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Procreate Doodle School! Episode 1: Botanicals

teacher avatar Diana McDermott, Digital Designs + Tools:

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Prepping Tips

    • 3. Leafy Doodles

    • 4. Floral Doodles

    • 5. Exporting PNG Files

    • 6. Coloring and Arranging

    • 7. Thank You

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About This Class

Welcome to Doodle School! In this tutoral, you'll learn how to draw FUN doodly botanicals perfect for decorating your bullet journal, planner, creating cute greeting cards, stickers, or just for fun! You'll need your iPad, an Apple pencil, and a drawing app, such as Procreate, or just grab pen and paper and your creativity cap!

Let's Doodle!

Music courtesy of: Oceanside by Scandinavianz

Meet Your Teacher

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Diana McDermott

Digital Designs + Tools:


Hey, there! I’m Diana of MyMcDoodles. Boymom, artist, & craft addict - living in Austin, TX. I love creating whimsical digital art and am excited to help you level up your skills!

Join the free Doodle Squad at or come say hi on You Tube to check out more tutorials, artist tips, and fun art inspo! 

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1. Intro: I am Diana for my McDougal's, and I'd like to welcome you all to dental school. You could make regular ordinary objects really fun and cute and special when you just think outside the box and just use your creativity, so that's what we're going to do today. 2. Prepping Tips: Okay, So without further ado, let's just get started here. I'm going to do my doodles on my iPad because that's where I draw most of my artwork. But you can certainly use pen and paper or sketchbook, whatever. I use this app procreate, and it's his version five amusing and iPad pro and an apple pencil. Second generation, if you're interested in those products. So I'm going to start this new document here. You can add any document by using this plus sign. If you're familiar with procreate, then you know how to add a new piece of paper in here. I'm using, um, 3000 by 3000 pixel um, square at 300 dots per inch so that I can use it for other things as well if you export it at 300 dots per inch of the pretty good resolution to use for other projects. So I'm going to start with this blank white sheet of paper and I'm gonna grab just like, um ah, mono lying pen. It's in the calligraphy section, um, and it's called monoline, and it's similar to like what you would use if you were using um, Micron pen in real life. So I'm gonna grab that and I'm going to use Ah, a black, um, a black color for my ink. So let's see how thick that is. That's pretty good. Um, so I'm going to just do some quick doodles. This is like supposed to be really fun and loose and everything. We're not drawing the realistic objects, you know, it's not gonna look like a photograph. It's a fun doodle. So if you're looking for a class on realism than this, is not it? This is just supposed to be fun. So you can use these little doodles from like your bullet journals are stickers are artwork , accords or whatever. So this is kind of a fun one, because you can kind of make up your own kind of flowers. You don't if you want to look up real ones to see the what they look like in real life for in a specific flower, you can open up a browser window and you could just doodle in like, um oh, I don't know, like roses or pans ease or something like that, and then do than an image search. And if you wanted to pull this up and put it next to your You're procreate, Doc. Them just to kind of, like, see a reference image. Then you can so you can just go back in and hold them a procreate and just stick it to the side here and then you have, like, a side by side window because he could make that bigger snows. When you click it, it, like, takes you to other places. But l'm and then you could see your reference image there and then doodle over here. I creates a really small window for me. You can adjust it, but it's still like restricting my space. And I don't really need it for this in this case, So I'm just going to sweep into the side there. But if there was something you needed to look at the reference invention, that's a good way to do it. 3. Leafy Doodles: and I am gonna work in new layers for each flower. So let's do like a couple sets, the leaves and a couple sets in a couple flowers. You can make these up as you go or if you really want to, you can, um, look of specific plans. So I'm gonna general these in individual layers so that I can export visas PNG files, which allows me to use each individual element there. So let's just do another leaf EBRI inch. If you want to be really precise, you Kenly draw the line and the old Europe in there and it'll create a perfectly straight line for you. I kind of don't mind like the hand drum legally kind off lines in something like this. But if you wanted to be, like, more clean and perfect looking them certainly, um, use it to your advantage where kruky will help you draw the shapes. Maybe we'll do like, um because single stem for this one. But I want to make a nice wide one, because I want to be able to use it when I need to fill in some space. So sometimes these wider flowers can help you with