding an beautiful finger. And let's add a few more angles. And then add some fingers. Because you can see the hand is already shaping to look quite fine. This is drawing and this is a cartoon, so don't worry too much about the shape. Let's erase the sketch underneath a little bit and the doubling of the forearm. Now continuing, erasing a little bit more of the growing we just did to us to make a little bit of room to draw the actual hand. Now, as you can see, it still has that pointy hope to it. So it's quite, quite close towards the point. A lot of pointy hand you have drawn originally now and just only has a few fingers more. Just like that. Looks quite good. And this thumb is a little bit too thick and that's connected to the rest of the hand. Okay. To starboard there. Let's indicate the ending of the fingers and the bottom of the hand. Seems just about right. Let's erase a little bit more of the outline just to make this hand a little bit more elegant. Perfect. And the inside. Okay, now let us just move to the outer hands. Let's see if we can make a fist here. It's going to be so much easier to draw just like that. And of course, a line on the left side and the Fest just over there. How easy it is to make a fist much easier than an open hands. Ok, let's add another finger. And there you go. The second hand as almost done, we're just going to make it a little bit bigger. Just like that, selecting just the fist and making it a little bit bigger. Okay, that seems much better. Let's wrap it a little bit less the tiny, but to make it a little bit more interesting though on the body and erase those wolverines clause. Just like that, and the doubling of the forearm as well. Ok, let's erase them once again. We accidentally erase the little bit of the blouse just over there. As you can see, the sound looks much cleaner, much better. And the other one just erasing off the excess around and the doubling of the forearm. And now if we are here, we can also clean a little bit of the legs are easy to do. Just erasing a little bit of those doubling lines. Just over there. Perfect. Kenny race and make them a little bit more lean, just like that. Make them nice and clean. Preparing them to be finished. In the end. It doesn't matter if you're erased too much. You can always redraw anything erased. And that's just about it for this step, hands were easy, legs were easy, and everything is fun. 10. Girl face color: Okay, what a wonderful day to color, selecting the lightest color for the skin tone and making beautiful layer called color phase, or just color. Color face. We're going to have the colors as well as the sketch on different layers. So organizing everything very good for the brush. Syrup from inking at maximum should be just the right brush for this. And of course, let's just start inking. Well, drawing, painting, colouring, however, you want to call it, on the face. And going right to the neck. Don't worry too much. If you go outside, just try to go around the edges and then you can go and the metal faster. It's a very simple process. It's kinda garden drawing. Just the only difference is that you made the drawing yourself. Okay? And if you went outside of the lines, just go onto the erase tool and find the area that doesn't seem right or it's outside of the outline and erase it. Very easy to do with the syrup tool on the eraser. Ok, let's make this a little bit more light. Yes, like that. Very easy to do. Now, let's erase the i portion of the color. Just like that. Very fast. To stay over there. And let's go to the AD1 as well. You can see it's very easy to do with the eraser tool set on halfway with the SERP brush. That's just that. Let's select and replace the color. Putting it just over here to have it saved. You should already have it on your if you went to the resources page of this project and now selecting a beautiful orange brown 40 eyes. Very nice. Very easy too. Fill in the color, just like that, filling it that color. Okay, now alpha locking this layer and going into textures, selecting our favorite brush, dove Lake, and making it just like that. Just setting the color to the beautiful pink should give us a wonderful blush. Little bit higher. We should make it a little bit higher. Just over there, right below the eye and on the left side as well. Just creating this beautiful blush. Okay. Just seeing if we can improve this a little bit more. Inking. Let's do some inking with the brush is. So let's basically select the color of the skin tone from what the color picker on the face and then erase the blush on the ears so it doesn't seem like it has blush on it. Okay. And you can also erase a little bit of the shape of the blush. Well, it's not erasing, It's basically painting over. And now let's do a little bit more blush. But this time with about 30% flow opacity on the brush. And we can go into the smudge tool textures dubbed lake and just DAP over the blush to smooth in everything a little bit more and make