Procreate Basics - Let's Create Hand-Lettered Illustrations | Jenni Ahlberg | Skillshare

Procreate Basics - Let's Create Hand-Lettered Illustrations

Jenni Ahlberg, Illustrator, Hand letterer & Designer

Procreate Basics - Let's Create Hand-Lettered Illustrations

Jenni Ahlberg, Illustrator, Hand letterer & Designer

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11 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Let's pick a canvas size!

    • 3. Let's go through the basics!

    • 4. Let's learn some tricks!

    • 5. Let's write!

    • 6. Let's create a shadow!

    • 7. Let's choose our background!

    • 8. Let's illustrate!

    • 9. Let's add some texture!

    • 10. Let's export!

    • 11. Let's finish this!

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About This Class

Learn Procreate Basics!

During this class, you will learn the basics of how to use the Procreate app on an iPad. I will teach you how to get started by creating a hand-lettered illustration that can be used for example as a "month starter" or a "month marker" on Instagram. But all the skills are applicable regardless of what you want to create on Procreate.

As a class project, we will create an illustration that combines your written text and small illustrations in your chosen canvas size. But you can also choose to create something else or nothing at all.

You don't need to have any previous knowledge of Procreate, but if you do, fear not, it will only mean that you will be able to breeze through this course much quicker and focus purely on the creating part of the project.

Can't wait to see you in class!

You will need:

  • An iPad
  • Procreate app (costs less than 10 $/€, at the time of class release)
  • Apple pen (optional)
  • Your virtual creativity hat

Other material:

  • Two free texture files which you will find on the project page

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jenni Ahlberg

Illustrator, Hand letterer & Designer




I'm an illustrator, a hand-letterer, an interior designer and a big-time coffee consumer. I'm also into surface pattern design, Procreate, handcrafts of all sorts, colours, plants, cardigans, T-shirts and coffee with tons of milk (Yes, I know this is the second time I mention coffee. That just shows you how big of a thing it is for me :D ).

Lately, I've been getting more and more into sharing what I know. I have always had a soft spot for helping people. If someone is struggling with something, that I feel I could help them with, I tend to offer help. That's the reason I started teaching here at Skillshare. :)

In my free time, I doodle and craft with my daughter, play Minecraft with my son or plan to go running with ... See full profile

