Price You Pay to be YOU: Increase Awareness of Your Impact by Discovering Your Brand of Success | Sylvia Gaffney | Skillshare

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Price You Pay to be YOU: Increase Awareness of Your Impact by Discovering Your Brand of Success

teacher avatar Sylvia Gaffney, the Corporate Crone

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Price You Pay to be YOU: Increase Awareness of Your Impact by Identifying Your Unique Brand of SUCCE

    • 2. Price You Pay Your Brand of SUCCESS IMG 3330

    • 3. Paint a WORD picture of Success

    • 4. Introduction to Defining SUCCESS for You

    • 5. Is Success a 'WHAT' in your life?

    • 6. Is Success a 'WHEN' in your life?

    • 7. Is Success a 'WHERE' in your life?

    • 8. 'WHY' & 'HOW' of what you do

    • 9. When You Don't Notice

    • 10. Price You Pay Project Assignment Definition of SUCCESS

    • 11. Careerpreneur & Success

    • 12. Corporate Crone Signing off for SUCCESS

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About This Class

You will explore and define your personal and unique brand of SUCCESS. How do you know what you want out of life if you haven't determined what it means to be successful in your own eyes? This course will help you assess if you define Success as a 'What', a 'When',or a 'Where' in your life. You may decide that it's a combination of the whats, whens, and wheres, or, if it's something entirely different.

 The more you know about  yourself, the better you can understand and lead others. Deciding what success is for you provides you with greater control over your life and your personal and professional impact.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sylvia Gaffney

the Corporate Crone


Hello, I'm Dr. Sylvia Gaffney.

My official title is an Organization Development Practitioner. Basically, I help individuals and organizations deal more effectively with CHANGE.

Individual change can be about good or bad personal or professional disruptions in your home or work world. Organizational change deals with all aspects of workplace disruptions ranging from new jobs or bosses, to mergers, new clients or work associates, different duties, or even remodeled space. It's just about everything. What is most interesting about change, is that it is one of the few things we have absolute certainty that it is going to happen!

I'm also a Career Management Consultant and a Leadership Coach. In my world, everyone is a leader depending on the skills, talents, and... See full profile