it more uniform. Just like that. You can see, starts to look a little bit more interesting. Very nice. Already created this beautiful blush and putting in a little bit more texture. Once everything is done, just so you can see adding and playing around with the colors and then with the smudge tool. Very nicely. Yes, like that, selecting the color of the eyes and making them a little bit lighter, just a little bit lighter. And putting it over there, we already had that color, but it's okay. We can make it. Just set it once again. This time we didn't have it. So let's see. Just about there. You can start to see that we are basically adding to the bottom of the eye just this lighter color, just to give a little bit more of an interesting shape to the eye. Just over there. Should have increased the capacity a little bit more and trying to create a line, basically the shadow on top of d i, just over there, as you can see, it's very visible. And we are going to continue that on the white as well. So just like that, it's still Alpha locked. So don't worry if you're not painting on the white just over there. It just created a distance between the eye and I lash. Okay. A little bit of erasing tool, just the grace that hair over there. And of course, the parts of the outline then are the parts that over the color that I'll are outside the outline. Can't even speak English at this hour. Got hap. Well, okay. Just erasing a little bit more and going in and doing some finer adjustments to the color. As you can see, it starts to, it starts to look a little bit more crisp and wonderful. Now, selecting the gray and making it even lighter, doing the awful OK, once again, on doing it. And we should select the brush through I ink. Well, syrup, sorry, syrup. And making it a little bit smaller, just like that. And doing and continuing that shadow onto the eye as well. Just over there. Barely visible but makes a lot of difference. Continuity of shadow, this just small effect to add to the design of the eyes. Because they are very, very important. Yes, like that. Wonderful. Now, let's just alpha log once again. And of course, you can lacked very nice space over the top and on the chin. Well, just on over the top of the color and the chin just over there. Let's just first start doing it on top of the color. Much easier to do that. Select the darkest part of the color and the texture and dog-like as a brush and start creating it. That orange. Be looking a little bit better. Let's go for a read. Let's see how it looks. Well, looks quite good. So basically creating a shadow in an easier way. And then smoothing it out with a little bit of a smudge tool, adding a little bit more texture back in again. Now the selecting everything and going in. Once again for the left-hand side of the face, just over here. Okay. And going in once again, we are still on alpha lock just over there. Let's see if we can just go like that so we don't color over d i as well. Okay, connecting the shape and putting in the shadow. Just like that. You can see very fast way of doing the shadow. Okay? And now let's just add a little bit more going down and a little bit of that into the face. As you can see, it just brings everything together, smudging this very nice. Just like that. Let sound do if they don't look that good. And on the top, we can also add a little bit of smudging as well. Just over there. At the edge. We're gonna smudge it a little bit more in the end because it's too much of a harsh shadow just about now let's munch it. Very beautiful. Looks so much better with two or three smudges. Okay. And we are going to continue with some more smudging on the the left-hand side of the face or the shadow is just like that. Just smudging everything can see how much more integrated it looks now. Like that, playing a little bit with the smudge tool. And this is the smudge tool selected what the brush dove lake, very favorite brush has texture, can do anything. Well, almost anything. Okay, for the blush, let's add a little bit of the blush over the top. What a lighter pink cat that so beautiful. You can also add some of the original color. Just to smoothen the edges. With some textures as well. Not only DO smudge tool, okay, let's select a beautiful dark color and add it. Set it over here. It's almost the same color, so it's good enough. Okay, let's add a little bit, the top, little bit more to smudge in a different way. Well, it's not smudging as painting over, so it has a little bit more texture to wet. So it's, It's very different. Ok, just over here and doing the same thing to basically just create this beautiful effects. Wonderful. Okay, here, little bit of smudging as well. Let's select this scholar and go in to the part of the neck. This should be all in shadow. As you can see, going very fast. With the brush selected with 12 Lake, selecting the dark color, putting it over there. Making a lighter color. Just over there going on inking, dry ink. Dry ink, of