Procreate Lettering Effects - Drop Shadows | Kim LeBeau | Skillshare

Procreate Lettering Effects - Drop Shadows

Kim LeBeau, Watercolor, Lettering and Digital Artist

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5 Lessons (12m) View My Notes
    • 1. Procreate Lettering Effects Intro

    • 2. L1: Creating Your Canvas

    • 3. L2: How to Create a Drop Shadow

    • 4. You’re Welcome

    • 5. Class Project


About This Class

This is the first class in a series of classes where we will delve into Procreate to learn fun and creative techniques you can apply to your lettering art. In this class we will cover drop shadows. Enhancing your hand lettering with a drop shadow can add depth, dimension and interest to an otherwise flat 2D art piece.

Future classes in this series will cover techniques like Ombré lettering, flawlessly outlined lettering, dipping paint effects and more. I have made these classes short because... well, life! My goal is to provide you with just what’s needed to take your art to the next level and your knowledge of Procreate to a deeper understanding. I want you to take what you learn here and apply it to other areas of art. 

These classes were created with the beginner and intermediate Procreate user in mind. You will need a very basic knowledge of lettering and Procreate. I explain each step, but some basic knowledge is assumed.


1. Procreate Lettering Effects Intro: Hi, I'm Kim LeBow. I'm a water color lettering and digital artist based out of Nashville, Tennessee. I have created a series of very short classes on procreate lettering techniques. In this series, we will cover techniques such as drop shadows, flawless outlining, hombre lettering dripping and more. The goal is that I keep these classes short under 20 minutes of possible, so that even with the busiest of times, you can squeeze in a little bit of fun. In this class, we will cover. How do you use a rough draft method to make your lettering more precise? Also, we will cover how to do a drop shot. Drop Shadows can add depth, dimension and interest to your work. By the end of this class, you should have a new skill that you can use on future projects, as well as a beautiful finished piece that you can be proud of. Thank you so much for taking my class 2. L1: Creating Your Canvas : his first lesson is just gonna be about setting up your canvas. This lesson is basically geared toward the beginner. If you already know how to set up a canvass for use and procreate, you can skip this lesson and go on to lesson to when you first open procreate, you'll be in your gallery. It shows all the files that you are working on or have already created. We're going to create a new canvas by selecting the plus in the upper right hand corner. I like to use square canvases, usually because they fit nicely on Instagram. So I picked the 2048 by 2048 this is basically where we're going to start. I'll see you in the next lesson. 3. L2: How to Create a Drop Shadow: in this lesson. We're going to create a drop shadow. I'm going to make my canvas just a little bit smaller because I like to see the whole thing over here. If you select the wrench and drawing guy, turn on the drawing guide. It will give you a grid just to help. Keep your lettering straight. I'm going to select a brush. I like the calligraphy brush pin. If I'm choosing from stock brushes, I'm going to test the size of my brush. That's too big. Okay, I think that's about right. This I have at 11% and I'm gonna choose this olive green. I'm going to start by just lettering. The word shadow since we're doing it a drop shadow, I thought. Okay, this is rough. This is a rough a rough draft, so to speak. I'm going to show you a trick I use just to help my digital athletic lettering look a little more fine tuned. I like to go to layers. If you select this end, you can take the opacity down, create a new layer, and, well, name these layers in a few minutes. But let's make sure we like it first. Make sure you're on layer two, and then you can just use us as a guide. Teoh. Fine. Tune your work a little bit. For instance, I like to make the round part of my A a little bit smaller, so I will take the chance now to kind of do that. I want to connect my D to my Oh, so this is a good time to do that. And you can also work on, you know, making your down strokes a little thicker. And you're up strokes a little bit thinner if they don't turn out the way you like. Um, first, go toe layers, turn off the back layer, and that looks a little bit better. I like that better. I do want to delete this first later because I don't want to accidentally use it. Okay, When you go back here, I'm going to name this original, and I'm gonna duplicate it. And then I'm going to go back to the first origin the bottom original layer, and I'm gonna lock it. I'm going to go up to the top one. Rename it. Copy. Okay. Make this just a little bit. Let me turn off that bottom layer among my top layer. If I select, use my select tool. I could meet this just a little bit smaller. It's a little big for what I'm wanting to dio. Okay, now that you have your word written and placed on your page where you would like it to be, we're going to duplicate the copy layer. We're gonna turn off the top copy layer, select the bottom copy layer used two fingers to slide to the right. We're going to select a black. You can use whatever color you like. I want my shadow to be a soft grey. So I'm going to use a black first and then adjust the A pass ity so that it makes it Grace . I'm going to grab my color and slide and feel the word. Now I'm gonna take my two fingers slide to the right. Go up here. Two adjustments, Goshen. Blur. Slide my pencil to the right. I'm going to turn on the top layer just so that I know how much to adjust the bottom layer . Go ahead and click the bottom copy layer. Use your select tool and let's drop this shadow of it. You can make it very dramatic so that it looks three D and as if it's popping off the page , I'm just going to do a subtle one. And I think I like the Goshen Blur adjustment. Let's play with it. Don't know. I think I like it right about there. And then let's click the in. We're gonna take the opacity down about their think, Think that looks good. I'm going to turn off the drawing guide and just see what it looks like. I think I like that. That's how you create a drop shadow. Next, we'll go over our class project. 4. You’re Welcome: So I was talking to my husband and brainstorming about ways that I could bring a little more of my personality into my classes. And this is a way that he suggested. He suggested that I get on here and I tell a little joke or say something a little funny. Um, and I emphasize a little fine during the class. So this is my little interjection. Before I tell the joke, I just want to say that last night he and I binge watched episodes of the office back to back. I'm just glad I was the one facing. 5. Class Project: for your class project used any phrase or a quote that you would like. I have provided a list of suggested phrases and quotes in the class information section. You can choose a quote or scripture or word from this list. Or you can use your own ideas to let her something digitally and incorporate a drop shadow in the project and what you do, please upload it to the class project section. And if you post it to Instagram, I would love for you to attack me. My user name is at love lettered That's at love lettered L O v e underscore underscore L T T E r e I can't wait to see your work. I would love to feature new if you tell me. Thank you again So much for taking my class It means a lot. Have a great day