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Procreate for Beginner - How to Draw Butterfly

Hanny Agustine, Artist | Designer | Teacher

Procreate for Beginner - How to Draw Butterfly

Hanny Agustine, Artist | Designer | Teacher

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11 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. How to Draw Butterfly

    • 2. My Art Journey

    • 3. Hello Procreate

    • 4. The Project & What You Need

    • 5. Draw Butterfly One Part 1

    • 6. Draw Butterfly One Part 2

    • 7. Draw Butterfly One Part 3

    • 8. Draw Butterfly Two Part 1

    • 9. Draw Butterfly Two Part 2

    • 10. Other Ideas

    • 11. Assignment

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About This Class

Hello Creative People,

After a while, here is my new class and this is my first Procreate fun and easy class. 

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia and after one year of the COVID-19 pandemic, I find out that our nature is more beautiful than ever. As we know Jakarta is very populated with hundred thousand cars commute every day before the pandemic.

Now, I can see a bright and blue sky with white clouds, it seems when I see it I were in Melbourne (my dream living city :)). The birds are chirping more often as you can hear in my class audio (of course I can't ask them to be quiet when I recorded my video). I see more butterflies flying in my little garden, and even that butterfly came into my living room !

So, I imagine my own butterfly and use it to teach you in this class.

This Procreate class is very basic and easy, even you can ask your children to join together with you.

What you need is only your iPad or iPadPro, Procreate (I use Procreate 5X here), and Apple Pencil or your finger.

What you learn here :

  1. How to use Procreate
  2. How to use Alpha Lock 
  3. How to use Drawing Guide (mirroring drawing)
  4. How to apply textures and using brushes
  5. Some other ideas of cute and beautiful butterfly

Don't worry about the brush. I use the original Procreate brush so you don't need to buy any brush.

I will teach you a very simple butterfly like the following.


And I am sure you will be challenged to draw the second butterfly with roses, flowers, and leaves on her wings.


Let's draw together and I would be happy if you submit your butterfly in this class ("Create Project") and leave a Review for me, so I can teach you better and better in the future.

Don't forget to post on your Instagram and tag me at @hanny.agustine with the hashtag #hannyhoneyskillshare.



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Hanny Agustine

Artist | Designer | Teacher


Hi there, my name is Hanny Agustine. I m an engineer who loves to draw.

I am living in a tropical heaven, Jakarta, Indonesia. In Indonesian, when you call my name Hanny, it sounds perfect as "Honey" in English. So everybody calls me "Hallo, Honey" :).

My background is Electrical Engineering and I have spent my career mostly in the Information Technology world before I established my passion on Education + Technology + Creativity for children 5-18 years old with in 2001.

Life sometimes gives you a surprise and only after developed my latest product for children in 2014, my childhood drawing hobby was coming back. Then I find myself drawing every single day on my dining table and that's a very goo... See full profile

