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Print On Demand For Photographers (Mockup Design)

Josh Thornton, ABC - Always Be Creatin'

Print On Demand For Photographers (Mockup Design)

Josh Thornton, ABC - Always Be Creatin'

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6 Lessons (60m)
    • 1. What Is Print On Demand?

    • 2. Preparing Your Image For Print

    • 3. Shirt Mockup Design

    • 4. Backpack Mockup Design

    • 5. Designing On Canva

    • 6. Conclusion

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About This Class

Print On Demand is an awesome service photographers can use to easily create and sell products with their work printed on them. Photographers who utilize P.O.D. love the fact that they can focus primarily on creating and promoting products without having to break the bank.

Virtual mockups allow us to view our images on hundreds of products without having purchase a product beforehand. This opens up tremendous earning potential for creatives, and gives our fans many choices when it comes to purchasing work from us.

Some of the benefits of P.O.D. are:

  • Hundreds of products to choose from
  • No need to store inventory
  • Relatively low cost or no cost upfront 

The course will teach photographers how to use The Printful and Canva to create a product grid for their potential online stores. 



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Josh Thornton

ABC - Always Be Creatin'


I'm a Photographer, Videographer, Graphic Designer, Youtuber and Teacher.

I enjoy long walks on the beach, basketball, and occasionally binge-watching SpongeBob SquarePants.


I said it. :)


