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Procreate Animation: Create Fun, Inspirational GIFs for Social Media

teacher avatar Kelley Bren Burke, Digital Artist & Educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Our Class Projects

    • 3. Class Resources

    • 4. Floating Clouds GIF

    • 5. Clouds GIF: Using Text in Procreate

    • 6. Clouds GIF: Drawing our Clouds

    • 7. Clouds GIF: Begin Animation

    • 8. Clouds GIF: Procreate's Liquify Tools

    • 9. Sparkling Stars GIF

    • 10. Stars GIF: Using the Star Stamps

    • 11. Stars GIF: Procreate's Transform Tool

    • 12. Blooming Flowers GIF

    • 13. Flowers GIF: Drawing Flowers

    • 14. Flowers GIF: Growing our Flowers

    • 15. Thank You & Closing Thoughts

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About This Class

Hi! I’m Kelley Bren Burke! I’m a creative entrepreneur living in Minneapolis, MN.  

I love to make animated GIFs on Procreate, like this one:


In this class, we'll create three GIFS featuring inspirational quotes. You don't need to be an artist, illustrator or hand letterer to take this class. If you are you, you can use those skills. All you really needs is an iPad, the Procreate app, and a stylus. I'll be using the Apple Pencil, but any stylus will do. 

To help you with this class, I have supplies some great free resources for you: A Procreate brush set, a Procreate color palette, a list of quotes, and more! Hop over to the Class Project and Resources area to see all of the resources for this class. 

I have two other Procreate animation classes, so please check those out, as well! 



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kelley Bren Burke

Digital Artist & Educator


Hi! I’m Kelley. I’m a digital artist, and I love animation, collage and the Procreate app.

Most days, you can find me working at our Minneapolis home with our bulldog, Murphy.I'm a self-employed artist with two businesses. I started my first business in 2013 - Gems by Kelley. I specialize in minimalist gemstone bracelets. I’m sold over 11,000 pieces of jewelry on Etsy.

My newest love is art. After taking Skillshare classes for several years, I published my first two Skillshare classes in 2020. I create art digitally, using my iPad, Apple Pencil and the Procreate app. I love creating animations and collages.

Say hello and follow along on Instagram!


