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Price Action Trading MasterClass [ 3.5 Hours]

teacher avatar Gaurav Khullar, Professional Banker(10 Years Experience)

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

25 Lessons (3h 36m)
    • 1. Price Action Trading Introduction

    • 2. What is Price Action Trading?

    • 3. Advantages Of Price Action Trading

    • 4. How to Proceed with this Course?

    • 5. Long And Short Positions

    • 6. Order Types

    • 7. Candle Sticks Intro ( With reference to Price Action)

    • 8. How to Identify Market Trends?

    • 9. Mastering Trendlines

    • 10. Support and Resistances - Introduction

    • 11. What is Resistance?

    • 12. What is Support?

    • 13. S & R Psychology

    • 14. Support and Resistance- Role Reversals

    • 15. Dynamic Support and Resistances

    • 16. How to Find Support and Resistances ( Quick Approach)

    • 17. Pin Bar Trading - Intro

    • 18. Characteristics of Pin Bars

    • 19. Pin Bar Trading- Entry Strategies

    • 20. Pin Bar Trading- Confluences

    • 21. Pin Bar Trading Setup

    • 22. Inside Bar Trading- Intro

    • 23. Inside Bar Trading Setup

    • 24. BONUS : Railway Track Price Action Trading Setup

    • 25. Practical Session: Railway Track Price Action Trading Setup

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About This Class

Are you tired of constant losses in the market?

And  you have  started loosing confidence on all those complicated indicators?

Are you tired of constant losses in the market?

And  you have  started loosing confidence on all those complicated indicators?

And you struggling to find ideal entry and exit points in the market?

You even find it difficult to spot trends in the market and often catch the trends when its too late.

If answers to all these questions is big "YES", then this course is a perfect solution for you.

Huh? What is a Price Action Trading?

“Price Action Trading is the discipline of making all of your trading decisions based on the actual price movement on the chart, as opposed to using lagging indicators for entry and exit.”

This course is applicable to Stocks, Forex, Commodities and even to Crypto Currencies.

This course is must for for both aspiring  and professional traders who want to obtain deeper knowledge of what is called “ the Naked Trading” that is trading based on simple price action.

This course teaches the insider knowledge to Price Action Trading. We do NOT promise that you will turn rich overnight. We do not make ridiculous and false claims (like those you see in other courses and Online Advertisements) that you will make 5000$ per trading session.

This course WILL, however, offer you my years of experience in stock market. You will understand the pitfalls and keys to succeed in price action trading and stock market. You will be saved from hundreds of mistakes I made in my Trading Journey.

So whether you want to generate some side income by trading stocks or if you want to make trading your only source of income (like our Traders), then this course is for you. 

Course Structure-

1) Price Action Trading Introduction.
2) What is Price Action Trading?
3) Advantages of Price Action Trading.
4) Long And Short Positions.
5) Order Types.
6) Candle Sticks Intro ( With reference to Price Action).
7) How to Identify Market Trends?
8) Mastering Trend lines.
9) Support and Resistances.
10 Pin Bars.
11) Confluences- Important Price Action Concept.
12) Pin Bar Trading Setup.
13) Inside Bar Trading Setup.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to get into Price Action Trading
  • Anyone who wants to understand how Price Action works
  • Anyone who wants to simplify trading and trade without using much indicators.
  • Anyone who wants to learn perfect entry, stop loss and target strategies
  • Anyone who wants to master trendlines and gauge the market trends perfectly
  • Learn new price action trading setups.
  • Young adult and teens looking to trading as a career
  • Who should NOT take this course: Those wanting a secret recipe to become billionaire overnight
  • Learn how to manage and reduce risk with different entry and exit positions
  • Know the best Chart Patterns that Traders use to make money.
  • Learn Risk Management (how to reduce losses).
  • How to place your orders perfectly and learn different types of orders in Price action.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gaurav Khullar

Professional Banker(10 Years Experience)


