ProCreate Artists on Spoonflower: Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Shop Up & Running! | Jennifer Nichols | Skillshare

ProCreate Artists on Spoonflower: Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Shop Up & Running!

Jennifer Nichols, Leila & Po Studio

ProCreate Artists on Spoonflower: Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Shop Up & Running!

Jennifer Nichols, Leila & Po Studio

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5 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Setting Up Your Account

    • 3. Uploading Your Art & Understanding the Settings

    • 4. Fabric Collections & Fill-A-Yard

    • 5. Tea Towels!

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About This Class

It took me a while to figure out how to get up and running on Spoonflower and I’m hoping this tutorial will help others have an easier time with it. I specifically added a video just for tea towels because that one was especially difficult for me! 

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Jennifer Nichols

Leila & Po Studio


I’m Jennifer Nichols and while I’ve always been an artist, I’m also a teacher, a musician, and a lifelong learner which is one reason I love Skillshare! I love sharing what I know about iPad art and the Procreate app. My teaching style allows you to follow along with me which is a great way to retain information and apply it elsewhere. 

If you are new to Procreate, I would start with the Beginner class and then you’ll be ready for any of my other classes! I gear most classes toward beginner and intermediate level procreate users. ANYONE can succeed at the projects I teach no matter what your artistic abilities are! All resources that are needed for my classes are given as free downloads, including palettes and brushes!