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3. Class Resources: In this lesson, we're going to be exploring the resources that come with this class. And to do that, you will want to be on a browser. I'm using Safari here because you won't be able to access the projects and resources within the skill share app here. So I'm on the projects and resources tab. I'm going to scroll down. And there are some free Google fonts that I've linked in this class. This one is called crushed, the one that I'm using in this Huxley quote, GIF. And I'll show you how to download that. You just tap on it and it opens Google fonts and then you can download the family. Click on that zip drive. And I'm going to open the file. I'm gonna go to crushed. And I am going to hit Share button, and I'm going to hit procreate. So then that font will be available within procreate. Procreate will come with some fonts, but I have downloaded a lot more fonts that I find. Some of them are free Google Fonts. Some of them I buy from artists on places like creative market. One of the things I really like about procreate is that you can use all of these fonts. And you don't need to be a hand letter. And you can get a lot of different effects just from changing the font, as you can see here, that we will look at some places where I go to get ideas for inspirational quotes and I save quotes. So one of the places is Pinterest. I love Pinterest and this is my quotes board. Feel free to follow me on Pinterest if you would like to see it, because I am on here often saving quotes and images that inspire me. So this is a great place to look for quotes. You can search on Pinterest to search short quotes. And it'll prompt you. Lets say we want short quotes for Instagram. And you can find a lot of other quotes that way. Another place I save quotes is good reads. And if you click on here, it'll bring you to my GoodReads quotes list. I have about 500 quotes, save to GoodReads. And this is another place where I go when I am looking for an idea for a project. Let's navigate back to skill share and we'll look at it. Another list of quotes that is in the resources here. So I'm going to click on it. And it's going to ask me if I want to download I do. I'm gonna go up to this circle. I'm going to tap on it. And it's going to bring me right into procreate because it's a procreate file. Here it is the list of inspirational quotes. I'm using R0 of these quotes then the class and feel free to use any of these quotes if they inspire you. Let's navigate back to skill share it and we're going to look at a couple more things. We have to more downloads and they are both or procreate. I have my procreate color palette that I'm using in this class, and I have my brush set that I'm using for this class. Those get downloaded the same way I'm going to click on swatches, gonna ask me if I want to download it and minute click on k bb quotes. I am going to find that alphabetically within my files. And here it is, and I'm going to download it. You'll find palettes that you've recently downloaded at the bottom, your color palette. So here it is, the KGB quotes color palette. And the other thing that I have downloaded is the brush set. You'll find that at the top of your brush library called the KVD quotes kit. So there's five different star options right there. Three of these, the bottom here do actually come with procreate. When I'm doing a project, I like to pull all the brushes together and save them within a brush library, we have two versions of my modelling. These brushes. They are the same brush, but one is just a little thinner. So that's all the resources that I've supplied for you to use in this class. I hope you find them to be helpful. I will see you in the next lesson. 4. Floating Clouds GIF: I call this animation floating clouds. We're gonna start by hitting the plus sign here and opening a new canvas, animation square, which is 1500 by 1500 pixels. The palette I'm using is the KBD quotes palette that is available to you in the project and Resources section of skill share. And I'm going to choose a soft blue here and fill my first layer with that color. Next, what we're gonna do is draw an orange circle. And this is just to play with the animation a little bit. It doesn't have to be a perfect circle, but we can make it one choosing circle at the top. I'm going to fill the circle here. And we're gonna go to liquefy and explore the various tools available there. So right here at the very bottom, we have different percentages that we can apply. I am just going with 40% across the board for size, pressure in momentum with none and distortion. And you can experiment with this. Those are not the best settings for absolutely everything. They just work well for what we're about to do for this class. Next, we're going to explore the various options above that, starting with push and moving on to twirl, right? And so on. So push, you can use your pencil to either push out or n. And as you can see here, you don't need to even be on the circle to move it. You can be honest, or you can just kind of tap outside there to make a movement. Next I'm going to choose twirl, right? And what that does is, as you might have guessed, twirls your shape, right? And you can do this by holding the pen steady like I'm doing. Or you can pick it up and just twirl various parts of it. Tor left is the same except in the opposite direction. And as you can see here, there's lots of fun effects you can get with liquefy next time in a pinch. And that just makes things smaller. I'm within the circle now, but if I pinch outside the circle, it would actually make things bigger. It's essentially reaching for my pen here, as you can see, expand is the opposite of pinch. It expands if you're on the color. And you could also use it outside the color. And that would be kind of like pushing it, expanding outside the color and pushing it in crystals. What that does is it kind of crystallizes the edges here. If you are looking at the edges, it crystallizes them. And so again, you can do it all over or in selected places if you'd like. Edges, kind of the opposite of crystals, it smooths out any rough edges as you can see here. And there's three different ways you can undo what you were just doing. You can choose reconstruct. And with that you kinda waive your pencil around it. It'll start slowly. Going back on the areas that you're reconstructing. You can hit a just and that has a bar where you would be moving it back all the way to that circle or stopping anywhere in the middle. And then reset. We'll just quickly bring you back to your original orange circle. So that is a brief overview of liquefy. Let's delete that and start our animation. Let's pause there and I'll see you in the next lesson. 