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1. How to Draw Butterfly: Welcome to my class, Procreate for Beginners, how to draw butterfly. Butterfly's beautiful and drawing in Procreate is very interesting because it's drying at this very amazing, very easy. And this is for beginner. I'm sure you can draw, your children also can draw with you in this class. Did you do kinds of butterflies? The first one is the screen and being but the fly. And if you think about the product, I will not teach you a complicated butterfly, but we will draw a very simple butterfly. Withdraw I, Julie only the body, the wings, and the details on each wing. And also I will teach you how to use Slack doors. These lectures is to give effect of the details on the wings. And you'll be amazed with the result. And the second one, I would issue a butterfly with the symbol wave. But this is really interesting because we will draw row says, flowers make leaves, more leaves on its wings. And it will be a very different butterfly, isn't it? 2. My Art Journey: Hi, I'm any athletes did actually an engineer, but I love art so much. I bowed my drawing tool in 2014, but only in 2016, I start to draw every day, everywhere I can, mostly of my drawing our flower because when you drop colourful Florida like this, you can feel happy. You can release your stress and you can sue thing your mind, the deadline for me. So I draw a lot on where birds, but also on my iPad. This is another freedom for me because no water, no messy, terrible, and I love it so much. And then finally I realized that I have so many drawing on my table. One day I can't did about 800, but another day I found more than 100. And because each of my drawing has a story, then I start to create the story card of each of my drawing so I can remember what is my feeling, what is in my mind when I draw each office and then I digitalize it, and I transform it into fabrics and papers and lead them to be what we call it a wearable art. It's like scar or two elif or your pet. Also not group approach. Wrapping. And also Tito. And of course the packaging box that also originally is my watercolor hand drawing. 3. Hello Procreate: Before we start to draw, let's we understand how Procreate works. It's very simple and it's very amazing apps that you will be surprised like me. Before I know procreate, I use to draw with paper by WeTransfer. And you can see it from my other class in this skills here. I love to draw with this apps. I call this paper by WeTransfer is a very magical showing Fs because it's very easy. Everybody can draw, even your kids, but this is only one layer drawing apps. So when I installed my Brooklyn about two years ago, I still lazy to move on with Procreate because I think it will be very difficult with them. Via WeTransfer, we only draw a flower like this. See, you only use a 12 and draw circles throughout the lives and that's it. That's very easy. But I'm wrong because after I know procreate, this is the perfect drawing apps ever, I ever seen. Brooklyn will looks like this, and this is one example of my butterfly in the garden drawing. So now we will go through appropriate one by one. And I will tell you how ISI to draw with this drawing app. And this is the icon for Procreate if you clean, and this is the first base in Procreate. So for example, if I click this, you can make it smaller or bigger. And then here you can see all the layers to create this butterfly. And then this is the color palette that you create by your own Berlant or you just follow whatever you have. And this is to erase. This is too much and this is your breath. In this class. For breaths you only go to calligraphy and then you two smaller line. And the other thing is going to sketching. And usually I use a 6 B pencil or technical pencil, HB pencil. So whatever we need, It's already in your procreate. You can go back to Galilee to create a new Scanner class is you just click the plus sign here and then you'll be asked for the screen size. If you already have 3000 times DDos and be a big cell, it's okay. But if you don't have it, you see here there is an anthropoid plus sign and then procreate will ask you for the size. Width, and height can fail with three dots. And then this is 3000 and may share your DPI is 300. So you have maximum layers 55. If I feel with 4747 thousand. So I make it larger, 7 times 7, one big cell. Here, the maximum layer is only six, so only six layers that you can work with. So that's why I make it as three thousand and three thousand. And we see here 55 layers are enough to create our butterfly in this class. So this is your new bus. If you blink the layers, you only have bacon on color. And layer 1 is 3 D. And then if you click the ground, then you can change the color of this background with color balance here. So it's very easy to genes and vague grown. And if you untick, it will be no big round. Later on you can see with SBN that area choose this light color as the background. Okay, Now we are ready to draw our butterfly. Click the plus sign and then choose 3 thousand times 3000 big cell. And you can zoom in, zoom out, you can rotate. This is the best thing in Procreate because in other drawing apps you cannot do this. And then I will show you how to use brass. I'd use red here, and then I use calligraphy and monoline. And then on the left side we have a plus size and the opacity, you can do the biggest one. And if I drive, it looked like this. And if I make it smaller, smaller one again, it's, You'd be like that. Now we try a different brush. We just sketching and you do a 6 B pencil. And then I change the gardener with green. Now I dry the event. So this is a six feet bend. So and then if I again with Adrian's and then I try what a fan for example. And then you can see this is what a fan. And I can make it thicker. And then for the opacity, this is very small obesity, this is maximum opacity. So you can draw with your dress. You can zoom in, zoom out, and then you can rotate it. And then you can turn around the drawing with your best angles. So you do need to turn around your body, but you turn around the drawing. 4. The Project & What You Need: Next is the project. In this class we will draw two butterflies. The first one is a simple one, and the second one we will draw the flowers and leaves in its butterfly's wing. In this class, you only use Procreate brush for organic therapy, monoline, our sketching technical fan, and for drawing flowers and textures, you only use graphs from Inking, dry in and drawing state and only use this. So don't worry, it will be easy and very basic class. What you need here is only your iPad and your Apple pencil. At this time, I use iPad Pro to, I love by nine and Procreate 5 x. But the most important thing is I need your happiness because I want you always happy when you draw in my class. 