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1. Introduction: When I became so addicted to seamless repeat patterns, I try to figure out what I could do with them, and one of the things that seemed pretty obvious to me was making fabric. Spoon flour is a wonderful website where artists can post to their shops and get commissions off of any orders that people make on their designs. They also are a wonderful company printing with environmentally friendly materials and all of that. So I highly recommend them and to get started. It was a big learning curve for me, so I'm making this video to hopefully help others, um, have, ah easier time with it. 2. Setting Up Your Account: uh, to get started. Just go to spoon flour dot com and up here in the corner, tap joined. And of course, it will get you through the start up process pretty easily creating an account. You'll need a PayPal card to get paid from spoon flour to be a seller. And Teoh get your account started up, so you'll need an email that you want to use. And, of course, all of your general join log in information, and I'm gonna go ahead and log in to mind so I can show you some of the other account settings. Once you're in. Once you've joined, if you go to the little a little person Icahn appear and go to account, it will bring you to this page right here. And these tabs are important to work your way through. You can do some password change. You can select what sorts of emails you want to get. And, um, if you have any orders, you have order history. Spoon dollars is just the the amount of money you've made and spent. I make enough to order my own fabric tax information. You'll need Teoh go through all of this. There is a process for verifying your account. So make sure you find this page and have all of these. There's another one down there, but I don't want it to show my address Privacy settings where it says delish in this is where you can delete your account. This is giving spoon flour information for your preferences for external marketplace and home to core use for your designs. So that was in the account settings. If you go into my shop, this is where once you get some designs on here, this is This is the link that you might send people to come in. View your specific designs. Once you're on this page, yours will look very different because you won't have any designs and you won't have your banner or your photo. Here I am adding a procreate file to the resource is section that is the banner size I used . This was very challenging for me. Based on, um, what spoon flour says the banner size should be. If you go to edit your shop, it gets tapped twice. You have some choices here for, um, what, you want your shop to look like you can add a little bio about yourself that shows up over here. And if you have a blogged toe link down here is where you add your banner photo. It says 8 68 pixels by 1 17 pixels. And I'm not familiar with photo shop, but that many pixels in pro que is a team. See tiny thing. So I used the same dimensions. I used the same proportions, I should say, and I increased the size and created something that worked for me. It still shows up a little bit fuzzy down here, but is way better tham some other things that I tried to do. So if you choose to use it, it should work pretty well. And what you'll do is you'll have, ah, procreate file just like this. I have a reminder to save it as a J peg because for some reason, when I was uploading a PNG for the banner, it it wasn't working quite right. And then, of course, that's a layer you can turn off and delete whatever you want to dio and then just create your own, um, banner. You can insert some of your art. Your art is probably much bigger than this banner. For example, this banner is only 10 inches by 1.5 inches, so it's actually pretty close to that size right there. But you could just play around with it. You don't have to use it if you don't want to use it. But I've added this in the resources section for you and just to hopefully help with the ease of getting your shop started up. And it does need to be less than two megabytes, which that would be the procreate file that I that I'm providing. Um, when you choose a photo from here heels, you'll save as a JPEG, and then you'll choose your photo from here. When you do that, let me give an example. This was one of my test images. It says that this particular thing is 232 kilobytes, and it says, choose image size. If you tap on that, you can make it a different size. So if your image size is larger than two megabytes, then maybe you can just choose a smaller one here. This is what did not work for me when I saved the banner as a PNG, it didn't ask if it didn't ask me this. It didn't give me this option right here at all, and it was too big of a file and there was nothing I could do about it. So you'll choose your image and you'll upload it. You can go looking through other people's shops and get an idea of what they put in their banner. Change it once in a while. Things like that. You'll went to upload a photo of yourself or whatever you want. Maybe your logo. This one needs to be less than 500 kilobytes, and that's about all for editing your shop. So that option again is right here. If you go to Studio home, this is your own information. You can manage your studio preferences. You'll just have to go through that that in and decide how you want your studio home to look. And it gives you a rundown of just some of the stats basically and then designed library. This is where ago the most. This is where I add new designs, and in the next video I will show you how to do this. And this is the part that took me so long to figure out, along with the banner shop banner and details, So we'll be talking about all of that and more. 3. Uploading Your Art & Understanding the Settings: however, you choose to