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Principles of Animation: Squash and Stretch 2

Tony Bancroft, Former Disney Animator & Director

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4 Videos (38m)
    • Squash & Stretch 2 - Introduction

    • Squash & Stretch 2 - Lesson 1

    • Squash & Stretch 2 - Assignment

    • Squash & Stretch 2 - Lesson 2


About This Class

You just took the course Principles of Animation: Squash and Stretch 1 with Tony Bancroft and think you know all there is to know about Squash and Stretch, right? Wrong. The next lessons goes deeper to show you: that the animation principle of Squash and Stretch is a part of how we animate things like walks, when to use it and when not to, the hierarchy of Squash and Stretch in your animation, how every pose has some element of Squash and Stretch in it, and more! You’ll be amazed how important this concept is to all you draw!

Principles of Animation: Squash and Stretch 2 Lesson 1

  • Introduction of Tony Bancroft, Supervising Animator and Director
  • Basic review of concept of the animation principle of Squash and Stretch
  • Animating a character with Squash and Stretch applied to the face in animation
  • Animating a more cartoony character’s face and keeping the hierarchy of stiffer or softer areas of the face
  • Other ways of showing squash and stretch- example of an arm punching
  • How Squash and Stretch is used in a walk.   (Compression and Extension).
  • Concave and convex. Anywhere that contrast is desired.


  • Draw five different poses of the character utilizing Squash and Stretch in a “Take”

Principles of Animation: Squash and Stretch 2 Lesson 2

  • Tony illustrates the assignment himself to show students how he would address the same challenge





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Tony Bancroft

Former Disney Animator & Director

Hello, I'm Tony.

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