course. Wonderful. Now let's do some interesting highlights. Just over here, right next to D I, N over there right next to D i, just making it very interesting and beautiful. And on top of the nose, just a small one. Just over there. Okay. Nice. And going in for some beautiful highlights, 40 eyes and swell. Just look at how beautiful it starts to look. Okay, let's move that highlight a little bit more to the left. Just wonderful. Okay. And going in and selecting little bit of a darker skin, we can add with the dove lake texture, brush, some shadow underneath the eyebrow. Just over here, barely visible, but it's very important. Now, going in with the smudge tool in between the eyes and between the eyebrows and smudging a little bit over there and sideways as well. And you go, this step is done as well. 11. Girl hair color : Let's start by making a new layer and renaming it to hair color. On this layer, you are going to paint the color of the hair and selecting the darkest color for the hair. And selecting the inking syrup brush. Okay. Should probably increase that and select the syrup brush. Okay. Syrup brush. The same thing you did for the face. You're now going to do for the hair, following the outline a little bit and then just going very fast on the middle part. Very nice. Okay, don't worry too much. If you go outside. As always, you can erase those parts with the eraser. Just like that. Can see how fast it goes in the middle. Just going. And let's do this edge as well. Perfect. And the middle see very dark color. However, you are going to make some highlights on it. So it seems a little bit more light. Mighty end. And the hair lock chest over there. And those two dots should be covered as well. The hair or log on right side. Let's make this a little bit smaller, perfect. Going in, making that airlock a little bit longer. Making some hair locks on the part that meets the face as well. Just like that. Okay. You're racing a little bit of that excess paint. And you can start to do the outside right hand side here, just like that, filling it in first at the edges and then in the middle should increase the size of the brush a little bit more. Just like that. Connecting it to the neck. And going in for the inside edge. Just over here. You should be an expert at this by now. Just like that. Connecting it and filling in those gaps. Going in for the left side, going straight in Florida and a lock of hair just over there. Just like that, painting it. And for the edge. Right next to the ER and around the year. And then going faster on the middle part. Once the edges very clean. Going further down by the neck and up next to the chin at the edge. And connecting those outlines beautifully. Ellipse. Let's undo that. And the brightness is full. So we can just paint a little bit more just over here. Perfectly. Okay, let's add those dots. And of course a little bit more on the airlock, just a few. And then for the actual hair, we can go a little bit faster, just over there. Okay? Because this is the middle. We can now just go for the edge list over there with some Harold locks. And then in the middle, just increasing that pressure. And of course the ambulance as always, there is no course with out an ambulance. Okay. Just going in for the last parts with the scholar as increasing that size. And just going in as you can see you very fast. Okay? And for the shape of this, just editing a little bit of the shape, making it a little bit bigger, a little bit nicer. Test over there, which is that we're here K. And adding that diamond shape. As you can see, the shape looks quite cool, right? Let's fill in the details. The small points that are white and some hair locks just like that. Hair strands. And do and painted over again smaller test time and erasing a little bit to make that final point. Okay, now, Let's go into the layers alpha, lock this and select the lighter color. Go into brush and go into textures. Dove like our favorite brush. Then start adding a little bit of this lighter color on the right side of the hair, making it bigger. And a little bit more opacity. As you can see, it's quite feasible and it changes quite a bit the color of the hair. These being alpha logged, will only paint over the areas you painted going in for some lighter, lighter shade of brown. Should have selected just over there the red. That's good enough. No need to create a new color, this Select Color, and put it over there on the right-hand side of the hair. Just like that. And now, of course, let's go in for some of this color. On the left-hand side a little bit, just a tiny bit. And you go in for a lighter brown just for the right hand side part. Just like that. The hair has now gotten a little bit more interesting in color. Don't worry, we are going to use a special brush by the end of this to create some more highlights. Ok, with the eraser tool. You can now edit the end of the hair. Just over there. May be a little bit less than I'm doing that. I'm