5. Draw Butterfly One Part 1: Now let's start to draw butterfly one. This is an example of my butterflies. You can draw like this. Do we have a bunch of lies here? So go to Galilee and now we start to throw in a new canvas. I click the plus sign on the right corner, and then I choose 3 thousand times 3000 B cell. And then you can zoom in into your perfect view by default, Procreate, we'll give you two layers, layer 1 and background color. And then set your Drawing Guide on, and then click Edit Drawing Guide. And then you see here there are four guides and juicy mantri and then option. You can just felt the girl or the sun quadrant or Grant Hill. And then I just started and reassure your assisted drawing to be on. And now you are drawing guide so the colors, you can change the colors and I just B. And now I can see the lines in the middle vertically and we're ready to draw now. I do scanning grumpy and monoline and start to test your brass. You will see your drawing will come up on the right side, but also on the left side. Because now we use mirroring drawing guide. You can set the thickness of your line and then if you like it, now, choose the color. I just did dark gray and I draw the body of our butterfly. And then you can make sure your line is close. So we can fill in with the color just by dragging in color into the body. And then now I use the green one. And I separate the layers. Now I need with Buddy. And then now I click the plus sign again to create layer 2. I'll rename it as when one. Makes sure you click Drawing Assist here. And then put the layer when one under layer, but the under the wing. And I make sure I meet the closed line so I can fill it with color. And then I, again, the new color, I have four layers now. And then I rename it with when do I use different color? Now I use and again, don't forget to set your layer with drawing assess. So it will draw with a vertical leaves the same on the left and on the right side. Again the clothes line. And then you can fill in the brain. Now in Bertie layers, I will draw and they are not. You can hold two big dollars. So I hold a while to get the lag one and then I draw a little eyes here. And then I draw and Dan now with the black governor. And then I filled in the antenna and now we will continue. Don't draw the Dexter's in the next lesson. 6. Draw Butterfly One Part 2: Let's continue to draw our photos button fly. Now let's give the details on this week. I add a new layer and I'll rename this layer for as number one, just to make sure that you have a separate layers and don't make you confused later on what the details I use dark green and none for the care to give thick your drawing assist on your layer so it will draw vertically the same on the left and the right side. And I draw a little triangle here, and I fill in with the colors. It's up to you. You can draw a circle. You can draw a little dots. But now we'll see that these triangles will give a very nice Did they are on our butterfly. You can see references from being dress or you can Google butterflies. But you see here, sometimes when I draw, I don't want to see the differences. Edges draw my own imagination of my butterflies or I give a triangle sometimes. Thank you. Sarah can sometimes ikea lines in different colors and so on. And now our weather flying looks like this. We will continue in the next lesson for another details. 7. Draw Butterfly One Part 3: Let's continue to give details to our butterfly. Now, I will teach you how to use Alpha Lock. This is a very nice features of Procreate. So if you don't use our Beilock, if I draw on the green wings, your drawing will come out of the shapes. But if you turn on Alpha lock, when I draw it on the wings, then it will not go outside of the ships. So make sure you done on your Alpha. And now I add a little triangles on the ads like this. You see here that I already did John, All little bit of triangles on the S. And our butterfly now is more beautiful, finished with the dark green details. Now I will add here no details on the green layer. So I add layer. Then make sure you already turn on your Drawing Assist. And I draw circle and I fill in with the color here. So to fill in the color, you can track colors to your shift, or you can just draw and fill in its ships. And look now our butterfly has more details on the wings and it's time to give details on the body. So I will add new layers and then I rename it as three. And make sure again, don't forget to give Drawing Assist. And now after juice gray color, now I draw the details on the boundary with the gas and it's up to you. Just remember, it's good to draw with your own imagination. Now, I've done line and the bottom of her body. And you just click the Undo if you want to erase and do your or. Now it's time to give details on the big week. So I add a new layer and I keep doing, giving Drawing Assist to my layers. And then I choose white color. And now I give details on the beam when finished with the white circles. Now, I want to give dexterous, and it's a white circle with a blank line. So I choose the breast engaging and technical pen and then you can adjust. The line thickness. And then under layer of white set goals, I click my logs. So if you draw the lines will not go outside the circle. So it's a very nice features of Procreate. Don't forget to use our formula. I'm happy now with my butterfly, with the Dexter's and set of goals under being way. I will continue. Show you again how to add more detectors on each of the green triangles and so on. So now on the layer one from your green triangle, you choose new brush. Now I use drawing and state. And you can try here the thickness of your brass. Adjust to your favorite one. Sometimes I dried too small and then I undo and I drive the bigger one, but this is still not my February. So I undo again. And now I adjust again in the meadow. Okay, this is what I'm looking for. So I feel in each of the triangle without the lines going outside because I already done on the vital Fitness and I see again my butterfly. And there it is still empty space on the thing wings. So I would add something and I'd done on alpha, lock on the layer for being when I hold the white color to get the same y. And then I give a Dexter's again. And if not happy, I can undo and draw it again. Oops, you see here, I forgot to give dexterous on dues, white circles. So I must fill in again with a blank lines. Go back to my layer eight, that is four while safeguards. And then I choose inky and technical pen with black colors. And I draw again the Dexter's on the white circles. So if you miss like me, don't be afraid. You just go back and do it again on the exact many years. So that's why it's very important for you to give each of your drawing in different layers. So the next, if you want to correct or you want to delete something, you still can't do it because you have it on its layer. 