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1. What Is Print On Demand?: What's going on. Family Josh it from a photography thing and welcome to print on demand for photographers and graphic designers, illustrators and all types of creatives. Now, what is a print on demand we'll print on. Demand is a service. It's relatively new. It's been out for years, but the evolves like every few months. But it's a relatively new service that allows anyone, um and specifically, you know, creative people like to create to take their images, whether it's a painting or photo or graphic or some kind of text or slogan. And it allows you to print your images on, uh, array of different products with that's hats, mugs, prints, large prints, more prints, canvas prints, hoodies, iPhone cases, pillow shower curtains, rugs and, like a ton of other things. Clocks, but allows you to take your designs and have the manufacture printed, shipped, manufactured the whole nine and sent out to fans and customers and family members who want to buy you work now. Traditionally, you know this. This concept isn't new. It's retail, right? But for the longest, if you wanted to, you know, take a design or photo that you had in sort of like open up another income stream, you know, with selling shirts or hoodies or anything I just mentioned you had the usually order in bulk by the order, you know, minimal. A dozen. Let's say teachers, for example, you had to order a dozen that you have to take those dozen, then do quality control, right to see if everything looks right. If you like the material material, the shirt and then, um, you had to sell them, right? Hopefully So you know, the drawbacks of that is that you had to have a considerable amount of money, a front you had that you had inventory, you know the story inventory, and you have to hope that people buy them. Right now we're printing demandas as it allows you to just take your graphic, whatever that is again. Whether that's ah, photo or graphic or a painting, you could take that image and upload them on, said the different products and get a visual reference representation which got a mock up, which we're gonna, you know, focus on this course and see what it will look like on a particular product and sell it without having toe ever have seen the product yourself. So, for example, you know it could take this photo uploaded on the T shirt, make a mock up, put it on social media, you know, whether that's Facebook or instagram or on my website, and someone could come to my website and purchase it. And what the print on demand manufacturer does is they print everything, ship everything and handled the customer service, which is sweets. All you really have to do as a creative is focused on two things, which is your designs, right? You're creative pieces, right? And, ah, promotion. It sort of cuts out a lot of the steps that you had to take in the past. So in this course, we're going to focus on, um, it's creating sort of like a product grid, right? You're going to use 46 or nine images of your you know, your different images and create a press sort of like a storyboard or not a storyboard. But a product board, um, for the, you know, use for yourself or for you to have a visual representation to send someone they wanted to see your line and that sort of have a quick snapshot. Um the way we're going to do this course is I'm gonna have you focus on one product at a time. Now we're going to use the principle. The principle is my favorite manufacturer. There's a ton of different manufacturers like prettify the pillow profits care bubble, Red Bubble. There's a ton but I love the principle. Incorporate Ah integrates with a lot of different acts like Shopify, Ecommerce and at sea and squarespace and different things like that. But we're going to take one product from the line of products. And, um, we're gonna make 46 or nine products from your images, right? And now the temptation will be to use, you know, book bag and to do, you know, ah T shirt and a print and on iPhone case. But for the sake of keeping everything nice and neat and making this super easy for you, I want you to choose one product, whether that's a book bag or a T shirt, a hoody or whatever you wanted to be and you're going to create. You're sort of like your first line of products from this product, So that means 46 and nine book bags for six and T shirts for 6 to 9, uh, pair of leggings and so on and so forth. Um, and after we do this, I'm gonna show you how to use another free software called on Canada. Canada is amazing. Can Va is pretty much like photo shop or light room for four graphic designers, but also for people who aren't as familiar with graphic design as other people. So if you have no graphic design experience or you still want to learn, however you're still learning, you haven't quite figured out how to do everything seamlessly. You can use camera for 14 tons of inspiration. There's tons of free elements and photos and different type of templates that you use for inspiration. But you can use this in sort of manufacture different things, whether it's four Web like Instagram posts or Facebook posts or And or you can make products from the from from the templates, right, whether you use get inspiration from like a certain type of text of the way to Texas laid out Um, it's it right I can go on and on and on, but I won't because you'll see this later. One in the in the course. But that would be your assignment. Select your images selection product creator Mark Ups in the Creator. Marco Grid to share with us. Harold. Skill share. I see you guys in the next video. 2. Preparing Your Image For Print: array. Welcome family to video number one. This video will be super sure, but before we can, you know, let's say eventually you do want to print these products. You want to make sure that you optimize. Prepare your images properly so that they'll print out with the perfect resolution and color. So first we talk about color. Now, when you're talking about computer screens and TV's those, the image that they project are done and was called RGB Red, green, blue. Um, sort of a color palette. Right? But when you're talking about print, print is done in what's called CM. Why K s taking over the photo shop RGB Red, Green, blue is how we get our images on computer screens and televisions. But we were talking about print. We're talking my see him walk a Which chance for science magenta, yellow and black. Right. So, um, for the sake of this course, you can create everything in RGB. But if you want to really prepare these images for print, you want to make sure you convert your images to see him. Why, K, um, otherwise use. You may run into a couple of some difficulties with, um the saturation not being as vibrant as it looks on the computer screen. Um, it's sort of like annoying little things like that. So when you're preparing your image first fall, if you want to make sure that the size is the size that it needs to be, So I just popped up a couple of images here just to show you. So this is Photoshopped. To check the size of an image, you can come over here to image image size, and it will give you a breakdown of the size of the embassy because you could see this is 14 my 14 inches. You can convert this the pixels if you want to get the pixel size right before saying about 14 images and the resolution is 303 100 dp I right. So this is a decently size image which will go well on a T shirt or almost any product, Um, that you can produce because it's a decently size right? Let me show you this way. And this, for example, the inverse eyes you