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1. Welcome!: Hi, it's Jenny here I'm finished. Illustrator hand litter and a decider. I'm passionate about a lot of things, but today I'm here to share with you one of my passions, which is digital illustration combined with hand lettering. So in this class, I will show you how you can make fun illustrations quickly on an iPad using appropriate that. So for the glass project, we will create an illustration that you can use. For example, s a months daughter as I'd like to call them on instagram. Or you can use it as a wallpaper for your laptop or your smartphone. Or you can even print it out as a birthday card if you wish. So I'll show you some examples in a minute. But first I will run through the things that you will learn in this class brokering it. It's a really fun app that you can use for creating illustrations, breakfast, hand lettering, do sketching or even digital painting. And it had squat a little features that you might know, even realize at first glance. But I will introduce only the essentials so that you can get started quickly and you don't feel overwhelmed with too many tools or too many new tricks. So in this class you will learn how to create different size canvases, how to choose and streamline your precious, how you can use layers to make illustrating easier to how to use the color picker in different ways. I will also show you how to make your hand lettering easier by using guidelines on how you can create a shadow for your text really quickly. And finally, I will go through how to use a texture layer. Onda apply plane modes so that you can add a fun final touch to your illustration and then , as promised, here are a couple of examples of what I'm talking about. This one is a month started for Instagram, as I call them. It's a fun way of starting a new months on your instagram feed, and it helps you mark where you month has started on. Later on, it helps you get an overview off what you were posting during a particular months. But if you're not into instagram or you prefer posting photos there, you can still create one and use it as wallpaper for your laptop or smartphone, or use it as a my card and printed out. So your illustration does not need to be month later months related. You can write any word or words that you want, like your own name. The name of your partner, your pet hometown favorite dessert. The best season of the year. Whatever you feel like, my suggestion is that you create something that makes you smile. I recommend that you first watched the whole class through Andi. Then in the second round, you can start making your illustration together with me. I really appreciate that you're here, Andi. I cannot wait to show my process with you. 2. Let's pick a canvas size!: Okay, let's get started. I'll open my book, procreate up on and get a view like this. Your swill broken look a little bit different. If you're new to procreate, you will have only a couple of examples up here, and you also might have a dark background. But I've changed mind to light as its leader. Easier on the eyes. So to create a new canvas size for yourself, you click up here in the little blessed sign you get a list off canvases that you have created before, or if your new it's empty and at the bottom you will have a create custom size button. So click on that, and then you get to enter the measurements for your desired canvas size. You can choose to use millimeters, centimeters, inches or pixels. I will go with pixels. This time on, I will choose 1080 pixels by 1080. Since I'm creating for Instagram, and that is the size they recommend to use. Currently, I will leave my dots per inch at 72 s. That's enough for whether if you plan to print your so I recommend you change it to 300 and then I will name mine instagram so that I can then later on find it because I'll be using it again. So here's your canvas. And if you want to use the same canvas later on, I'll show you how it's done. So go back to gallery on here. It will appear here at the bottom. If you want to move it up, you can just track and drop it up here and you can see that I have a verdict previously created one. So I have to. Now, if you want to dilate, cannabis is you just swipe to the left on click delayed so you can get rid off unnecessary ones. So here's your cameras on. Next we will get into the physical and digital tools, so see you in the next lesson. 3. Let's go through the basics! : Okay, so now that you have your canvas I selected let's go through the tools. This is an apple pencil on, and it's a lovely tool because it reacts to pressure and angle. But unfortunately, it only works on iPad pro. So if you have an older version off iPad, um, you're left with regular styluses or using a finger. But let me show you what I mean about reacting to pressure. So if I press harder, it will give me a thicker line. If I press light, I will get a senior line like that. So that's really lovely. Especially if you're doing hand lettering. It also reacts to angle. So if I'm riding in ah, this direction, it will give me a really sick line. However, if I hold it more upright, the Linus much Sener. Although the brush was the same, um, you can use your finger or a regular stylists like this one from bamboo, so these boats work just fine. Ah, if you don't have ipad pro so don't worry, then the rest is the same. Regardless, what kind of ipad you have so up here you have your basic tools. 