5. Clouds GIF: Using Text in Procreate: Next I'm going to add the quote that I've chosen to use for this class. I have a list of suggested quotes as well as a link to my Pinterest board for quotes. I'm going to use a quote by Penn Michaud drawn. And I'm going to add the text by going to wrench Ad, Ad Text. I still have this bright orange color, so I'm going to change the color to a dark blue and then choose the darkest blue on my KDD quotes and then bring it down a little bit. I have to be an edit text. So now that I'm on edit text, I can choose the darkest blue here and then just make it even a little bit darker. You can see that you can play around here until it looks the way you want it to look. So what I did was I copied that off the internet and I just hit paste there. And I'm going to edit text again. I'm going to make that all caps. And I'm gonna choose a free Google font. I don't know how to pronounce that, so I'll spell it. It's POI or t0, t1. And again, that's an all caps. I'm going to turn on my drawing guide here and I'm going to drag my grid size to the max so we'll be able to center our text easily. And what I'm actually going to do here is change the color of the drawing guides so you can see it a little bit better and make it a darker blue. Okay, and I'm gonna duplicate that text. Drag the bottom one down. Go to edit text, and I'm going to put the author of the quotes name. Here. I'm going to use the same font, but not in all caps. So her name is Michelle drawn. And actually she has those little dots over her. Oh, so to do that, you can hold down in the o and then just navigate to that. And again on her second oh, there we go. I'm gonna make her name a little bit smaller and make the quote a little bit bigger here. But still centered. I think that looks pretty good. I'm gonna group the words together and label this group words. Good. The next thing I'm gonna do is edit my drawing guide again. And I'm going to bring the grid size to about to about 194 pixels here. And we're going to be using the grid to help guide us in the animation. And I'll show you what I mean later. But for now, it's a grid size of 184 pixels on canvas, that is 1500 pixels by 1500 pixels square. I'm going to hit done here. And then I'm going to turn on animation assist. And we are going to put the blue background in the background. So we're going to toggle background on in the bottom there. The next square is the group of the quote. And we want that to be in the foreground. So we're going to toggle that on. So the things that are going to be moving here are the clouds. And I'm going to start drawing the clouds on a new layer. I am going to grab a brush that comes with procreate. It is within the elements section and it's called clouds. And I'll have the size at about, It's at 23% start, I am going to choose a really, really, really, really light blue, almost white color for my clouds. And then just start drawing pumped. Let's pause there and I'll see you in the next lesson. 6. Clouds GIF: Drawing our Clouds : We're going to have five clouds here. And I want them all to look a little bit different and to be spaced out in a way that looks organic. But for now I'm just gonna draw five clouds and then I'm going to move them later. Maybe one would be longer, some would be smaller. So maybe bigger. What you don't want is for any of the clouds to be cut off the page. You don't want them to be like that. You want them all on the page for the animation purposes. To other things you can do to edit your Clouds are to use the smudge in the erase tools with the cloud brush. So because I'm on the cloud brush right now, if I hit smudge, it will automatically navigate to using the clouds brush as a smuggler. And if I hold down a race here, it will automatically navigate to using the clouds brush as an eraser. So you can see what that looks like here. I'm on a race and I don't end up using smudge a whole lot with us, but you can see what it would do here. The next thing I'm gonna do is grab my selection tool and move the clouds around a little bit more. So there are different, I have the selection tool, unfree hand. I'm gonna start with this top left guy and I'm going to maybe angle it up a little bit more and make it even smaller. I'm going to push it back to the very edge there. And next I'm gonna go to my top right Cloud and sound selection there I think I might. I'm gonna change my settings down here to free form and not magnetics. So I could make this cloud a little bit long and thin. This one almost flips, cut it off on the edge of their undo all that. So I'm just playing around with the clouds here and making, trying to make them look random. Ok, so I like that to start. Let's pause there and I'll see you in the next lesson. 