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1. Price Action Trading Introduction: very confused. Amazing course on price action Pretty. Are you tired off constantly losses in the market and you have started losing confidence in all those complicated indicators or you are struggling to find ideal entry and exit point in the market. You even find it difficult to sport prints in the market, and often Castor translates tool it. If the answers to all these questions is biggest, then French discourse is a perfect solution for you friends. How your greeting window looks like this or this. I'm sure that stuff 1st 1 isn't it? Adding on tons off indicator in search of a Holy Grail operating, adding one indicator who confirmed the previous and so on. And above all, you are still losing the trades. Did you feel a sense off? He's when you see the chart of the right. But loading your screen with truckloads off indicators is not your fault. It's your indecision, which is making you add all those fancy, colorful indicators. But in this course we will work on the chart as shown in the right. We will work with the chart that will hardly contain indicators like the ones shown in the left in fact, our trading screen will be less complicated than the screen shown to the left friends. As far as I'm concerned, all indicators are lagging behind the price because of the simple fact that they are constructed with past price only, and this is the basic reason that makes them useless. And predicting future price movements and US try section is the best indicator or best strategy that you can have to help you make a lot softening trades in the market. You just need to learn how to read it, and this is exactly what you will find in this nicely. Step by step crafted cause discourse is must for both as fighting and professional traders who wants to obtain deeper knowledge off what is called naked trading goddess trading business. Simple price action. Silverton's. If you are new trader and you are not family with candlesticks or trend lines or support or resistance. Even then, you can take this course as we will start from basics, and I will teach each ingredient off price action before moving to advance concepts. France. Many new Your investors struggle with technical indicators. In this course, you will be learning a skill that you can use for your life. That is price action training. We will be combining the best off price action with consistent price patterns that repeat themselves. French. Not every market is perfect for trading in this course. I regard you which markets to trade in and misto award. Ah, successful training is one who knows went winter and went to exit here You will learn the exact criteria, what to look for in a trade as well as controlling the risk friends in stock market. This can be infinite when you are shorting and zero when you are in long positions. I haven't heard you. How so many wives your risk by exiting at perfect points in the trade Later in the course, after mastering important price action concepts, you will learn various price action trading setups. All the setups are very fight and back pestered, and I will provide to the best of price action strategies friends. You can apply the scores to stocks, forex futures, you d efs and even toe crypto currencies and commodities. Since price action is the bases off every security, I have included practical examples from stock markets for ex and even from crypto currencies and commodities. In this course, I will take you from basic elementary to export level through various trade setups and practical examples that you can see on your screen. This is everyone from the whole structure which I will show you later in this video. The core structure is such that we will master the important price action tools first, and then we want to the trading setups. I will introduce you to various special trade setups on strategies which will help you create profitable trades. And you will have huge over traders who take, buy or sell decisions purely on the basis off indicators. The specialty off this course is that each to re treating class is followed by a practical session where the practical implementation off strategies are shown on a free charting platform. Does you go need any expensive tools to start practicing and then treating? Even if you are a long term investor, discourse is for you. You can work on a daily and weekly chart and then paid your positions for days or weeks or even for months. That's the beauty of price action, that it can be used not only for trading, but also for long term investing. France discourse will teach you how Godek position in the prayers, how to a place stop losses, and we're to put targets clearly and in easy fashion. The motor off this course and price action trading is simple. That is, to make trading as simple and as profitable as possible. Most instructors make trading so complex that a small retail trader often lose all his hopes and fall prey to tips Schreuder or by ourselves recommendations from their brokers without even knowing the reason for such calls. And lastly, the best thing about discourses there this course will teach you how to profit not only when the markets are rising but also in the markets are falling. Does. If market is falling, you will still find training opportunities. So, friends with this, let me show you the core structure and what all you will learn in this course. We will start off with the price action basics and learn what price action is. And what is the reasoning, Their information off price action zones. Next, you will learn about various training position in price action training. New traders are often confused with how to properly take positions in the trades, and in this morning you will learn what the long and short positions are and how group take them perfectly. France Placing orders in price action trading is very important, and during my coaching classes, I found traders often place wrong orders or commit silly mistakes, which often leads to losses in this model. Vivid cover this basic topic off orders and how to perfect it plays them while trading. Next, we will learn about candlesticks with special focus on price action. France candlesticks are of one of the best tools to work with price action, as price action is