worry. It's going to be undone in a few seconds. Yes. Conduit. And just one is more than enough? Yes. Perfect. Just over here calling and another airlock. They're good enough. Like that. Absolutely perfect. To editing a little bit of that shape just hurt. They're going in for some Shape Editing on the hair itself. Taking a little bit of a darker color. And I'm doing the alpha log force, which acts like that and creating that edge. As well as a loose strand of hair just over there, filling it up a little bit in. Okay. And on the underside, a few more. Okay. Going inside with some lines with the darker color. Just like that to add a little bit of dimension to the hair. Then inside, over here, you can see them a little bit better and because the color is a little bit lighter. Okay. On the outside, just a few as well. Ok. Those two dots you can just cover as well and creating some more hair onto the left side, n now the right side as well. Okay, that looks wonderful. Perfect. Just adding a little bit more detail to this here. On the color layer. As you can see the face and the hair and look so much better together. You're connecting that part. Maybe we should undo it. Looks much better. Okay. Thinner. Perfect. And over here, making it a little bit longer. Just like that. You can now see, check and look at how it looks. Now let's go erase a little bit of that here. Just over there. Knowing inside a little bit. And just wonderful. That is what we need. Let's do a little bit of loops that are really low. Let's do a little bit more. Deaths that were here. Okay? One strand, two strands, three strands just overlapping to give a natural impression of hair. In a cartoony way. Just like that. You can see it builds on top of each other. And there you go with this step as well. That was it. Let's go into the next step. 12. Girl clothes color: Okay, so for this that you're going to need to make a new layer called cloud's color. Cloud's color. Just like that, the layer is created. And let's put it under body and select the brush. King syrup. Make it very big, and select the dark gray. Put it on to the blouse and start coloring it. Just going very nice from the middle of the blouse. And then slowly working your way around the edges. Being careful not to go outside the outline and just creating that beautiful outline and going very fast in the middle. Since the outline is created. Okay. Very fast and easy. Using the syrup brush is very good because it has a 100% capacity. Dof leg doesn't have that, so it will be showing the colours underneath. If you paint what amount of color underneath. So this is a very good brush for solid color and textures. We can do alpha log and paint over. Just going to the edge, rotating the canvas to make it easier. And going in on the middle, Don't worry about the backpack strap. Going over here and putting all the color in. Just like that. Going for the last parts of the blouse. Just over there. And the shoulder area and the neck areas. Well, wonderful. Doing all the small details just like that. And then the last part of the blouse. And this is very good. Now. And going in and erasing all the parts that are outside of the outline a little bit. And then going in and doing a little bit of an alpha lock, selecting the lighter gray, changing the brush to pictures of Lake. Okay. And starting to put a little bit on the right-hand side of the blouse. And just like that, creating a little bit of color, a little bit of light onto the blouse as well as some texture. Making this color a little bit more light. And going in for some finer details, some finer light, as you can see, creates a very beautiful texture. And going in around with the alpha alloc. And then making going in with a smaller DOF leg to create a small difference between the hand, between the arm and the actual blouse. Selecting with the color picker a little bit of that lighter color. And going in Mac again, that another layer making it, this time a little bit more light, just like that going in just for the right-hand side part. And the little bit of bounce light on the left-hand side, just over there. And this is the blouse. Now, baking. Our layer is correct, doing alpha lock, undoing it, creating, taking the inking Sarah brush and going in for the Brown just over there. And whoops, and starting to ink or color block the skirt, slowly working your way around the edge. And then the metal can go faster. Coloring is so easy and fun. Going in and going for net coordinator and that edge, completing that edge just a little bit. And going in for the middle, erasing the edges that one outside that contour. And of course, a little bit more erasing around the parts to create a crisp color layer. Selecting the color once again and putting it over and underneath the blouse. This is on the same layer, so be very careful for not going over the blouse. Just like that. You can see a little bit over to blouse. Now creating the last outline and then the middle