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Procreate - Paint a Whimsical Girl - Design a Greeting Card Using Graphic App

teacher avatar Bridget M., Digital Mixed Media Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. 1 basecolours

    • 3. 2 skin tone

    • 4. 3 face to hair

    • 5. Graphic app crop marks

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About This Class

Follow me as I paint a lovely whimsical face, in Procreate and then design the layout to make it into a lovely greeting card with the Graphic App.  Turn your lovely designs into cards you can be proud to show off!!

Painted in real-time, you can paint along with me, stopping and starting as you need.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Bridget M.

Digital Mixed Media Artist


I started off creating mixed media paintings featuring girl faces over 10 years ago.  

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1. Intro: Hi. If you're wanting to join this car's on Bernhardt pains and make a card, please sign up. 2. 1 basecolours: hi and welcome. It's pretty charges wanted to go to remind you. Listen with you, we're going to create painting from the sketch on. We're going to go all the way through and create a greeting card. So what you need to do is you need to create a canvas that is five by seven. Import the sketch into that, change the layer of the sketch from normal to multiply. And once you've done that to slop there and we're gonna be creating layers underneath and actually working underneath the sketch so the next load that you need to create is gonna be your skin color. And there there is a kind of palate included. So this skin kind of you'll find the So I've just painted this just using the airbrush the hearts. It's hard, not covered the entire skin. Andi has gone with the race. It'll stick to your brush, and I've just raised all the cases were have gone after lines. So I've done that and I'm quite happy with her a lot better there. And the next year that I'm going to create is I'm getting to create the top also black color, and I'm going to be doing it in exactly the same way that I did the skin. So erase our to any areas where you've gone out the lines. And then finally, the last letter that I'm creating is the hay layer. Our image is now ready for us to start adding some definition, toots. 3. 2 skin tone: Hi and welcome back. It's British here again. We're going to be working on the skin and we're going to do everything that relates to the skin. So from the shading all the way to the color in her face. So we're gonna start rules by changing operas. They are called wax crayons. I'm gonna choose my skin color. And at the same time, I've produced the capacity of my brush. And I'm gonna be working from the outside off the brush to be inside as you noticed, because my layer is locked up. I'm not doing anything. So you need to make sure that you've created a new layer of skin skin on, but she could see just received. We're starting to create something. And I'm just working along the ages because this is where the shadow of fools, right? So I'm just doing this very quickly round her top and shoulders again in the arm just like that, and we're here, falls across her face. I don't like that under kitchen, and I also put a bit of a shadow. The shadow comes from the top of the I, and it comes just down in an arc down towards the news and and we've got the school area the so Those are my key areas that need to have a shadow I'm going to carry on working now a little dark Dr Ben we were before, and this time I'm gonna change my brush. I want to have something with a little bit of two minutes and I'm just so just working on one of their energy See a passage to make the brush bigger That's all I'm doing is I'm just building color on So just around the face again, all of these areas that you've already done and I'm just doing it brewed likely. Now we're gonna go dark still. I want to reduce the sauce. My brush not I'm not going to go along the edge, just not something around her face doing exactly what we did before. We're doing a little more for and as she can see, I'm completely off the lines because my base layer that we've spent a lot of time tidying up on making it pretty will fix all of this. Now, this is just building up some turn in a skin under her chin and what you're going to do is you're going to go back and Rudisha brush size. I mean reduced capacity and increase the brush size. I'm very carefully. You're just gonna go over what you've done? Smith Mochi. Look, it's just brush Onda. We just wanted to create a nice sort of smooth, silky look Just by reducing the capacity and increasing the brush size, we're just gonna fall in the areas way color. Blending what it's doing is just blending those colors and just using the brush way. Have not using the blending tool. Just Blythe brush when I'm going to go and I'm going to select pink for its it was I'm still in the same there. My my past years, probably but half. And we're just gonna likely go in with the pin, the pin, a pencil. We'll start putting a bit of color in. Right. So be a bit of colored day on nyse cheeks. She's You're gonna have a bit of a pinky here arms just I'm using the side of a pencil. I'm just and then I'm gonna cheese. This is just putting. It's not quite the same, you know that We used only Iran from the skin, but it is