1st 1 is the pressure selection on here. You have different set off brushes, some for inking the league trophy painting and so one. So I recommend that you go through them and test them out. See what kind off what kind off line they create. Andi, once you've tried them out and you have figured out which one's your favorite, you can create your own settle favorites like I have here. So then it's really quick to find your favorite precious. And you do that by, um ah, by pressing down here like that. So you get a new set, Click on that. You can name it. I would call mine a skill share, and then I can go and find my favorite precious on. Just drag and drop them to the new location. They will still stay in their early original location, but you will also have them in your new set, so that's a nice way to find your favorite brushes. Then you will find exactly the same brushes under this much tool or under the razor, so you can erase with the same look and feel s you were drawing. Next up is the layers panel. So here you add your layers on work with them. I'm gonna tell me a little bit more later, but I'll here just quickly go through how you create them. So you click on the plus sign, you get a new layer. If you want to name them your tap it twice and you get a rename option. I'll write this. Um, I'll call it text on, then eso you can create as many as you like, if you wanna delete them. You, If you've accidentally created too many you to swipe left and click dilate or if you have made one for guidelines, for example and then at the end you don't need it. Just wipe left on hit the late So very simple. Then finally, here's the color picker, where you will find three different ways to choose the color plus Ah, your palate. So here are all the pallets that I have created. Andi, if you want to create it blank new one, you just click the plus sign and you will get a new palette. You can name it if you like. I'll call mine test Andi. Then you can start filling it up so you select colors just by um, clicking on the square. So now it added this color that I had selected previously. If I want to select new ones, I'll go here to the disk on Dykan. Select a hue. Ah, over here on then, in the inner circle, I can choose to saturation Onda lightness. And then when I'm happy I contest, um, added to my palate, you can do the same thing here under classic option. Uh, once again, here's your hue, aunt. Here's your saturation and your brightness like that here in the value, um, options you can fill in exact our GP codes if you're looking for a particular color and you know the code or same goes for Hexi decimal or the HSB code, So just fill them in, and or you can use the sliders here says here, us well, but it might be easier to do that in the classic section. And then, if you want to delete any off your, um, colors, you can go to any off the option's value classic or disc except the pallets, and you just tap and hold and you get the delete option. Andi, if you wanna delete from some other pallet you first need to set it as your default like that. And then you can go to value, for example, and delete the unnecessary ones like that. Okay, so now I have my fresh pin on. If I want to make it bigger, I go here. This is where you choose the size. And I was pretty big. That's kind off. Funny looking. And here you choose the opacity like that. Also, you'll find the under button here so you can dilate on your radio button as well. So that's all for the basics. Next, I will go through some of my favorite tricks. 4. Let's learn some tricks!: in this video, I will show you some of my favorite tricks on procreate. So instead of using the undo and redo buttons here, the undoing, the redo you can tap with two fingers to under on with three fingers to read you, what do you just drool wrote? Uh, if you want to draw straight lines, this and other cool thing you can do so when you draw on you hold what you just did. Procreate will create a straight line for you. If you put one finger down, you can move it in 15 decree angles. So it's an easy way to get a horizontal line, for example, and if you wanna create guidelines for your hand lettering, Ah, you just draw hold. Put your finger down like that, and then you can do another one and you get to federal lines that you can use to guide your writing. Obviously, it's a good idea to make your guidelines on a separate layer. I totally forgot to do that, so it happens to me as well. I'm pretty good at using the layers, but sometimes, um, I forget. So instead, here I would just go back, undo what I did on Then create a new layer, name it fixed, and then start writing there on to make it more clear that your guidelines are a sit on a separate layer. You can make them, ah, change DEA opacity so that they are less visible on. And since this text was on the guidelines layer, it also became lighter. Okay, so one cool thing that will make your hand lettering especially if you're doing script much easier is streamlining up rushes. Um, I'll show you one example with, uh, if you go to the calligraphy set off, rushes on juice, the regular brush. Ben, that has not been modified yet. Um, and tap it twice. You'll get the sittings. Here you have different options. Eso If you go under stroke, you see the stroke properties, and here you see a streamline Ah, slider. So by changing the slider, your brush will become smoother or streamlined, if you will. So I'll show you what it means by D for its should be set to none. So here, if I'm not trying very hard, you can see that the line is becoming wobbly. But