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Procreate Practical Walk Through for Beginners. Get started in Procreate on the iPad

teacher avatar Han'made Designs, Lettering & Business

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Procreate Basics Introduction

    • 2. Creating a New Document

    • 3. Understanding the Procreate Interface

    • 4. Adding Text

    • 5. Adding Colour to your Work

    • 6. Adding a Clipping Mask

    • 7. Adding Shapes

    • 8. Adding Images & Changing the Layer Blend Mode

    • 9. Exporting your Work

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About This Class

Are you looking to create amazing artwork on the iPad, but not sure where to even start? This class will help you guide through the Procreate Software, as you learn the interface, as well asĀ all theĀ buttons and functions within the app.Ā 

The beginning few lessons will be a visual guide to understanding Procreate, and then we will begin by doing a walkthrough so that by the end of the class, you will be able to add text, add new layers, create clipping masks, and overall create a simple but effective illustration.Ā 

If you would like to further your skills and learn more, be sure to check out my next class.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Han'made Designs

Lettering & Business


I'm Hannah, from the UK. You'll usually find me with an Apple Pencil in one hand, and a cup of tea in the other! Passionate about lettering, typography and illustration, together I combine my years of experience and love for letterforms, to create end products that sell world-wide and creative content that captivates. 


My Journey so far...

My Dad was a traditional sigh writer, so from a young age, I have always been intrigued by letterforms. Combine this with a love of creating, painting and some geeky tech know-how...I soon started to pave away my artistic journey. 

Over the years, my formal qualifications lead me to study Fine Art, Graphic Design and Media Studies with a further education of Art & Design (with spe... See full profile