create your art and your seamless repeats, I obviously you may have seen I have classes on those how to do those in procreate, um, our reaches to create your designs. You just need to save. I believe you have to save it as a square. That's just how we've always done it. That's how I learned to do it. There might be other ways I will be showing you with this image here for some of my Halloween October. Our daily art prompt images that I had turned into a seamless repeat pattern. So this is 1/2 drop repeat pattern. You can see that by how it's this scarecrow is dropped halfway down between the two scare crows over here. So the way that I do may Haftar up seamless repeats is now I haven't image that actually will repeat just as a grid. So you can see it does repeat from here to here. And that makes more sense if you watch the half drop repeat pattern class. So my my background is transparent so I can do whatever I want with it, and that's good and bad for me. I love being able to make multiple, um, colors. Kim's bet. I also have a really hard time deciding which one I like best. So for the indecisive person, it's just gonna cause your work to take a little bit longer, That's all. Okay. What? It's sick with green. We'll pretend like they're all in a farm in on a field somewhere. Share I share as p and G's for quality purposes, save the image and go into your spin flower shop. Years will be blank. It should have all of this. But all of obviously you won't have any designs uploaded yet. And right here, you can tap at a design. I'm also noticing this Upload your design tab right here, which I've never checked before, so I just wanna check it really quick. Okay. Brought us to the same place. So that's good to know. Yeah. So it's just the same place she has filed. It does say choose files plural for me. And I don't know if it's because of the iPad or what. I can never choose more than two. It fails if I choose more than two and I attempt to just do one, because it does take a long time even just doing one. Here. You'll have to read the fine print for, um, all the information they need for your their rights. You have to the art and then upload file. This takes a while. The process bar is not accurate, so don't let that worry you. If it's sitting on 0% for a long time, it just goes 0 to 100. Boom! When it's done, at least well, everyone's rolling. I get one that goes bumps up to 50% and then to 100. So this takes a while. I'm not going to speed up the video because I want you to see how long this takes, and I'll just show you sometimes what I do while I'm waiting. As long as I keep that window open, I can come over here and multi task. So if you've got a project you're working on or if you want, if you want to create another design, are the same design with a different colored background. You can come over here and there it's, it's loaded, so we'll just we'll just get rid of this for now. You'll notice it's a little blurry. You can tap right here preview info, and it will lead you right here to more information about why it's blurry and all of that. It's It's understandable. It's a little bit side that people can't really see the details, but I'd rather it be blurry and prevent image theft. So right here, we leave it on the regular repeat. For for this design, you'll have to choose what you want. If you're entering a design challenge, it will tell you exactly what to do for this or what not to do here. You can make a design smaller. You're looking at 1/4 of a yard right here. There's a ruler, and you can select yard. If you want to see kind of visualize how big your design is on a full yard, it looks like my scarecrow Zahra, about six inches tall. So depending on what you're kind of intending the fabric to be for, you might want it to be bigger or smaller. You'll have to just kind of judge I I end up going a little bit bigger than I probably should. I know quilters usually use smaller patterns because there's a whole bunch of little cut pieces of fabric. And if you have a big pattern you're not going to see and a good portion of the design, so just make a call here. It's very, very, very important that you once you decide on what size you want your designed to be that you tap save this layout. There are other things on this page that you don't have to save when you make a change, this one is really important. It will not save this change. If you don't tap that and you can see the little spinner, it takes a little while not quite as long as loading the whole design over here. You can delete your design if you realized you see a mistake and you need to go fix it and try uploading at the revision. Or if you've already made all these changes down here, which I'm about to show you and then you see the mistake. You can go fix the mistake and procreate, save it as an image and then upload the revision right here. So your design is now saved. The size you want to add is now saved, and you can see has a computer generated um, label or title here, down here. I remember the 1st 1st few times I did this. I didn't realize there was anything below this on the page, so that made a lot more sense once I figured this out. Here is where you can change that title. This is one of the things the automatically updates. You'll be able to see that as soon as I stop back. Spacing it says updated. So let's see how low wind will just keep it simple. Collections. We're going to talk about this later. I have Swatch collections. I don't have any coordinating fabric collections, but I really want to start doing that. I'm adding a link in the resource is project Resource is section that spoonful Our recently sent out a block post that explains collections and why it's a good idea to have them and how you can use them and all sorts of things. So you'll get to that link in the project section. I use watches I use. I