part. Going in and selecting the selection tool. And doing the automatic, you can select the whole color. This works very well for solid colors. Now, we can do it again. Just selecting, doing automatic, going into the brush, selecting the texture, Blake, and going in for some lighter colors. First, the orange. Just adding a little bit more color with this dove lake. This is at 50% opacity and little bit less than 40% size. And going in, just creating a little bit of texture and a little bit of light. Now going in for lighter color, the skin tone just underneath it. And putting it on the right-hand side of the skirt to add even more light and depth to this skirt. And just like that, and you can see how easy it is to build some layers of colors. And some interesting, like adding a little bit of a lighter tone to stay over there. Nice and putting in a little bit more texture. Now, you can create a lighter tone by D saturating the color and putting it on top of what you've created just now. The selecting everything and this step is done as well. Wonderful. 13. Girl hands and legs color: Okay, let's select a little bit of color with the eye dropper tool. Just press with your finger and select the face, that color of the face at a new layer. Call it hands and legs. Hands and legs. And great. Let's put it under the body, of course, and under the clouds. It's very important to put it under the clubs. Since we are going to paint, let's select that inking tool, inking syrup P2, and start blocking in the color for the hands. So very beautiful. Skin tone. Carefully adding and blocking in color. Now with the eraser, you can go and make those edges very crisp. The eraser still has the syrup tool, the syrup inking brush. And going in for the second hand. Just over there, as you can see, going, putting the layer underneath can easily make our life so much more easy. Because we don't have to worry about going over the blouse or the skirt in this case, because the layer is underneath those layers. Ok. Just over here, erasing a little bit, going for the legs and working your way down. With the blocking of the color. Being very careful not to go outside. But even if you do, you can always erase the parts that are outside of the outline. And going in for the second leg, very fast and loose, easy and fun. Slowly. Building this layer of color. Connecting everything and erasing the excess paint from the left side and the right side of the leg. Erasing a little bit more, adding a little bit more color, as well as covering that small dot. We have now blocked in. Let's select shadow color, maybe a darker one, and change the brush to textures. Dof leg. Wonderful. Let's create some, some shadows under the skirt. Just alpha lock the layer and create some shadows. Just over here and on the outer lag, and on the hand, maybe a little bit less. Okay, don't worry too much about the texture. We are going to smudge everything. Just over here, and select this Munch tool. After we put the little bit of shadow on the left hand side of the legs, smudge to and create and smudge a little bit of that color. It blends everything together and makes it very, very nice and texture less. Just going for the second leg, test over there. And putting a little bit of that smudge all over the leg. Let's put a little bit more to get rid of those textures going in for the hand. This time going from the light part to the dark part to make the dark part a little bit less intense. Okay, now, let's take the lightest color of the face found here and add it to the right-hand side part of the hand. To us like that. Now smudging needed after this step is to add a little bit of light to the right hand side part of the legs and the hand as well. Just like that. Wonderful. Now, let's go in and select the darkest bar are the darkest color of the skirt, and put it, start putting it. Let's undo the alpha log first and put it on the shoes just over there with the inking tool. Just like that. Adding the outline first and then covering all the middle very fast. Just like that, nice and loose. Erasing the little bit of the outline that 1D outside of the drawing. Just over here. Nice. And of course, a little bit of color went into the skin down so we can select the color of the skin down, select the color of the shoes. Once again, go in for the next shoe. Just over here. Nice and crisp. Going and for the outline and then the middle of the shoe. Once the shoes are blocked in, you can just select a lighter layer, a lighter color from the skirt and the dove lake going in and alpha locking it and going straight would have smaller brush on the right-hand side of the shoes, adding a little bit of highlights. And just like that, maybe a little bit more wonderful texture and highlight color. Okay, now let's undo the alphas block and select the lightest Gray. The inking tool, thinking brush syrup, and start on the bottom of the shoes. Just like that, with a smaller brush going around, around