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Procreate For Kids: Basics- Let's Draw A Cow!

teacher avatar Anita Garcia Sterimberg, Colombian Designer & Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project & Resources

    • 3. How to Create Documents

    • 4. How to Create and Manage Color Palettes

    • 5. All About Brushes

    • 6. Basic Forms and Movement

    • 7. Clipping Mask, Alpha Lock and Transparencies

    • 8. All About Layers

    • 9. Class Project: Let´s Draw this Cow

    • 10. Final final!! Bye Bye Bye.

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About This Class

Do you like to draw? And would you like to learn how to draw on your iPad? Come with me and I will show you the basics of digital illustration! Let's go together and learn the tools of the most important application in the digital world: Procreate, and start drawing like a pro!

In this class you will learn all the basics of Procreate tools, just to get you started unleashing your imagination.

This class is for children from 10-15 years old who have an interest in digital illustration.


The tools you need for this class:

  • iPad 
  • Apple Pencil 
  • Procreate 5

* I also have some resources for you to download.

After this class, you will learn to use the application, you will be able to draw like a Pro and you will be able to share your drawings on your social networks and show your friends your new skills!

About your Teacher

I'm Anita, a Colombian designer, and illustrator. You can see my work on my Instagram accounts @anita_ilustra and @anitailustra_kids. My YouTube Channel, and you can find resources, creative products, and more tutorials on my website

