Pro Create Art School-Create a Quirky and Fun Character in 5 Simple Steps | Araina Asher | Skillshare

Pro Create Art School-Create a Quirky and Fun Character in 5 Simple Steps

Araina Asher, Illustrator

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10 Videos (19m)
    • Trailer

    • Breaking Down the Face

    • Simplifying the Nose

    • Simplifying the Eyes

    • Simplifying the Hair

    • Simplifying the Lips

    • Create Keywords

    • Best Practice Tips

    • Character Examples

    • Project


About This Class


I love Character drawing and so will you by the end of this class! Hi there, my name is Araina and I am an Illustrator that loves to create. I have created a class to teach any one to take a photo and create their own unique character from it. In this class you will learn how to :

Simplify the facial features:




and Hair

Use keywords to get your creative juices flowing

Breakdown the face into shapes; you will also get:

My Best Practice tips

And you will see some of my own Character examples

This is a very fun class that you will learn a lot from in a short amount of time. In this class I will be using my IPAD,The ProCreate App and my Apple Pencil. You Don't need these tools to take this class a pencil and paper will work just fine!


Q: Do I need to be an "artist' to take this class?

A: I believe everyone has some drawing ability and we all have a unique style, so no you do not need to be an artist to take this class.

Q: What if I am a beginner?

A: That is okay! Drawing is all about shapes and imagination and practice. 

Q: Does the ProCreate App cost money?

A: There is a free version, however the version I use is a paid version and well worth the price.





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Araina Asher


Hi there!

My name is Araina and I am an aspiring Children's Book Illustrator. I attended the Art Institute of Seattle and graduated from Lasell College with my B.S. in Fashion Design. I have loved to draw since I was a kid. I grew up watching my dad draw and paint and from there I quickly caught on. I spend most of my days drawing, painting and chatting with my little ones! I draw EVERYDAY sometimes all day! I believe drawing daily is such an important part of building your skills as a...

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