best visible in only candlesticks as compared to other charting platform . Next, we will learn an important concept off sporting trends. Friends. As a trader, you have to support friends early so that we can ride on the wave and gain profits. I will introduce you. Many started used to identify trends early on so that you can benefit from the overall trending market. Next, we will learn one of the important concepts in price action trading that is making trend lines. Most writers often commit serious mistakes while making trend lines does in this module, you will master this important ingredient off price action trading in this model, you villain, Another important pillar of price action trading that is, support and resistance. Again. This is one of the most complicated aspects of price action trading, and many traders make this important lines incorrectly. That often leads to losses. Identification, off support and assistance is key to successful price action trading. Next week, we learned confluences. This is an advanced level, very important concept. Off price action, fearing on a villain. This with help off practical examples. After mastering the basics and ingredients off price action trading, we will move on to the trading setups. First, we learned one of the most powerful set off in trading data. Spin bar training. Many traders just raid on pin bars. Dacha was the power and dependency off traitors on this set up after mastering pin bar with villain, another important settle goddess called inside War trading settle. This is also another reliable price action trading second, vivid mustard. This also with the help off practical examples. So, friends, if you're serious about making consistent profits without losing many trades and wasting your issues time, then welcome to this amazing world off less complicated trading and simple charts and roll out toe this price action trading masterclass and discover the secrets off How compared the right markets with single charts and with complete focus on price action. Also, without the pain off losing trades and wasting time, I hope to see you in the opening lecture off this course, so just handle. 2. What is Price Action Trading?: rep until this lecture. France Price Action trading is one of the simplest, effective and most profitable formed of trading. If you are a new greater than learning price, action training makes a great starting point. And if you are an experienced reader and tired off all the noise off indicators and wants to implement a new clutter free technique off trading, then you are indeed a perfect place. By the time you finish the scores, you won't even need to learn any other training practice, and you can start making profits straightaway. Price action training is a discipline where you make your trading decisions based on actual price woman on the chart, as opposed to using lagging indicators for entry and exit price action. Trading basically means basing your trading decisions on fluctuation or action off prices. That is how the price moves. In order to make predictions, price action traders use many factors like friends, Candlestick spread on support in the distance and some even use moving averages. If you are not familiar with any of these concerts, then don't worry. Women study all these before marching towards actual trading using price action strategies . This course starts from business level and take you to export level in a step by step manner does weaken some rice price action as a technique by visual trade of reached the market and then makes a decision based on actual price woman on the chart rather than relying on lagging indicators. France. Most indicators are, in fact, derive from prices, which means that they are unnecessary and are reflective. Off passed information on Lee friends were different years. This approach from most formed off technical and Alice is that its main focuses price action. Only another thing which different shares is the cleaner Look off the chart friends Jesse Body Schaars Can you make a vigil? These charges more clean? I think it will hard you take a second to say. Obviously, charge one is cleaner and you can focus more while chart too hard. Um Sud stochastic 80 x r s i n Bollinger burns all in one chart on this looks really noisy and confusing French More staters had their screens filled with truckloads off indicators, and the only reason is they want to find a holy Grail in training. But the fact is they're still making loss making trades so comparing blood these charts you must have make all that chart who is warm asi and creates not soft confusion in the mind. And for new traders, this picture is really terrifying friends. Have you read the book? The One Thing by Gary Keller. This book has a great impact on my trading psychology when I implemented it in my trading, in fact, teachings off decibel walks in every aspect off life. Well, long story short, Mike, you take away from this. Booker's extraordinary desire started that actually deter mined by how narrow you can make your focus. So the fact is, you will get better. There's if you can narrow down your focus and focus clearly on one thing at a time. Yes, like 80 20 principle, which applies to almost every spares off over live. This wanting logical so applies in training does look a chart one. Can you tell me, where are you? Focusing? As you can see in charge, one hour focuses purely on price, and we can clearly see the price action on full screen. Also, you can clearly see how lower prices air this area is getting rejected, and this is taking stock went up. Friend does. You are clearly focusing on the chart and price movement is clearly visible. Why didn't charge toe? Can you tell very. Are you focusing? Well, yes. The first reaction. Looking at this chart after First Charter's this chart is really messy. One woman do focus on price. Other second year four was shifts, um, a city or Bollinger Burn or rs I already x. Your mind is jumping from indicators to price, and it really happens when all the indicators will give you green signal to buy or red signal to sell, as you will always be confused. Moreover, it doesn't matter how big screen you take for training. Your screen will always be messy. French price action works on three principles. The fosters price discounts, everything