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Anita Garcia Sterimberg

Colombian Designer & Illustrator


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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Anita Ilustra, I'm a colombian designer and digital illustrator. I'm in love with digital illustration. I like to paint people, animals, commics and funny cartoons I do all my drawings on the Procreate App. And I love making of them creative products. You can see all of my work on my Instagram accounts. Be sure to give me a follow and share all your work with me. In this class, you will learn how to create documents, how to create and manage color palettes, all about brushes, basic forms and layers, clipping masks, Alpha Lock and transparencies. And in the final project, we will be able to draw these cute cow. I will guide you through the process. And for this class, you are going to need an iPad, the procreate app, an Apple pencil. I also have some resources for you, a step-by-step worksheet, this brush set, a sketch to guide you, and a color palette. So let's get started. This is Procreate for kids: Basics. 2. Class Project & Resources: For this class project, you'll create your own illustrations in Procreate. I will guide you through the process. You can also download the resources that I have here for you. So go inside your class, scroll down and select the project and resources section. There you can download all the files, try using a browser, then upload them into your favorite drive. For these, I like to use Dropbox, but you can also use the iCloud. I have 5 resources for you. This brush set, a color palette. This worksheet, a PNG shape guide. And this PNG sketch. Png means that the image has no background. So we can use it as a guide. Let's go. 3. How to Create Documents: Hi, So this is the Procreate app. You can see the icon here, on my screen. So let's click it and when it opens. We can see all of our files here To create a new canvas, you go on your right and click on this plus (+). Here we can see all the formats we have. And click on this plus (+) again. We are going to make this canvas a 3000 by 2000 pixels and 300 DPI. If you are going to use this as a digital file. Be sure to make this RGB color. Otherwise chose CMJK to be able to print it out. And I like to put my video in good quality. Let's hit, create. Great!!. We have our canvas. You can move it around with these two fingers. You can rotate it, zoom it in And zoom it out. Now we are going back to our gallery and we can change here in the name of our canvas. just Click here. And I'm going to name this, Let´s Draw this Cow. Great. We are ready to start. Let's go. 4. How to Create and Manage Color Palettes: Great. So let's take a look around on the Procreate app. We have the option ADD. Here. We can add images, files, and texts. Here we have our canvas options and information. Here we can share our files. Here we can see our video option, here we can manage all our Prefs. And here you can look for help. So if I click on this tool, we can give fun effects to Our illustration. Here's the selection tool and on this arrow, you can move your image around. And here on the right side, we have our brush library, our smudge library, our eraser library. Here you can see all your layers. And finally, our color palettes. Back on the left side, we have this bar here. You can adjust the size of your brush and the opacity. Here you can Undo. So let's talk about colors. Here we can see all of the palettes I have created. If uou want to choose a color, you have different options to do it. My favorite way is the disk. The disk options allow you to move around till find a color that you want. If you want to create your own palettes. Click on the plus (+) on the right, and click Create new palette. And here you will see that palette that you are creating. Choose a color that you want and put it on the bottom, just click on the square and it will stick there. So you can do the same with other colors. Just have fun creating. There's also the classic way to choose your colors. Just move around till you are happy. And just play, play, play, play a little more until you finish the color palette that you want. If you want to erase any color, click on it till you see the trashcan icon and delete it. The Harmony option gives you two choices off matching colors. Just move it around and choose similar colors into your palette. That color values are here. If you have any specific color palette number, here's a place to find it. If you want to delete you are color palette, click here and delete. Now you can also import your palettes. Let's import the palette that I have for this class project. Click here on the plus (+) and chose New from file. Look into your files and click on the file. You probably saved your file on your iCloud or on any other Drive that you have. Here you can see them all. Now open your color palettes, go to the bottom and there you can see the Let's draw this color palette. Great job. 5. All About Brushes: In this video, we are going to talk about brushes. Click here on the top-right to find them all. The procreate. App is full of brushes. They just come with the app. You can also make them and buy them. You can choose a color and just start drawing. Here you can adjust the size of your brush and the opacity of your brush. Just play, play, play with them. If you use two fingers. You can undo what you just draw just go to the brush library and choose another brush and to the color palette and choose another color. You can play, play, play with all of them. Just have fun. If you want to make a straight line, you just draw and then keep your pencil still until it changes the form of your line. Watch the difference between these three lines. You just have to draw and hold still until you see the edit button on the top. Move it around until you're happy with it. So let's play a little bit with this brushes. Let´s explored the brush library. So this little hand icon here is the smudge library. Here you can find the same brushes that you have on your other brush library. But this is what you can do, you can use them to blend your image. Look at this, you are blending, blending, blending. Let's play a little bit with this. For example, if I make this orange circle, and this pink circle, and I use these tool, their colors are going to blend. Like this. This is a great way to give textures, shadows, and great effects to your illustrations. You can blend in the colors that you want, can use the brushes that you want to give different forms. In the eraser library, you will find all so all of the same brushes that you have on the other library, all of the same forms, giving also great ways to experiment and play with them You can erase whatever you want in different forms. Just play with them. Let's take a look. You can download all the classes. Resources here on Skillshare, Saved them into your Drive. Now, open your drive and find your file. Click on your file, an it will It automatically important your brush set into the Brush Library. And here it is. It's called, Let's draw these cow. You have five brushes here to do your final project. Great! You are ready. See you in the next lesson. 