Printmaking Basics: Create Colorful Florals With Simple Materials | Charmaine Boggs | Skillshare

Printmaking Basics: Create Colorful Florals With Simple Materials

Charmaine Boggs, artist, educator, creativity crusader

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8 Videos (31m)
    • Overview

    • Supplies

    • Creating Colorful Papers

    • Create Your Stencil

    • Layering Background Images

    • Let’s Print!

    • Add Details with Pen & Ink

    • Your Project...Your Way


About This Class


Printmaking doesn't have to be complicated or require expensive equipment! In this class, you'll learn how to transfer a simple line drawing to a piece of styrofoam, then create a unique and colorful work of art using watercolors and printing inks. Use this technique to create beautiful art journal pages, handcrafted greeting cards, or artwork suitable for framing. Add embellishments with pen and ink to enhance your print, or leave it just as it is.

Perfect for beginners, this basic printmaking technique is easy and fun to learn for all ages and makes a great family activity. Just cover the table first because there will be plenty of opportunity for creative mess making! 

Under the Class Project tab, you'll find a pdf with a complete list of the materials used in this class. Here are links to the special printmaking supplies you will need:

Speedball Block Printing Ink

Speedball 4-inch Brayer

Rubbing Stick

Scratch Foam Board





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Charmaine Boggs

artist, educator, creativity crusader

 I'm Charmaine, artist, arts educator, and creativity crusader ... living an art-full life fueled by Starbucks and beach dreams!

After retiring from a forty year career in education in 2017,  I realized that I was not ready for a life of leisurely luncheons and golf outings. I'm sure the fact that I've never even played golf might have something to do with that! 

When I'm not busy working on my painting and printmaking, I enjoy spending time in my flowe...

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