French price in itself is performed. Prize in itself is finest, and it's calculated result. We don't need to do any calculation price. By the way off indicators. Price action traders don't need to listen. Toe Any news don't need to use any indicator or no external information is needed. Other than naked price, you don't need to worry for US elections or whether North Korea will attack any U S territory or or England is exiting the European Union. French prices enough It factors everything it is most defying absolute and furious indicator off market sentiments. Let us understand price action with a layman. Example. Let us suppose price off all months increased substantially this season. Now try section techniques is we don't need to know the exact reason for this substantial increase in price off Palmer's Be a draught in California or increase in taxation or being tired exports. You don't need to worry for all these factors as a price action strategist, the only know that almonds are selling at 50% premium than average, then that means there is higher the one then supply. We don't need to worry why supplies not there. Price action traders don't typically concerns themselves with why something happens. We don't need to search newspapers or talk to Californian farmers or read any report. The current price off all one's discounts every news, every climatic reason, every economic reason or geographical. With those, we just know that there is less supply compared toe the mark, and now the journey for increasing organ prices had started. You can see that price fluctuation is because off buying and selling pressure in the market . Similarly, in stock market, it's the buying and selling pressure, which makes price action to happen. Does price action Trading is nothing but trading based on difference off buying pressure and selling pressure? If buying pressure is more than selling pressure, the price will move up. And if selling pressure is ward and buying pressure than price will go down, Prince, any price action implies US shift in relationship between buyers and sellers does the only need to see whether it's the buying pressure more or selling pressure at any place in the chart. And depending on that, we need to take our trading decisions. The second device on which price action works is that there is no need off any indicator prices enough in itself, since our markets price action reflects all variables affecting that market for any given period of time. So using lagging price indicators like 80 x amateur, the artists, I or any other fancy indicator is just a vest off time and energy. If you can practically also what are you gaining By adding more and more indicators, you are not getting anything substantial you are just changing your viewpoint off seeing the past. Moreover, you are not improving any chance of reducing loss making prayers. So why do we had all this mess when you can make successful, profitable trading decisions? Good fry section training only in this course, some strategies will give you profitable prayers with very high accuracy. So why complicate rating so much so friends. Adding indicators like this will add to irrationality and confusion in your trading as you can't focus on one particular thing at a time, and your mind keeps jumping from indicator or other in search off. Ideal entry or strategy does simplicities often better than complexity? So Friends Carax is a true price action trader. Never takes trading decisions only on the basis off indicators. History eating decisions are purely based on price action are trading indicator may still be used, but price action is the main focus when it comes to the ultimate decision off entry and exit. I personally used just moving averages, but the main focus is on price action for entry and exit. Moreover, I find creating with price action as main focus, fairly successful and rewarding, not to mention the removal off all the mess, which is caused by putting all the indicators at one time on the screen, the third in the last few. My so price action is there. The collective gave it off. Market is reputed to French Fry Section tells the psychology off players as a whole. But I starts reflects the beliefs and actions off all participants, whether it's human or computer who are trading in the market during a specific period of time. And these beliefs are portrayed on a market price chart. Inform Off Price section and this price action is often repeated, a straighter psychology is saying, and there tend to make same decisions again and again. Does the collective Avery off market as a whole is often repetitive, and with price action trading, we can benefit from this representative psychology. Now we have understood what price action training is. So now let's focus on ingredients off price action trading Well, as we learned earlier, price action is fairly simple and clean braiding technique. We only need falling tools for mastering price action training. The first is price shark. Generally, there are many price charts available, but we will use candlesticks only as this is most clearly presentation off price, then we need Candlestick Parton. Since Candlestick is the best representation off Price revealed, use candlesticks to find our desire trading patterns. Next, all these trend lines Trend lines is the most important tool in price section. In fact, Price section works on trend lines, so it's important to know trend lines and also never be biased while making trend lines. Then we have support under the stances. This is another important pillar off price action. Does identifying clear support and assistance is important in succeeding price action? At last we have moving averages, though we said earlier that price action doesn't use any indicator. But we will only use moving average in deter mining support and distances, and not for buying and selling decisions. Friends Moving averages one of the most important, simple and best indicator 3. Advantages Of Price Action Trading: welcome to this lecture after knowing would by Section Drilling is let us know Cedar. Everyone ladies off this technique over traditional technical analysis and why Greg Section is superior to other forms. France Price Section provides the basic structure to the market. No one can predict the market direction with 