your arranging to filling white gaps and stuff if you're using each of these individual files and kind of like arranging flowers essentially, if he wanted to do real plants and go take a look at what it really looks like and then try to copy it for your doodles. But I'm just kind of just doing loose whatever plans. Another thing I'm noticing is this is picking up like if my hand is shaking someone and crank up the streamline here and then it kind of helps you like, um, John, smoother lying. You kind of have to pull the pain rather than when this is down real low. It picks up like every jitter in your hand. So I'm gonna turn that up a little bit so I can make cleaner lines here. So I have three leafy things and then I think I need to do like, maybe one or two more long, Um, skinny kind of ones could be a branch, and it's easy for me to jaw left to Ray. It's easier than the opposite way, and you could always flip this to make it so you have two different directions. Branches in two different directions, so you don't have to worry about drawing it twice. You just draw once, whichever is easier for you. And you can, uh, adjust it. Now, if you're joining these on paper, then of course you can't flip it. You could scan into your computer, though, and then make your drawing digital rather than just ah drawing it straight into your, um, you know, extreme in the paper. I don't just a thought, but if you're decorating a bullet journal or something, that, of course, it's just wherever you drew it, is it? And I'm sure it's cute anyways, and that's supposed to be doodly and fun. So don't worry too much about mistakes and whatever. So we have four there. And then I think I'm just gonna get started with some flour, someone a group, the's into their own little folder here to just clean things up so I can keep track. And I'm gonna call these leaves and then make a new layer, and we're gonna do some flowers 4. Floral Doodles: so I'm gonna turn off those leaves for now and then I'm gonna draw some flowers. So was to like, why in long branch E one, you can see how much smoother these lines air coming out Now that I, um, turned the streamline on, I should have been that from the start. Oops, a daisy and your eraser should be the same texture as your paintbrush. A trick I learned for that is, if you're using a specific paintbrush witch, that's a silly statement, cause of course you are. Eso whatever pain for sure using, Let's say I'm using this one called shock than the eraser. You can hold your finger down on it and then if you saw right there, it said, erase with current brush and then it should be a chalk. And I've noticed it's a little glitchy with the new update on this app, and it won't switch over to truck. But I think they're probably gonna fix that when they do, um when they do like updates and stuff. So with the new version, it's kind of stopped working, but I'm hoping they'll fix that soon because it's really easy than Teoh to choose the same brush for your waster. You don't have to go in and selected every time. See, now I'm using chalk. There we go. Economists this lineup here except shooted. You're on the stick and then the flower in a new layer. That way I could keep things cleaned up and not have to go in any race, but he didn't. I'm gonna learn from it, though, and do the next one in a nuclear. So let's do like, um, a few more that looked like that. Okay, that one's good. You should just kind of like way more detail than I would usually dio. And then let's just do some late, quick, kind of like bruises can. You can make these as need who are as messy as you want. I feel like minor, pretty messy today. But sometimes that adds to the to the doodily factor. And like the cute nous of it all and stay one more. Why don't we do some streamlines kind of working against me from flowers because the pedals I'm kind of want them to be raggedy and legally and stuff, and it's keeping it so like, um, hard to draw like a raggedy line. It's keeping it so smooth, okay? And them able to link up like a pansy type of fine. Who puts on a new layer. It iss okay, cause I'm running into the other one. There we go to scooch it up, No problem. So it's always good to work in new layers. Or if you're sketching this on your, um, in your sketchbook or whatever, then it's nice. Sometimes they walk it out in pencil first, because then you won't run into the other flower overlap or whatever. Okay, so let's see a musty, like this center thing. It was like these yellow. I thought these they like that they have really blankly use. And then you could always like, flip it depending where you need a you can swivel if you save them as PNG files than they don't have a background, and they will work. Well, it's hard to see now, but, um, you can insert them into whatever document you want, and then you can kind of adjust them, arrange HMS level or whatever. I think I'm gonna add just like one more being Jianqing pedal here. He looked a little there or something and maybe just like a few lines. Teoh make, like shadows and me get a little bit more more funds. Okay, so now I will show you how to export these so you can use thm in your artwork and your creations. 