Price Hacking The Book Depository for Cheaper Books

Brandon Whitton, Web Search Assessor

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5 Videos (10m)
    • Course Introduction

    • Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and Price Hacking

    • How to Price Hack with your VPN

    • Price Hacking in Other Markets

    • CourseConclusion


About This Class

In this course I will demonstrate my legal price hacking techniques for saving up to 37% or more off the cost of Book Depository books. These techniques are simple and can be replicated by anyone. Take this course and save money today!







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Brandon Whitton

Web Search Assessor

I'm a 41 year old ex public servant living in Junee, Australia. I have a BA (Hons) from the Australian National University. I'm married and have 5 children. I am immensely curious and have a seemingly unquenchable desire for information on a multitude of diverse subjects. As a consequence of this I have amassed a large collection of information on topics as diverse as: Accelerated learning, Vedic maths, Lock picking, Card manipulation, Ventriloquism, Unexplained phenomena, Ceremonial magick, NLP, Kung fu styles, Survivalist information, etc. I tend to collect information on whatever takes my fancy at any given moment. There is always something new to discover and I believe that some of the information I collect is bound to come in useful one day!