Procreate Basics 2: More Digital Sketchbook Techniques | Stephanie Fizer Coleman | Skillshare

Procreate Basics 2: More Digital Sketchbook Techniques

Stephanie Fizer Coleman, Picture book illustrator/licensed artist

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13 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Quick Shapes and Lines

    • 3. Clipping Masks

    • 4. Sketchbook Technique #1

    • 5. Reference Layers & Color Drops

    • 6. Sketchbook Technique #2

    • 7. Mask Layers

    • 8. Sketchbook Technique #3

    • 9. Lasso

    • 10. Blending Modes

    • 11. Drawing Guides

    • 12. Sketchbook Technique #4

    • 13. Your Project

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About This Class


 Hi! I’m Stephanie Fizer Coleman.  If you’ve taken my Procreate Basics: Keeping a Digital Sketchbook on Your IPad Pro class, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of keeping a digital sketchbook.  Using Procreate as a digital sketchbook was a beautiful way for me to get acquainted with the app and learn how to use it in my own work. 

As an artist, it’s important to grow and explore and to try new techniques because you never know what’s going to take your work to the next level.  So in this class you’ll learn several skills and techniques that are fun and approachable and that can be applied to professional work as well. 

You’ll be learning these skills in an abstract way by playing around in your digital sketchbook and then start thinking about applying them to the art you’re creating every day. 

Each section of the class features a short breakdown of new techniques followed by a sketchbook technique exercise where you’ll apply what you’ve learned.

We will learn about quick shapes, color drops, layer masks, clipping masks, blending modes and drawing guides, and then we’ll do 4 technique exercises to practice what we’ve learned. 

Whether you’re brand new to Procreate or a seasoned pro looking for inspiration, by the end of this class you’ll master several new techniques to be added to your illustration arsenal.  

Head on over to the first video and let’s get started!





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Stephanie Fizer Coleman

Picture book illustrator/licensed artist


Hi! I'm Stephanie Fizer Coleman, a picture book illustrator and licensing artist known for creating wildlife illustrations full of layered color and texture. 

One thing I'm passionate about, whether I'm illustrating a children's book or designing a series of greeting cards, is creating digital work so full of lovely detail and texture that it's tough to tell whether it's a digital painting or a "real" painting.  

I work in Photoshop and Procr...

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