Procreate Lettering techniques: Outlines and Ombré Lettering Video 2

Kim LeBeau, Watercolor, Lettering and Digital Artist

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6 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Procreate Lettering Techniques Intro

    • 2. L1: Creating Your Canvas

    • 3. L2: Ombré Lettering

    • 4. You’re Welcome

    • 5. L3: Flawlessly Outline Your Lettering

    • 6. Class Project


About This Class


This is the second class in a series of classes where we will delve into Procreate to learn fun and creative techniques you can apply to your iPad lettering art. In this class we will cover ombré lettering and perfect outlines. Enhancing your hand lettering with these techniques can add depth, dimension and interest to an otherwise flat 2D design. 

I have made these classes short because... well, life! You’re busy. My goal is to provide you with just what’s needed to take your art to the next level, your knowledge of Procreate to a deeper understanding and add an element of fun. I want you to take what you learn here and apply it to other areas of art. 

These classes were created with the beginner and intermediate Procreate user in mind. You will need a very basic knowledge of lettering and Procreate. I explain each step, but some basic knowledge is assumed.