Procreate Brush Masterclass - Kickstart your Lettering Brushmaking Addiction!

Myriam Frisano, halfapx | Calligrapher & Frontend Dev

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10 Lessons (1h 18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lettering Brush No Go's

    • 3. Perfect Stamps

    • 4. Settings, the full Overview

    • 5. Making Grid Brushes

    • 6. Brush Essentials: Eraser & Brush Pen

    • 7. Wet Brush Rundown

    • 8. Get Creative, Stripy and Shady Brushes

    • 9. Process: Making a realistic Pencil Brush

    • 10. Class Project

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About This Class

Learn how to Make All Kinds of Procreate Lettering Brushes. We'll cover all the Settings, huge Erasers, Stamps, Mulitline Brushes, Self-Shading Brushes and how to create Brushes inspired from Real-Life Pens.

I've had an iPad Pro for a little over two years which resulted in about 500 custom Brushes Over 200 Brushes are available on my Website as a Programmer and General Tech Nerd I started playing with brushes the first day I got my iPad and by the end of the Day the Brush Making Virus was running through my system.

This class is for everyone with an iPad wanting to learn how to take full advantage of the vast options the Procreate App offers. It is aimed at beginners, whether you've never made a brush before or you already made dozens, I hope you'll find some new and helpful information to kickstart your journey!