Private Investigation - How to Break-In, Stay-In and Succeed! (Series) Part I. Breaking-In.

Deborah Aylward, Private Investigator (Retired)

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3 Videos (11m)
    • Breaking-In Introduction

    • Entry-Level Field Surveillance Positions

    • The Secret to Breaking-In? Availability!


About This Class

                                Breaking Into the Thrilling Occupation of Private Investigation

                                  Or, how to keep cover letter/resume out of the circular file!

"I've always wanted to be a P.I.!" many people exclaimed when first met by this former P.I. Admittedly, private investigators work in an enviable field of endeavor.

This class is for anyone investigating private investigation as a long term career, or if simply seeking part time employment.

Every class reveals at least one industry secret or information not readily found in books or other online tutorials. You will learn valuable tips, tricks and techniques usually only learned from a mentor,  with mentors few and far between in this business.

Many hopefuls wonder how they can become employed if not having previous experience? The secret will be revealed in this class. 

Class content and material provide insight into what agency owners require of candidates regarding entry-level field surveillance work.*

You will learn how to write a compelling cover letter to prospective employers.



  1. Teacher is not an attorney and does not provide legal advice. Nothing herein is to be construed as legal advice. As always, if needing legal advice consult an attorney.
  2. Teacher is not affiliated with any state regulatory agency, and does not provide mandated/regulated training.
  3. Licensing legislation for change to licensing laws for any jurisdiction may be in-progress.
    Always check current regulatory requirements for a particular jurisdiction for making informed decisions.






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Deborah Aylward

Private Investigator (Retired)

Over a 20-year career,  Deborah mentored many entry-level investigators, training them to be the best, most professional investigators they could be. She also encouraged many mentees to go on and open their own detective agencies.

Specialized in domestic relations investigations, Deborah primarily provided surveillance services to  clients.

An industry leader, Deborah was appointed to a senior member position of a regulatory agency advisory board. She co-authored a survey for an independent study of the private investigator occupation commissioned by regulators. She was president of a statewide PI association.

In her spare time, she founded the first charitable non-profit comprised of almost 100 volunteer investigators nationwide, providing pro-bono assistance to parents of abducted children, with a 98% success rate. Author of "The Guide to Criminal Offender Public Records', Deborah was also featured on a Discovery Channel documentary "The Search for Missing Persons".

Mentees often say they hear Deborah's good advice echoing in their heads when out in the field and needing to make split second decisions. She's helped many investigators break-in, stay-in and succeed.