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Printing Tricks You Wish You Knew

Tommy Howell, Math and Puzzle Guru

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3 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Printer Hacks Post It Notes

    • 2. Custom Label in Word

    • 3. Custom Shape and Size Envelope


About This Class

My handwriting is terrible. I use my laser printer to print labels, cards and envelopes, but sometimes I need something less permanent. Post-It Notes have just enough adhesive to be useful once or twice and they come in multiple colors and sizes.

I'm going to demonstrate how to use Microsoft Word to print a page of six Post-Its. I'll also show you how to determine which page side up on any printer to be able to use my technique. I'll mention some issues with this printing method and what kinds of printers to avoid. I'll provide a downloadable template for the size notes I have. Another module will show how to make a custom label size in Word for the size notes you have.

My template includes 6 different Sudoku puzzles. You are welcome to use these puzzles and my template to make other quick items that will fit in the Post-It Note form factor.

Finally, instead of printing normal white commercial envelopes on the printer, we're going to print our own custom shaped envelopes from an online template. They have to be hand cut and glued.





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Tommy Howell

Math and Puzzle Guru

My name is Tommy and I'm a native Texan who somehow wasn't interested in football even growing up under the Friday Night Lights. I was a math and science guy who went into computers for a career. Now, I'm trying to teach this old dog (and a few young pups) some new tricks. My first projects are going to be technology or puzzle related since those are both passions of mine. If you have something math, technology or puzzle related that you think I should be teaching here, drop me a note and I'l...

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