Print on Demand for Artists: Earn While You Sleep | Nic Squirrell | Skillshare

Print on Demand for Artists: Earn While You Sleep

Nic Squirrell, Artist and illustrator

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10 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Print on Demand for Artists: Introduction

    • 2. Why, and Why Not

    • 3. About POD and Nic's Tips

    • 4. Designing for POD

    • 5. Traditional Art Materials

    • 6. Digital Art

    • 7. Workflow

    • 8. Uploading

    • 9. Marketing

    • 10. A few more things

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About This Class


Passive income is a wonderful way of earning a regular income from work you have already done.  The effort is all at the beginning, and the income arrives with little or no ongoing input.

Of course, to make it a success you will have to put plenty of work in!  It's not easy, and it's not quick.  But it's great to be able to earn regular money while you sleep, or are travelling, or having fun doing something else.

In this class I will show you how artists can earn a good passive income from Print on Demand.  I will share my experience, discuss the advantages and disadvantages, go into detail about preparing your art, and show you how to increase your chances of success.

This class is great for both established artists and those just starting out.

So join me and lets earn some passive income!

P.S. You might also be interested in my companion class, Print on Design for Artists: Painting to Pattern to Product - the complete process.  It's a detailed step by step of my workflow for creating art for POD.

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