could see this is only three by three by three inches, right? So if we try the upload this on the principle it wouldn't take it because of resolution is too small, right? There are some, like, sort of like tricks around that. But for the sake of this course, want to make sure we do everything right. Okay, So when you're creating a new image or, you know, getting ready to upload an image is made, you want to make sure that you have the color palette and the resolution down packed rights alternate toe. This two inches really usually late to go, maybe 18 by 18 dependent on what you're printing. So, like this apparent leggings, of course, this would be bigger, but a T shirt book bag, for the most part, this will do the job on a resolution. We want to make sure it's on 300 pixels per square inch of pixels per inch or whatever. Right. And this Just make sure you get you get Thea the perfect resolution. The enough resolution, um, to make sure that it prints the way you see it on your computer screen, so to speak, right? And then we'll come over here to see him like a color we create. And now whatever you do in this color pilot will, for the most part, Kamata the the way you want it to 3. Shirt Mockup Design: right. Let's go and get this party started. So this is the home page of the cripple. To get access to the print for you need to do is give your name and email address and your in there. Remember, it's a free service. You you never get charged. The only time the purple makes money is when you get a sale. So they actually really want incentivize you to sell because they have their base price. And then your profit comes from whatever you decide to mark up is gonna be. So after you set give you set up your your name and email and take you to this page. Right? So what I'm gonna do it briefly is breakdown de at the menu give you an overview off the things that they have to offer. One of the cool things about the powerful I mentioned again is that they update their inventory maybe every few months the attic, another product or an easier way to sort of set up set up. You know, your business model to be scrolled down. You can see that different products that they offer, right? So we got hoodies and sweatshirts had smug shirts, tights, prince backpacks, show a little bit. Mawr aprons, iPhone cases on and on and on and again the update Every few months they really work with you to. So because it's a retailing, it's, ah, sort of, you know, retail. They know when the busy seasons are. They have really good blog's sort of help you navigate your way through this, uh, this business model, um, they also show you the different APS that they integrate with. So Shopify is yet that I use, But you've been usable commerce, big cartel, squarespace, big commerce. We believe her some of these before even on Amazon and eBay. And they integrate seamlessly so their like again a look. It's the principle is like Santa's elves, right? So these are the people that make the they hold all the products they print the products on the ship, the products and they handle the customer service. All you really have to focus on is the idea, designs and promotion of your designs. They have a few locations one in L. A. One in Mexico, four locations, one in L. A. One in ah, Mexico, when a North Carolina and when TiVo so shipping is really good. Um, typically with three days of three D average turnover, which is really good, especially during the busy season, the holiday season. You want to make sure that people get their gifts on time. Um, so you don't you really want to worry about that with the print full? Um and yes, so that's that's the gist of to the prayerful self. Once you're signed in what we're going to do, we have to make our market once we make our mark ups, then we can go over to camera dot com to be used photo shop if you want to. But camera is really good, especially if you don't have graphic design experience to kabam. Sort of like the gates, all of that. So once you come to, um, your what you signed up to take you to this page where I have what we need to do is up top . We need to go to the mock up generators so we'll click on the market generator and it will bring up all the products that the after race over here on the left. You can break it down by category, right? So men's clothing women's school, the kids and youth accessories. Home and living. So we're going to do to keep this super simple is we're going to do a T shirt, right? T shirts. A basic staple. Yes, it will click on ministry. Short note again. I'm showing you this tutorial on a T shirt. A menace e shirt. But if you want to use the women, see? Sure. If you want to use the kids T shirt if you want to use Ah, Children's you know, one Z, whatever it is that you want to use, the supplies, all of the products. But I'm just going to show you again on this course. Want to show you in a T shirt and we're gonna show you in a backpack. But you can use this, you know, again across the board. So, uh, let's go. So once you get here, you can choose which type of shirt that you want. So you have the regular T shirts all over shirts all over short. Just means it'll print all over the show. As it implies, tank tops. Three and 1/4 sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts embroidered and hoodies and sweats. Yes, we're gonna do a basic T shirts. Oh, come T shirt. No. Once you get to this what you click in the T shirt, it would give you more options. Right? So each option sort of breaks down the same way you to say you the type of shirt that this is so this where? Isabella Campus, 2001 unisex. They have the ratings on the shirt, which is super helpful. So you could see what other people people that have bought the shirt. You could see what they thought about it. I think you know, it's a quality shirt. Or you could just go by like the stars that ratings that you could see. All of the shirts here are pretty good, right? This pretty much all you know, 4 4.5 stars. Five stars. Underneath the reviews, you can look and see the colors that we have on a particular model, and underneath the colors you can see the sides. That's so meaning. You know, if you wanted to use the gilded 64,000 but she wanted it in red, you could see that they don't have read. The only have white, black navy and great ahead, so that would, you know, sort of help you choose or, you know, stare away from that because they don't have it. And red also, if you wanted a four X, you could see the guild and doesn't have a four extra. You would have to use it on the ballot canvas 3001 or 34 13 So on and so forth. So you just have to, you know, do a little a little bit of research before you choose your tea So that you know, you're getting the scientists and the colors that she went inequality that you want, right? So what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna choose school and choose the Bella canvas, which is one of the more popular teas. Your quick all night. Once you click on that, it would take you to the actual dashboard again. This is like like Santa's elves. Is it like Santa's little helpers and making you help you create the product and after you create it will make them lock up. You play some of your social media platform or your website and or your website, and that had to the rest after you do the promotion So I break down these four tabs than I break these down right here. These are pretty self explanatory. But you've got your product. You've got the upload, will you The file the tab. Will you upload your files? You're gonna add text, and you're gonna clip art. Okay, So what? Any point you can change