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Procreate Doodle School! Episode 2: Cute Cacti

teacher avatar Diana McDermott, Digital Designs + Tools:

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Doodle a Prickly Pear

    • 3. Doodle a Barrel Cactus

    • 4. Doodle a Saguaro

    • 5. Doodle a Moon Cactus

    • 6. Saving Your Files

    • 7. Coloring Your Doodles

    • 8. Thank You!

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About This Class

Welcome to Episode 2 of Doodle School! In this tutorial, you'll learn how to draw FUN doodly cacti perfect for decorating your bullet journal, planner, creating cute greeting cards, stickers, or just for fun! You'll need your iPad, an Apple pencil, and a drawing app, such as Procreate, or just grab pen and paper...a napkin...or whatever's in front of you and let's doodle! 

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Lights by Sappheiros

Meet Your Teacher

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Diana McDermott

Digital Designs + Tools:


Hey, there! I’m Diana of MyMcDoodles. Boymom, artist, & craft addict - living in Austin, TX. I love creating whimsical digital art and am excited to help you level up your skills!

Join the free Doodle Squad at or come say hi on You Tube to check out more tutorials, artist tips, and fun art inspo! 

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1. Intro: hi, Diana for my McDougal's, and I'd like to welcome you all to dental school. You could make regular ordinary objects really fun and cute and special when you just think outside the box and just use your creativity, so that's what we're going to do today. 2. Doodle a Prickly Pear: So today we'll be learning how to doodle. Cute cat I I'm doing this digitally again in my app call procreate. And if you wanted to do this with a pen and paper, that's fine too. So we're just gonna do some cute little captain doodles. If you need reference images, I suggest Pulliam Google and then do a quick search for CAC Ty and then click images. And you have all these different photos of all these different cactuses, um, and plants and everything and succulents so you can just scroll through, find a few that you like, and then you have some nice reference images to see, like which ones have long needles or lots of like branches or how they grow? Um, or you can just wing it Either way's fine. Just like a fun, fun little doodle. So you can just make it up a Z go or whatever, but I usually do pull up for for things like this, I will pull up and just take a quick look through Google to see how different plants grow and stuff. Um, so I think I'm going to start with, uh, I don't know what they're all they're called the Call the different varieties, but I'm gonna start with one that has, like, lots of little kind of, like number things. I created a new document that is 3000 times 3000 pixels. That's a decent size for if you export these as PNG files or whatever to work within photo shopper. If you went to arrange them further and procreate, or for digital planners or just creating little cards or whatever, let's start here with our first layer in amusing. A monoline pen, which is available in the calligraphy section of the brush library, comes with the up, and it's like if you were using a micron mano a pen so you could either start with a sketch if you wanted to grab a pencil in here and kind of like sketch these out before you you ink . Hm? You could do that. I tend to just let it go for it with the pen, so I think that's what I will do today. We'll create our first little cactus here. I'm gonna work from the top left corner so that I can easily, um, save these individual files. You could Jolla is the size of the whole paper and then save individual files when you have a nice, big PNG file toe work with and it will keep, like, a nice resolution and everything, I'm just gonna do my kind of smaller It's really just up to you. So I'm going to do one of these has the you just They wouldn't be called branches, but it has, like, these little nubby things that just keep replicating over and over. This was a really interesting These could get so big and they're so pretty. So do something like that and then probably always had little faces to mine. I feel like a little face can make everything look friendly and sweet on Then, in a new layer, I'm gonna add the little, um, spikes. There's no need to cover the entire thing with the needles, just indicating a few of let's share my knew that their whole things covered, you know, kind of tricks your brain. You don't have to cover this entire thing in thoughts unless you really want to. Then go for it. I'm just gonna put a few hearing there and maybe some little needles apparently got little guy. And if you really wanted to, You could put him in a pot, or you could just leave it like it's growing out of the dirt or whatever. And if you leave it like this, they could kind of also use it if you have areas that, um, it has, like a box or a line, it could pop up out of the line. Um, just discovered digital bullet journaling, which is really fun. So you can really do a lot with something like this. So that is our first little cactus. I'm gonna merge down his, um, spikes with his body and renamed him. I checked this number one. 3. Doodle a Barrel Cactus: Okay, let's do another one. I'm gonna take a quick peek at that. Um, that Google file that had all of the images and what you could also do is you just pop it up next to you procreate document. And then you have a nice reference library