Pricing Your Work: How to Value Your Work as a Freelancer | Peggy Dean | Skillshare
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Pricing Your Work: How to Value Your Work as a Freelancer

Peggy Dean, The Pigeon Letters | Lettering & Illustration

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10 Videos (34m)
    • Introduction

    • Getting Started

    • How to Set a Price

    • Pricing Products Competitively

    • Expenses

    • Numbers - Let's go there.

    • Who is the client?

    • Licensing

    • Wholesale

    • Next Steps

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About This Class

This nagging question is one of the constants that eats at us and we never know what the right answer is. Heck, we don't even have a ballpark to start in. We can ask around all we want, but we're never going to feel confident in adopting numbers for ourselves. That's because YOU determine your pricing. How do you make it fair both to the client and to yourself? There are tricks for that. This class will provide a simple guide through multiple scenarios and topics on pricing your work, whether you're just beginning, have been at it for a while, or if you're a professional designer. Look no further. It's time to own your worth.


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I have been hand lettering for a living for over a year and there was still plenty of info I felt was helpful in this course!
Great intro to the "numbers" side of being an artist
Very useful information about pricing for someone new like me :) You are so lovely and very charismatic, Peggy. Thank you for this class!
Uliana Popa

London Calligrapher





Peggy Dean

The Pigeon Letters | Lettering & Illustration

Hey hey! I'm Peggy. I'm native to the Pacific Northwest and I love all things creative. From a young age I was dipping everything I could into the arts. I've dabbled in quite an abundance of varieties, such as ballet, fire dancing, crafting, graphic design, traditional calligraphy, hand lettering, painting with acrylics and watercolors, illustrating, creative writing, jazz, you name it. If it's something involving being artistic, I've probably cycled through it a time or two (or 700).


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