use collections for swatches to order my new designs, and I'll talk to you about that later. But if I wanted to well, so I can go ahead and I'm gonna check third a swatch set for this design tags. We really just want to tag everything you can think of up to 13 tags says right here, and you need at least three. There's some ideas for what you can, Um, Tag are just giving ideas for things to tag. I'll dio Halloween Scarecrow, Crow, Candy, Corn. What else is in there? Bats, spiders and anything else you can think of up to 13. Down here, the spin flower has this kind of prey age, a computer generated collection of colors. Here, you're supposed to choose up to four that you feel best represents your design. You can see these four are already selected, so you have to if you want to tap orange instead, you have tow uncheck one of thes because it won't let you select more than four at a time. I think I will go ahead and tap the dark orange as well and even the purple, because there's a lot of purple in the bat. The green I'll keep because the background is green. I wish there was a blue. Sometimes these colors don't seem to make sense to me why they've chosen these colors. Uh, this is when you have to tap update, and then you can see it's updated here. I'm selecting T to go ahead and put this in my public gallery, even though it's not for sale yet. Some people like to keep that private until it's able to be for sale. Once you order your swatch, we show you up here for a test swatch. It's $5. Spoon flour requires all fabric that's going to be made available to sell to have a swatch of some sort ordered. You can either order a yard if you're pretty sure you're gonna love that fabric and you want to use it, that can be your swatch. You don't have to order this $5 watch. You just have to order some fabric. So one of the ways to do that, um, with a cost savings instead of pain $5 every time you order every time you want to get one of your designs is to order a Fila yard, and I'm gonna have a separate video on that. So we'll come back to that. And that's also why I added this to my third Swatch set collection. Philly yards to have to these collections. Okay. And down here for thumbnail, I need to double check this. I think this is the view that people will have. This is one that's automatically updating. I think people will have that that view of your fabric when they're looking around on the website for it back to this stone here. Want to order your fabric for the first time? Whether it is you're a yard or two of your fabric. A swatch, a Philly yard. Uh, thing of your fabrics when you get the notice that they ship, then you can come down here and you'll have more selections here for making it available for sale in your shop. You can do that even before you receive them. Some people wait and make sure they look great before they make them available. But you do have the option to do that once you get the notice that it has shipped, okay? And then once you're done doing all of that and you'll see my title hasn't updated yet. And that's just something that eventually will do, um, update to what you typed here. Oh, description and details. I usually don't do that I might on tea towels, I might start adding messed order linen, cotton canvas for tea towels. And again, I'll talk to you about that when we do a tea towel video. But, um uh, I have I have a red and white design that didn't wash very well, so I am trying a different way to wash it. And then I'm going to add a little comment in here about how to wash it, assuming that it works. And, yeah, once you do all of those changes your dent, there isn't a big save. All button, all of these air just all saved separately. And then you're done. If you want to enter a design challenge, this is where you do that. So you just select from the, um the drop down list here, whatever design challenge you're entering that design in, and then that will lead you to another page, and it'll tell you what to do after that. So these are the current design challenges that are going on right now that haven't closed to people entering them to get to a design challenge. You can go to discover that's where it is and go to design challenges, and these are the active design challenges they just announced. He's too. So I'm just seeing them for the first time, which is kind of exciting. Pop art, Citrus so you can go to vote now. This one's the current went to vote on, and it's pretty fun. These are the ones I voted for, but so I can't show you all of the other ones. But you can vote for as many as you want, and then you find out every Thursday, the winners. So if you get in the top 50 then you don't have to order a swatch for that design. And then there's other. So it's first place winner is $200 spoon flour credit. Second places 103rd place is 50. Top 10 will receive $20 of spoon fire credit, and then the top 50 will not have to order that swatch. So you're and then also becomes immediately available for sale. Design challenges are a great way to get people to view your shop right here, view all products. It's a very fun way to see kind of a mock up of your design on fabric. Well, paper when you see him in on that, these are pretty fun. Table linens, tea towel. These are all things you can order. Anyone can order betting and betting pillow shams and then living room to core. That's actually a curtain panel. That's funny. All this time I thought it was a shower curtain, Um, throw pillows and the throw blanket. You could tap on that, I think. Yeah, and you can see it. So that's kind of fun. And then you can order it. Oh, it's automatically selected Minky so you can order Donna fuzzier fabric. You can tap on one of those pillows or any of them, and maybe take a screenshot and then crop your screenshot and it's a little blurry. But then you have a a mark pillow there, so that is again, view all products. Next, I'm going to talk about collections in a couple other things. 