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Print the Perfect Postcard: For Invitations or Advertisements

teacher avatar Tyson Canty, Inspiring Innovation and Imagination

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Video 1 - Introduction

    • 2. Video 2 - Edit with Photoshop

    • 3. Video 3 - Setup Illustrator Document

    • 4. Video 4 - Design Your Postcard

    • 5. Video 5 - Upload Your Postcard for Printing

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About This Class

Need a quick postcard to start advertising your business or event. This quick 4-step course will have your postcard designed and uploaded to an online printer in no time. Take this course if you're pressed for time and cash.

Meet Your Teacher

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Tyson Canty

Inspiring Innovation and Imagination


Tyson loves to mix technology and creativity. Although she has a creative background with bachelor's degrees in Interior Design and Creative Writing, she found herself adding web design and graphic design to her skillset. Coming from three generations of educators, Tyson told herself she would NEVER teach, but has found herself in numerous teaching situations. She enjoys the teaching process and seeing her students come to their own "AHA" moment. "You never stop learning. The only ways to ensure retention are to practice or teach. I prefer to do both." -- Tyson

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1. Video 1 - Introduction: welcome to print the perfect postcard. I'm urine structure Tyson Canty. In this course, you will learn how to edit your photos and photo shop. How to set up an adobe illustrator document how to design the front and back of your postcard. And last but not least, how to upload the finished postcard. This course consists of five videos. Do you know number one you're watching right now? You know, Number two is the editing of your photos or graphics. Be doing number three setting up your document. Video number four is the design work, and last video is uploading your postcard for the first assignment, Please post in the gallery. What message? That's your postcard will be advertising your target audience and then also introduce yourself so that we can get to know everyone in the classroom. Let's get started 2. Video 2 - Edit with Photoshop: Welcome back to print the perfect postcard in this video. We're going to edit our graphics or are photographs. Now it's a key to make it easy is make sure that your subject is on a white background or a background that greatly contrast other colors. So, for instance, on this is a picture of a cat and it's on a white background, and I want to take away the white background. So what you need to do is go to the tools over to the lift inside. You're gonna go for tools down. It's like the magic wand, and if it's not showing, if you hold down the lift click button, you'll see it over here in the list. What should you do is to select the white background. It's such it will be highlighted and then keep one selecting. Make sure that the second selection right here with the two squares that are white it out is selected, and you can go around and select the rest of the white areas, and they're going to hit the delete button and it takes for the white background and then to de select right click and then go down to de select. And they were going to save this picture of the cat as a pan gene and click. Yes. And you're gonna ask that the compression would be the smallest and and the interlacing none. Click. OK, okay. You can go to the dog picture and he's on the white background. We're going to the same thing. We went to select anyone to make sure that, um, second selection is is selected and probably around the dog. And then click the delete button. Who would diesel it and go to save as and cook. Panji is selected? Yes, okay. And her last picture is the house and did the same thing. Make sure the signals sickness selection is selected quickly. Near click Delete de Select Save is and the q three size in your pictures. You can always go down the size but not go back because of the pixel sizes. You can go from large to small, but not way around. So and that's end of this video and I will see you in video number three 3. Video 3 - Setup Illustrator Document: welcome back to print the perfect postcard. Um, in this video, we're going to set up our our Adobe illustrator document. And before we do that, I want to show you a, um all my imprint place that I like to use, and it's obvious to print, and I want to show you this is actually the different sizes of postcards available. So go to the store print dot com and you click on the marketing materials and what down the postcards. And if you scroll down, they will have their sizes. There's a standard of small and medium in the get larger. You are probably too, Joe, but the size that I like to use. And I think that is the maximum that the post office will consider a postcard. And it's the small the six by four. And so that's the size that we're going to use for our postcard. So close this outs and we're