8. Draw Butterfly Two Part 1: Good. Now we draw out, but they're flying number 2, this is very nice butterfly. I love it so much. This is looks like a simple butterfly symbol, wings. But when you draw roses and leaves and another flowers, it will look so beautiful. So as live butterfly number one in the previous lesson, you draw the wave and I just do colors. This is a light yellow and the light green. In the next lesson, you'll see how I draw roses first, I choose a job are you can choose pastel or you can use any brush you like. Then the first one, I do cigarette and beans to draw the roses. So first you draw a little circle in the middle, and then you draw like a seed head around that point. So it will be bigger and bigger with half C shapes. And then it looks like the rows that you see from my drawing. And then you continue, you pick up the light green color and then draw a tree leaves around the rows, like what you see in this drawing. And then continue draw another flowers. Here, I just big and red. And then I mix it up with my grass to draw the flowers. And I still use the light green or the Sam. And I add again another darker red or another flower. And it's up to you. You can follow my drawing here, or you can have your freedom to add another flowers and other leaves. Big and small. Joe, your butterfly. A times x. Hi. You can see here that now I feel its leaves with green colors. So before I only draw the shape of the leaves, and now I fill in with green color. Here you see for this rose, I S sub more darker red. So it will create some gradation. And I love it. And now for each leaf, I add some lines like what you see here, with a darker green. So for the color you can mix what you lie. But here I choose the light yellow screen. And then next you can add small leaves, like what I draw here, I use a different green, so it will create another focus are another attention because this green is the bullet Guan from all for all color that we use here. And to draw the details on the edge, don't forget to activate Alpha locks for the light yellow weight. So once you draw, it will not go outside of the wings. And again, draw the lines. When I draw using my iPad and Procreate. When I draw. Like when we draw this metadata for me because my mind to draw the same thing again and again and again. And this is very good for your mind. You'll be so cool. I love it. So we'll have for my crowded mine. 9. Draw Butterfly Two Part 2: Let's continue to draw butterfly number. Do we fineness with light yellow wings? And then we continue for the green way. I draw it rose again with a little circle in the middle. And then you create hub see shapes around the window. And it will create a little rose. And you continue again to fill up all the spaces of fat dumb ways. Thank you. Next. And max. Hi. Hi. Thanks for this next sprint. And now they're all the details. I'm happy with my butterfly, if low so beautiful is an IV. Is that correct? Thanks. The next class. Let's split apart. Premise. 10. Other Ideas: All right, You have done a great job if you come to this lesson. So here I will show you some other ideas of butterfly that you can draw with the same technique, with some layers and you can draw with your own imagination from butterfly number 2. Actually, you can also use your drawing and upload to be OD brain on-demand such as Red bubble. And you can create a nice mass and the laptop sleeve and botched like this. And then because you have many layers and then you can of some details and you can draw something different like me. You can draw flowers on the breed wings and then leaves and small flowers on the yellow wings. So from one butterfly you can have dual variation of the details is very interesting and it's very challenging. And it will need your imagination to create many butterflies, like what I will show you here. You also can change your color palettes. Here, I use yellow and light yellow, and for the details, I use bright colors such as dark blue and then red. And I add also white on it. And if I add some more flowers outside the butterfly, you can see here that this is a mock up. If you use your drawing to be adult bag or below, it will so beautiful. And here are some other ideas for your butterfly. You can see one by y, I use different color. I use different lines and shapes to give the details. And then I use a different textures also under details are on the wings. And finally, look at this. You have a collection of your butterfly. And again, when you draw one butterfly and then you add more floors and more leaves, you can use your drawing and upload it to your BOD suggests red bubble. And you can sell your drawing to be a drawstring bag, auto slingshot bag. And also you then add stacks in the middle of your drawing like this. So with one butterfly, you can have many variations. You also can add some more flowers and leaves to create a beautiful butterfly in the garden. 11. Assignment: Now this is your assignment. So after we draw butterfly number 11 and but the fly number 2, your assignment is draw your own butterfly and then you are free to draw details on its wings. Use many shapes and colors and Baxter's. And then you can create your project. Tuesdays, create project that year. And don't forget, do live the review for me. You can feel this. You generate deadlier. Posted on your Instagram and tag me at the honey dot Augustine. And don't forget to use the hands honey, honey skills here. After you joined this class. And we'll create another class also for beginner. And I will show you how to add some more flowers and leaves surrounding your butterfly. And it will be a beautiful butterfly in the garden. And if you use your drawing, you can create a phone case or Tumblr like these. So just wait for the next class with Dido. But the reply and blot out a simple drawing.