if I streamline it, I usually have mine about at about 70 something. So now that I've streamlined it and I tried to do the same and make it globally, okay, it's still wobbly, but less so. I was trying to do as well blow us up here on. Do you see it? Especially when you write. Okay, so trying to make it really wobbly here, I also tried, so you can see the difference that this one still became much smoother, although us trying to shake the pen so that that's a nice, nice trick that I usually do to most of my brushes. If you want to modify other things, you find everything here in the settings. Um, you can change the size, how big or a thin or thick your line will become, how much it fades at the ends. There's a lot of settings that you can play with, so just just have a look and see. See what you like. You can even create your own precious by clicking the plus sign here on, then start from scratch. But that's a whole another lessons, so I will not get into that. But, um, the streamlining is something that I find very useful on guy gives it a lot. So there you go. So, um, one more thing that I'd like to show you is the razor and how to quickly change it. So if I'm writing over coloring, for example, with a crunchy looking pen like this, you can see that the edges are not very sharp and I want to raise apart. But I don't want the razor to make a sharp line. So I can quickly changed the eraser to the same brush as my writing, all drawing brush by tapping and holding down the razor like so. So now my razor is also the six b pencil, which is what I used for for coloring this part. So just to demonstrate, normally I have something like my heart airbrush selected. And that creates a very sharp line so it wouldn't work as nicely us asked the six b pencil . So you just to do the trick, you just hold down the razor and it will pick up the same brush s your drawing pencil. So that sold for tricks. Ah, In the next video will start the class project with you by hand littering the word for this illustration. So see there 5. Let's write!: Okay, So in order to get started, you need to choose a word or a couple of words that you want to write. You can pick anything like I've said before. For example, you can write the name of your street, your favorite destination, your parents or your kid's name, or the month that's coming up next. If you want to create a month starter next, you get to choose what kind of typeface or foreign do you want to use. Or if you want to go with your own regular handwriting, that works really well. A swell. So here are a couple of examples of different kinds of script, or you can write with capital letters or regular print. Try to pick something that you're comfortable with so that the text part won't become cumbersome. Keep it easy and light for yourself. But if you do want to try something new, you can google different funds or scan through some magazines on find things that you like . Andi here are a couple more examples For your inspiration. You can find plenty more on instagram or Pinterest, or just by googling. The possibilities are endless. Remember that you can play with textures, layout, color scheme, positioning off your illustrations that typeface shadows. So I'm sure you will come up with fun ideas. Okay, so now that you have an idea off what you'd like to write, you can choose your brush. I will go with one of my favorites, the brush pin on. And then I will start by creating a guideline for myself. So named this layer guidelines. And then I will already create a new layer for my text and I will name it Text. I'll go back on the guideline. I will make it a little bit less visible by changing the capacity to about 20. And then I'll draw a line. I'll hold it down so it becomes straight. Then I put one finger down on I get a straight horizontal line to to keep me kind off leveled in my writing. Then I will go to my text layer. I'll change the color here. Andi, Did I already isso have the brush pin and then I will start writing. I've decided to write June us. I'm planning to use this SA month starter for my instagram account. Okay, so there's one option. It's not exactly in the center. But you don't need to worry about that at this stage. So much. So once you're happy with how the text looks, you can go up here, click on the little arrow to go to the move to, and then you can move it around exactly where you want it. So if you have the magnetic, it will snap to an invisible creed. If you choose freeform than you can move it. Really, I'll go for the magnetic s. It is a little bit easier to make it, um, more centered. Okay. Like that. Andi. Okay, Not my guideline also is in a funny spot, so we'll move that up a little us. Well, Andi, I think I'm gonna try a different kind of fresh. Ah, here. So make the first text invisible by un checking the little square here. Um, I'll go to the next text layer. Let's name that text to on. Then I will choose a different brush. I'll go with the six p a pencil just to experiment and see what that would create. Okay, Some not Let me make it a little bit bigger so that it reacts a little bit more to pressure . So I often make my writing a couple of times in different styles. And then I can just go here on unchecked them and check them and see which one are, like the best. This one. I will probably work on a little bit before I make my decision. But just to show you how you can play around with this, um And then then decide on what style to go with. So this is it for the actual text. Go experiment on. I'll see you in the next video. 