Prioritize What You Need To Do - Hack Your TO-DO List!

Amy Norton, Youtuber & Lifelong Learner

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3 Videos (13m)
    • A Great Tool for Prioritizing

    • The Four Quadrants

    • Organizing Your Task List by Quadrant


About This Class

Hello and welcome! This class will teach you the basics of an action priority matrix which is a life changing tool to categorize your todo list! Each quadrant represents a different type of task and priority. Quadrant One is all about emergency and absolutely urgent tasks that must take top priority. Quadrant Two focuses on tasks that are important to your life (such as learning a new skill, taking a class, making a career change, etc.) but often get pushed to the side as these tasks are not prioritized as "urgent". Quadrant Three deals with tasks that need to be done sooner than later but are often busy work type tasks (work meetings, that dentist appointment you keep pushing off, laundry, picking up eggs). Lastly, Quadrant Four deals with tasks that we should be trying to get rid of (whether by hiring someone, getting your child to do it, etc.) or pushing off (catching up on tv, mowing the lawn, junk mail). 

This quadrant technique has made me rethink which tasks are much more important in my life (continuing my education, skillshare class posting, youtube things) and which are not (magazines, tv I don't even like, etc.). I hope this class is helpful for you and allows you to rethink what you prioritize in your life! If you enjoyed this class - check out my other classes and follow me for future content! 

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Nice job on the class!
I've not had a lot of luck in the past with this matrix, but I found the way that Amy presented it to be really helpful. I'll definitely be giving it a try!
Katie Lane

Attorney & Negotiation Coach





Amy Norton

Youtuber & Lifelong Learner

Hello there! I'm Amy and I'm so glad you've stumbled on this page. I am really excited to be sharing videos here on Skillshare and Youtube. I am very passionate about being as productive and creative as I can be. On Skillshare, I am sharing videos about different productivity techniques that I have studied and tried out as well as Youtube skills I have picked up over the course of my channel. I love to use my time to the very best of my ability and I love trying different things to be the mos...

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