the color of the shoe and around the outline. Just slowly to make sure we can go faster once we go to the middle part, just over there, this gray is a little bit too dark. We aren't going to have to select it and paint on it once. It is all filled in. Both of the shoes, of course. So we are going to erase a little bit, the shoe is done. And for the second one, don't worry about that blind and you see over the shoes, we are going to erase that and make it very crisp. Okay, going forward the shoe, just this outline, making this outline once again. And after we've finished everything here, we can now erase a little bit more. And of course, on, go on the selection tool, automatic, select this color and that color and go in with some lighter gray, almost white, going to textures like our favorite brush. And just creating some light Bart's of the shoe. Of the bottom of the shoe? Yes. Over there. And over here on the left-hand side shoe. Adding a little bit more, keeping a middle part, just a little bit more gray, and that is it for this layer as well. Set such an easy process. Let's go into the next step. 14. Girl details on the face: Okay, so for this step, let's rename the sketch layer to sketch face. Just like that, renaming it to sketch face. Just over there. Let's spell it again. Face. Nice. Okay. And go in. And alpha log, select first the shadow color. Alpha lock this layer, go in with the inking brush syrup and then healthful locking it. And just going in the nose and creating this shadow underneath the nose. Going in and making the red dark color a little bit less dark and a little bit more light, a little bit more red. And going in for the lower and the upper lip. Just over there. Or effect. Now, selecting that colour, cutting it to the shadow underneath the lower lip, the leading, the outer line. And going in with this a little bit more. Just over here. Quite wonderful. Now, going in with the dark color, dark outline, undoing the alpha log going in for the dry ink, making it very small. Then with two parentheses on the left and the right of the nows. Let's create this beautiful nouns. And a little bit of a valley under denounce at the middle, just over there and putting and connecting everything together. Just like that. Making also a beautiful line just on the left-hand side. And now continuing the line just above to indicate the rest of the nose and the small little nose. And now for the corners of the mouth, the line should be a little bit darker and a little bit thicker. And as you go to the middle, you can just do a lighter line. Perfect. Selecting the red color and making it a little bit less saturated. Maybe a little bit more red. Just over here. Perfect. And adding the lower lip. Don't worry too much about the shape. We can always go and correct that shape. In a few seconds with the eraser. Just putting it in nice and likely going in for eraser and anything that shape. Just like that, making that lower lip a little bit more nice. Perfect. Let's erase a little bit of the shadow underneath. Ok. So now let's just select a little bit of the Eraser tool, erase a little bit of the inking. And for the eye, It's a little bit too big. The S1, the iris, and making it with dark color a little bit more over the color, as you can see, making it a little bit smaller. Going inside the color, making it a little bit smaller now and the outline of the second eye is a little bit too thick. So just erasing a little bit and making that line a little bit less thick and more grasp. Let's go into some layers. And selecting that. Here. We can just about see that we can create a beautiful, beautiful brown color. Should actually make a new layer for this since it's over the inking. Okay, let's create a new layer just over the color of the blouse and the clouds. Okay, rename this to details. Details. Nice. That D, the tail's going in and putting right now on the strap of the backpack, just the color with the dry inking. It doesn't really matter. Just putting it over there covering it has a little bit more texture. And this is fine. Going and coloring it in, blocking it in. Let's make them brush a little bit bigger and do the same for the back, back. Ok, and the rest of the strap. Just over here. Okay, wonderful. And now, selecting the beautiful yellow and putting it on the top part of the backpack to create a little bit of color variation. Now going in and going on the texture alpha, locking the layer and selecting the color. Just over here. Going for the textures dog-like, and with the brown selected, we can now blend in a little bit of the color into the yellow. Just so it seems a little bit more integrated? No. Okay. Just over here. Let's start and merge those layers. First. Adding an outer layer with details to. This is going to be details for the hair. Selecting a brush that we've never used before. This brush being along here. First electing the color, this color, the orange brown, going into touch ups. Touch ups and long