over here of all your images. It does cut into your screen a little bit, but sometimes I don't mind it. Other times, it drives me nuts. So kind of depends. I feel like I need to look at the images today, So I think they do something that has, um, like, this shape where it's more around and assuming a little bit, it has, like, tons of those spikes. So I kind of just Look, I'm not gonna cover my entire thing and spikes like that. You kind of just look and see what are the main features of an item that make it unique and distinctive. When when you look at it, you know, that's what it is. So I'm gonna just skill with this round one and just do some of the spikes and you're bringing kind of fills in the rest syphilis to a nice round shape and for this one. I'm gonna hold on my pen so that the APP helps me draw smoother circle there. And then you can see when you look at that at first glance, you to see, like, the lines. So that's an important feature to include. So let's just put these curved lines in here. It almost looks like a watermelon to me. Okay, I mean, not the rial image, but my cartoon of it would be a terrible watermelon oven below spikes and then the the speaks almost league a starburst. So let's see how many do you like? And keep them kind of like loosen random. So it keeps its doodily, um, element. I don't want it to look like I actually, like, sat there and trying to draw a realistic cactus whatever variety this is. And I just realized since I have my center line, they're probably don't need to draw. Lee got center part of the the spikes because it's already sort of included there in the the first line. Andrew, let's take those out. Let's try again. The nice thing about doing it in a digital format is if you mess up or you don't like how it looks. It's really easy to go back in and undo it or switch it out. Of course, you can always do it with pencil before you ink anything in. And then it has, like, tons of spikes. Thompson just couldn't do like he's all over the place. And then on the science will do a few like this. I'm also kind of thinking about where I'd like to add the face, and I think I want to put it in here. It's somewhere in the middle there, which I can leave the bottom part of that line. I'm going to do that. So I'm gonna reset a little bit in the center. So I have room for its little face. Okay? Something like that. Then what a cute little face over here. 4. Doodle a Saguaro: So let's go back over here and see what other kinds like this one. The tall ones with think that the I don't know what these air called, I guess. You know, quote branches. But, um, this kind is like the classic cactus. So I'm going to do one of those someone just gonna do right in the middle here. And I don't think any really need to look at it. Someone to just get that out of my way. Make Sherman a new layer. I am. Okay, so we're just gonna do, like, this really tall metal piece and then some French things if he knew what these air called. Leave me a comment and let me know. You call them branches. They're obviously not. Okay, something like that. And then I'm gonna Reese out this area here. Here we go. And then it needs, like those lines. So first I'm going because lens at any layer. So let's see here. These are just going straight down, and I don't want them to be perfectly straight. So okay , something like that. And then we can add a little fee. So I have to think about where we had the cute fees. Probably a re sound part of this right here. Maybe a little bit here. So let's see. I think this guy can have, like, maybe some like stubble. Okay, well, his mouth should be in the middle of the stubble. Someone sketch the eyes down when the eyes air Really close to the mouth. I feel like it looks really, um, much better. Okay. See how he looks? It's visas a little bit small. See if we can increase in a little bit there, and then I need to adjust the lions a little more. Just give a little more space for his little face there. Make things look a little bit more cleaned up. What does the kind of be uneven? So doesn't look like I went in and you waste straight line across, and I feel like his face could be even a little bit bigger. So you can really just just these away that you like until you're happy with it. E feel like he could have, um maybe an accessory, like a handkerchief or something in his eyes and his stubble on. Everything looks blurry to me now because I messed around with it. re sizing it so much. So I'm just going to use this has, ah, the template and just Treece Hoover. And also the weight of the pen became a different, um, different size. Since I made it bigger. And it doesn't look consistent with the rest, that's a little bit. Or you can see how much thinner that pen is. Just little things. They guys make a difference. You can kind of adjust his stubble here, too now. Yeah, I like that better. It looks more cleaned up. Okay. And emerged on the little fees. Okay, so he's kept a sympathy cactus three. 