7. Clouds GIF: Begin Animation : Okay, so the next thing we're going to be doing is moving are clouds forward. We're going to move them forward one square each time. And then we're going to use a liquefy tool to change them a little bit, but I'll show you what I mean. So I'm duplicating my clouds and then my animation settings. I want my onion skin frames to be at none actually for this one. And this is a slower animation. So I'm going to just start with my frames per second at three. We can certainly address that later. And this animation is going to be a loop. Okay, so we have our top layer and we are going to move them forward about one square each time. So I'm going to use this bottom left guy as a guide right there. So right now the end of it is right there and I'm going to push it forward just about one square. I'm going to turn the settings on here at the bottom too, uniform and magnetics again. And now I'm going to grab my liquefy tool. And I'm going to start moving the clouds around very subtly. So there's just a little bit of change each time. Twirling tends to give one of the more dramatic effects here. But you can also do a pinch. I'm gonna push this cloud forward a little bit so it'll disappear first. I'm going to add a little bit more cloud to that one. I don't think I've done anything to the bottom guy. Maybe I will expand it in the back. And in the middle one I'll take my cloud eraser and just her race at a little chunk of that. Okay, so we're gonna duplicate that top layer and choose the new top layer and move it forward again about one square. And what we'll be doing is the same kind of thing. Again, I am going to go to liquefy, push, push that one kinda off there. I will pinch this bottom one. He is my cloud brush to change them a little bit. I will have I told yet here, twirl these forward a little bit. And that will be enough. Duplicate, take the top layer, move it over one square. And next we're going to speed it up a little bit. Okay, now we have just the top cloud on the screen and a tiny bit of the bottom one. See if I can push that bottom on a little bit more. Can they use my brush to add and subtract to this top Cloud? And we'll twirl right. We have our last cloud here. I'm just going to pinch it here a little bit. And then duplicate that last one and then hit clear because we want the last screen to be clear. We are going to test your animation here by pressing play. And the clouds are moving and it's pretty subtle, I like it. And we are going to complete our animation by doing the exact same thing, but moving the clouds backward. I'll show you what I mean in the next lesson. 8. Clouds GIF: Procreate's Liquify Tools: Okay, so I've navigated down to our bottom cloud layer. I'm going to duplicate that, choose the bottom layer. And again, choose a guide. I'll use this top cloud up here to push it back one square. And now we're gonna be doing exactly what we were doing before using our tools of smudge, erase, liquefy. I'm gonna go to the bottom layer again, duplicate it, choose the very bottom layer, push it back a square, and I'm going to continue on. Okay, we're done to our last cloud here, so we will continue to adjust that one. And we are going to clear our last layer. So there's nothing on there. I'm going to turn off the drawing Guide. And we are going to look at our animation. I think that looks good. The clouds are moving pretty subtly, but you do notice them. Let's look at the speed here. This is three frames per seconds. Obviously this is way too fast. Let's try 44 is a little fast. Try to, I think two or three is probably the right speed for this animation. I'm gonna stick with three. If we wanted to export this animation, we would go to wrench share animated GIF. And on this screen, you can adjust the speed as well. Or you can just choose to export it. You can export it to a variety of places including your camera roll, which is what I usually do. So if I hit save image here, it would go right to my camera roll. Okay, I will see you in the next lesson. Thanks. 9. Sparkling Stars GIF: Hey guys, welcome back. I call this animation speckling stars. So let's create a new animation, square, 1500 by 1500 pixels. I'm going to be using the same color palette, that's k, bb quotes that's available in the project gallery for you as well. I'm gonna start by filling this first layer with the darkest teal. The brushes I'm gonna be using for this one I have together here. There's the five-star brushes that come free with the class in the downloads. And then we have Nebula, which is procreate brush, and light pen, which is also a procreate brush from the luminance section in procreate. But I just duplicated those two brushes and pulled them here together so there would be ready for this animation. So going back to KTB stars, I'm going to grab my nebula, grab this darkest blue here, and my nebula cloud is up at about 60%. I'm going to dotted around here who? I like that. The thing with this nebula brush is it's very cool and it's hard to get super consistent results. You know, I kinda like it just as it is right now. It has this one dark spot right here kind of in the center that I'm gonna see if I can do anything with. I'm just going to grab a light blue and see if I oops. Oh, that's kinda cool. I did not intend that, but like I said, it's very hard to predict exactly what you're going to get here. If I flip that, kinda. I think I'm happy with us. What we're going to be doing is putting a quote on top. Okay, so this is going to be our background. So I'm going to drag the layers over and group them together. I'm going to label this group the background. And then I am going to add some text that I've copy pasted from online. So wrench Ad Ad Text, I'm still on that purpley color, so I want to pure white here. And I'm gonna go to Edit Text. Click in the box. And I am going to copy paste from earlier. I'm going to hold on my finger here. And I'm going to paste the quote that I pulled earlier. And as you can see, that's too big for the screen. So I'm going to edit my textbox. I'm gonna change the font. I'm going to Edit Text, Edit Style. And I'm going to choose a free Google funds called crushed, and that is available in the class downloads. The link for that is