going to go to our Adobe Illustrator program, and we need to go to file new, and this is we're going to set up our document size, and we can call this a postcard and the number of our board we're gonna put in, too, Because we have a front and a back side in the size squinty custom is gonna be in inches the with its gonna be six In the height, it's gonna be four, and we're gonna click. Okay? The first thing they were going to do is to set up the borders because, um, we can't have our type going to the edges of the paper when you set that up. Okay, so you're going to click on your rectangle tool. I guess when it's done spinning, okay. And we're going to click and your egg probably down to the bottom. And if you look at the little square, that's, um, prime my box at the bottom. I want the with to be 0.25 so slowly dragged till it's 0.25 Uh, anyone to feel this is a color computers really slow right now. Okay, so the color that I want to make it is we could make you like a I'm like a teal cup, and they were gonna take where the border. I don't need a black border around it. I'm going to click on the down arrow and golly over to like the raid. I'm hash nine in that takes away the border and look that again. Make it go away. And they were going to copy and paste is gonna do controls c and then control V and it makes another one. I'm gonna move this to the age thanks to and keep on copying it two more times. And to rotate his gun, Jagger master the corner until the little curvy heroes show up. Anyone toe left, click, Spin it. And if you hit the shift key, it's just snap to 90. Drag this over and make this a little longer, and then you want a copy paste this the battle and they're going to, um, drag your air over lip left, click, drink, probably over select it copying pace and put it on the on the back postcard to seeking Had the same time the border. Okay, And this is gonna be the back part. Hope is the part that you can write on and we need an extra border space because the post office they need to look apply their barcode area like I'm here. It's gonna do directing with tool again drag and miss needs to be 4.75 inches long in the height is 0.6 25 May take a world, get it choose right have been five and then 0.6 30 is close enough, Satan, select it and drag it into the corner. And then we need to spot this for your mailing address over here. So, you know, for your boundary use and this should be 2.75 wide and 1.625 high and the schools right above that. And I make this a different color, so you won't get this confused. I would just make this McGaughey yellow, and then we need to save a spot that is for our stamp. So for your postage, this square should being 1.5 by 1.25 high and then down to five. Okay. Okay, it's close enough. Okay? And dragon dropped this appear? I don't want to name this layer. So for your layers, click on the, um when the symbol that looks like two papers that are overlapped right here, and we're going to double click on layer one and name Miss Borders, and then you can lock it so it can be moved. And so, before we print or, um, send it to be printed, we're going Teoh, turn off the layers by clicking the eyeball like that. Okay, That would have a new layer down at the bottom. Next to the trash can click on it. There was a name earlier graphics and name another layer text. And then we're going to save this. Say this and you're going to choose where you want to put it. But there's on my desktop in postcard, and I must say that right here and I looks good. Okay? And that's the end of our video number three sitting up or document. 4. Video 4 - Design Your Postcard: Welcome back to print the perfect postcard in this video. We're going to place our pictures in our ticks on our postcards. So the first thing we do, you open up your file should be where we left off, and we're going to place our pictures that we have saved. So you're gonna goto file, go down a place, and you're gonna find your pictures, and I want to place the cat first. And I kind of want him going off the page. So do that when his feet to make sure they're not trimmed off. So put it right above the line. But he's still It could be cut off just a little bit if they happen to trim it, but he should be fine them. And then the next one I want shown here is the dog. So goto file place and I want him in this corner. I became a little smaller. Slide him over to the age right there. And knicks. I want a place. Our text so far ticks gonna go over here to the type tool. It's the 3rd 1 Start the 4th 1 down on the left, and you're going to just drag text here and what I want to say is adopt a forever friend and I want this in in the fac hold, call my good axis, adopt a forever friend, and I'm gonna highlight it. And I want to change my tick size two pretty large. Um, like so. And what kind of go like ISS and some going to select the selection tool and use my arrows to push it where I want it? No, for like so I think on exclamation on the end of this, that's good. They could change your front color if you want. For instance, I could make this. If you go up to the colors by characters