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Principles of Animation: Squash and Stretch 1

Tony Bancroft, Former Disney Animator & Director

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4 Videos (28m)
    • Squash and Stretch 1 Intro

    • Squash and Stretch 1 Lesson 1

    • Squash and Stretch 1 Assignment

    • Squash and Stretch 1 Lesson 2


About This Class

Every animator in the world needs the tool of Squash and Stretch in able to bring a character to life. In the course Squash and Stretch 1, Tony Bancroft, delves into where the concept came from, examples of Squash and Stretch in real life, how its used in basic animation like the bouncing ball, and in more advanced elements like a character’s face.

This is the first of a two part series of courses on the animation principle of Squash and Stretch.  Considered by many to be the most important animation principle, Squash and Stretch is critical to giving objects the fluidity and elasticity that is critical to good animation.  In Squash and Stretch 2, Tony expands on the principles taught in this animation course.

Principles of Animation: Squash and Stretch 1 Lesson Part A

  • Introduction of Tony Bancroft, Supervising Animator and Director
  • Introduction of the animation concept of Squash and Stretch
  • The discovery of squash and stretch
  • Why squash and stretch is important
  • Squash and Stretch use in traditional and CG animation
  • The importance of defining shape volume before squashing and stretching it
  • Example of simple of bouncing ball animation without squash and stretch
  • Example of bouncing ball animation with squash and stretch
  • How squash and stretch can add life and caricature to your animation


  • Add squash and stretch to a character.

Principles of Animation: Squash and Stretch 1 Lesson B

  • Tony Bancroft illustrates the assignment himself
  • Description of how he would address the same challenge





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Tony Bancroft

Former Disney Animator & Director

Hello, I'm Tony.

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