5. Exporting PNG Files: So let's turn these leaves back on. I'm gonna group all these flowers into their own group there. That should be all my flowers. That's all my leaves. And then you can kind off if you need executed around to see what all you got there. Then you can. So it's not all overlapping, cause, um, it makes it a little difficult to see what all you have in your document here. So you could just go into the individual elements and just scooch them around. So they're laid out nicely on the page, the sake of time. I'm just gonna leave it like this. I can deal with it and just gonna turn off my flowers and then more do my leaves here. So you could either export it as a PNG throw off your background layer, which makes it really difficult to see here because they're drawn in black. But eso you would turn off your background layer and then you can export it as like this whole group, because it's easy in, um, Photo shopper, Pro Creator. Wherever you're drawing yourself, you could just select each individual element that you need and move it around or use it like that when it's in a group and they're not touching or you can export individually one by one. You could do this one first, Turn off your background, export that 1st 1 and then go in, do the next one and so on the whole way up for all of your elements, I am kind of lazy about this, so I am going to just export it as one, um, big group, since they're not touching. And then when I'm using them in photo shop or wherever, I can just, you know, like, select the area that I want. So let's go ahead and export the leaves. TV's this little wrench here and then share PNG, and then you can see that we're save using the option for Ganji files. Let me turn all the layers back on click PNG files. That's also a really easy way to save these. So it's so safe. Eight images I'm gonna save. You can see all the files are right here. When you click on them individually, it's turns black because the background vanishes and your ink was black, so you can't see it. But if you take it and you share it back in the procreate. It opens it in the AB. Well, there's an open in the app. It sends it to the APP. And then next time you open it, it imports, and you can see that there's no background there. The white is gone, and when you click it, there it is. And it has its layers so you can deal each here. I mean, turn off. You can't delete this back earlier. You can turn off the background wear and then you have your elements of work with. So let's say you wanted to arrange your flowers. Now, I usually do that kind of stuff in photo shop, but you could certainly do it in here too. Um So I'm gonna go back out and make, um, a new document here. I'm just gonna make it 3000 by 3000 again. So size works well for me. And then how you would on a photo, you should be able Teoh, click one of these, that one. And let's just make sure and see. It's just, um, the PNG element without any background or anything, so you can arrange these and you could also go ahead and color them. Upsy daisy. Just want at any layer. You can either color it in on here, or you could add your color on your other file before you export. Um, if you wanted it to be, um you know something that's not just like looks like a doodle like an ink doodle for your notebook or whatever. So you could have your color in there before you export it and then do it that way, or, if you want to keep it, just says an outline so you can color it. However you wish in different documents, then you can export it with just the outline, and then you color it in here. I'm just gonna color it in here. I kind of wanted to look like a little bit messy and like it was colored on the notebook paper. And then you have your layer of color in your layer of the sketch, and then you can kind of like customize whatever colors you want. If you colored it in your other file before you export it as a PNG than you, you're kind of stuck with the color. I mean, you can always adjust things. Um by just messing around and like the Hugh in the saturation and stuff, so you could adjust it a little bit that way. But sometimes it's just easier to leave it blank, and then you can cost that kind of like that. And then you can customize it once you paste it into your final seem white, one different colors or whatever for different pieces of art. 6. Coloring and Arranging: what? So you can arrange them If you just had one by one. You insert your elements hearings to leak some roses. You could duplicate it here to get like, a few roses and adjust your sizes and whatever. The only thing I don't like when I just my size is is you could see the weight of the line has changed, so it kind of doesn't look consistent anymore. So if if you, um I need to make things smaller, whatever, that's a quick way. But it does kind of take away from from it a little bit when the lines are always different sizes. I mean, I guess it doesn't really matter. You could also flip on. So let's say you wanted to make, like, a cute little Reese so we would make a circle. I'm gonna make it all the way in the bottom. I'm just gonna turn off all of those so they're not distracting. And then I'm gonna grow this model wheat brush. Joss circle the best I can hold my pin downs and it the APP helps me draw the shape a little bit there. Course it made in the lips. So I'm just gonna edit it to a circle, and then I'm just gonna scoot your