Price You Pay to be YOU: Increase Awareness of Your Impact by Clarifying Your Needs & Motivators | Sylvia Gaffney | Skillshare

Price You Pay to be YOU: Increase Awareness of Your Impact by Clarifying Your Needs & Motivators

Sylvia Gaffney, the Corporate Crone

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9 Videos (12m)
    • Price You Pay to be YOU Increase Awareness by Clarifying Your Needs & Motivators

    • Intro Needs, Values, Motivators IMG 2914

    • Price You Pay to be YOU Needs, Values & Motivators are Interconnected

    • Needs, Wants, Shoulds Differ

    • Price You Pay Hierarchy of Needs

    • Price You Pay Value of VALUES

    • Price You Pay Project Assign Check Your Credit Cards

    • Price You Pay MOTIVATORS

    • Needs & Motivators Sign Off


About This Class

Join the Corporate Crone, Dr. Sylvia Gaffney, to increase self-awareness and identify your organizational impact by Clarifying Your Needs and Motivators in this informative and thought-provoking 12 minute class further exploring the Price You Pay to be YOU. Are you willing to expend the time, money, and energy to be the individual you want to be? Do you have clarity on what you really need and want, AND - what motivates you to do what you do? You pay a price for each choice you make. 

The only prior knowledge or experience needed is an interest in knowing more about what you have to offer an organization and the impact you can have because of your greater self-awareness. The choice for personal and professional growth and development is optional. I wish you wisdom in choosing YOU!





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Sylvia Gaffney

the Corporate Crone

Hello, I'm Dr. Sylvia Gaffney.

My official title is an Organization Development Practitioner. Basically, I help individuals and organizations deal more effectively with CHANGE.

Individual change can be about good or bad personal or professional disruptions in your home or work world. Organizational change deals with all aspects of workplace disruptions ranging from new jobs or bosses, to mergers, new clients or work associates, different duties, or even remodeled space. ...

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