Price You Pay to be YOU: Increase Awareness of Your Impact by Uncovering Your Skills & Talents

Sylvia Gaffney, the Corporate Crone

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13 Videos (18m)
    • Price You Pay to be You: Increase Awareness of Your Impact by Uncovering Your Skills & Talents

    • Intro to Skills & Talents

    • "I Am..." Statements

    • Avoiding Unconscious Competence

    • Achievements, Accomplishments, Successes for Skills & Talents

    • Using Multiple Lenses to Uncover Your Skills

    • Your Job Content or Technical Skills

    • Your Behavioral, Soft Skills, EQ & IQ

    • Your Resiliency Skills

    • Your Transferable Skills

    • Your Talents & Strengths

    • Achievements Project Assign Skills & Talents

    • Signing off Skills & Talents: Are You willing to Pay the Price it Costs to be YOU?


About This Class

Join the Corporate Crone, Dr. Sylvia Gaffney, to increase self-awareness and identify your impact by exploring and assessing your Skills & Talents in this informative and thought-provoking 20 minute course on the Price You Pay to be YOU by Uncovering Your Skills & Talents.

This insight session provides you with greater clarity on your costs in time, money, and energy to be who you are. Are you actually willing to pay the full price to be YOU? How do you even know the cost if you don't know your worth in the marketplace? How do you know your value if you haven't determined what you offer in core skills and default talents? 

The only prior knowledge or experience needed is an interest in knowing more about what you have to offer an organization and the impact you can have because of your greater self-awareness.

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Very clear and concise information. Very helpful in organizing my skills and worth. Definitely worthwhile class.





Sylvia Gaffney

the Corporate Crone

Hello, I'm Dr. Sylvia Gaffney.

My official title is an Organization Development Practitioner. Basically, I help individuals and organizations deal more effectively with CHANGE.

Individual change can be about good or bad personal or professional disruptions in your home or work world. Organizational change deals with all aspects of workplace disruptions ranging from new jobs or bosses, to mergers, new clients or work associates, different duties, or even remodeled space. ...

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