there as well. I am going to edit the text. I am going to center the text by turning on the canvas drawn guide, edit, drawing guide grid size max, and reading that text. So the little nodules line up. So now I have this centered. The text is a little light here. I want to make sure that that's a pure white. It's not, when it's a pure white, it's all Fs. So now we have that. And here's a trick. The font a little bit more bold, you can duplicate it. And then when you have two layers of font, it's just a little bit more bold. I am going to make one more copy of this. This is the original. I'm gonna pop it in the background. Turned off. So we have editable text later if we need it. And what I'm gonna do right now is grouped these two layers together and now the text is rasterized. So if I undo that, you can see the difference between what it looks like here is the text and the text box. And then when you rasterize that you're essentially just turning it into shapes on the page. And it looks different. There's the how it looks differently, the layers. We could try putting a little shadow behind here. Let's see if that works. I'm going to alpha lock this layer, grab a black, I'm going to fill the layer and I'm going to bring it down to taps to the lower, right. And sometimes it's hard to see what effect you're getting from your shadows. So if you turn it on and off, you can see what effect you're getting there and if it makes it more legible or not, obviously, you can use any quote you want and you can add a shadow or no shadow. But if I bring the shadow just one tip back over this way, I actually kinda like that. So the shadow just went. I brought it a tiny bit. I think it was two taps over here. And then I brought it back one tap in opposite direction. So that's a really subtle shadow and I like that effect. So now I have these words together in a group them, and label that foreground. And now we're set up for our animation. So we're gonna go to wrench animation assist on drawing guide off. We don't need that. And then this bottom panel here, we are going to make the background, the background and the words in the foreground. We're going to tap those onto the foreground. Let's pause there and I'll see you in the next lesson. 10. Stars GIF: Using the Star Stamps: In the middle here we're going to have our sparkling stars. And I'm gonna name my layers here, 123. I'm not a real stickler about naming layers all the time. In this one, it is important to have some way of differentiating them. So I do recommend naming your layers in this case. Ok, so we are going to have three different layers of stars scattered about. And I'm going to start with the first one. You'll get five free star brushes with this class. And you can see them right here. I just call them KTB star one through five. And I'm going to start with the first one. I have a pure white here. And I'm going to scatter the stars about the canvas here. And I'm gonna do about five of each type and I'll show you what I mean. So 123451234512345. Of course, if you want more or less stars, you can do it however you'd like. One too. 34512345. And next seminar grabbed the light pen. The light pen is at 22% and I'm just going to use that. You can press harder or lighter to get a different effect. I'm just going to use the light pen that kinda fill in the gaps here. I think that looks good. We're going to move on to layer two for these settings. I don't want to the other layers while I'm working, so I'm just going to turn the onion skin frames off here. And while we're here, I know that 15 frames per second is going to be too fast for this animation. So I'm going to bring it down to three, going back to layer two and r star brushes. About five of this 1234512345. You could vary the sizes of the brushes as you did this. But you don't have to. I don't think I'm doing 22234. I had a start earlier that was off the page and I don't want that because we'll be flipping that around. I just don't want any stars at our cutoff. And down to KTB star 512345. And then the light pen to fill it in. Just a little bit heavy over on that side. Layer three, same thing. Okay, so we have our three layers of stars here. I will see you in the next lesson when we begin animating. 11. Stars GIF: Procreate's Transform Tool: Okay, welcome back. What we're gonna do here is get some variation and in Our Stars and an easy way and that's just by duplicating the layers. So I'm gonna duplicate one twice. I'm gonna duplicate two twice. And then three as well. And then I'm going to start at one. I'm going to choose the bottom one. Click on the arrow. And I'm going to flip it horizontal. And I'm gonna move on to the next one, and then I'm gonna flip that one vertical. So that way we have three different star layers that were done very easily. So the bottom two flip horizontal, the middle to flip vertical. And the top two, we'll leave it be the bottom three. Flip horizontal, the middle three, flip vertical. And so the next thing that we wanna do is move our layers around. So there's just even more variation. And this does not have to be exact in any way. I'm just trying to not have the numbers close to each other. Like I don't want a bunch of 2's. So here it looks kind of random. And then what we're gonna be doing to get more of a sparkling effect is we're going to be playing with the opacity of the layers. So I'm going to choose Layer one and I'm gonna bring the opacity down to just 88%, just does not have to be precise at all. And I'm gonna bring the second opacity down to 34% and the third 264. And I will leave the next one at a full opacity. And the next one, I'll bring down to 45 and the next 127. Totally making this up. And I encourage you to do the same. The next one, I'm going to leave it 95% opacity and this 164. And let's see how that looks. When you have the different varieties of the opacity, it gives more of a sparkling star effect. You could certainly do it in a different way. So there was a higher opacity, but I like this effect as it is as far as this speed. That's three frames per second. And I think that looks pretty good. There you go. So you have Sparkling star animation that you can share on Instagram, Facebook, wherever you'd like. I will see you in the next lesson. 