Procreate Lettering techniques: Outlines and Ombré Lettering Video 2 | Kim LeBeau | Skillshare

Procreate Lettering techniques: Outlines and Ombré Lettering Video 2

Kim LeBeau, Watercolor, Lettering and Digital Artist

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6 Lessons (14m) View My Notes
    • 1. Procreate Lettering Techniques Intro

    • 2. L1: Creating Your Canvas

    • 3. L2: Ombré Lettering

    • 4. You’re Welcome

    • 5. L3: Flawlessly Outline Your Lettering

    • 6. Class Project


About This Class


This is the second class in a series of classes where we will delve into Procreate to learn fun and creative techniques you can apply to your iPad lettering art. In this class we will cover ombré lettering and perfect outlines. Enhancing your hand lettering with these techniques can add depth, dimension and interest to an otherwise flat 2D design. 

I have made these classes short because... well, life! You’re busy. My goal is to provide you with just what’s needed to take your art to the next level, your knowledge of Procreate to a deeper understanding and add an element of fun. I want you to take what you learn here and apply it to other areas of art. 

These classes were created with the beginner and intermediate Procreate user in mind. You will need a very basic knowledge of lettering and Procreate. I explain each step, but some basic knowledge is assumed.


1. Procreate Lettering Techniques Intro: Hi, I'm Kim LeBeau. This is the second class in a series of classes for procreate lettering techniques in this class. Specifically, I'll be going over how to flawlessly outline your lettering and also will learn an hombre lettering technique. That is really fun. I have tried to keep these classes short and concise. For your convenience. I'll see you in class. 2. L1: Creating Your Canvas: his first lesson is just gonna be about setting up your canvas. This lesson is basically geared toward the beginner. If you already know how to set up a canvass for use and procreate, you can skip this lesson and go on to lesson to when you first open procreate, you'll be in your gallery. It shows all the files that you are working on or have already created. We're going to create a new canvas by selecting the plus in the upper right hand corner. I like to use square canvases, usually because they fit nicely on Instagram. So I picked the 2048 by 2048 this is basically where we're going to start. I'll see you in the next lesson. 3. L2: Ombré Lettering: in this lesson will be going over. Hombre lettering. Go ahead and create your canvas. Take it a little bit smaller so you can see all the edges, and we're gonna find a very large breast. Just find a ah large, solid color brush. I'm gonna be using one that is not a stock. Just for the sake of time. In this video, pick a thick, solid brush. I'm going to be cup pulling colors from my fall palette. Here we're going, Teoh. Nay. Rename our first layer as hombre. So just go ahead and start playing your colors out that he wants. You want your colors to kind of touch and overlap? Just repeating. Okay, Once you get that done, go to adjustments, Goshen, Blur. And I'm going to just the blurriness. Um, I'm gonna put it at about 29 or 30% going to go toe layers. Add a new layer, dragged the layer down below hombre There needs to be. It needs to be a layer between the background color and the hombre layer. For this to work. Let's rename our layer as lettering, go back up to the hombre layer, tap on it and select clipping mask from the hombre layer. Go back down to layering. Just select a brush that you like for lettering and play with it. - Just play around with it until you can move it around and it'll change the colors, so find Ah, find a coloring that you like. You can even turn it. Okay, that's all for this lesson. I will put my accent mark one shot once. I once I know exactly where it goes. I'm gonna finish this up and I will see you back here for the next lesson. 4. You’re Welcome: I told my friend she had drawn her eyebrows too high. She seemed surprised. You're welcome. 5. L3: Flawlessly Outline Your Lettering: OK in this video, I'm going to show you how to create an effect that will give your lettering and outlined to look. The first thing we're gonna dio is we're going to name our first layer. Let's name it BG for back ground color. And then I want you to choose a color that you like for your background and go ahead and fill the layer. Let's create a second layer, rename it lettering and go ahead and write a word on it. I am going to use the word outlines. Choose a different color and a pin that you liked. A letter with a good stock brushed a letter with is the calligraphy brush pin. Go ahead and adjust to the size you want using the select tool appear. Get your lettering where you want it to size. You want it? This is how I want Mind toe. Look, the next thing we're gonna do is we're going Teoh Goto layers duplicate the layer the top layer that we're on. We're gonna rename it to outline. We're going to go to Adjustments tool Gaussian Blur. We're gonna use our pencil and slide. We're gonna watch the numbers up here. Go to about 11%. 12 in that area. We're gonna de select the adjustment tool. Goto layers tap on the outline layer and you get this pop out menu we're going to choose. Select. We're going to go to our color to color picker. Select the color we want. We're going to go to brush airbrushing hard, airbrush. We're gonna turn all the way up. Capacity is all the way up and the sizes all the way up. We're gonna fill in the outline. I'm going to go to the pop out menu Hit, Select. Right now, let me show you this real quick if we bring You don't have to do this. You can. If you want to bring this, we can see that the outline is kind of fuzzy. It's not well, crisp and clean. So let's bring this back down. I'm gonna show you how to clean it up. We're going to go to the outline layer hit, select invert. You have to hit invert until I usually have to hit it twice. You can see the lines are on the word outlines. Now we're gonna take that same brush that hard airbrush. I'm sorry we're gonna go to our eraser tool, make sure it's on hard airbrush right here and just go over this with your eraser tool. You'll see it cleaning up your work. Now we can drag the outline layer below the lettering layer, and we have our word outlined. You can add fun effects to this by adding highlights. I like the calligraphy monoline for highlights. Let's create a new layer and pull it above the lettering layer. He can rename highlights if you want and just kind of dress it up a little bit. - You you could dress this up even more by adding a drop shadow that we I learned to do in Lesson one. If we do this, we're going to go to the outline layer. It's like to the left duplicate it's here. We are going to live it to the great a little bit. Caution Fuller. If you need detailed instructions on this, it's unless in two I'm gonna give this a more dramatic look here by if you look like it's popping off the page a little more and that's it. Guys, how fun are these short little lessons to give your lettering a little pop? I'll see you in the next lesson, 6. Class Project: Okay. Your class assignment is to create something beautiful using the techniques you learned in this video. At least one of them. You don't have to use both of them. But both would be a park so posted to the class project section. And if you're on instagram, I would love to check out your account and to feature today's project in my stories. So tag me at love letter. That's at L O V E. Underscore. Underscore L e t T e r e I can't wait to see your work. Thank you so much for taking my class.