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Procreate 5 Animation: Create Fun and Animated Gif on iPad

Design2Last, Procreate Brushmaker, Illustrator

Procreate 5 Animation: Create Fun and Animated Gif on iPad

Design2Last, Procreate Brushmaker, Illustrator

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5 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. 1st Animation

    • 3. 2nd Animation

    • 4. 3rd Animation

    • 5. 4th Animation

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About This Class

Hello there, 

In this course, I will be showing you 4 fun and easy animated gifs in Procreate 5. I really hope that you join me in this course. I can't wait to see what you create. 

Brush - Monoline (comes with Procreate)

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Procreate Brushmaker, Illustrator


Procreate Brushmaker, Illustrator

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1. Welcome: Hello, everyone. I'm showing with these admitted. Jim's inappropriate. We just need I five okita on this pilot, so don't bother. Do let's begin the foster. 2. 1st Animation: begin by creating a 1515 106 and document on DFA lip that the black color shoes, the white call up on. Let's begin the drink or whatever phrase a court you want. I'm going to right there to begin with you. One important thing to note over here is that this is going to be our last frames in the animation. Just ensure that you have. You are a little off traditions to what's the beginning and end of the wood? You will see later as to why I wanted to active traditions towards the beginning and end of the board. So once you're done ending the relishes, the world just grow. These tool adores. Since I made them in a different Leo, I just crop it on and then just duplicated so that you know, you have your Leo Onda. Then you can just march it with the black Hello, Leo, and just flat in this particular Leo on dumb. Once you flatten including new Leo and fill it with black a low and then it is part off it . And, uh so this is how our frame is going to be like, so the frame the force lay that media is going to be out of our fourth cream. This one is going to be a cord flame and unity movement parts from it, embracing the time so that you know it feels like it's growing like when you see the animation. In the end, drawing must have seen it so it could feel like that. So again to pleasure. This layer, the second group that you can see on your screen, duplicated after duplicating it. Just repeat the process that we darted over your just to move parts off it from the earlier on, and you can unhygienic. Previously about this right becomes visible. Do you Onda? Mistakes can always happen. You can always click the undue burden, or you can the world Abdul single And this is how the process is like eso. We are going to be this process on more dying. The main reason I wanted to do this animation was because you can see the work authority and you can see that it's growing. So let's repeat the process one more time high the previous there on just remove parts of B , E, J, O, B and N on the One thing that I notice here is that I forgot to put the door on the I on be adding it later on and you've been always fix a few mistakes. Only issue what you're there is that sense We didn't I to the force. Leo will have released more small wiggle in the I thought so, but I want to show you this process, so I think it's so It's OK. Even if I made us more mistake on I'm almost done with this I. One thing I wanted to see over here is that if you feel that I'm going to go fast and you enormous or no other spear on, you can watch the known peace on, let me know if you have any questions or comments of the shooting over this. Drop it in the discussion on I'll be there wants you in case you need off. The step is not clear. That Mingo The main reason I'm usually more like Russia. We're here because it's easy. It's there on your life, really on. You don't have to porches it now let's go and go to the original layer. Now what do the other earlier and just to be the process off the the door. And I on just make sure that the the other North student so before we want to the animation part. I just want to remain in the layers first on Duh. It would be easy for inciting getting me for years. And it's been a bit before three. I didn't. Why do? And one once you're done with this, um, just really injured. But peace and sure that dough or should be to talk mostly one. We should meet the bottom one and 213 on a didn't know ascending order. So once you're done with deck this Leo, you can just fill a layover black color and duplicate it three more times and argue, although groups Ondo Yeah, So once you're done with this Ford Live and it is black and no, it's already flat until we didn't make a difference. So now you can just see that this is how our animation is looking. And, uh, we're going to change it to ping pong and plain specific into five and against skin frames , 2 to 1 against in the past to 40% or you can raise it to 55% or so. Once you're done with that, um, you can just player it on and it looks good to me are depending on your days, you can fascinate us, Slowed the speed. So this is a land mission, And I'm quite happy that the Gators don't know, and so I'm going to leave it be and just export. There's a job, Ondo. You know that you do that. Show you how to explore the Jeff for now. Just ah, Liberty. Oh, and yeah. So let's move on to the next year. 3. 2nd Animation: so our second animation is kind of like 1/4 generation. The only difference is that we have a static are there? Do begin in the force. Information. Zach Animation. We have some warmer endured no for several duplicate before, so animation off would be needing it as a base in our animation. Eso, once you're done duplicating it, go to the layers and then create a new layer on but in black. And then just ensure that you flat in all the four sticking toward Put the Viennese How copy off originally. So just flat in these layers on the Lord capacity off the layer and Joe's in one of my brush and just start riding on dog the like those. So once you're done with this, just delete the layer 15th we don't need anymore. So you deleted. And once you're done deleting it, just repeat the process. Plant in the layoff with a nuclear north capacity, and then start writing on top of you knitters. You don't have to imagine 100 percents, and it should be like it's deviating too much from your original. It does just try to keep a little similar O on that would do the trick. Number 4 to 1 next layer. I just noticed that I forgot the board and the forced there. So let me just call it didn't directly on Deus lower capacity in the second there, and then I'll just go to the post layer and create the I. Once I'm done with it, I'll go to delete the second there, and we want the next layer flat in it. The capacity created a new Leo and start writing that our noble thing. So this process needs to be repeated just one more time. Are you going to Pretty does intend anyone, but I'll be eating it just for time was the original animation that you did not only for the four layers or this time was I just do it for the four years we need to be. The close is just one more dying, so I'll just rename the layers once they're done renaming the layers. Then let's move on to the next step. No, no, it's until done, whether just on Haida layers and warned