down so it's of this century, and then you could it arrange your farmers. I'm here to make, like, a research something. So let's put the he said, grab in the room. It was not okay. So let's put the roses. Maybe we won't like a few roses out here. People scattered about actually be careful. You don't go over the edge there because if he went to pull the flower back and you're gonna lose whatever was hanging off the edge So when you see this is the smaller one and actually I didn't even notice of her, So I guess it's not as big of a deal that the the weight of the the lion changed. Okay, The only thing is, when you overlapped, um, if you're just gonna leave it outlined like this, then you have, like, this messiness. They're different, coloring it or whatever. It doesn't really matter just to a little overlap there. That's easy to clean up. And then I'm gonna add some of these branches. Where did it go? There. It ISS turn off a color for now. You can see how easy it is to arrange flowers when their digital elements we easier than arranging them in real life. And it's really fun to I like being able to move things around so much and Connelly get it exactly the way I wanted to look. Where is in my, um, notebook. It's a little harder to do that. He really should go in with a pencil first and kinda get it the way you like, so that you're not upset when it's all, um, I'll set up like I wish I would have put that here. There something looks strange or whatever. It's fun to be ableto move things around and get it just the way you like it. Okay, so I had that color there. I think I'm going to just keep that hidden. For now. I'm gonna save X. I like the shade of its I want to be a lotto. Use my dropper total kind of suck up the collar there later when I color this in. But for now I'm just going to keep it turned off. And then I think I'll just add a few more leafy things and you can see why, when you create like, um, three year forward, different the feet patterns and then a few different flowers. You can see how easy it is. The really get a lot of different combinations and make it look really pretty. Okay, I like that a lot. So you could either turn off your Reese form, you could leave it coming. Depends, But I'm gonna erase out the areas that are behind my flowers. So do that real quick. Now, I feel like that looks really distracting. When it's the circle and the branch. It's hard to see what's going on there, so I'm gonna take that out, too. You don't have to erase all this out. If you plan the color your flowers, then just make a layer on top of your your circle and just colored overtop as long as you're using a solid, um, solid rusher Sola pain or whatever. If you're doing the digital watercolors and probably a recent out, you know you can kind of use your discretion. Okay, so that cleaned up the wreaths. And then there's still some areas where my sticks is that for overlapping. So I'll go ahead and go through and clean all that stuff up. Okay? So need a race. Part of that rose, which is overlapping right here. If you're organized and you keep everything labeled, it makes it really easy to, um, when you go back through would have to do something like this. I have to say I'm not always the most organized person. I kind of just try to get things done. Um, kind of quickly, but also, I wanted to look nice. Okay, so that's step any Teoh delete that part out. You could see its kidding all cleaned up. It's looking good. I think that's their real happy with here. Yeah, I guess I want to be behind the flower. That may be a leave it in front, but it's looking kind of messy. And then I also don't like the Reese there because it's really distracting with the leaves . I'm gonna take that out. I think we'll see how that looks. This, like curve. It's a little strange, but I feel like it's less distracting than if it's in there. So let's take that one out, too. Okay? Something that looks pretty good. You to save this as its own, um, images Well, and then you'll have this lease that you created that you could call her different ways or uses for different pieces of art, or what a different products or whatever. So I'm gonna save it as a PNG and J pigs. Let me turn off my back lonelier. Save it as a PNG so I can use it again another time save. Okay, And then I'm gonna also save it is a j pay, and whether the background layers offer on it doesn't matter when it saves us, a J pick is gonna have like, that white background. So save is draping, See? So then you can go through and you can call her underneath of all your other layers but on top of your background layer and you can make it look really pretty and customize it however you want. So I would love to see what you came up with and how you arranged your flowers. So sure, your project to show us and I can't wait to see what you came up with 7. Thank You: I hope you enjoyed the video. If you have comments are suggestions, feel free to post them below. You can find me on social media at my McDougal's, and I love to connect with you on there and you can share your creations in your artwork. Tag me so I can find it. I would love to see it. If you like this class, leave me review and let others know what you think. Don't forget to follow me on skill shares so you'll be in the loop when I upload new classes.