4. Fabric Collections & Fill-A-Yard: So for creating collections. You can go here again and came down to collections, and I have my swatch collections that I'll be talking about later to create a collection. You can just start this way. Title it, describe it, make it available to the public or not. It's just do a test one, and I'm not going to make it available to the public. So here's the test. And then if you go back to your design library now in your spot here, you have, um, test as one of the options for wet collection. You want your design to be added to Let's go back to collections and here is how you delete it right here. So once again in the Project and Resource section, I will have a link to the block post from spoon flour that talks about collections and in different ways you can use collections and good ideas. There had some really great ideas to get to their blawg. You can go to discover and go to Blawg to get back to spoon flour dot com. You can go right there. I'm gonna go ahead and talk about ordering a fillet yard so people call them F A Y fill yard when you're on the main website. If you go over here to fabric, it could go to Philly Yard right here, and it tells you all about it. It was hurt to find information about how this is acceptable to do instead of swatches. Here's the templates for it. I've always ordered this one yard up to 42 designs. If you do 16 inch these air six inch squares, if you do 16 inch square for each design, you can get 42 swatches for about $20 so you can see the cost savings. I I don't save up that many designs before I order, Um, so I'm usually ordering, like, 20. This is nine inch square, so you'll be able to see a bigger portion of your design, and it's two yards, so it's a little bit more expensive, and it's 48 designs. And then there's these other templates they aren't has cost effective. Um, so these are the ones that are more cost effective for ordering swatches, and you don't need 42 designs. You can actually choose multiple squares for one design, so if you think about the cost savings just kind of do the math for, you know, eight designs at $5 per swatches, $40. So if you have just eight designs and fill this whole thing with eight of your designs for about $20 you're saving it. You're spending half it goes. We already already showed you how to create a collection. Um, I'm gonna go ahead. And she's a collection that I created a little while ago, and I haven't ordered these yet, so you need to choose a collection to make a Philly yard start designing. So it says, here's your collection created now you needed template, which is down here and the fabric you want to use. It only gave a couple options for fabric and these air some that I recently uploaded along with the Halloween when we just did. Before I actually order this, I'm actually gonna go in and make a whole bunch of different colored like maybe make this avocado toast with five different options of backgrounds or loaded again and make a smaller version of it so you can see that you can tapas many of these squares as you want these two designs just have a different color background, but they're the same scale. So where they line up, it actually works. Just like it's one solid fabric there. The thing you want to think about when you're making this is things that you might be able to make with a small section of fabric. So if you want to make a little zipper purse, then you need, you know, several inches of the fabric. Just make us watch. This is 12 by 18 right now. So you just feel your yard. It'll fill it in nice and evenly with your designed. I'm gonna make a large portion of that design. And actually, I think I'm gonna use a bigger section of that fabric for something and then just have a tiny bit of my I'm a monastery teacher said these air monastery materials that I'll make available for some other monetary teachers to use. If you have a whole bunch of fabrics in this collection, he'll be able to scroll up and down through this. And I did that on my very first order. I had, like, 40 fabrics, and it was really confusing to figure out which ones I got in which ones I missed, and I had to do a lot of double checking. So and pretty sure I got all of the's that was fairly simple, with only nine designs there. And then you just add it to your Kurt and view Kurt, and it takes a little while for it to pop up right here. You can go ahead and order. It's it's there, but the visual takes a little while to pop up. I found a glitch both times that I've ordered, and that is, if I don't order this right away, I lose it from the cart and I have to start over. I don't know if that's just from ordering on the iPad or if it's just a problem with the website. So, um, I would recommend that you do all of your spoon flour shopping, adding everything you want to your cart before you do. Before you design your fill a guard. Then you'll get your Philly yard added to the cart with all your other items, and then you can check out. So that is well, you know what? Let's see if we can reproduce the glitch. So I'm going to tap, keep shopping. I want to show you actually, one of the things I highly recommend you order, and we'll see if we can get that glitch to happen. Right now. I still see one thing at my cart, so that's good. If you go to fabric and right here sample pack, I highly recommend getting this. It's $3 the shipping is free. So even if you just order it right now, before you do anything else, you get this box. And it's kind of like a checkbook size box of obvious little samples of fabric of all the different fabric types, and you can feel them. You can see what the colors look like printed on them, and then the label on each one tells you what it ISS, and I just keep my