the first layer juicy a local oh, on the bright yellow while the Jews a once they're done choosing the bright yellow again The moon align brush Simply create some small or Dicle lions along So one journal with the force where who wanted us again male and beat the process. So I know the positives loss. So I'll just capacity and again with the layer with the world lines No, I'm choosing bank alot on I'm just so going over the lines You have to just repeat this process for all the layers one Carlier lower the capacity on the four second there Andi, just to be the process yellow and pink ordinated lee in all the layers. - So once they're done with this goto ammunition assist on And once you don't on the animation assist then ensure that you 40 forced to learn the group and after that, create a new lay off a little black and more start in the second layer and we have a word for two more times. So depleted for touring Fort Lane as well, Rupert. And for the portly and then grumble. Once you're done grouping it, you can see that I saw more clearly an extract rain. So I'll repeat. I'm just deleted on renamed these groups to, so long as they don't really mean that this is removed. The extremely A that you have the animation pattern. Andi I have chosen paying for on this is going little past formal like it just lower these speed and the other sitting that we have a nation. Friends just slowly toe on bond. Three actually looks good to me, but I know there's one thing that it does not have. One of the layers, the dash in it. So I just figured out which year did, and I'll just clear the dashing that Leo Andi once I'm done Clearly, I'll just so you're doesn't sit with polio and I'm done. So once I'm done with it, you can see it with no seamlessly blending toe. Once we're done with this, let's more to be next Animation. 4. 3rd Animation: So I've chosen a Pinkola off this information as a foreground color eso again, right in the same sentence on their to begin on you can choose which it was kind of like, what? Keep in mind that like they should not be too close to each other. So once we're done with this, just I think it's not really straight. I'll make it straightly. Don't but as a not a skeptic, Italy on Jews, Alfa Lock and I'll through the blue collar and print than they ever did this color and then create a new layer above it and just fill the layer to create a treaty effect. All right, so once you're done with this as most of two lives on and just change the hue saturation right now that you're like on, then I'll just get loose and then I'll just straight into a bird because I don't need it's oh, yeah, now it's it looks much better ones that that's just use of lack alot and tenderly over there, and I'm just showing it toe you so that you know how it looks with the black background you can render that's black On his attacks, pain back low. I'll show you how to do it later Video and just roll causing low and once you choose causes low. Uh, don't go too high and just make sure that we were able to see it and just duplicate effect . And they sit in different different plants covering the whole L for bed. So once you're done with this, just insure that you layers are arranged in ascending order. The forced avoid causing lonelier should be their border most. And as we go off the layer should the last layer should basically the one which the talk most. So just I just duplicate my origin in jail, on lard in it. And so this is how we haven't got broke My original Leo. So now I think you must be getting an idea of what I worked with nuclear. Make a clipping mask next. So once you make a gripping mosque, this is going to be on only restricted with only this particular layer eso. So once you're done with this photo animation, assist on Jews, your black new and black Phileo and so the background color and I just don't name It's as second transition toward position for front shoes. Work makes before you understand. So once you're done with this group days toe Leo's like force transition with the one on you can remove the layer on so I'll show you about the base like Joe makes. Makes it feel good. Who's that? So once you're done with this goto animation assist and juice layer fire as your bad grown if you warn the black color too short I for the first part I'm showing you This is the animation and look so good. So I just wanted to go in Lose is not in the pain from where so and I dont give black love liberals and I made in the background on Now you can see a little ammunition. It looks a pope this wonderful with animations on to share it. I'll show you in a couple of seconds. I appreciate it. Plus, I really hope that you like this information. Andi know the sharing part global share option as it adjusts and negotiate it Is that all? We don't divide and transparent, but we all have been shared like this also so which are still stills can do that 5. 4th Animation: slowly onto the four Domination. You can basically write the letter that you want. I'm going to go Sansa way on. And once they're done writing the letters, well, I'll show you what the next I'm going to using the same court. Daito pickin on Just move the begin towards the center. So once you're done making the adjustment and then creating the certificate will list of new clothes and again repeat the same process, we'll make a treaty. Andi here also, it's important that there are some scab, obviously, that does. So once you're done with this, I'll show you we won't repeat this process again with a different color thing is the basis of this animation. So once we're done with this, just mortar to this on, and once you margin and duplicate the layer and just fill it with the yellow cholera on once your true Don Julian, the local on block it on duh and this spending deal, so I just be letting a Louis needs Madrid different. So once we're done with this, ensure that he put in a group and origin layers back and then just change the colors off these Unidos while legal do. Another one is yellow and so in. Get that Maybe going with this. So once we're done with this, duplicate the forced our layer and make sure that you put it in the third place and thinking they're put in the fourth place on dark, Rainy have inordinate one. And this way we'll have going in order to mother. And, uh so once we're done with this, you can basically oh, clear Google animation assist for the animation, insists I just want to put some dots around the day to begin port on. So once you're done with the blue dots, go to the second layer group basically on, then just help unlock it and make it yellow duplicated first and then put it in the second group. And then when you were the second group, help unlock it and make it yellow filet o. And then just move it over. And Peter's process for torrent for a group as well. And yeah, there be kind of Halvard No, Andi don't know that emission assist will juice pink ball of flame source. Second boy Onda on menschen famous on this and yeah, so this is going a little fast But it's all up to like home. You want Oh, a justice, their things in order for so there we have erred are or animations. So you also Once you're done with this, you can choose a background color changing the background color. Oh, like you're no scholar on. And once you've done changing it like your local life and see the magic happen. And I really hope that you like this class on getting into question solutions that let me know.