6. Let's create a shadow!: Okay, so now I'm gonna show you how to make really simple shadow to give your writing a little bit off coolness. So I will first need to choose which one I'll go with. This is the 1st 1 I did. And here's the other one that I actually redid. Just now. I think I'm not sure which when I like, So I might do the shadow for both of them. So I'll start with this one. I'll choose the layer with the right text on it. I'll slide to the left and I'll get three options. I'll choose duplicate so it will create another layer with the same text on it. I will choose that layer. Andi, click on the move button. I will move it a little bit too. Right on bond. Um um, Downwards. Then I will go, um, to choose a color. I'll choose a little bit darker color for the shadow, uh, and then click on the layer where the so called shadow will be, Um select that layer and then fill layer and it will fill that text like you can see here with the new color that I chose. So what will Great what an eye shadow. I think I would like these two layers invisible on open my other text, and I will do the same trick here. So choose to layer where the Texas on I'll slide to the left. I'll duplicate that. I'll go to the new duplicate layer. Now. I already have my desired color selected, so it only to select again. So instead I just click here. I select that layer, and then I feel that layer with that color on Oops. Now, I forgot to move it so you can barely see the other color underneath. But that's fine. As long as I have the layers selected, I can click on the move button on. Move it now so I can move it to any direction. Okay. I think I like it the best when it goes diagonally to the bottom, right? So yeah. Yeah, that's fine. Okay, so then to un select, just click on layers or the move button again, and it will on select. So here are my two options. Now, this fun or that one. I think I like the clean look better for this particular, um piece. So I will go with that 7. Let's choose our background!: Okay, so next I will show you two ways to create the background. But first resized of writing of chosen, this one with this mortar text. And in order to move both the text and the shadow, I'll need to group them. So I'll go to my layers menu. I'll click on the first layer, uh, on click combined down. So this will give me a new group with both the shadow, which I have forgotten to name on the text on it. So they sister text What? That Andi, I could call this new group something, but I don't think I'm gonna have many groups for this particular illustrations. So I'm gonna leave it at that for now. And these two, I will still keep them. If I change my mind later on about having a more crunch here looking texts, I'll keep them there, but I'll delete them in the end if I don't need them. So now I can choose the whole group and go to the move button so this will allow me to move on resize the shadow and the text. I think the position was already kind of okay, maybe a little bit to the right on, then The size is now pretty good. So here we go. I'm happy with that. So, next to the background No. Maybe so. Any beat there? Okay, so then to the background Here we have you the background layer, which you can easily color by just tapping on it and then choosing a color so you can choose a color from your layers panel or then just go go here in the disc Classical value to start choosing one from here. So I actually might I'm actually pretty happy with is kind off pink. I feel Let me see. That's too brown. A little bit more red. Maybe a little bit lighter. Yeah. I could play with these colors infinitely. So it's It's not easy sometimes to choose the one that you really like. Okay, I'm gonna go with that for now. Um, I change it later, OK, But another way to color your background is, if you don't want it to go from edge to edge, you can create a separate new layer, drag it to the bottom. You can drag it underneath the actual background color layer, but just above this above, it is fine I'll name that background, Andi. Now we'll make actual background color invisible so that it doesn't ah accuse me. So I'll choose the same color that I just had, and I will draw the background so that it's not going all the way to the itch off the illustration. So this way I will have a little bit different looking that crowned a little bit more interesting when it doesn't end at the edge, but a little bit before it. So, like so on. Then I will color it by dragging the color from here to the center of my okay, that didn't work. The reason being that my brush is so crunchy that it will leave gaps in the line on the color escapes. So I need to make the lines more firm to make sure that the color can't escape. So I'll speed this up a little bit, so it'll go quicker. Okay, so I actually want my background original background layer to show as well. So we'll turn it on, Andi, I will change it back to white or near what color like so So now it will show through, and I like that also I noticed that the edges are kind off rocket. So I don't like that look supple color a little bit more so that the original line and the feeling color will blend a little bit better. So again, I'll speed it up for you. Okay, I'm quite happy with that. So here are my two different kind off backgrounds, and I chose to go with the one that I filled in and colored and myself. So then we move on to actual illustrations. 