little box in my desk and refer to it to see what the fabric feels like when I'm ordering fabric. Another thing I recommend is the color map. So if you go to design and sell and design tools, it's another way to get to the sample pack and then this color map here. I'm not familiar with this one, so that might be good as well. But the color map you pay for one yard and you get this huge yard full of the color. Um, all these color options with the color code on there. So it's hard to see, but it will tell you exactly what the color code is to get that color on your design. When you take your color code and you're in procreate and you're in your palate, you can go to this value and right here says Hexi Decimal. If you tap on that and just backspace and enter that color code, whatever it is, I'm just making something up. I don't even know if that was the color. It will show up right here. The exact color, that of the color code that you typed in. And then you can add it to your palate. Right there. There are some colors. I had a kind of ah, a darkish gray background that turned out almost black when it printed. So there there are certain colors that I've noticed that I would double check before I print. There was a purple also, that I was looking at the chart here and I entered. I wanted a really dark purple. I entered the color code in procreate, and it was a much lighter purple in procreate. And the downfall there is. People are going to see the design looking like a much brighter purple than what the printed design will be. So that's something that will be able to correct with the procreate five coming out and having that c m. Y que, um, I don't know how to phrase it. Compatibility on. I don't know how that's going to work, but it's a big deal, so it's exciting. So I want to see if we've caused a glitch here yet I still see one thing in my cart. That's good. One of the ways that I have caused a glitch is if I go back to my design library, I still see one thing in my cart, so that's good. Still, let's see if I can add this fabric to my Kurt. Let's order a fat quarter and add it to our Kurt. So right here it says it's added to my cart. Um, that window just went away. But it did also say that it had two items in my cart. However, right here it still says one. So it's still here. I didn't recreate the glitch. Hopefully, you won't have a problem with it. And yet it says it says it's my one yard cheater quilt. Sorry, my dogs just joined me here and there, making a little bit of noise. So when I show you one more thing over on the blogged, if you go to discover and go to block this cellar handbook, this has a lot of great information. As you can see. Um, just to make it a little bit easier for you, I will go ahead and link that. And in the next video, I will talk to you about t tells. 5. Tea Towels!: one of the first design challenges that I tried. It was a tea towel and I couldn't figure it out. I couldn't figure out what dimensions like. I figure out the dimensions, but I couldn't figure out the orientation and, um, how to load it and all sorts of things. I ended up giving up, and once I did some other design uploads and got more familiar with the site, I came back to it and I was able to figure it out. But I wanted to help anybody out who might be struggling with details, and hopefully this will make it a little bit more clear if you're interested in loading details. One of the nice things about doing T tells on spoon flour is you don't have to make repeat patterns, so you know, if you don't feel comfortable making seamless repeat patterns and procreate, you don't have to with details so you can have a whole shop of tea tells. Okay, so this the blogged and is the October design challenge themes, and this has the best amount of T tell information because all the themes were t tells. And so there's a bunch of information and If you scroll all the way down past this hometown tea towel, you even see a template here. You can download the template here. I went ahead and made appropriate file with all of this information in the resource is section and it'll open up a similar template. Actually, I'll go ahead and show you is right here. So I just had the gray zones and it shows the little arrow shows this outer edge is the fact quarter size 27 18. So that's the canvas size for appropriate canvas. This middle line here is the finished T tell size. But this white space is actually the design safe zone. So if you have, for example, some lettering, you wouldn't want it to go into this. Even though this is the finished size here, you would want to keep it in this design safe zone. This is actually where the hem line is going to be. And then it says top of tea towel right here. So you load your image in this, um, horizontal view right here. But when you're drawing your design, you draw it this way so that you have the top here. That's all in one layer, you could turn it off. And, um, you wouldn't want to draw all right on this layer so you can lock it, and you wouldn't want to draw on that later either. So you can just use this and then turn that off in the end, so have it on while you're drawing and then have it off when you save. When you make your design, you will want to have your background cover go all the way to just fill fill the whole thing. So whatever you want, your background Teoh toe look like it's safe to just go all the way to the edge. And then that will get folded under and hemmed and and the hem will just be whatever color that the background color is here and just have your have your design here, make sure you're in the safe zone. Then you're going to rotate it back. Turn off the layers you don't need. Turn off the T, tell zones layer, and then save this image in this direction, so I just go to share and save it. If you accidentally save it in this direction, it's okay