the product? So which I'll show you just what it's just for. As an example, I upload the file, and then I say I wanted to do a different T shirt. You could change that at any point or a different product altogether. Right? So you get a larger view of the colors that they have. And remember, this is our mock up, so that the cool thing about the principle is that you don't have to buy a dozen shirts. Um, order them, get him home, do quality control, take pictures just off upload, um, and then hope you know, someone purchases from you. The mock ups take care of all that, so you could see what your product will look like in real life on any product. You could see what you're designed to look like on any product which is clutch right. So you could choose a different colors that you may want by red, black, brown, pink and anything in between lose whatever you'd like, and it will give you a mock up of each of the the colors. Right. So for the sake of this tutorial, I'm just gonna show you, uh, with your black tea, right? What? You have the color shows, and we'll come over here to upload file now. Well, hit shoes file now, because I've been using purple for a while. I have sort of like this is like the kitchen. This is like the fridge, right? So I have tons of designs already uploaded, already optimized for print. Right? But for the sake, this tutorial, I'm gonna show you how to upload. So you come over here to your right at this big red upload button, and it will take you to wherever you have your image, whether that's your desktop, whether it's a hard drive. So let's go ahead and use this design right here. You'll see it Upload that you gonna blow again from your computer. But you can also use Google drive. You can also use a drop box, upload your images to your text files or graphic files or whatever it is that you're using to put on the T shirt so once. And it'll stay here too. So if you wanted to put this or something else backpack again. This is your fridge. And you can pull from this at any time hot down here to show you the size of the image, which is important to make sure it's optimized for print. Go and choose that. And it just like magic. It'll pop up right in front of the ship. Okay, Now get this tabs, please. Pretty pretty self explanatory. You've got the front of the shirt, the bag, the Lesli rice leave an outside labeled again. The prayerful updates, their inventory and their user built user ability every few months. So these weren't an option before, but now it's an option. Okay, so once you what, you come to this mock up in you up, upload your design, then you can adjust it. However you see fit, you can't rotate, which I think it's a little weird. You can't rotate on the prayerful, but that's okay that it probably coming like a later update. You come down to this tab. Then you can be size as you see fit, right. You can zoom in a bit if you want to get a closer local hot. That may Look at what you have to make sure to, which you have to understand is that this is just a, you know, a computer shacks mock up of what it is that the likely this is. Ah, mock up computer markup of the way. Your show, What's would look? So what you have to do is use a little bit of imagination and imagine what this will look like in real life. So just because I say this is like, you know, it's like this is too small. You can't see it. You can't see it on a computer screen. That's fine. Okay, Because when you get it, when you actually ordered a shirt, you don't want to, um, you want to make sure the show it's not The design is not too big, and it looks this starts a little weird if the design is covering too much of the shirt, right, So you sort of have to use your imagination or like how small the design of the print would need to be so actually look like a decent shirt when you order. Okay, so we'll zoom out. You can also upload more than one image less that we wanted to add. Um, this one for as an example, right. Upload both. Think yet that you could do up to five at one time. All right, so here is this image in the reason I wanted to show you at upload another images to show you this tap. So once you have more than one image you can tap on one in this tabal, pop up over to the bottom left, you can bring things forward and backwards. That sort of makes you no different designs or what do you want? A text? Or, you know, whatever it is that you want to add, you can add different elements that make up to five, maybe six, maybe even six. Right. One shirt race will go ahead. Just talk. Right button. Obviously. Thus Teoh exit out right now. If you wanted Assam text, they have a native text editor. Come here and we'll say jump right. Once you let Bush you as your words, you can change the font type. Let's go ahead and do on Oswald bold. You can change the color. Great. And then you can also change. Thea the fun size and the letter spacing was a lot You could do natively in the prayerful again, especially if you don't have a lot of graphic is on design experience or you just want to make your workflow super simple. You could just use the native sex editor and the prayerful. And then over here you have clip art. This is a new feature. They were kind of promoting it for a while, but now it's available. So you're gonna have different types of clip art. Um, not for the sake of this course. I want you to use your photos because it's this print on demand for photographers. So, um, you know, if you want to use cool part, use that on another, you know, do that on your own. Or maybe we do down another course start. But I just wanted to show you that that is an option. Well, maybe you in court. You maybe you add that to, uh, your image as an example. You know, I have the little girl jump into forward to put like a emoji head on top of hers. Maybe that's something you do right. But we're going excited that Oh, to alleviate the wrong thing. Let's go ahead. Put that back. All right. Now, once you have everything we'd like it to be, go ahead. Bottom left will have generate files and then to give you even more options. So the mock up that you've been used, you can do a men's markup when Miss Markup a second woman markup, which is new. I guess this is like, ah, black woman, which is brand new. It's awesome. Um, do you have a flat mock up, wrinkled mike up? You could do minutes lifestyle in a couple's markup, right? So the choice is yours. But for the sake of this tutorial, for the sake of this course, we're gonna go ahead and do the recall mark upside like the wrinkle, Markus, because they look more realistic and it will just make it easier when we do our grid instead of having you know, a person's head cut off, right? We did like the human walk up. Let's just do the actual t will stay away from the flat Markus because they don't look realistic, will go and do the wrinkle markup. If you're doing T shirts Backpacks to be different leg has to be different iPhone cases so on so forth right now, much you school down here. You could do either a J peg or PNG JPEG if you if you save it as a J. Peg is gonna have a white box around it, which is nothing wrong with that. But for the sake of ease, right, and they give us more options will say. But as a PNG and PNG essentially would just be the actual show in the background to be transparent. So no matter what you put it on, uh, the background can change of that makes sense or to be a transparent background. So I said I have in a white box and when you sure it would just be the actual shirt. So we'll say that as a PNG again way. Generally files get a go ahead, generate after generates hit download files you'll see download right. And just like that, just like magic has opened that up, and you now have Oh, I don't know what does that sometimes my computer. Go ahead and do that again. Open with photos. Well, just like that. Oops. We have our T shirt with the design and the text. And this is one of again your 46 or nine images that you're gonna use for you for the completing the homework and create a merchandise product grade of ah, 46 or nine of your designs. Right. So now that you know how to do how toe at a print and some sexy T shirt never going to show you how to construct a backpack, we'll see you in the next video. 