Procreate Advanced: Activating Your Pro Mode | Leo Mateus | Skillshare

Procreate Advanced: Activating Your Pro Mode

Leo Mateus, Illustrator | Content Creator | Mentor

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10 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Quick Menu Hacks: Becoming Super Fast

    • 3. Finding Any Layer Easy (Without Opening The Layers Panel!)

    • 4. Quick Shape: A Quick Undo Hack

    • 5. Work Faster: Duplicating And Copying Multiple Layers

    • 6. Masking Several Layers With One Mask

    • 7. The Quickest Ways To Fill Layers And Shapes

    • 8. Setting Up Your Preferences

    • 9. Project Assignment

    • 10. Conclusion And Graduation Day

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About This Class

Ready to take your Procreate skills and knowledge to the next level!? Join this class and discover a series of tips, tricks and shortcuts to increase your productivity and speed while developing your own art style in Procreate!

If you love digital illustration and making art on the iPad, get ready for this special class from artist and illustrator Ghostpaper!

In this guided class, master advanced concepts and techniques in Procreate while learning the ins & outs of digital illustration on the iPad. Each chapter is dedicated to a specific shortcut, with visual examples and guidance from artist and illustrator Ghostpaper - these tips and tricks will help lead you through advanced concepts and settings on Procreate, so that you can save time and create your best future digital illustrations.

Here's a few key things you'll learn:

  • Saving overall time while drawing
  • Increasing overall productivity
  • Tweaking gesture controls to get the most out of your productivity
  • Understanding the importance of the quick menu
  • Unleashing the power of clipping masks and layer masks

      + more!

Whether you’re new to digital art or curious about Procreate, you’ll gain an arsenal of tips, tricks and tools you can use to start creating right away. After this class, you'll never be far from your iPad and your favourite creations on Procreate, wherever you happen to be.