6. Basic Forms and Movement: Hi again. Let's see how we can draw a basic forms. I have this PNG image for you to download on the Resources section here on Skillshare. Click here on Add, insert photo, and click on this folder. Great, it's open. Now, use the selection tool to place this image. You can use this blue circles to make it bigger or smaller. Put your pencil outside the image to move it around. Open your layers. And let's see that this image is in the second layer. Click on the end and let's drop the opacity till, let's say 48%. Chose the dry ink brush and choose the size. Let's say 30 % 00:00:53.960 --> 00:00:58.289 Great. And let's try to draw this rectangle. Don't stop, you just do it in the same line. You can also move it around with the selection tool. If you want to edit this form, draw the rectangle again and hold still your pencil. until The Edit shape button appears on the top. Now, click on Edit Shape. Now you can edit your shape again. Use again the blue circles to give form to your rectangle edit until you are happy with it. Now, if you want to fill in colors inside your shapes, just click on the top right where your color is selected and drag it into your form. Done. Now let's create another layer to draw our circle. I'm going to choose another color as well. To do this same thing. Make your circle with one simple line, and then edit your shape until you're happy with it again, fill in thet orange color again. Now we are going to do this same thing for our triangle. Only with color blue. Shape it again and fill it in. And finally, we are going to do the same thing with the square in a separate layer. Now we have four layers, one for each form Done, done, done. Let's move on. 7. Clipping Mask, Alpha Lock and Transparencies: So now that we have four different layers, we can rename them to identify them. Click on the Layer and click on Rename on the top. I'm going to name these layer Pink. So if I want to draw inside my form without drawing outside, I have two ways to do it. The first one is Alpha Lock. Click on the Layer and click on Alpha Lock. Now tried to draw something inside these layer. You will see that it's only painting inside the rectangle, not outside. Now go back and unlock the Alpha Lock The second way to do this is clipping mask. Create a new layer and click on this layer. Click clipping mask, and now try drawing. You will see that it does the same thing. It only let´s me paint inside the shape. But the difference between Alpha Lock and Clipping Mask is that they are in different layers. You can play with your clipping mask layer. But if have done on Alpha Lock, you can´t undo what you just draw. Use the selection tool the same way that I showed you before. But only that is going to be inside the form that I draw on my layer pink, I can play with these layer and try to give different textures and effects. I can lower the opacity and play with the channels below. Each of them is going to give a different look to my layer. Now you can play, play, play with these channels and see what you can do with them. You are doing a great job! Keep going. I'm going to see you in the next video. 8. All About Layers: Hello again. So we saw a little bit about layers on our past video, we draw every shape on a different layer. Remember? So if we open the layers, we saw that we have layer one and a background color. If you wanted to change your background color, it will change when, you click on it. You can choose your color. Here if you want, change, change, change and click done If you want to create a new layer, just click on the plus (+) and there you will see that you have layer one and layer two. Let´s Choose this brush and start drawing anything that you want. And then I want you to draw another shape, in layer number 2, with a different color. Now we can say that we have both forms on different layers. If I want to draw something else on the same layer as another form, I just have to choose. the layer I want. For example, Layer 1, I just draw this circle on layer one. And if I wanted to draw another circle, I can choose Layer 2. You can see that all of my shapes are in different layers. When I use the selection tool, you'll see that it's going to select all the shapes that are in the same layer, in this case layer number 2. Now I can move it around and resize it. Now I want to show you that we have different ways to resizing this forms. If you want to do freely, you can do the Freeform. If you want to distort the form, just use Distored. And if you want to change inside the forms, just use the Wrap. You can flip it horizontally. Vertically, rotate it and fit it into the canvas Just have fun with your forms. If you want to resize it uniformly, just use Uniform. Now, if I want to select something inside my layer, just click the select tool. Then you can move only that shape around. If you click on the selection tool again, you can move them both because they are on the same layer, if you want to separate your forms, use this gesture with this 3 fingers going down and click on Copy and Paste. That way you will see that it has created a separate layer for this circle pink form. Now, you will see that now you have three layers. Remember, this selection tool will move every shape that is on the same layer. You can also duplicate any layer, slide into the left and click on Duplicate. Now, you have 2 equal layers. If you want to delete a layer, do the same thing and click on Delete. Great. It's done. Keep going!! You're doing a great job. 9. Class Project: Let´s Draw this Cow: Hi, So we're right at the end. This is our class project. We are going to draw these cute cow. Let's create a new canvas with the same sizes that before. 