4. Backpack Mockup Design : right. So the last video we went over how to add a design to a T shirt that we're going to get a bit more intricate when I have a little, a little bit more fun. I really like the backpacks, the backpack, some it teachers a great but the backpacks because there's so many different parts to design individually. And, um, I don't know, I just like the backpacks a lot more because it's a different way to design because you designed each part in the front panel the front pocket, the top, the bottom in the inside pocket. He designed his individually, but as like, a whole ah, hole. Um, and it really sort of like hopes you to think differently as a photographer, as a graphic design or whatever it is that you do. You sort of think, you know, in three D you don't just think one plain one panel, you sort of think in three D. So it opens up more creative options. So the backpacks are really cool. The market is decent suit. I think it costs, uh, want to say, 35 bucks, 36 bucks per backpack. So again, your markup could be whatever it is that you wanted to be close, that so same as the T shirts. They write these you're saying four panels, the product, the upload, the file add text and or clip art. But again, for the sake of this tutorial, we're just going to use our own images, your photos or graphics, whatever it is that that may be. But then over here, you see that you have a front pocket, a top panel, a bottom panel in an inside pocket. Right? So to make this easy, you can, Which I'll show you quickly that I'll get to my point. All right, so let's upload this design now. You can upload it just as is right. And the cool thing about this every time you upload something and just like the T shirts, you can, you know, adjust everything where you want it to be. All right, you can click here, click up the markab, you and it will give you an example of Ah, with the markup, what it will look like when it actually gets printed, which is pretty cool. Right side. You see, it's sort of cut her body in half, right, because These are different panels, right? Which looks weird, unless that's what you want to go forward than rock out, which socks out. But if you want to, like, avoid this happening, we'll come back over the temple of you. I just found it easier just to, uh, make sort of, like, get the sizing of each panel, take it over the photo shop, design that actual panel and then bring it back over here. That's what I mean by that. Let's go back to product and you will see what I mean. So if you come here, if you click on product and for pricing and templates and then click on print filed templates, you can see it gives you the dimensions of each panel. Right at the front. That's 14.5 20.5 of the top panel 28 by eight. Bottom panel 28 by five. Inside front, pocket 13 by eight. All right. So you could download the print files and then you ticket over the photo shop and these are against the files that it's the bottom panel. This is my front panel. This is my top panel. All ready to go on. If you want to check the image size, come up the image, come down the image size, and you can confirm that is indeed 28 by eight with a resolution of 300 writes. Remember, because it's this print. Dizzy is even bigger than the T shirts. You have to make sure that you D. P I is a minimum of 2 50 elected through 300 just to be safe. And that way, when you actually do prints up one over here or bring it over here, you don't have to worry about the resolution. You know, Diminish Resolution says. You can see this right here. Where says put print quality along with his green green is gravy right? But you can see that larger it is, It turned yellow to say medium in this immediately pop up. Where says we strongly suggest a larger file for better results. There are ways around that, but we'll go ahead and do what we need to do for the best quality product on the reason why the print full want, just print anything. That's because sort of concert will be like a chain reaction that they allow you to print crappy prints that your customers get crappy product and the customers will complain about the products. And the manufacturer or people like us who actually want to use the principal will think that that's a crappy supplier. And we won't use the prayerful for our merchandise. So you want to make sure they want to make sure that your product is great and that your customers are happy so that you can stay in business and so that they could stay in business. So quality control is a must, so you can't just upload, as is rights. If you want to come here, we'll shrink that down. Right? And I'm showing you this. This is sure you that you don't actually have to use photo shop, But I find a black more fun to design out natively in photo shop, isolate the Markab. You see what that looks like and get the exactly, uh, example what that could look like. Okay, we'll take it back over to template view and again with this to you can also add, I think up to six different panels. All right, So, for example, let's say I wanted that, uh, wanted a black background this isn't. Obviously this is a black box. Was sex at the bottom? But I like to stretch it out and use it and it won't be an issue. So I come here, stretch this out like I showed you before. You can have the different panels and you can come over to the bottom left and say things forward or backwards are bring that back a couple times. Now you can see that the black panel is behind the image. So once you come back over, the marker of you will see that the book bag now is black. Just print black gold. Whatever color you decide to have a background, so one step mark of you pops up. Well, legacy. It's a deed of black background with the picture in the middle. All right, now, what should have fun with this? I used to take a while to do my backpacks because I like the three D aspect of it. Another good reason it to use backpack because it's great for marketing. But T shirt. You can wear a T shirt every day, but like ideally, your customers won't worry the same T shirt every day, but a backpack that can go out and use the same backpack every day and then sort of, like, spreads the word and get you more exposure fast. Okay, so now this is the front, uh, top panel on this is the front, um, in the pocket. The pocket. Right here. Right top pedal. You can upload different designs. Let's say we want to do this rat for whatever. For whatever reason, check this out. This is a good example. Now you see how uploaded this, right? This is a picture that I got from from the public domain in the d. P. I is already low. Okay, well, 108 dp I right. The prayerful will print this, but they're suggesting that you, you know, use a different image. But you see, as I shrink it, the DP I gets better that a resolution gets better. So sometimes you get around that if I have an image that I can't use because the resolution is too small, I just add more than one. So sort of just working your way around, like, you know, the