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1. Procreate Basics Introduction: Hello and welcome to my pro great for beginners skill share class. You will learn your way around procreate from the menu options to understanding liars, as well as choosing the right Bush for the style and having the ability to add text. For this, you will need a I've had pro or an iPad with procreate available and, ideally, an apple pencil or stylus. If you have all this and you're already too low, let's head to our first lesson. 2. Creating a New Document: The first thing we're going to do is go ahead and open procreate. On Dhere, you will see all the current work that I have been walking up. We can choose, select to make selections and either duplicate too late, etcetera. We can import a file from our files. So this could be one that I work on. Let's head back to Gunnery Onda again. Photo if we want to import something from the photos within our iPad But today we want to create a new document. So we're going to head over here to the plus side. What we want to do now is to create a new file. So if we go ahead into the plus and you can either choose one of the presets that procreate already crates or you can use when you created yourself. So today we're going to create a piece for instagram 4 to 5 ratio. So we want to go ahead and click the plus for the week. We want to do 4000 pixels and for the height you want to be 5000 pixels. Keep the DPR at 300 then this will be on maximum Liars. Go ahead and click crate and he will see you have your page to work 3. Understanding the Procreate Interface: now we're going to go now. Why around procreate on what the different buttons mean? So here we have the gallery button, which will take us back to the home screen. Here we have the little span, it'll which is called actions. And here you will find how to add a photo or insert a file. How'd you could copy Andi? Copy the whole converse. Here you have your cover settings. So if you want to resize the converse you can also turn on animation Assist. But that's front of the day. If you're looking into animation, you can also turn on some drawing guides. So we hit the toggle. You can see you have a nice greed and this won't be affected. It's just agreed for you to use it won't show up on your final piece. Andi, if you want to edit that you can go into the certain is here under just assize. So this one is great. If you want to do left her in and again, you can change the color of that grid by sliding up and down on here. Let's type that up for now. Just write something simple for you. So if we head over into their actions, we can flip it. Here is the share butter. So would you have finished with your work? We can eat this ideas. I procreate. File a Photoshopped file updo J Peg Panji or a tick file. This will be the box, you see, But we will come back to that later on when we're finished. Next is video, so you can see time lapse of what you've done. Preferences. If you prefer the dark interface or the light interface here, you can choose if you need the right hand interface. So that would be ideally, if you're left handed Onda again the brush curse of which I do like to say so. Keep that on and then anything else if you need to edit gesture controls which we won't need to do for today Here, the little magic wand toll is your adjustments so we can change the opacity of what we've just doing. If we dropped that all the way down across the screen, we can see we are now down to 15% capacity and if we drug all the way up to the top, as you can see, so let's keep that at about 75 then we can create a blur again. Slide across the screen to create your blood motion. Blur perspective so you can keep the center. I've been druggy. Show. If you want to sharpen your image noise. If you want to add some texture and noise to the image liquefy, you can choose the different settings. This is great, for example, deny marble effect so I can go in just some simple Cordless phone I. Let's head into that liquefy in the 12. As you can see, those colors are starting to merge into one so you can have a play around with that. Here you'll find the clone button, and that's great for Let's a Day photo. So that's insert a photo at one for May from the studio flock. So to clone, it will take this section here within the circle. And as you can see it all up here over the But this is actually great for hiding something . So these two mugs here, we could choose this section off the table. A men just begin to close them out, keeping this in mind. Then we have the hue and the saturation, so here, use your pants or to slide across the settings. Take saturation all the way down a way off under game with the brightness. If you need to address the photo, you'll also find the color balance. So if you want to add more red also magenta, green, yellow. Hopefully you can then play around with your curve sections just by simply adding points on the ground. Editing your photo. Simply select your color from here, so I'm going to get right and it will flood the photo with that color. This little button up here will mean that you can select items within the photo, so we're going to have a free hand, and then we can simply go over around the object within the photo so we can click. Copy and paste. Use the little arrow tool, and as you can see, we have now copy and pasted the lump onto a new lawyer using the arrow tool. We can now transform this layer. I will just take the next layer off for now, so as you can see by taking unit for, I can drug it bigger and smaller. But the picture will retain its size if I hit free for. I'm only sotzing one sections so either vertically or horizontally. If you wish to distort the photo by hitting the distort, you can change the angle at which the photo distorts up, and here we can go up it so it will show up with agreed. And then you can just pinch and drag any part of the graft. How you want to walk? The photo rotated You'll see I selection of brushes that procreate have already my newly installed for you. If I could be hard brush, I then head to the color palette. You can either choose to have it on my classic palette. Harmony one. So it gives you opposite colors that go nice together. Cheers the value. And here are my pallets that I've saved. But I'm going to go ahead with the disc. I'm just going to move the little cursor to a color that I would like. As you can see. If I apply night pressure, I get a Washington, and if I apply more pressure, I get a solid, thick color. I can then direct this color down slightly just the size of my brush here and apply light pressure or if I want to take the capacity of the bush down, I can drive this down so it is less opaque. So, as you can see, this is a lot paler than before. Have a play around with different brushes that you like. This could take years. You confined ones from other artists. Each one will have the room properties for what you