just I want to be. I've been finding I'm gonna get a dog this time. I'm being keep the brush signs passes will reduce the brush size on this time Just likely, Because we've gone over this probably times with varying shades. It's easy to should know this. I would probably shudder, General, in a game here on the face, I'm going to go back to my pink. I'm sorry that it's backwards and then forwards ing, but it is. All we're doing is we're just building up our No. So this is back to the cheeks, and I'm gonna add a little bit off purple, too. People is a great color for shadows. Just just that Just very Jaenke having a little bit of come back under kitchen in this area again under the neck. And because we've been building cars up, you see, everything blames, which is exactly what way. Just I'm good, because the capacity is really reduced. I mean, the brush is being designed, you decide. I had to sign thing with reduced capacity everywhere. And then finally, I'm just gonna go with a very light green. I'm not gonna go with what completely and I'm just going to reduce it, even just smoothing the skin. We want the color to shine through, but we also want to give it a little bit of deep. The next thing that I'm going to do is I'm going to be doing her makeup. 4. 3 face to hair: huh? So we're going to start working on her face. And the first thing that we need to do is we need to change our brush. We're gonna work on the eyes on when I get it. Just go back to the airbrush, Andi, just go Teoh heart. And I'm just going Teoh produce the sores. And the idea is that just colored in its not pure white But whites of the eyes are sold on a purely what? So I just did that for bad guys And then what we'll do is we'll some come up, just go with it like that. Then I'm going to go to our cap. I'm just gonna go dark along the edge of the I like that for that side. No, just she's my my finger, my finger. And I'm also just going to change that airbrush Keep those a brush hard, But I'm just going to just blamed just on the a. And then the next thing that immunity is the eye lid costs a shudder over the I I'm just gonna change us from a brush hard to airbrush soft. And I'm just gonna go from one end off the eye right across down. And so this is the shadow being cost, but the top on it like that. The next thing that I'm gonna dio is I'm gonna change is still using the brush. It's going to change that too hard. And I'm gonna do the black of the eye using the Skitch as a guide. I'm in the same, you know, and then change it. Just listing with sand brush. We're going to add a bit of pink down here to the corners of the eye around. Go back to my brush my wax brush. I'm using crown number one on. I'm gonna go back toe white again. I'm gonna make sure drop my capacity of my brush and above my eye loot. I'm gonna just catch a little bit of life, babe. You're the place that's gonna have a bit of lifetime. Just gonna increase the capacity for pure what is the bridge of the NYSE. But to way too big, top of a tip of the nose this once and along the bridge is also white. The other part where lacked is going to hit is going to be which a little bit under the eyes were on top of cheek burns and along, Baby, I'm just gonna drop some there. It's like that, and then I'll put a little bit more. They I'm gonna swap to my finger. And this time I'm gonna stick my finger too soft a brush, reduced capacity. And I'm just going Teoh Very gently blend that in. Just like that along there. Now, a long from the tip of the nose working up towards her for it. The other thing that I want to get rid of if I go back to my sketch where I'm gonna unlock it and I'm gonna just use my razor tool, just circle that I've got here. I don't want it. It was really useful, but it's not necessary. Now that's so back to my let him too. I'm just going to blend using skin color. I'm just taking that back just a little bit. Just so it's not so jarring. We need to put some look color on and fucking look color. I'm going to just go with my six b pencil and I'm going to choose my lip color draw around like that. No, The top lip is always dark in the bottom lip. And the other thing about lips is that generally the bottom lip, it's bigger in the top. Lip on, Let's get the light color for the bottom. Now lips have got quite a lot of tones in them. They're not just flat colors, so play around with turns off the lip. So, as you can see, I'm putting in some chains. And the other thing is, is because lips have got so much color in you can really have a lot of fun. I hear the bottom look slightly in shadow top lip, and then you've got a shadow that sits underneath the bottom that like that, it's going a bit of light canopy. No, I'm just trying to define the lips just by using color, and that's really quite a good thing to do. It's to do that. Used to use what you have, right, someone good with my finger. Now, my fingers, I'm gonna change my finger from soft brush, and I'm gonna use the 66 b pencil. A small because there is. There is texture in this brush, and I want to keep that. I don't want to smooth everything off complete, so I'm just working like that, you just don't want any jarring lines. And next thing that you need to do is we need to use the white on. So it's little six b pencil and the look comes now. Color comes in a bit of a non, and I generally just put a few lines and to my lips