and you click the drop down that could make it like a the blue color. I think that Okay, so this is the front of the postcard enough for the back slide over. And if the measure that you don't write in the border areas and we're going to do the type tool and select on what the text to be black in my farts. I wanted to be the incised and I know one BT uh Oh. So what happened was I still have another Tech selected, So I bet it changed. Yes, it did. So go to edit and do types Dale, select the selection tool and click. I'm off of that one. And over. Can I just like the type tool? And now we can change what we want it the black This right here. Dropping Drake is black. I want to be the incised And what the size to be around its triumph 14 right now. And I wanted to say join the can any animal shelter this Wednesday It's the pixel on on the corner of main in Third Street from 9 a.m. 22 p. M give a dog or can't a forever home. And if you see right here, I have a have a hyphen. What you do is you select. They were going to right click. I'm looking for the paragraph window. Si Xing window. 00 here's my paragraph, tool. So click paragraph up here and, um, check the hyphenate box right there, and it should disappear. What I want to do is to move this text down because I want to add my last graphic at the top. So we're gonna quick file in place I must like the house and put it right here, and we'll put it in the center. Kind of. And if you notice from my layers for things from the text layer and to change that, you just photographic grab the colored box and dragged down to graphics. Hang on to that for each of your pictures to make sure their own the card player Donna Graphics. It's like the can check the box down and graphics. And then from my text, I never did turn my font color back to blue. What I headed at first. Okay, never go back to the back of the postcard. You're the choice to either to leave this part, to be blank, or you can add some lines. So you're just going to select destruction told to get out for that text area and they want so, like that a type tool again you were going to drag over and then just use the shift in the hyphen key. He contributed missing lines for you to write on, and that looks to be it. So let's turn off our borders line. Mrs. Hauser, Postcard will look the front in the back. Everyone to save Save the file. And what we want to do is to export each of these of the front in the back has a separate picture file, put the file down to export. And we want these two being J pigs, and we want to use our our boards so they'll be separate and click expert, and you make sure that it is only see and why cake just for printing and not on the RGB or the grayscale and the quality, it should be fine if I'd but for the resolution, put it on high at 300 and click. OK. And so, for your third assignment posted the gallery. You're too Jay paid files of the front in the back of your postcards. I'm gonna show you what they look like. This should be already in my file. I go where I saved the minutes in here is my friend of my postcard property. Come on, I don't want to just open it. Peter's really slow, but you get the gist. So the final postcard is J pig. And then here's the back of my postcard. So in the next video regards upload our postcards to be printed it the online printers 5. Video 5 - Upload Your Postcard for Printing: Welcome back to print the perfect postcard. You've made it to the last video in this video. We're going to upload our postcards, a front in the bank, and I like to use these to print, so I've signed it already. So I'm gonna do is go to marketing materials and select postcards, and I'm just gonna lead you up through the first couple of steps. So what I want to do is used my complete design that I've done slick, that in the size I want is a six by four and with the horizontal and wouldn't click continue. And when it opens up, I want to upload my drawing me my joins, Um, my design that I did wait for everything to load. Okay, so I'm going to click on upload your design. I'm gonna add an image from my computer, choose image, and when one goes, where have it saved postcard and wouldn't choose the front click open. And if you look at the trim line, it says that that the tail it, it's kind of on the line, but I think it's fine. And when at the back side now the big, um, there's a charge to have it in folk full color. But that's what I want. So on a select full color and I want to upload my design at image shoes image and choose the back part. Okay, I'm gonna click next, and it matches some questions. You know, I'm the check for the Texan for spelling. And after you have looked at everything is gonna click that have, you know, seen everything. Everything's fine. Click next. And it has a list of prices I want to choose, I guess the 50 click next. And then it kind of give you, um, like a preview of them how your stack is gonna look. You don't look just like this. And so from here, you just continue to place your order. You make payment, and they should be coming to you in a couple of weeks. And I thank you for taking this course