problems. Yeah, I'm or the one that could be, you know, same image, different images, But again. It's fun to create the backpacks because you can do so many images and, you know, just make like a whole interesting peace out of different of photos, text clip, art, whatever it is you want to use. And, um, again, it's a little bit more interesting. They just like the flat panel of a T shirt. So now you could see we'll come over here to, uh, the bottom. Well, where is the bond? All starts to top it. All right, so they don't give you, like, like, exclusive you off the top panel for whatever reason. But you come here so to see what that would look like Come back over that simple of you to the bottom panel. Same deal with the bottom panel. That's Adam. Let's see. Remember, already had these stored on my computer or store stored in this, like so called kitchen. But you can pull these from your desktop Google drive. See the DP eyes Good 155. It would get even better if I shrink it down, but no need to shrink it down. Will come back over the market view once you're in the mark of you now will give you ah, view of the bottom of the back. Back to see again. I'm just showing you this so you could see you could do this natively. You don't have to use photo shop. You could just work your way around this. But if you use photo shop, you could sort of get more intricate Atmore things. And I have to worry about the restrictions that air in this, uh, this portion. You cook the bottom and you could see that you have, you know, a street cracked street, yellow bottom, which is pretty cool, right? With these, also, you can have more than one file. So let's say we wanted to do a, uh, an X ray fish. For whatever reason, we got fish. We could make a little bit smaller. Put that on one side. Go back to mark of you see what that looks like. Okay, a lot of this is just trying. Whenever trying to put things you used to come out with the best designs by just sort of thinking out outside the box. Each panel is his own individual panel. But, you know, I think collectively, like, how come this come together and make one nice. Peace is sort of makes sense to tell the stories You could see what that looks like. Okay, This is what I mean by using photo shops. And now Well, by using photo shop. Now you see how this fish is facing. Uh, facing the north, right? For whatever reason to print full doesn't have it doesn't allow you to rotate things if you're cool with the way it looks. And that's fine. But like, if you want to have more control, more freedom. That's why suggestions of Photoshopped, Because you can come over here and you're gonna just different parts of the panel. So, you know, sort of have the fish facing the opposite direction, right? So let's let me open it on image here that we have our image here. Right? If we just uploaded this natively, let's go back. Teoh the front pocket. Right? So we just uploaded this native liest Delete that. Come here, upload. We'll get that upload. What's that up close? We have that in the fridge. We can use it whenever we need it. We actually need it. Now click that write DP. I looks great. There's 995. Now, let's say you know she's facing, uh, left. Right. Well, let's say we wanted her to face right again. You can't do that. Natively inside the principal, the principal. So when you use Photoshopped, you can change anything around whenever you like. Russell, this is this the top panel were using, so not the top panel front panel. So we'll click that. Track that over here, right? And then you take that. You could take that free transform and change the direction. All right, Do whatever it is you want to do with us. If you want to change the direction. If for whatever reason you want to take that copy and paste it, you know, whatever it is you would normally doing Photoshopped, you could do here. But again, you wouldn't be able to do this on the principle. Let's do another one just for the sake of ah, impact on this example writes Let's say we have these three. This, uh Let's move this. Uh, so let's say we really like that. Will come here to file save. See this. We'll call this, uh, threepeat, save it as a PNG and even see a zj peg or as a PNG, It already has a white background baked in, so won't make much of a difference. But if you just, you know, as an example, if you just had if you just had the actual graphical like the vector, I just heard, you know, just the girl running. If the background was separate, right, you could save it as a PNG, and then it would just be, you know, the girl running that the white wouldn't show on your backpacks up you had a black background, the background be black. If you had a red background about back room will be ready because this has already baked in a white background. It's fine. We won't get, uh, won't get too crazy on this story tutorial. Right. So now we come here. We saved that to the desktop. Upload that this is the same process. You have an image designer. No photo shop uploaded to the principal and advocacy. Now she's facing the right and this three girls instead of one, get adjusted to your taste hit market. Wait for this mark of you to pop up and there's the market. All right. None of his book bag of the super funky just would never put this out like this. But this is a good example of what? Of how to use The markup Writes that you get is creative as you want. Put different pieces over different pieces right now. Once you have all your pieces selected, I'm gonna go ahead and get this rolling. You also have an inside pocket. You're gonna have something to So we just add something quickly just so we can get get rolling once you have everything selected when she have your front pocket, Uh, that the front panel in the bottom pocket selected that one thing Here. Let's go. Let's go. Go here. Right. You see, the medium's wants haven't changed. We've got to make that a little bit smaller. No problem. We'll make that small learning. You see that it will turn greens. And it was good. I don't know where it went. Okay, there it is. Oh, wait. What am I doing? Oh, so excuse me. Sort of having some technical difficulties over here. Let's go ahead and do that one more time. Is that a fish? One that does the fish. Put the fish over here So now we have the front panel select the top panel of the bottom panel in the inside pocket. We'll come over here, hit generate files, just like with the T shirt. You can choose a lifestyle markup with the kid with the backpack. Well, or you can choose just the actual backpack, and you could choose the parts of the backpack you wanna have downloaded two. So the bag, right, The left angle, right angle bottom. So on and so forth. So for the sake of this course, I'm gonna have you either. Choose the front. You will need to batten. If you want to keep this stuff for yourself, go ahead and rock out with sacks out. But for the sake of this tutorial, we're just going to use the front view or the left or the right view. Right? Since these won't be a part of your homework assignment, there's no need. Teoh download those so again would just select the front or the left or the right at centre like the right, um, save it as a J. But you could save it as a J paper P and G, just like the T shirts would do the PNG again so it doesn't have that baked in white box around. It is to make it easier when you will be. Go ahead and put them all together on Campbell, which will do next. Was the files generated? Come over here. Hit download files those would download right now because there's more than one image. It saved it as a zip file. So we just cooked a zip