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1. Price You Pay to be YOU: Increase Awareness of Your Impact by Identifying Your Unique Brand of SUCCE: this course is focused on you learning more about you. This session on the price you pay to be you. Siri's increases awareness of your personal and professional impact by identifying your personal and unique brand of success. 2. Price You Pay Your Brand of SUCCESS IMG 3330: hello from the corporate crone with the thought for your consideration, life happens whether you choose to be an active participant or not. And one of the ways to become more engaged in creating the life you want is to clearly identify what your unique and personal brand of success really looks like to you in your own eyes. I'm Dr Sylvia Gaffney, and I call myself the corporate Crone because throughout the ages, crones have been older women who have both experience and wisdom to share. Now I'm obviously older. More importantly, though, I've been around the business block quite a few years, and during that time I've learned a lot, accumulated some wisdom and have some very practical insights that I truly would like to share with you. This is one of several courses designed to help you become more self aware to explore mawr about your leadership skills and to understand the impact that you have on others around you and your organization. I believe that everyone is a leader in some way and that we toggle in and out of leadership , depending on what the situation requires as faras skills, knowledge and experience. Now it's been my experience that the greatest leaders have an abundance of self awareness, and that is one of the things that is necessary to know yourself. If you truly want to lead others during this course, you will explore. If success is something for you that can be described as a what ah win aware, or is it something else? And the why is what kind of motivates you to do any of it in the first place and the how will happen once you know what it is that you want out of life and what success means to you. I wish you luck and great wisdom as you go on a journey that begins to unfold what your unique brand of success really looks like. 3. Paint a WORD picture of Success: paint a word picture by describing what success looks like for you right now. From your current perspective. List specific details in your description, noting how would where you will be living, Ah, who you will be with what you'll be doing and anything else that will complete picture of how you currently view success for you. This could be fun to post in your project gallery to compare and contrast how others view success for them. 4. Introduction to Defining SUCCESS for You: The main reason for you to define success is to understand what you personally need to stop , start and or continue as it relates to your career strategy. Clearly identifying what is important to you to achieve success has profound implications for your current and future life. A career satisfaction. You see, you're motivated to do what you do based on what success means to you. You act upon what you care about or value what you believe in and what motivates you to act . Could it be that success is something that isn't the traditional cultural definition for you? Is success related more to power or physical beauty? Is it about being independent? Is it the satisfaction you have from doing something? Well? Perhaps it's a combination of all of these or could be something entirely different. Everyone has an examined or more likely on UN examined belief about what success means to them. The idea is to self assess so you can progress. Be open to insights that come to you as you reflect on how you experience success, interact with your manager or mentor toe, understand more about the impact you have on your organization because of the person you are and the work that you do 5. Is Success a 'WHAT' in your life?: is success best described for you as a what in your life, those things that you want to prove to you and the world that you are successful, like a specific car or a home in a certain area, enough money to do whatever you want whenever you want flying first class or something more like being respected by your peers. Our Western culture has traditionally defined success by the amount of money you make along with the toys and stuff you collect. That is why many of us have equated are meaning of success by abbreviating it into dollars and cents signs with the line through the esses in the seas. And that's fine. It's possible, though, that the dollars and sense definition is simply your knee jerk reaction based on traditional cultural norms. Whatever it is, do you define success as the what's in your life, or is it something entirely different? 6. Is Success a 'WHEN' in your life?: is success better described by you as the Wen's in your life? When this happens, then all you do is fill in the blank. Perhaps when I finished my degree or I get a promotion, own my own home, lose that extra 10 or £15 or the kids their inner out of school or I'm part of the leadership team. Or is it more like I'm in a loving relationship? Is success to you when something happens, or is it a combination of what and when? 7. Is Success a 'WHERE' in your life?: is success best described as aware in your life, Where can be an actual physical play space? Or it could be a stage or state in your life? I'll be successful if I'm at a stage in my life where I can travel to exotic places whenever I want. Or I don't live with my parents or spend my winners in a warm climate, work from home or work whenever I want. Is success to you any of these wares? Or again, is it a combination of what's winds and or wears? The important thing is to think it through. Being very honest with yourself. You may be surprised at your authentic self when you truly answer this question. 8. 'WHY' & 'HOW' of what you do: thinking through the what, when and where gives you only part of the equation. However, you eventually want a factor in the why and how of what you do. The answer to why clarifies what motivates you to act to giving you greater control over your life. The how part is what you determine once you know what you want in the first place. 9. When You Don't Notice: your meaning of success may change. Consider this. What is true now may change in the future. Or what if you're meeting of success doesn't ever change. Does it even matter? Think about what are delaying says if and when you are not consciously aware and what the consequences could be. Quote. The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice and because we failed to notice that we failed to notice there's little we can do to change until we notice how failing to notice shapes our thoughts and deeds. 10. Price You Pay Project Assignment Definition of SUCCESS: reflect and record your personal definition of success, then posted on the project gallery. Do you see more individuals defining success as a what a win aware, or is it something else? Is your take in line with the traditional and cultural norm of dollars and cents? Is your perspective different from others? Your unique brand of success may or may not be in sync with your peers. It is definitely interesting to note the differences, but it has no bearing on your definition. What is of greatest importance, though, is that you have clarity on what success means to you and for you. And once you know what your unique brand of success is, are you willing to pay the price to be you? 11. Careerpreneur & Success: take another approach and expand your definition of success by operating like a career preneurs when considering what it cost you to pay the price to be you. The idea is to develop your career strategy as a high energy entrepreneur runs his or her company. Think of yourself as a high ticket item that you need to position, market and sell. This is another way to see your worth in the market place. You are both the product to be marketed and sold and the company that is responsible for selling its products and services, which, of course, are you. This is an interesting bit of information to have. If you haven't done it before, calculate the total compensation from your current or past jobs, including the following items. First of all, the actual wages that you've earned then the paid holidays and vacations, health care or other benefits, automobile and or mileage. Match your federal and state taxes. Bica. Just as your employer does estimate and add on your unemployment insurance and worker's compensation, give it some kind of a value. If you don't know exactly the percentage that your employer pays, then any other benefits unique to your organization or the region or geographical area. Ah, and if it has something special, then include anything else that it's part of your complete salary package, ranging from free coffee to club memberships, parking or even learning opportunities or anything else. Then consider the investment that your employer is making in you. Compare this amount to something you could purchase for the same price in the market place . It's pretty impressive, isn't it? Or maybe to you, it just isn't that impressive. Do you even see being employed as part of your success calculation? Once you have worked the numbers and you know your bet, dollar value, how about everything else that you bring that adds value and impacts your organization? Once you know what success looks like for you, take the time to know what else you have to offer on organization. 12. Corporate Crone Signing off for SUCCESS: you've been exploring whether the dictionary or cultural definition of success is in sync with your reality, it may be a blend of what, when, where or entirely something else. I hope your time was well spent in assessing what it costs you in time, money and energy to be who you are. What's most important is that you are thinking it through and becoming more and more consciously aware and closer to knowing if you're willing to pay the price to be you in this session. Specifically, you focused on defining your very unique brand of success, the corporate prone signing out for now with an invitation to further explore what you want to stop, start and or continue to be your own advocate to know more about your organizational impact as you become a better version of your authentic self.