hair, flowing hair. And just making it a little bit smaller. And putting it onto the actual hair. Being careful not to go outside because this is not alpha locked senses a new layer. Ok. Going in and doing very nice and broad line. And going in for the eraser with the airbrushed softer brush, make it very small. Maybe lower the opacity a little bit more, just like that. And the size, maybe it's too small, should make it a little bit bigger. And erase a little bit of that outside. Just leaving some finer details. Showing up. Going in with the brush, making it a little bit smaller. This time. Just a tiny bit smaller. And putting it in some lines over here as well, some highlights for the hair. Don't go overboard with this, since the face is the main focus of the illustration. Okay, going in for some highlights as well, on the right part of the hair and on the lower part, right next to the neck. Okay. Going in for some more lines. And of course you can go into the eraser and with the airbrushed selected. And opacity lowered a small brush. Just erase a little bit of those lines, getting in what, some more finer details, just a few. And now going with the inking, now let's create a new layer. Rename it to details three. Perfect, selecting the pink color and going in, putting this layer on top of all layers and drawing a beautiful tie for the hair. Very simple. It's just like interesting butterfly and some tales of the butterfly. It's actually a bow tie, a tie or however it's called. And connecting it together, making this beautiful accent color. Now going and making this color a little bit more light and a little bit more desaturated. The brush used is dry ink. And if you put the pencil on its side, you can now create a shading effect with this brush. So you've now have to change it. The layer is alpha locked, so it just banes over the pink. Doesn't go over the outer areas. Just on its side. You can see just a little bit of shading makes it very nice and beautiful. Let's undo the alpha log and select the darkest color. Inking color and ink. This would have finer drying brush. Just over here. Start inking around the pink, going slowly, nicely creating some beautiful outlines. And that pink will stand out quite nicely on the illustration. Now going in for the second part, the second wing of the bow tie. Tie to almost there. Almost finished. Super nice. This is it. This is done. Let's go into the next step. 15. Girl more details : For this step, let's start adding more details this time to the clouds. Use just Details Number 24 and select the orange color. Now we're going to use another brush. First, let's set the layer on screen. Select the brush from organics. This is called paper Ole cores, something like that. And just start on the layer adding a little bit of this over it. I know it seems like it's only on the blouse and the skirt. But those leaves are a hoodie where it's a very interesting brush. However, it's just goes overboard. Try to add a few of these textures on the blouse and this curve. You can undo, redo and see where you want them and how you like them. And that's a very interesting way of working, not having a lot of control. But in the end, it looks just fine. Let's try and not one and not a time. And try this time to control a little bit, which is kinda hard. Ok, wrong layer. Go on this one. Okay. And just try to add a few onto the blouse and the skirt. Maybe too much. Losing the patients. As the Bayesians, let's try it from the outside. And there it is. This is perfect. Let's undo a little bit. Now. Okay. Let's undo the background so you can see how much it goes outside. It's a mass. So let's erase everything that's outside the blouse and the skirt. Just like that. And over here on the right side, let's go on the left side as well, very fast. Increase the size. Make it nice and clean. Test over here. Then over there, under the legs, going for the right side as well. Let's brush goes everywhere. Beautiful. Now, going in and erasing a little bit more over the face as well. Test. Arrive next to the hair and the blouse just over there. Well, that's not erase everything that's on the blouse. Yes. Nicely. Go like this. Too much. Perfect. Let's erase it again and being very extra careful this time. Perfect. Now we are almost done with erasing and we can go in and redo the background, re-select the backgrounds. It's gonna be white. Once again. Going to hue saturation, increase the saturation. Maybe play around with a little bit of the brightness. Does make it like that. Okay. And let's play around with the hue. A little bit more. Yellow would be fine. Okay. Let's select this part so it doesn't seem like it's just blight applied on top. It just creates this part going underneath and that the outer part going below. Very easy to just select and erase the parts that overlap. Now, going and alpha locking this layer first by selecting the dark color alpha, locking it, going into textures, and selecting the DOF leg. The DOF leg, going for a medium size city to a 100%. And going over those beautiful, well, let's do the opacity lower and going over those leaves a little bit just to get that glow out of them. Not all of them, just a few. And of course, a little bit of shadow just underneath the house would be absolutely wonderful. All layers are here. And going in onto the next step. Wonderful. 