8. Let's illustrate!: Okay, so now we have our text, and we can move on to making the illustrations, so make sure that you create a new layer, so it's then easier to move your illustration around the text. If you feel like it, depending how complex your illustration will be. You might want to make several layers. For example, um making bigger elements or certain color elements on one layer on, then smaller or different color ones on a different layer. So then, when you move them around, it's much easier than having to use to select and move tool rather than just move the whole layer around. But I'm going to start with just one layer on gonna name these ILO's like So Okay, Andi, I have my Navy blue Andi, my six b pencil selected. I've already decided what I'm gonna draw, so I'm just going to start drawing. But if you don't know what you want, you can just start experimenting and then raise it. If if you don't like it, I mean, it's digital. So it's super easy to test different ideas and erased them. If you feel like that, it doesn't work for that illustration, so I'm going to speed this up. Eso you can see what I'm drawing, but it isn't. It's not gonna take too long. So here we go. Okay. So that's gonna be my city skyline. Andi. Then I'm going to do a little bit of water down here to make it look like summer in the city. So that's gonna be my theme for actually, I'm going to make a new layer for the beach, or, I don't know, maybe I'll just to water, we'll see. But that's gonna be ilo's too on. And I might do it with the same color. I'll see how it goes. Yeah, I think I'm gonna go it just And I try not to make my, um, my illustration go all the way to the edges. Might even shrink it later on to leave a little bit of air around there so that it's not so packed on. It'll it'll, uh, look a whole lot lighter. So but just experiment. I mean, you can always shrink your images. Um, by going here into the move tap, which will activate whatever you have on that layer, and then you can with two fingers, you can make a smaller or bigger like that. That actually looks what? Nice When it's so small. I might I might keep it that way, I guess. Okay. They're not gonna activate my other illustration layer on. Click on move. Andi, I might shrink these a little bit us. Well, like so. And then if you want to have more air around your your image, you can, Just like I showed you before you can click on the razor. Andi, keep it down. So it will pick up the same brush that you were using for drawing Onda. Who can use that to erase bits, bits off the image around your text, and this will give it a whole lot nicer look than if I was to raise with a sharp etched the razor. Okay, I don't really like that. So I will have to see what I'll do about it. But, um, I'll let it be for now. Okay? So moved things around a little bit, but I still don't like this section where the boat on the in are kind off the too close to each other on. And since it's hard to move this around more because it will be either too much to the right or to the left. I will need to erase the whole thing. So not ideal. But sometimes that's what you have to do. So I'll just erase the whole thing. Groups remember the angle. Hes a different like so. And then I might do another layer for the boat just so I can then move it around more freely. So created here in the same spot. Okay. And now I can move it where I want it. Probably wanted about there. So that means that I will need to raise the other waves as well. Make sure I'm on the right layer on. I have a wrong color as well. Okay, that's it's a little bit better. No, I'm gonna combine Thies too. Or actually, I won't. I'll just activate them both and click on. Move on. Then I can move it a little bit more. Okay, let's see how that looks. Okay. That's trying to look a little bit better. Sometimes it's easier to see what your composition looks like when you make your image smaller. So you kind of as if you were stepping back and looking at it from a distance so, yeah, I might fix a few things, but I'm pretty close to adding the finishing touches. So see you in the next lesson, world will go through how to add some fun texture on your background. 9. Let's add some texture!: Okay, so now I have finished my illustration. I have changed it a little bit. I have added more air around the text to make it look lighter. Onda have also straight in some off these lines so that not all of them are going in this direction so that I could have even made this even more straight. But I'm gonna leave it at this. Um you might notice that I've changed the color on the contrast is not very big and it doesn't look very good, but I tested the texture which I'm going to get into next on and so that the texture will work with the writing. I have changed the writing whole lighter. You will see in a minute. Why So to be able to use a texture file that I have created, you need to download it from your project page. Andi, I think you need to download it to your laptop first and then send it to ipad. Ah, I don't think skill share allows you to download it directly from from the iPad. Um, ap. So once you have the texture file on your ipad Ah, you need to create a new layer for it. Unless you can see I already have one. That's called Texture. So I tested it out. But I'll create a new one. So you see how I've done this. So I know in my new texture layer. And then I will go here where there's a little tool icon. So hit that on you'll get a list. Choose the insert fo sho and then in your photos folder, find where you've, um, don't loaded your texture