ProCreate Art School- Learn To color and ink fast | Araina Asher | Skillshare

ProCreate Art School- Learn To color and ink fast

Araina Asher, Illustrator

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8 Videos (45m)
    • Trailer

    • Starting to Color

    • Color Palette

    • Basic Layers

    • Beginning to Ink

    • Using Texture

    • Add texture to couch

    • Finishing Kitty and Chair


About This Class

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to the 3rd class in my series Procreate Art school!! In this class you will learn how to color your artwork in Procreate. I go over the basics of:

  • Inking
  • Color Dropping
  • Using Texture
  • using Alpha Lock
  • Selecting a Color Palette
  • Recolor and Moving Layers around.

I have chosen a blank drawing to walk you through my process of coloring digitally. My process is not the only way to color but it's my way and I have a blast doing it. If you are new to Procreate ,no problem this class is for beginners . See you on the inside!





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Araina Asher


Hi there!

My name is Araina and I am an aspiring Children's Book Illustrator. I attended the Art Institute of Seattle and graduated from Lasell College with my B.S. in Fashion Design. I have loved to draw since I was a kid. I grew up watching my dad draw and paint and from there I quickly caught on. I spend most of my days drawing, painting and chatting with my little ones! I draw EVERYDAY sometimes all day! I believe drawing daily is such an important part of building your skills as a...

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