Problem Solving & Decision Making: Analysis Tools, Methods and Techniques

Ali Bouzid, International Consultant, Coach, Author

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8 Videos (28m)
    • Fundamentals for Soving Your Problems & Making Sound Decisions: using Pareto Analysis

    • Pareto Analysis: Conclusions

    • Pareto Workshop: for your Business Analysis

    • Pareto Analysis: Practice Activity (Project)

    • Using the 5 Ws to Solve Your Problems, Business & Personal

    • Class.2 Top-Up, Project: the 5Ws

    • Using Action Plan and Gantt Chart for Your Analysis Results

    • Class 2 Top Up B, Project: A.Plan & Gantt Ch.


About This Class

You are considering to make an important investement for example. If you turn to Pareto Analysis with a view of using the 20-80 Rule you may solve your problem at best: investing 20% for an 80% return ... that's what Pareto Analysis leads to: 20% of the effort for an 80% gain! 

To teach you effectively the Pareto concept (80-20 Rule), this Class uses a practical example of a 'Heath Treatment case to demonstrate how you can use such a powerful tool in most of your problematic situations.

The last part of the lesson will introduce to the SMART Objectives and the Problem Specifications that Problem Solving requires and which form the basis for the Powerful Concepts inherent in the Pareto Workshop that will make up the next lesson.

Finally you are shown how best to use the 5Ws: What, Where, When, Why and Who and as and added BONUS you are guided through the process of using The Action Plan and the Gantt Chart to organize and present your Analysis Results..

Projects are used along with every Problem Solving Tool introduced to help you develop the appropriate Skillsby putting the Tool & Methodology learnt into practice.

Please Reach out through the Discussion Area if you need help, or Contact me directly through the platform!

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Ali Bouzid





Ali Bouzid

International Consultant, Coach, Author


Ali is an International Consultant, Coach, Author and Infopreneur.

He post-graduated from Brunel University (London, UK) in Computer Sciences (MSc) and from University of Wales (Cardiff, UK) in Management (MBA).

He has developed, over the last 25 years, an extensive professional and academic experience, in UK and North Africa, through high level Conferences, Seminars, Coaching, in Person and Online - in a range of fields, including:

- Quality Management Systems, ISO Standards, - Computers Services, - Information Technology, - Human Resources, - Management / Leadership- Consultancy and Coaching- Training and Personal Development.

He has published 4 eBooks, including: Marketing Management, International Business Management, Applying Business Tools and Organizational Behaviour

He an experienced Online-Instructor (Udemy), a University Teacher and a Professional Trainer (his Private Seminars)

His Vision is to share these professional skills and experience through Professional Training, Audits, Consultancy, Coaching and Infopreneurship - in English, French, and Arabic, in an International Environment, both in the professional and academic worlds.