12. Blooming Flowers GIF: Welcome back. I call this animation blooming flowers. Let's open our animation square canvas and choose r, k, bb quotes, color palette. And let's get started. I m going to start by filling the first layer with a dark blue. I think I will choose in this case the second darkest blue. So I'm going to fill that layer. Next, I'm going to add some texts that I copied off the internet. So I'm gonna go to wrench Ad, Ad Text. I still have that dark blue selected, so I'm going to switch to white. I'm gonna go to Edit Text, delete the word text. So I'm going to press my finger down here in the center here and hit paste. And that brings over my quote that I had in GoodReads. I'm also going to edit the text. I'm going to use a font that I pulled off Google fonts for free. And that's called a nomadic SC. And I'm gonna go with the bold option there. So you could do regular or bold. I'm gonna continue to edit the text. So I like the breakdown of the words on the page. I don't like that big dash, so I'm going to change that. So that looks good. The next thing I'm going to do is I'm gonna draw a little flower pot. And in order to do that, I'm going to turn on the canvas drying guide. So wrench drawing guide, edit, drawing guide. And I am going to choose sort of a medium orange for the flowerpot. And I'm gonna use my KB B big monoline brush here. So I'm on a new layer and i'm going to draw just a standard kind of rough flowerpot shape. I'm going to use the quick Shape Tool, choose quadrilateral, and use these lines here to guide how I want my flower pot to look. So what I'm doing here is the top nodules are gonna go roughly to each corner. And then these bottom ones are gonna sit kind of in the middle of the square. And then I'm going to fill it with color. The next thing I'm gonna do is center these two items by editing the drawing guide and bringing the grid size to max. The flowers that are going to be growing here in the middle. So I want to leave plenty of room for that. The next thing I'm gonna do is draw a little shadow underneath my flower pot. So I have a new layer. I'm gonna drag it under my flower pot. I'm going to choose a black and just draw a little oval, little rough oval here. I am going to change the shape of my overall by hitting free form. And I think that looks good. The next thing I'm gonna do is add a Gaussian blur to my Oval. So magic one Gaussian blur. And then I'm going to bring it to about 10%. And then I'm going to lower the opacity of my shadow. So it looks subtle. So I haven't at 34% here. I think about 50% is good. The next thing we're gonna do is organize our layers. So the top three here are going to be in the foreground. So I'm in a group them together and label that foreground. And the dark blue layer, I am going to label background. So we are all set up to start animating. In the next lesson, I will see that. 13. Flowers GIF: Drawing Flowers: Welcome back. The next thing we're gonna do is turn on animation assist. So wrench animation assist on. We don't need our drawing guide anymore, so I'm going to turn that off. I'm going to navigate to the bottom of the canvas here. And I'm going to turn the background on and the foreground down. And so those will be holding steady while our flowers grow in the middle. So the next thing I'm gonna do is choose a color for my petals. And I'm just going to start dotting colors here. What I've done here is I've duplicated my big monoline brush. Let me show you how I did that. So I'm gonna duplicate that. And I am going to just name this top one thin. And then this other one I'm going to use as a more thick option and I'll show you what I mean later. So I'm going to rename this FEC. And again, she's done and done. So it saves the name. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna be using the thin brush fourth lines. And I'm going to use the thick brush to make little colored dots like that around the canvas. We're gonna go back to choosing the green color. I'm going to start with the third teal. And we're just gonna see what these tools look like. So the third, fourth, fifth, I think I like the fifth. And then I'm going to choose a color for the pedals. And we're going to either choose the lightest peach or the second lightest ph. And here I think I'm going to go for the second lightest ph. I'm going to clear those. One thing I forgot to do is I wanted to add a little detail to my flower pot. So we're going to navigate back to the foreground and do that. So I'm going to add another layer on top of the flowerpot. I am going to toggle clipping mask. On that way. Anything that we do on this layer, no matter what we draw, will only apply to the pot. And you can do any decoration that you would like on your pot. I'm going to do these little squares and you get this brush with the class. I'm gonna choose a white. And the brush size is at 10%. We'll see how that looks like that. And I'm going to draw just three little rows of squares onto the flowerpot. Okay, let's go back to drawing our flowers. I chose this middle ish, teal color for the flowers. And I'm gonna use my thin monoline brush to start drawing. I'm gonna have that at 4% to start. I might increase the size later as the flowers are getting bigger, we'll see that the first thing we're gonna do is just draw one little stem to start. And this kind of animation where we're redrawing everything is kind of like one of those flip book animations that you might have seen when you're a kid. That's it for the first layer. We're going to add a second layer and draw on top of that. One thing I want