5. Doodle a Moon Cactus: Okay, let's do one more. So I'm gonna pull up that so far E window again, See what other kinds we have. Okay, so I'm just looking for one more. Um, kind of like that one that has the red topper there. No, no. If it is their net, don't want a real one to look at. I had one like that from a kids, but it's I It was so cute. Chairman and Google packed cactus with Rin Top. Okay? And you can see how you can finding anything here. It was just like this. This one, however you say that man cactus. Okay, so let's do that. Want to see if I can make this bigger fish? Zoom in. There we go. That's fine. It has, like, these areas that air like shark on the side that they're not spiky, but they're just irregular. And then it will have, like, one needle sticking out. Has these, um, thick as a thick sections in the body of it s only just want to capture that. And then, of course, the topper that looks like really crazy in a spiky and I'm not coloring it yet, but obviously we could make it red when we do color it. So I'm going to start with the beast. So it goes like, get the pen. Let's make a new layer goes like something like this. And it has another one sticking out here. It's kind of like, um from the top down it's like a plus sign and then to another one over here. Hey, and then they will be like a shadow in here, okay? For the middle piece to kind of stick out. And then the topper is like, really crazy. It's just scooch down here. Sweet. More space may turn that one off, so I have a little more room. Okay, so the topper is link really legally really irregular. Well, that might be too big. Um, me. Go back when draught in a new layer so I can kind of executed around as I need to. So it's does something like that. And then that has Lee. Yeah. Tons and tons of needles. Something to make, uh, a little bit. Honey. That's smaller. That doesn't affect the weight of me pin there too much. And then it has a lease spikes. So So it's going and at all those like circles and all those needles. I'm gonna do that in a new layer as well. I'm just gonna please, some randomly around. Um, let's see when I just deliver your some, Like on the signs, they tend to be on the outside here. Okay, this is something like that. And then, um, all the spikes. So I'm gonna make another new layer and do the spikes and that layer, I'm going to get rid of this way of more space from a hand, and then just add all these these needles, okay? And then I need an area to make, like a go face. I think this looks almost like Harris in the on top, which is kids. The face is going in any layer, and this is gonna be like a really happy one. It looks like it's like her hair. There's something on top, okay? And then you can groups that one together. If you're happy with everything, you could merge it down. Um, so just gonna flatten the group. And that's cactus number four 6. Saving Your Files: you can save these as a PNG. Save them is individual file. So if you just hold on that turn off your background and then just save cactus number one export as PNG and then do that for each one, you can have them all showing and then just export that whole thing as a PNG. And just when you go to use it and foot a shopper and procreate or wherever you could just select the little guy that you want and use him, Um, And then the last way is if you leave a lot of them selected and then share layers as a PNG files and actually turn off the background layer, and then it should have four files and it says save for images. So that looks right, and I should have all four of those layers. All four of those images saved as a PNG. So that's the fastest way. If you have the mall John in separate layers 7. Coloring Your Doodles: and then you can go ahead and use them however you want. If you want to call Earth, um, you would just add a layer behind and then she was your paint. It's saying like this one, and then you just call her behind it, since you saved it as a little doodily outlawing, it's easy to customize into me. Get however you however you want. And then you could say that again is a PNG if you want. Just, um, if these two these two layers air showing, then you can just export and share as this pan G and you know have the color and you could just color each each one. However, you wish these a really fun for journaling or little cards or just newts. It also gets stickers printed. Let's put a layer behind that one. And to him, this color, it could also arrange them all to kind of like stacked, see how like a fun little desert scene. While we're at it, why don't we just color this last one? Also make her kind of like a uh mm, basically, maybe a little bit less That and of course, the top is the group's That's not Brain. Rand. Let me go. Just a lot of fun. You could even make yourself some relaxing coloring pages. So there we go. If you want to keep organized, you just group them together. You kind of like arranged, um on the page and put like a little message if you're making a card or something, because I don't know why he's growing per kid. And he should be, like, really tall compared to that one with the rent hair. But anyway, it's still cute, and then him. If you want to send your friend a quick card or something, I just had, like, a little message. 8. Thank You!: So I have you enjoyed the class. I would really love to see your cute CAC ty And these little guys want to say thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed the class. I can't wait to see what you created. So don't forget to post your project below. If you would like to see more following him, skill share. And you will stay in the loop when I add new classes and have fun giveaways. And of course, we love the connect with you on social media. If you make your project and you posted, you can tag me hashtag my McDougals or at Mammoth doodles and I will be able to see it. And I would love the sea when you come up with if you'd like to see more, you can go over to my YouTube channel, right post tutorials and fun stuff on there as well. Otherwise I'll see you back on here and I can't wait to see you in the next class. Bye.