Procreate Animation for Illustrators: Create Easy GIFs in Procreate 5 | Brooke Glaser | Skillshare

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Brooke Glaser, Illustrator and Children's Designer

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20 Lessons (60m)
    • 1. Animating for Illustrators: Create Easy GIFs in Procreate 5

    • 2. How to Use this Class

    • 3. How to Animate in Procreate

    • 4. Prep Your Art for Animating

    • 5. Animation Type 1: Position

    • 6. How to Download the Exercise Files

    • 7. Exercise 1: Basic Position Animation, Cheers!

    • 8. Exercise 2: Guided Motion for Easier Animating

    • 9. Exercise 3: Clipping Masks and Shifting Eyes

    • 10. Animation Type 2: Transformations

    • 11. Exercise 4: Opacity Changes and Pumpkins

    • 12. Size and Scale Changes with Bubbles

    • 13. Exercise 5: Using Liquify

    • 14. Exercise 6: Masking and Erasing

    • 15. Animation Type 3: ReDrawn

    • 16. Exercise 7: Simple Blinking Eyes

    • 17. Exercise 8: Wiggly Lettering

    • 18. Exporting and Sharing to Instagram

    • 19. Giveaway: Win a Free Year of Skillshare!

    • 20. Final Notes

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About This Class

Procreate changed how I felt about digital drawing: it was fun. And it's done the same for animation. Other software is too techy and complicated for my taste.  But Procreate’s new animation tools are easy and really fun to use!

In this class, I show how to add simple, easy motion to the illustrations you already have. For the busy artists who don't have time to sit through a long class, there's a succinct breakdown of what and where the new tools are. Next, we'll brainstorm what KIND of movement to add.

There's a bunch of step by step examples, so you can follow along even if you've never made a GIF. This is not a class about serious animation. We're not going to be making labor intensive, complex animation. Just fun, easy, tips and tricks for adding simple motion to your art.

Even if you don't have your own finished illustrations, there's going to be files so you can jump straight in and try it all out. If you're ready to add new life to your art, then let's dive in.

Special thanks to Daniel Berg-Johnsen of for help filming sections of the intro. 

I also share my favorite art tips, tutorials, and other resources for artists via e-mail. You join in here.