because you can edit your photo in your camera, roll and rotate it. Just make sure you're rotating it so that the top is to your left. I wanted to show you that I did make this at 300 d. P. I. So it's 18 by 27 in its 300 d p I, which means that it only has eight layers. And that's for the ipads that have more ram. If you have a regular iPad, I'm not sure this will work for you. I will go ahead and create another one of thes at 100 and 50 dp. I just like this and I will include that in the project section as well. So I will title them 300 d. P. I and 150 d. P. I. And I'm hoping I don't have a way of testing. I'm hoping the 150 dp I will work for the regular ipads that are able to use procreate. And then I'm not sure how many layers that will produce. But even with I've had pro eight layers is not very many, So just do what you can. All right, so this this page, this is a black post, so it should always be here. I'm gonna link it in the project section, so you have quick access to this as well. It took me a long time to figure out where the best tea towel information waas I can get to t tell information on all of the design challenges that air detail challenges. When I am looking for it on the website and block I. I can't seem to find a separate topic on just details. It's always under the design challenges. Let's go back to procreate really quick. I'll go ahead and show you an example detail here. So I did this as October drawing, and I recreated it in the tea towel sighs. And I'm going to rotate it and save it as a PNG save image before I show you that. So the umbrella all if that is within the safe zone of the design lines. If you can imagine where those are on the page and then it's in my camera roll and it's it's it's sideways. So if it wasn't sideways, I can go ahead and go rotate it and it and then rotate right here. So as long as you're uploading the design in this horizontal version, then you'll be OK. So go back to spring flower dot com and go to your design library and at a design. Choose your design. Confirm that you meet all of those qualifications and upload as you can see you. You can't see the whole tea towel on here. You're going to go through the same process as any other upload, and you're going to go through all of these things and savior size here. There's too critical things to remember With. T tells if you have a design that is just for tea towels like this one. This isn't a repeating pattern. You have to put the tag S f for spoon flour, tea towel. All one word S f t tell so obviously need up to you need a minimum of three tags, so you need to keep adding tags. But that has to be one of your tent tanks. You should be able on a fat quarter. You should be able to see your whole design. So the other critical part is details have to be on linen cotton canvas, and if you can see that now, all of a sudden I can see my design. So linen cotton canvas is the recommended fabric that spoon flour recommends for t tells. It's also different dimensions. So it's critical that you use that fabric in order to get the full tea towel image on 1/4. And that means on a yard you have four full tea towel images. Miss Human here If you don't have that fabric selected, you don't have. Even though I have a yard selected, you don't have a full four images. I wish that, um, adding this tag of sf tea towel would automatically change that fabric tight, but it doesn't. You leave this on. I never actually mess with this. I always do Basic repeat for everything. And if you create something at ah higher DP I you're gonna need to mess with a scale here. So I just made it. Four of them fit on one fat quarter. But anyways, if you if you mess, I can't remember what dp I did this at, um, this check really quick because that is kind of important. I think it may be 1 50 canvas canvas. Information it is is 1 50 So I try not to do that. But for that design, I did so it loaded it perfectly. At 1 50 on 1/4 you get a full t tell on linen cotton canvas. If this were 300 dp, I I would be too. I'm changed my scale here to make it look just like this. Okay, then you can tap view all products and with that s f tea towel tag the only product besides buying by the yard, the only product you should see is the T tell. So if you don't see the tea towel option here or if you're detail doesn't look like it's the post to it means you need to change the scale or something. This is a completed tea towel. So it is on linen cotton canvas. So this is through, you know, the finished things. If you don't so and you just want to buy completed t tell you can do that. It is $17 for your your discount, it being a shop owner. I guess you would get it a little bit less expensive than that. So that's a completed T tell for $17 or you can pay 27. I think it iss for a full yard of linen cotton campus 24 with your discount and get four tea towels and all you have to do is cut straight lines and, um, him them, You know I am that the and I dont so so I don't I'm learning how to. So I used to know how to sew. So you just have to iron the edges and stitch them, making hems all the way around. So I know the completed detail also has a little bit of a thing in the corner to hang up by , but I don't think it's required. So that's how you load up a tea towel. So again you're gonna need to go through and change the name. Make sure this is the critical part. As F. T tell, I had only ever done tea towels in design challenges. And when you enter a design challenge, if it's a tea towel design challenge, Spin Flower automatically adds the tags that they want for the design challenge. So they had automatically added the tag s f t tell. But I hadn't realized that that was such a critical attack. So that is my little bit of information for you. So the critical things Linen, cotton canvas and sf detail tag and you have to tell designs thanks.