file and then you'll see these of the two pedals where it Thea won the flat front and the the won t the image of the mark up to the right. But if you just shows one, you will have to worry about the zip file. But as you can see, this is our image for a hair, No background. Like I told you this the PNG transparent background, just the actual backpacks on. No matter what background we put these image of the top of, um, it would just be the actual backpack of nothing more. All right, so this is how to do backpacks on the principle. Next we'll go in open Campbell, which is another free piece of software, will use that's actually make our grid. And I must say, you guys in the next video 5. Designing On Canva: All right, So now, now that we have our by this point, you should have your 46 or nine products curated with that. See shirts, backpacks, tights, iPhone cases, whatever it is bananas. You have those optimized for print. Now that you have those laid out and say this PNG's. Now we're gonna come over here to Cannes villa Campbell dot com and actually make the grid . You can see this is on example of the grid that I already have prepared. But I walk you through it, step by step and help you create your own grid. Now, if you know how to use Photoshopped and you, can you do this it just as easily on photo shop? But the camera is for people who know how to use photo shop, but also for people who don't have a lot of graphic design of illustration experience, so you can use camera to generate a lot of ideas. You can actually use camera to create some of your your designs and things like that. Just be careful of copyright. Make sure you doing everything ethically to make sure you don't get sued or you know, you still somebody's work but cava again. It's free software that you can use. You can pay for the software, and they give you more options, but they already have a ton of options that you can use natively ast the free option check . You see as you could see, they give you options on you know, Facebook ads. Or, if you want, you don't pull something to Facebook. All the dimensions and everything already baked in social media infographics, flyers, postcards, letterheads, business cards so on and so forth. It's a really powerful free tool that you can use. Um, over here you can people. You could have a team of designers. If you have a team and you guys do designs, you could have, uh, sort of like a collection of things that people have shared with you. You can create your team. You can add different things that you know, brand yourself, right. So if you wanted to do like social media posts and you wanted to have the same thing for branding purposes, then you can use this. You can use this. This sort of like created simply, you don't have to, like create, keep funding the same funds to keep funding the same subtitles and so on and so forth, over and over again and already be baked. Then you can add a logo. As you can see, If you have find templates, then it gives you a bunch. I mean, like thousands of different options. If you want to create flyers, whatever it is, But you can come over here and sort of like, curate, you know, presentations. You know what kind of presentation? See, wanted to do an education presentation to give you a bunch of templates assed faras that baskets are, You know, each of these you can a just and customized according Teoh takes. So whatever it is you want to do to customize you quick on it and they will use this template and you can customize it. So however, you, uh, however you like all right, so each each of these breaks down into elements. So after you click on it, this menu up here pops up. This is where all the magic happens, right? So you could change your filter. So let's say you want it, you know, to make that brighter. It's pretty much just like photoshopped, but a lot easier to navigate. There's like a shorter learning curve. If you wanted to crop your image, come here. Crop it. All right. Oh, right, right. Crap. You could flip the image vertically or horizontally spacing whatever that you wanted to do . You can copy things. If I wanted to copy this text will come in here. Copy. You see, it makes a second second another copy so that I could delete that Alright for one day. Do something to the texture. Click on the text and I can you know, it's sort of like just like the print ful. I could've range states if I wanted to put this forwards are bring things forward to bring things backwards. I could do that here, um contains the capacities to sort of blend the text. I change my text here. Right, Change the size, the color bold it you could you get to just some of this is again if you know how to use Photoshopped. This would be a sense if we don't. If you have no idea, how do you sort of shop? This is sort of like this will give you everything that you need. The power of photos. What I'll have in the photo shop learning curve. There's actually there's also elements here that you're gonna get very simple and at that, and it will tell you which things are free, which things cost money. Most of the things are free, but let's say I wanted to use that element that could easily click a direct that in there. Um, that's photos, grades, frames. Wonder that a frame to this. This is also another place you could spend all day because of so called icons. They have icons that you've been used, that yellow light bulb for whatever reason, resize it. If I wanted to change that to a red light bulb, then I would do that again. I click on it. I want it changed. Capacity up. Bring that down. I want to make a copy of it. Make a copy of it. Let's say I wanted to turn that two blue, and I wanted to bring that behind the white box. As you could see, you could do that right. You can add text. They give you a lot of different templates of texts. If I wanted to add that text there, right, blow that up. Um now this new. You see, there's different types of Texas. 123 different elements here. Right? And they're all groups. Quicken issue head on group if you want a group it and even delete certain parts where I say I want to lead that. And then you can adjust the rest. Right? Say, I didn't want establish 1995 I wanted to do. Oops. I say I wanted to Do you know 2018 2018? You do that. You can also hold shift if you want a PC and group things back together. So that way you don't have to worry about things forward out of ah limit. All right. It's pretty. It's pretty intuitive. Pretty cool, right? He wanted to change the background and give you much of templates here. You could click a drag, the background number. The background is on there, but obviously this is in front. So I click on this photo leak. Oh, lead. And as you can see, the background has changed. Right? But this is what we're going to spend our time here. What? The up loads. We're not really gonna mess with these other tools. I just wanted to show you how to use that Someone click camera and we're gonna do a social media post 100. Uh, this right here. You can also changed the dimensions that we're going to do a square, right, so you can use custom dimensions. Let's do a, uh let's see Esko 2000 by 2000 which is square with design. I think the max is 10,000 but everyone have, ah, decently size square to use as our base. Right. So now come down here to uploads. But, as you can see already have images uploaded, right? You know some of the things that they already uploaded because I use Campbell on a regular basis. But what you'll have to do is go to your designs wherever you saved your 46 or nine products. Go to those and you can hit up. Upload your design, find them