need. So, for example, and you sketching one, placate the bush on the side, we get a nice shady defect. And if we used the tip of the birth just like a pencil would bay, we get a very precise line, as you can see so and go to Bush to decide. Hold more pressure to get darker like you would naturally with a pencil and then more precision by using the top of the pencil. Have a around with the different brushes and find a style that you like. We're now going to move on to the smudge tool so you can choose again any brush. But you'd like to give you that different texture and let's head into the pencil one. And I'm just going to smudge those colors together. This technique is growth if you want. Teoh had a really soft blend to your work, and it's worth experimenting with, even if you're not going to use it, just to know it's there in case you need it for future work. If you don't like any particular part of what you're doing, you can cook the arrays a tall and again using using any of the brushes you can just you braise any part that you don't want and again as well. You could take the bush bigger or smaller for your needs. Now we're going on to the most important part, and this is the layers panel. Here is the plus button you'll find within layers on. This allows you to add a new layer on top of the one previous so nine if I go ahead on of the pink and that's just quickly adequate around top. As you can see, that color is now on top of the pencil layer. If we were to in fact, hold that and drug it underneath, we would see that that Koehler has gone underneath that pencil there. There's lots of different ways we can play around with the layer, and that is something we're going to get into later running the lessons. So now that we know our way around pro great, we're going to start by doing a simple illustration. 4. Adding Text: for this simple illustration. We're going to add text and design onto the layer. So we're going to hit the options tour and under the aren't Barton We confined up text. So for this, I'm just going to add a letter. Here's my height. For example Andi, I can edit the style. So if I would like to change the farm, I could do that. And this is any of the funds that are preloaded with your iPod, So I'm just going to go ahead on board. I took this one. Don't go aesthetic Too bold. Then I'm going to use this scaler just to size up the letter. Here. You can center and align your letter in as well as give it I outline or make it into capitals. If needed, I'm going to hit done. I'd also like to mention some of the gestures within procreate on these can all be edited within your own preference. But these are the standard ones within procreate. If you pinch zoo, you will find you will be out to zoom into your work. So I'm just going to zoom out to the power and just size of my wife. If I wanted to copy that layer, I could drug all three fingers down and again. This might not be your original gesture. So now I want to go on top of this letter. So for this, we're going to click that I'm going to set my pencil to a block. Um, I'm going to find a in conversion. So maybe this incomplete. Let's have a look at this. Yeah, I'm happy with that. I like that it has a texture. Something to keep that when I am going to do is take it a little bit higher. If you don't like the line you have just done, you can simply take your two fingers, tap the screen that will do a undo action. Now, we're going to have some fun and illustrate the letter. So I'm thinking off Edinson leaves to my letter. So just going to begin by adding some clients. And if you can see here, that line was a little bit shaky. So what I'm going to do is head back into my brushes. I'm actually going to click the lead, and then this will give you all the settings of the behaviour of the brush and what I'm going to do is actually take that streamlined book toe around 75%. And now, if you seem to do that line again, it's a nice, smooth action, So I'm just gonna go ahead now, Andi, do the rest of the leaves. - So there we have a result outline. 5. Adding Colour to your Work: in this video, we are now going to add color to design. So as you will see, we have our text layer and then we have our sketch. Liar. We now want to add a new layer, but drug this layer underneath. We may want to rename the layers for reference. So if you double top hit rename So I'm going to set that one to outline on this one to color on the Kola. I'm now going to head back into the brush panel. Um, and I am going to cheers. That's separate, which is a nice green from the panel. We head to the bush puddle. Andi cheers. This round brush. Bring my brush size dire. That looks a little bit too green, so let's just take cooler down. That's better on then. I am just going to begin by Philly inane of that area. So you can either do this to raise by just manually brushing in the color. Or if you create a solid outlying, which, if I tightly the corners off, you will say I can then drug and drop saved. Hold your apple pencil on the color I'm druggist and drop it into place As you can see, if more line isn't filled, it will fill the whole screen. So we order for it to work. It needs to be a solid, complete color. Let's go back into our design. So I'm just going to total back on our letter and see if the layer again by clicking the box. So I'm just going to click on the outlined I ever guy. I feel like you have gone over the lines at all. Just head back into your raise a tool and just simply he raised the cooler back into my brush. Okay, so here we have our finished basic color illustration. 6. Adding a Clipping Mask: Now we're going to move onto. Created a shadow layout for our leaves. So for this, we want to as a new layer by going into our liars panel, hitting the plus butter and then renaming that layer as sure don't lamb should they color? We don't want to set this layer as a clipping mask is going to tuck the layer. Unleaded Hate. Click your mask, then in the colors panel, take your color slightly darker. I'm then going to go into airbrush Andi. Just choose the soft brush and then just pension and zooming into my design to show you a bigger area. And this is an explanation of how the clipping mask works, so it will only allow you to draw on top off the color that is underneath. So, as you can see, that is not going on to the other layers. For example, if I just created a new layer, that color would be is everywhere that color goes everyone. If I do that on my tipping mask layer, it only goes on the color and in a so I'm just going to go in now. Um, just add just to make the illustration public a bit on. Give it a bit more less of a flat look. - Okay . I want to just He raised part of that Maya to reveal underneath. Just hit the arrays on. He raised the act. No, I am just going to make some of these a little bit softer, so I'm going to go into my sludge. Hit the soft brush. All right? Just type that up. I just use that tool to just