16. Girl last details. Thank you!: Okay. It seems like there are a little bit of small parts of that leaf floral thing we put on the clouds and we can delete them. Just being careful to delete all of them. And of course, test on this. We are going to clean up and do a little bit of that cleaning. We have postponed since the start first with the shoes, just erasing and little bit of that line that is like a strikethrough. And just cleaning it up just over here has promised. Okay. Now, erasing that one, just a little bit of the outline just over here, nice and smoothly. It goes. Now going in straight to the legs and erasing. Inking is not really necessary. If you have good enough inking, you can just erase the parts that loan look that good and keep almost all the inking as it is not really necessary, just going over some parts, the leading and erasing. And then if you need, you can go in and outline to create CRISPR edges, more defined edges. It just gives it a little bit more of an organic feel, hand drawn feel to it. And just erasing the parts of the leg, the outline of the leg that we don't like, making them very nice and crisp. Going in to the next leg and cleaning off that edge. As you can see, it's a very easy way of doing it. And oh, I've promised we are going to ink this, but it's good enough. If you want, you can go over and ink everything. It's almost like tracing. However, this way, it just looks a little bit more organic feeling. And just more loose. Has a little bit more. And you have an interesting edge to it. And going back, erasing a little bit of that color and that outline and going in for the outside of the leg, much easier to do then inking all the leg. Well, almost the same, however, preferred this method a little bit more, just a little bit more relaxing than just inking mindlessly. Like tracing. There is this quality of edge and quality of line that is created once you draw it the first time. So it looks so much better. Appreciate it more, much more into the illustration, much more organic, less neat and tidy. But also tidy enough to not draw attention. Going in for the hand as well. Okay. You're racing a little bit of that. Connecting that line, of course, making onto the hands and erase a little bit of the color as well. For the face. We can just about Go into the sketch face and erase a little bit of those small parts. Now going into their hair and erasing that small, tiny baby parts. Now for the hybrid, if we are on the right layer, we can just erase a little bit of that just to make it nicer. Going in for the body and making that line a little bit more crisp. And the neck line just a little bit more, little bit less thick, selecting that color, going into closed scholar and undoing the alpha lock to ink. A little bit of this, just like that. Crispy going in any racing on the body. A little bit of that. Thinking that it's done outside. Strap up the backpack and inside this travelled to backpack. Erasing that line a little bit, just making that outline, as always, just a little bit less thick. And over there, checking to see where we can erase a little bit more of the outline and make it more crisp. For example, for the hand, we can connect it and then erase a little bit of that list over there, making it very nice. And then as an outline, ok, we are almost done. You have then sell much in this course. I know it's a long course and you have learned a lot. You should be proud of what you've created and how much you have learned in this course. Now, let's go into the eyes. Any race, a little bit of this. I align and make it a little bit more crisp. Just over there selecting that color, putting it on the face color and yes, just like that covering is nicely excuse him. Let's go back into the leg into the shoe and erase that construction line that was indicating where the shoe should be positioned as well as the bottom of the shoe outline just erasing it and making it very crisp and beautiful. Just over there. Okay. Let's go into a little bit more of a brush. Let's go into the inking. And as always, this is a d. And of course, for writing it, the end, you have been absolutely amazing. You'd have done such a great job going through all this course and patiently making each and every part of it look amazing. If you are gracious enough, you will post a review and share your creations so the world can see what a beautiful girl illustration you have made. Thank you so much for being part of this community. It was a real honor to be your teacher and see you in the next course. Thank you once again and have a great day.