right. I just do one just for the sake of just, for example, double quick. It'll do this cool, sort of like watery upload thingamajig. Once you have all of you designs up so you could do it that way. You could, or you could just click and drag here and it opened up in the same space. What? You have your designs that you'll hit quick it. And then it was just added. Teoh, see your your square. Right? The reason why I say 46 or nine just for the sake of Ah, visual. Most work, it just looks nice. Right? So we hit that at another one. So did an image. If you did four, you can have a laid out. I'm going fast. I'm not gonna take the time to, like, sort of get everything right. The cool thing about this to those that they have a bunch of grades said you could see as I move this, it'll sort of snap things into place right horizontally and vertically so that everything is lined up perfectly. Excuse the big truck in the background rights. If he did it on image of four, if he did Ah, four products. This essentially is, you know, sort of an example which your your products will look like. You laid out on a nice great like this. You can also get sizing perfectly. Just like just I assure you, with the text. Come here. Right. Change capacities. You can get a better view of what that will look like. And you can Massimo perfectly again. They have everything snaps together so everything will be aligned. So if you did four, that's that's what before looked like if you added tomb or that would be a six at two more . Do that in that right now that we have more, obviously you have to resize. So because he won three of the top three at the bottom, do one there when there, which ese opacity So that guys, she's seeing the needs of the line is up almost perfectly. Race as perfect. Keep that there would do the same thing. Here, Let me change that opacity. Line that up again with the handy dandy grids. All right. 123 What did the same thing with these joints change the opacity So again, you could do this with photo shop, But can we just, you know, you can make your work flow easier. I mean, why not do that right? One did the same thing here. She's capacity. And obviously, when I'm finished lining everything up, then I'll expand it make a little bit bigger. Where would do one more expend that. Bring that here. All right. And this will be your six. And and you know, you do the same thing with you nine, but you get the the idea what I'm talking about. Right? So after you lined everything up, what you need to be Eugene Tonia Passy all the way up. And that will be your grid. Right? So we just sold you a grid of four. This is the great of six in them you can imagine with great of nine will look like, um that also, you can see these aren't up p and G's when I say these that and saving this PNG so they actually have a white box around it. It doesn't matter too much here because it's it's own. Sits on top of ah, White Square. Right. But as an example, if I wanted to change the color of the square that they wanted to put a different background what I'm talking about say, I wanted to put ah, black background and you can see that they're white boxes roundup the each image right? But it's white. Doesn't matter, right? If for the sake of this course, I'm gonna have you keep a white background, but let me show you what Why we would save them. S p and G's with that being downloads. Where is that download? Uh, two seconds. And this is the down low. We did not the previous video. Where is it? Where is it? Well, you know what? Let's go to skip that. Maybe these appear. Jeez, it's not a PNG. Can I get a PNG? Ours. So excuse. It's a little difficulty. So so excuses to the technical difficulty. So as you can see it, you know there's a black background, right? But the difference because But if I wanted tohave but the benefit of having a P and G, which these Air P and G's so for the sake of time, I'm like one convert that converts something to appease. You have just gonna upload a PNG up here, but you, as you can see, if you upload that, it's just the actual shirt, right or backpack. But if you say that as a PNG all right, which makes it gives you a lot more room, makes it a lot easier to like navigate things If I turn the background back toe white right . You can see Just upload your designs, your P and G's the sea August. Let's not make it as a messy Let's be need here. Right? Cleanliness is next to godliness, as they say. So delete those. And eighties. You can see that. Blow my images poem. If I wanted to change the background, I could change the background and it wouldn't effect the design. Right? So that's the difference between a. J. Paige and a PNG, So I hope this is clear. Right again, you get the justices your assignment, upload your upload Your okay. I'm sorry. Um, um, get your get your get your images. Optimize your images for printing after you optimizing for printing that you take him over to the print ful and make your right so and again. This is your project. Optimize your images for print. After you optimize them, they will upload them. A maker markups on the principle, which is a free service. We already broke that down. You choose one product whether that's backpacks or T shirts or coffee mugs, whatever it is that you wanted to be after you upload your image that will take it over to after you upload curate your 469 images that you take him over here. The camera. You can do something. Do this on Photoshopped to, But if you don't want to use Photoshopped, you want to make this lot easier. Take it over to Canada dot com, which is another free service. Upload your mock ups. PNG's onto a grid 46 or nine, and this will be your homework assignments. You turn that in, and if I had a smiley face, I'd give it to you because your homework assignment would be complete. See him the next video we'll tell you, give you a little bit more information, our print on demand and how you can take it to the next level if your heart should so desire. I see you guys in the next video. 6. Conclusion: all right. And then a door family. Welcome to the final video of this course. I hope you learned a thing or two about print on demand. Hi. Prepare your images and how to make mock ups and all that. Good stuff. Um, you could just keep it here. You could just stop here, and I'm turning your homework, which is perfectly fine. This was the assignment after all. But, um, I would encourage you to really get a different print on demand again, as a photographer is, this is a way to open up another income stream. Just another way to express yourself creatively outside, if you know, going out just to take photos to put on instagram or Facebook. This sort of gives you a new perspective of how to create and what type of things security in another way, to show your work easily, Um, that it'll benefit you as the creative and your fans and family members, whoever whoever it likes, your work almost sort of experienced your work outside of instagram or Facebook. And, um, or just a print or something like that. Right. So I hope you enjoy this course what I want to do my next course, I'm going to go a little bit more or Latin, more in depth into the whole print on demand process as far as opening up a shop of five store. How to use instagram, how to do instagram ads and how of how to create products and you know how to market a little bit. Get a lot more in depth of, ah, over the overall print of demand process I think you'll enjoy. But I hope you got enough from this course. Go internal, turning those assignments and keep creating keep shared and I'll see you guys in the next course piece.