to do right now is look at my settings for my onion skin frames. I want them at one for this animation. And I often like the onion skin capacity at about 30% I know 15 frames per second is going to be fast for this animation. So I'm just going to bump it down to six for now. So we can see with the onion skin, that first layer faintly on there. And we're going to draw the center flower. We're gonna make the stem a little bit bigger. And then we're going to add one tiny stem over here. To start. We're going to add one pedal to the metal stock. And I'm going to draw my pedals like that. And then I'm going to add one little dot of color. I'm choosing the second lightest peach and my thick monoline brush. I think that looks good. Okay. So now on to the next layer, thin monoline, the teal. And when it makes a central flower grow a little bit more, I'm gonna make this side flower girl a little bit more. And I'm going to add a new third stock over to the right. I am going to draw my leaves and fill them in. And then my flowers are gonna all follow a similar path. So I have my thick monoline here. I'm going to add a little circle there. I'm going to add a bigger circle here. And then I'm going to add little dots of color around here just for kind of fillers. And again, I'm just using my thick monoline as kind of a stamp there. So my flowers are gonna follow a similar progression. And all of these, they're gonna start it as a stock like this one. And then we're going to add a leaf and a little tiny circle here. And then we're going to have the circle get bigger for the next step. And we are going to add with the thin model line just a little kind of, I don't even know it. You would call this the green thing that surrounds a bud. And just looked at my husband for an answer and he shrugged. The little parts of greenery that kind of encase the bud there. Okay, let's move on to our new layer. Go back to the thin monoline, make this a little bigger, that bigger, bigger. And now we're going to add a new little stock over here at our leaves. Now we're ready for the second phase of our flour and which we kind of elongate the bud. So it's more of an oval than a circle and it's a little bit bigger than it was before. And again, we're going to grab our teal. I'm gonna grab my thick monoline and add some of those little dots around there. And I'm going to do that in this peach color. And then I'm also going to grab the orange from the flower pot and start adding those in. Okay, let's, we can just see what that looks like now. That looks good. And we will carry on to the next phase of the animation. I will see you in the next lesson. 14. Flowers GIF: Growing our Flowers : So we have our new layer, we have our KPB thin monoline. I'm going to bump that up. It was at 4% and then bump it up to five, just so my stocks naturally get a little bit thicker. And we are on the new layer. And we are going to grab our teal color again. Make it a little bit longer. Add this new stock over here at our leaves. Now this flower is going to move on to the next phase where it kind of goes into almost a little heart thing here. And I'm gonna grab my thick monoline and my peach color and then go back to my orange juice and those little dots around there. Okay, moving on to the next layer, we have just a couple more layers to go. So teal color, thin, monoline. Our tallest flower, is going to go into the final phase where it becomes just kind of a long peddled daisy kind of thing. Transitioning to the thick monoline to add some daps. And we're gonna put an orange dot in the center of the new Flour. And I forgot to add a dot to our little stem thing over here. Okay, well, I don't really love what I did here with the. All in the leaf behind it. But one of the nice things about animation is that the squares are moving so quickly that the details don't have to be perfect because they're just going to be a blip on the screen. So let's create a new layer, grab Rutherford monoline again, the teal color and growing our flowers. So let's test our animation. I think that looks good. What I'm gonna do here is these flowers are getting a little bit close to the quote. So I'm just going to bring them down a tiny bit and I've grouped them together, so all the layers will move together here. That's good. And then I'm just going to ungroup them. We are going to do one last layer to our animation. And when we're running our animation, we're going to have this layer hold for about, let's just try ten seconds to start Eight seconds. So then people will be able to enjoy the fully bloomed flowers. So of all the layers, I will put the most attention to detail in this one. Sometimes when I'm doing a lot of color fills, I'll bring my canvas to the color drought, so I don't have to move it as far over time. Okay, so let's test our animation. I like the speed of that. I like the way the flowers are blooming. I'm just going to pause it on this last screen here. And I wanted to avoid doing this, but it's really bugging me that the flowers are encroaching upon my quote. So I'm gonna show you how to fix that. I'm in a group all flowerpot layers together. And there's still within the foreground. And so I'm going to move them together down a little bit, and that includes the shadow. In one of these. You can see that now the flowers don't connect up with the pot, so we're just going to move those down. So we're going to group them together and just move them down just a tiny bit. And hopefully this will give us the effect we want. Let's see. Yeah, I like that. So we did it. This is our third GIF. And now you'll have a collection of three different inspirational quote, gifts that you can share on Instagram and on social media. And please remember to share any one of your gifts or more. In the project section of the class. I will see you in the next lesson for some final thoughts. 15. 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