like that, because lips of good creases, you know, they got your lips of creases in them anyway. And then just with the pencil Just Jen Keefe, move that Me the whiter long start creating a color the start planting it in a book. Go back this time. Just add a little bit more white. It's not going do that. I'm just gonna go along. We just have a little bit more white boots. White will catch along the little to talk. Look both sides along with slippy area. Generally, I cover the said, but I'm not doing that on this occasion. On game, on the routes up of the NYSE and in the corners of the eyes is gonna be like catching. The other place, of course, is the people. There's gonna be like the and it's on both sides of the face. And then you can add a little streak off. What they you must placed on the same side off the I? No, just reduce that. They just speak it in a bit. Just hints. Look, I really like that. I could do more, but I'm not going to now, the next thing that I'm going to do, we can. I'm not the base layer. I'm not that Click on it. Andi, click select. Now down at the bottom of your screen. You've got a whole load of little functions, E. And one of them is cheap little arrows pointing inwards. I want you to tap that twice so that these diagonal lines that you see on the outside going to the inside off our base come So it's half your doctor lines need to be like minor. Inside my shape, salami hits on the shape that I've been working on. So that solar above the best skin color and all I'm gonna do is get clear and voila, it clears away. The pixels begin to be coloring in the top and doing the hair. So I'm just going Teoh Oh, come on there. This is my best lap again just select what kind of that used on. Create a layer above your base layer. Andi using the HB pencil wind, I'm going to just make the kind of dark, and I'm going to full in places way. I know the shadow would be certain in her arms under her breasts. There, on that side again. There, this is all sort of covered in the shadow of the arms. And then I'm just going to good life, huh? And I'm working inwards, Some working. I'm going, like, as I'm going into the center of I'm going good to still be. I imagine that Babel have a bit of shut. Maybe a long strip area may be a long day. Couple probably. And then probably no. As you can see, this, this there's a lot of texture from the brush. And that's really what I want. I'm just gonna go back to my smudge finger and I'm gonna use my the HB pencil wide. And I'm just going Teoh using the side of my uncle pencil. I'm just going to blend those and not I'm not. I don't want it to be too precise, remember, We're not We're not. She considered this point about covering up the lines and along, sometimes zooming out really does help. And then it's a case of just going back in door, coming up more areas again. Not this time, two, not one. You don't have to do this. Of course you don't. Okay, Go back. Unlocks my talk, man. Slipped. Make sure that the diagonal lines or on the inside go back to the top. But I've been working on here, so that will clear it up. And then I'm gonna start working on here. Now I look the top cleric in I'm created new Larra barbarity. Put it here. Now, this time I'm not going to a mask it. I want to hear, like, the rest of her to be sort of wild and really wonderful. So I've got at Dracula, and I'm going to just move my slider across, and I'm going to use my HB pencil narrow. And I'm just going to start with my pencil drawing and his No, I'm just drawing it in rough. Okay. Follow your skipped usual sketches. Your guide. I'm gonna have that coming in black. Then I'm gonna go dark, and I'm gonna change the brush this time I'm going with wide. I'm good. More sort of a pinky color, which isn't really where I wanna go Just going along here in there and I'm just sweeping in parts of color, moving the image rather than the iPad. Start to see the stocks to get a life. And then I'm still going to go the deep have orangey color. Still following my skitch, you see my base layer Now it's starting to form part of the the doing. It's not a separate thing, like we've been using it for the others and all I'm doing, it's just light. Gentle strikes done along the face work along the ages as well. Don't forget to work beings off your hair just like you can see. There's a line that I had I don't really want to see that. And the last thing that I'm gonna do to head is I'm gonna add white. So no, what you can do is you can merge all these layers together, unlock your base layer, merge them together or better still group them. So grouping them, I get to the top lad because we're including the sketch into the the design make sure that it's this blue color and I swipe to the right. It's so good. Back spot to the rot. I mean, I go to the top next, we're word blesses. These three little bars kick on that and that groups them to get up, and then you can just kick the group closed. So that means now it moves is as an entire design. I'm going to duplicate that. I'm gonna hide my group player. I'm hiding one layer, my group player, which is still in my group, that still in lairs And then my second group that I've duplicated. I'm just flattening that and then I'm gonna go in there. The reason it's just little habit that I have in case I want to go back. And I want to change something. Serving it as a group will allow