file and click that. So, as you can see, it's not the same size. So to get it to fit your whole illustration um, you need to press this little arrow sign down here. So I'm gonna choose magnetic so that it will cover the whole image, because if I choose freeform, it will leave parts of it, um, uncovered so magnetic on the arrows on. Then after that, I will manually change it to feet. My illustration, because I want to keep the texture that's here in the corners, so de select by clicking the arrow again. And as you can see, the background color is not showing at all. So to get that, uh, to show through, I will go here on the texture layer, Click the little end and that will open Um, the blend modes for me. So the easiest way for you is just to try them out. Um, see what they do for your illustration. Multiply works sometimes really nicely. This one maybe not so perfect. Um, quite like the darken. Um, But if I would choose that, I would make the texture layer a little bit smaller so that it wouldn't cover the white parts. Oh, let's see, these don't work. I quite like this soft light, um, immersion because it turns my texture. It's kind of coral color, so and that's the one I'm going to choose. So now you see that the writing that I've changed works quite nicely when the backgrounds much lighter. So if I uncheck that you see what I had before had the text turn it on the contrast it's not big enough. It doesn't look very good, but with the texture on it. On the blend mode, the soft light blend mode it it works quite nicely. So that's how you at fixture on, give a little, um, um crunchy vibe to your illustration 10. Let's export!: Okay, here is the final version of my illustration. I added another text layer texture layer on top off the early one on, and I applied the dark and blend mode on it, so I'll show you. So here I have the dark and blend mode with the bluish. Um, scribble on it on then the other one is too soft light with the coral. Um, scribble on it. I also applied color dodge for the boat so that it turned white. So here, I'll just I'll show you if I choose to normal, it is blue and whites. But if I use a blend mode, um, he'd will turn to white. So these are little changes that I made. And now I'm ready to export this, um, to my iPhone. So to do that, you can either work directly from this view or you can do it through gallery. So if you're in the gallery, you click select, choose your file on, then share on. Did you will get options for the format on you go from there, but I'll show you how it's done if you're working while your image is open. Because usually I export mine once it's done. So here in the tool icon, click that, uh, go to share and then choose the four months I usually go for Che Pick or P and G p and T for transparent backgrounds and shape pick. Otherwise, sometimes I might use the Photoshopped format if I'm gonna work on photo shop later on. But now I'm going to choose to change Peck. So here you have your different options. You can email it your laptop, Um, you compose it directly to Pinterest or instagram, or use the dropbox or whatever you usually use. So this is where your personal options will turn up and you can add, um, more laps here. I usually use air drop since I'm working on a Mac on my iPhone. So if my iPhone or Mac it's nearby and they're Trappist turned on, I will see here icons for them, and I can just click that, and it will instantly, um, export my file Teoh iPhone or July Mac and I usually although I have ah instagram option here, I still do it through my iPhone so that I it it drop it there and then posted from my iPhone since there are more options there. Andi. That's just the way I've learned to use it. So but exporting is very simple from procreate. Okay, that's all for now on, then it's time for final thoughts. 11. Let's finish this!: So that's it for these class. I'm really grateful that you were here to learn my process for creating hand lettered illustrations. I cannot wait to see what you create for this project. Please post your final illustrations in the project page. Andi. I'd also love to see the process. So if you feel like you do, you can post your process photos as well. Andi, if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'll try to answer them when I'm not skill share on any feedback that you may have. I would love to hear if there's something that you really enjoyed or something you think that should have been done differently. I would love to hear it. I'm all about improving myself on learning on sharing. So I really appreciate any any feedback in any comments that you may have. If you want more ideas on what to illustrate or you want to see more of my work, I can check out my instagram, which is yeah, designed, spelled with a J S and Jenny. Or if you want to post your work also on Instagram Instagram and you want me to find it, you can use the hashtag a skill share with Yeah, yeah, with Jay. So I can acknowledge you there as well on. And if you want to learn more about broker it, there are plenty off really nice classes on skill share. I will probably make new ones as well. But for this one, I wanted to keep it assured on a simple assed possible so it wouldn't get too overwhelming for anybody. And you learn the basics. Andi, start creating fun. Simple, um, exciting illustrations in no time at all. So I hope you enjoy this class. I really enjoyed making it for you. Andi. I can't wait to see what kind of images and and illustrations you create. So go create Andi, have fun.