3000 pixels by 2000 pixels and 300 DPI. So we are ready. Our first step is going to be Insert our PNG sketch. So let's go Add, Insert Photo. Then we're going to look for our sketch. Now we are going to resize it. You can put it where you want it to be so you can draw your cow. Let's put it here. A little bit bigger. Right in the center. And now I'm going to rename this layer. I'm going to name it sketch. And this is going to be our guide. Also, I'm going to lower the opacity till, let's say, 20 percent. Great! So remember that you have your color palettes. Let's draw this cow. I'm going to choose this pink and layer one. I'm going to rename it Background. And I'm going to feel this color in this layer. That way we can draw the cow. Ok, we are ready. Okay, so let´s find our brush set here. Let's draw this cow. Okay, I'm going to choose this brush, Anita´s filling brush. And I'm going to create a new layer here between these two. Now I'm going to pick these little grayed white color here. Great. So let's make it the size, let's say 10 or 6%. Zoom it in and we're going to draw this cow´s face, let's say 6%. Okay, I'm going to give it this shape. And I'm going to just draw draw draw inside Because this brush has like these strange texture I like to draw inside and not fill the color in. Because look at the difference. If I make this shape and I fill it in, it's going to look like this. You see the difference. I can't see the texture of the brush. Two fingers to erase this. Great. Now I'm going to rename this layer face. And, I'm going to create a new layer for the body. And I'm going to do this same thing with the same brush. Just draw, draw the shape of the body, like this And then I'm going to just paint inside. If you want to resize it, to paint inside it and do it. That way are going to make it faster. Let's draw draw draw inside. Now I'm going to rename this, body. Okay. Now I'm going to pain what is behind the body and the face. All of the parts of the cow that are behind. Let´s see, this legs are behind. I'm going to draw them in this layer. And this other leg too Great, this little hand is also behind the body and the face. So draw it. And the ears also be behind the face. Now let's hide the sketch layer to see how it's going. There, great. Turn it on again. And now we have this little hand on the top of the body. So I'm going to name this hand. And because they are the same color, I'm going to shut down the bottom layer. Just hide it. Great! and now I can draw this hand. Use two fingers to erase. Let's turn on all of our layers. So now that I have these four layers, I can start giving textures. I'm going to create a Clipping Mask layer on top of the face. Later. And let´s choose these gray color. I'm going to choose this Artist Crayon brush, to give all of my textures. So when we're going to give a texture, we have to think where the light comes from. In this case, I'm going to think the light comes from the top right side. So this darker gray color is going to be on the left side of the cow, like this in all of the parts of the cow. So I'm going to do the same thing for each part of the body. Create a new layer, select clipping mask, and draw this texture on the left side. Now we're going togive the lights, so we're going to choose this color. And we are going to draw the same texture on the clipping mask, but only where the light comes from. The brighter side of the body. Yes, we are going to repeat this in every layer. Remember, you are drawing on the clipping mask. Not on the layer. Now let's take a look at our cow. Look at the textures, how this is going. Looking great. Now let's choose this gray color here and these brush. And we're going to give another texture to our cow. And a member of our texture has to be on the clipping mask. That way we are going to draw only inside the shape and not outside. Our size is going to be a 9% and the opacity is going to be 85 percent. Let's draw this in every part of our cow´s body. But remember, only gone to clipping mask, just give it a texture. Try to follow the body shape. Great, the hands, the ears just keep doing and shaping. Let's see how it's looking. Great. I'm going to choose this brush Filling Brush, and in a new layer on the top of the others, we're going to draw these cow´s mouth. Use this pink color. I'm going to repeat the process that I did with the other parts of the body. We are going to shape, fill it in, create a new layer, select clipping mask, and give textures. Choose this darker pink for the shadows and brighter pink for the lights. Let's take a look again. Great! Now we're going to need these two layers on the bottom part of the cow because they have to be behind the body. So we're going to select them both and move it to the bottom. Remember that you can select, moving to the right. And now with this black color, we are going to give all our cow´s details. The eyes, and everything that is going to be in black. Create a new layer for the ears details. We are going to draw them in pink. Now let's take a look at our cow. Looking Great. How´s yours Looking? Now in these new layer, we're going to give lines to all the borders of our cow. With this gray, dark, Dry Ink Brush. I'm going to turn off my sketch. And I'm going to lower the opacity of this gray. And I'm going to give all of our borders to my cow. Just try, try, try like the sketch. But trying to shape all of your cow with this gray, the ears. If yoy have to raise something. Just do it, just try to shape, shape, shape all of the borders. Now it's time for Step 3 and 4, we're going to draw what's behind the cow. Now we're going to finish this drawing. We're going to repeat every step for each part of the drawing. You can choose the colors that you want. You can get creative, and i´m really looking forward to see what you did with your cow. Hi. Now we're going to give like a little shadow. For the cow. With this color black. And we are going to pain this form, like where she's standing. Fill it in. And now we're going to lower the opacity. And that's it. Where I went to create this effect. Gaussian blur. To make it like it's not even there. Okay. Just like a little shadow. Like this Now I'm going to show you how to group your layers. You can select them, moving them to the right, all of them. And on the top you can select group. That way you can see more clearly and keep working. And finally, for the Background, I'd like to give it some cool textures with this brush here. And I like to put different colors and just play with it. Like this. Yes i like to put like this dark pink on the bottom and maybe a little bit clearer on the top. But you can just play with that. Just get creative, and do whatever you want, and Give it your own style. I'm going to lower the opacity and just leave it like that. Great! And that's it. This is the final drawing you did great. 10. Final final!! Bye Bye Bye.: So that's it guys. We learned a lot today. I hope you had fun and I can't wait to see all of your cows. Don't forget to publish your project here on Skillshare and share them with me on Instagram. I will see you in the next class. This was Procreate for kids: Basics. Chao Chao, Chao (bye bye bye).