Procreate Lettering Techniques - Dripping Paint Effect | Kim LeBeau | Skillshare

Procreate Lettering Techniques - Dripping Paint Effect

Kim LeBeau, Watercolor, Lettering and Digital Artist

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5 Lessons (11m) View My Notes
    • 1. Procreate Lettering Techniques Intro

    • 2. L1: Creating Your Canvas

    • 3. L2: Dripping Paint Effect

    • 4. You’re Welcome

    • 5. Class Project


About This Class

Learn to give your digital lettering a dripping paint effect using Procreate. I’ll take you step-by-step through the process from beginning to end. I try to be very thorough; however a basic knowledge of lettering skills and very basic knowledge of Procreate are assumed. So glad you’ll be joining me!


1. Procreate Lettering Techniques Intro: Hi. Welcome to the third class in my procreate lettering techniques, Siri's I'm Kim LeBeau. And in this class, we're gonna cover how to give our digital lettering on procreate a dripping paint if it In past classes, we've covered drop shadows, hombre lettering and flawless outlining. So if you have a few minutes to check up those classes, I think you'll really enjoy him. They run about 10 minutes, so they're short and easy to fit into your schedule. I can't wait to see you in class. 2. L1: Creating Your Canvas: his first lesson is just gonna be about setting up your canvas. This lesson is basically geared toward the beginner. If you already know how to set up a canvass for use and procreate, you can skip this lesson and go on to lesson to when you first open procreate, you'll be in your gallery. It shows all the files that you are working on or have already created. We're going to create a new canvas by selecting the plus in the upper right hand corner. I like to use square canvases, usually because they fit nicely on Instagram. So I picked the 2048 by 2048 this is basically where we're going to start. I'll see you in the next lesson. 3. L2: Dripping Paint Effect: in this lesson. We're going to learn how to give our lettering a dripping paint effect, Have a new canvas. My first layer is going to be my background color. Or I think I really just want white to be my background. So my first layer I'm going to name it Lettering. I'm going to choose this kind of wine color that I have here. The calligraphy script brush. I'm gonna turn on my drawing guide set my brush it about 8%. I said it a little bit bigger. Okay, This is not I want it to look, but it gives me an idea for the size that I need, So I'm gonna set it about where I think I'm gonna want it. Create a new layer on the lettering layer. I'm gonna take the opacity down pretty low to the new layer, which will ultimately be I will change the name of, but for now, we're just gonna leave it as it is knocking over this and make this look prettier, cleaner and dressed up. - See how that looks by turning off the first layer. I think I like that. I'm gonna go with that for the class anyway. So I'm gonna delete the lettering layer, and I'm gonna rename layer to as lettering. So what we're gonna do is where you're going. Teoh, take some straight lines down from our lettering to make it look like paint is dripping from the letters. So I'm going to lower the brush size to about Let's see if this is right. Yeah, to about 6%. So we'll use light pressure at first and we'll get heavier as we go. Then we'll hold it in place so that it snaps into place. Now, that made a pretty cool drip, and we're gonna make a circle old it so that it snaps into place. And then I'm gonna zoom in so I can show you this. We're going to just kind of take our pencil and Phil in this line here, so that gives us that dripping look. It looks like it's dropping droplets of paint. We're just gonna repeat it. We're gonna make it varied in length. Follow your drawing guide and it'll ensure that they're straight. Your lines are straight. If you hold this, it will make a perfect circle. If it doesn't come up here and hit circle and you can adjust it. How you want it to look. Just gonna fill this in. So my ad want up here on some of them? Don't want it to look like the drip is broken. You make just a little teardrop. A little teardrop here, you can put two or three teardrops. That would be cute. So there we go can add a drop shadow or highlighting Teoh. You can just be creative and incorporate some of the other lessons combined them Make them yours. 4. You’re Welcome: I bought my friend and elephant and put it in her room. She said, Thanks. And I said, Don't mention it. I promise you laugh once you get it, just think about it and you're welcome. 5. Class Project: Okay. Your class project is to create something using this dripping pain effect in your lettering Once you complete it uploaded to the project section of the class. And if you're on instagram, I would love to check out your account and to feature you in my stories. So tagged me at love letter. That's L o v e Underscore. Underscore L E t T E r. I can't wait to see what you create. Thank you so much for taking my class.