stuff in. Those cool is a bit. - What I could do is hit that layer and take multiply. And as you can see, I can change those. But I am going to keep it for to normal tonight. I mean, what I'm going to do is just click that layer on click, merge down. And as you can see, that whole Colin now becomes one layer 7. Adding Shapes: I want to make my whole design smaller and actually group the design. So what I'm going to do is drug the lion. I'm just going to drag that layer onto the outline. Er and I will actually create agree the game of the hate each drug into the grave. And then all those are grouped together. I'm just going to rename that grape as a letter administration. I'm just going to minimize that group when I head back into the arrow tour. And as you can see, I have my freeform uniform distorting what water? And I'm going to keep it on uniforms and just drag the whole design slowly, smaller. Now I would like to add some shapes to design. So for this I'm going to create a new layer. Cheers, the color that I wish to do. So let's just go in with maybe a great top of green. I'm just going to choose a monoline brushed. Just something simple for now, the first shows up on now we're going to draw shapes if I quickly draw a square, but then hold it when I get to the end. As you can see, that shape will snap into a grid like ways. If I do a circle, that quick sketch becomes a solid grid again as well. If you do a line that's weekly, but you hold it, it will snap into a straight line for this design. I I think I might do a circle because it's a solid circle. I I'm going to drag my color into the circle because I haven't got a perfect circle. It's more of an over. I'm just going to hit freeform, just drug, the one side in. So it becomes a perfect circle. Andi, I think I'm just getting to that a bit bigger. It's rename that circle because this layer is now on top of that of the group. I'm just going to hold it on drug underneath. And as you can see, I now have that design underneath my illustration. I'm going to add some effects to the circle, something to go ahead on click plus, and that's a white center. So that's going to the airbrush, and that's just create a circle and then so we can give it a nice soft blend. We're going to head into the adjustments Liar on Click the Georgian Blur and then we're going to struck that bar across the screen to as much as we want. So this is nothing. This is, this is too much. So it's OK. Just settle. Yes, perfect again. We can just click merge down on there's become on the one layer. If we'd like to add a darker edge to the outside, we can create in una, set it to clipping mask and then, using the I drop it all, which is here by clicking the square. We confined that sign green color over here, and then we just want a darker color. So we're going to select something around there, and then we are just going to paint around the edge and again because we have set it to clipping mask. We are only going to paint within the circle if you want to go so that the doctor again has to do the tape we can. And again, if we want to blur that layer, we head into address mints, gorge in blur and drag and slide across the screen. As you can say, if I tuggle this layer on and off, we can see what it's like before on what It's like without if we don't need it to be so opaque and we need more I passed a We just click the layer and then we will find I capacity tub We're going to take this slider juiced. Take it down. So I'm just going to go some mind. Just subtle. So around 30 to 40% and there we have it. 8. Adding Images & Changing the Layer Blend Mode: If you would like to change the background to the design, you can either decide to have no background at all, or you could just simply select a color from either any of you color palette. But what I'm actually going to dio it's just sit back to white is to finish the whole design off and give it a textured paper. Feel I'm going to. I had a new layer. Make sure it's the layer on top head to my actions tool click. Insert a photo and then it's going to take me to my iPods photos. So I'm just going to search for it now. Here it is. So I'm just going to drug across the whole length of the screen. You don't have to do this step. I'm just going to show you for now. So if I drive it underneath the whole design, as you can see, that illustration sits on top of the paper layer. But if I leave it at the top and actually set this layer to multiply, as you can see by set in that layer to multiply that paper texture has been applied across the whole of the image. So the illustration itself has become one with the paper and also has that nice texture to it. This is just something that I like for my personal style, but it is a great technique to learn if you are looking to explore your style. 9. Exporting your Work: Now we're going to have a look at exporting our work, so I'm going to go into the actions tour. Click. Sure. And now we can share the whole image as either a procreate file if we want to work on it again, always sending it to someone else to work on. Save it as I pay a stay file. If we wish to open this in photo shop, then we have PdF, which is great if you're going to print straight from the file and then we have J Peg, which is great for saving as instagram photos or just generally, a pixel based photo for your website. And then we have the pan gene, which is great. If you haven't got a background on. Do you wish to have that transparent background look? So that's great for a Pan J book today. We're just going to save it as a J peg. Would you have hit Save? You will then have a pop up box, and we could either shared historically via airdrop to our phone or a computer. Very penny in a other up. We can either save the image to our iPod, print it or save it to our file. So I'm going to save this one to my files, save it in my iPod designs and then double click the entitled artwork, Click the cross and then type the name for the file. So I'm just going to say the IRS letter illustration. Click, enter on click Save Don't. So I will now be able to find that in my files. Another really great trick within procreate that you can do is to actually see a video time lapse of your work. So I've been recording my whole time. That's the whole time. And if you wish to see it, you can time lapse. So this is what's playing around earlier. This is a great way of showing your work on instagram and show people the process behind the work that you've done. If you'd like to export that, you just underneath click Export Time Lapse video and you can either choose a 32nd version or the full months going to hit full length. And again, I can say that either to my files or to my iPod. I hope you have enjoyed this class as an introduction to procreate. If you would like to learn, mask girls and develop your hand letter and be sure to take my next class. IPad, lettering procreate The very basics to get you started.