me to do that right. I just just a little more tightening up that I'm doing, you know, straight, baby, and so rides. You have a place that I know that I've gone off the line if they okay, so there is a background, but you can use which is this background here. And if you wanted to add a little, a little bit more depth to it. Did you catch a girl? Make your girl marginally bigger and you're gonna change your gonna make this girl a sort of a dark grey, The social bottom girl. So select and you're gonna go full lab and then you're gonna go Teoh, gauzy and blue and you're going to create. I shudder just like that so you can offset the shadow little boat. And also I like to lights and I don't want it to be two dogs. I could go in a little bit, move issues she's giving up against her background on a kind of grounds for a little bit. I'm going to save this now because I don't have Photoshopped or illustrator on my iPad pro . I've had to find other ways that work for me. 5. Graphic app crop marks: Hi and welcome to this. Listen on graphic cap where we gain to be creating the crop marks for our greeting cards. If you have not used the graphic app before, you won't have any problem following the instructions that I'm about to give you. If you're familiar with graphic, then it'll be quite easy to do this. So once you've got the graphic app open, Andi, you've created a new document. You need to choose the campus size. Once we got campus eyes chosen, we need Teoh resize. This, um, we need to resize is to in a four landscape not to do that. He's a little cock on the right hand side. Kick on that on the layoff units and scale at the moment is a inches. We need to change this just for a moment. From inches two millimeters on. We need to change the donations to 97 wide but 210 millimeters high. That's going to give us our A full landscape page size. So while I'm still on him just going to change this back two inches like that Andi, I'm going to create a new documents about that, and I'm going to draw one rectangle. Make sure that uses selected toe toe highlighted select set. Andi, I'm then going to resize this. I'm going to tell us that it's five by seven. So you know that. And also I'm going to go here to the clipboard. I'm going to get a copy and paste. That's good. Teoh, make the front on the back of the card. Right. So I know that that's all lined up. How I know. Is it about two shades? Yeah, it's just you see the orange lines, the orange lands tell me I'm in line with the one next to put, and when I click on me, it automatically snaps. So I know I'm not overlapping or anything like that. I'm just trying. I'm going to go about this there and I'm going to create some crop marks not to do that. It's very simple. You just you grab your straight plan to and you'll know you're right, because I'm still orange, right? And I'm going to call. I'm not gonna be complete crossing that it needs crosshairs completely like that. And I'm going to greet that copy and paste pound and then I'm going to turn this around so that it's left to right. It's just good. And again. I know. Look, you can see that's lined up on the other thing. The last thing that I wanted you. So I want to create a crease line, but it wouldn't create a crease line that actually is on the edge of the paper. I don't need to do that, and I just I need to have that, like that's I creep group all three of those things together, and I'm going to copy and paste and what I'm going to do this time as I'm going to put down . All right, let's bomb and you can see my orange lines of working. Everything's all lined up. There you go. It's a simple is that I'm just gonna grieve that together. I just want to tell you before I carry on that if you are you sickness, you just need to create one template you can just keep going back to. You don't have to keep doing the process that we're doing, so it's just it's almost like a photo shop. It's not quite the same, but you have crop marks that you consumed after printer and that's all that really matters . I'm going to create my lost there, which going to be creating another five by seven now there may be other ways to do this. This is just one way, and I'm sure that some people are. You may know it, but it works for me. I've got the time. I'm happy, Sister Donna. Gee, this so that's fine. I think you and I find my image, and I'm just gonna resize this because it's very big, so just make. It's more going to get a cut on. I'm going to get paste inside, and then when I need to do is I just need to move this around until that sits inside my document, and that's all I need to do. But she can see that's fine. There is one thing that we do need to do. I'll show, you know, if you look down your to you, too, you'll notice that our strike still black. You can still see the stroke. The we don't want this track. So click on with stroke and take your slider and slider slider. Well, we're back to zero, and that gets rid of that. Andrew card is ready to be saved. You can only save it as a j pig. The graphic app You can either principles Andi cat such yourself or you considered off your printer. And that is more than acceptable for a printed. Just remember, that's thes little. This little guidebooks would be created here. That's that's just for ourselves. Okay, It's just for us, so just make sure you turn it off. Thank you very much for joining me.