100% accuracy, but the market structure health, um, solving this puzzle and helps us in predicting the next market move no other treating technique and predict the next market move as a tricky as price action. One positive thing about price action. Very. It is there it can work in any type of market so it can be transferred toe all types of investments. Does you gonna play price action? Trading to stocks for ex and even commodities and Cryptocurrencies, France Price. Ex intruding does not rely on any extra expenses offer. You don't even need membership off any highly paid membership site. It is three and can be accomplished simply by tracking price charts. You already saw that in variants off price action training, and although they are available free off cost online does by looking at the charge again easily. Sport market trend open close highs and moves the current price off the market, the current market price and important support and resistance levels as price action is simple yet off a Cleveland profitable creating technique. Moreover, the probability or forfeit, even cleared is also high on 11 20 off. But I section training is. You can apply price action feeling toe any time things, whether it's five minutes hourly, daily or week, each other. What our tank from suits you. You can issue this technique. This technique doesn't comes with its Sandberg's. If you are a day trader, you can use 15 minutes hourly or four hour charge. If you are a splinter, you can use hourly, four hour or daily charts. And even if you want a long term investor, you can use dearly charts. Does this technique suits every time off? Later. More order strategies don't change with time thing. The strategies remain seem in different time frames. Next is the ease off the traditional dissection journey. So once you know the price action strategy, it won't require much research time. You just have to find an asset with the specific price can be sends you need, or you can wait for those conditions to Della. It's that simple. Then we have price action. Treating saves your time. If you are a new breed, ER, or even if you are experience than time is precious for a new predator trying to understand the marker price action trading is superior choice, as you are focusing only on one thing that is price movements. Price action is, for fact, platform to focus on one thing only, thus saving time, toe of the marker and make your trading decisions rather than jumping from one indicator to modern in search of a Holy Grail and still losing. Lastly, another important and one fixed price action have this. Each price pattern has a natural and logical stop loss and target points. Being a painter, you need to face the reality off. Inevitable losing trips as early as possible on learning or price patterns is a great stuff . Who, appreciating training This. On the other hand, indicator signals booed haven't obvious stop loss level. For instance, you are older Byman rs items warden, 30 levels and seven other side breaks 70 level. But there is a loophole. No one focuses on no announcers vendors. The signal become invented after which pressure when you consider that the signal has feared and you book your loss as early as possible. These are important questions that big nurse will not think off asking and seasoned traders tryingto and dancers another indicator which can improve on this and are intimately making the training chart of Mass with doors off indicators and still can't increase the profitable careers. So Friends. The Beautiful Price Section analysis is that it teaches you how to analyze market more based on inherent regenerated data, that is price data. After factoring all the news rather exposed to or negative you want or boots, someone said what it then uses just a real well, even if yourself human even that as a retail small traitor, we can't make up or figure out such news sitting in our trading platform. So even if it's a few more than being a price action trader, we can make profitable players he wouldn't diss in. Are you so that start or journey towards mastering price action trading. First, we will learn some basics between certain idea launchpad for starting price. Section three 4. How to Proceed with this Course?: welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I will discuss how to proceed with this course. So, friends, if you are new trader and new to price action, then you should stick by the course curriculum and nor do I want from or skip the models. The models have been specifically place for your stuff buster planning. And don't jump straight to trading setups without understanding long and short positions. Trend lines, market prints and support and distances and confluences. And when you read trading setups, focus on one set of other time and don't watch two different setups on same day. Maintain the gap between learning different setups. Also start with setups as they are, and later when you are comfortable with trend identification, identification, off support and distances and key price action zones. Then draw the stochastic step, which has been added as an expressed of four traders. New grading and price section No, if you are experience traitor and used to trading using indicators and all, you want to switch over to Arland price action trading and reduce the use off indicators. Then you can skip the lectures on market orders and order types, but while you think trade set ups. I have specifically put an extra step off stochastic since January. Toe indicator. Free trading takes time. So when you finish the lectures on finding prints, trend lines and identifying support and assistance is and are comfortable in identifying such delivers, then drop the stochastic step in trading set up. So initially, start with using trading set up as they are and later dropped the stochastic step and work the only on price action and maker charts. Lastly, if you are experience traitor and have basic knowledge off price action, then you can skip the lectures on market orders, order types and candlestick basics. But please focus on identifying trans making trend lines support under the distances and confluences, which are the backbone off price action trading. Also, when you start lectures on trade setups, completely removed a stochastic step which has been put for people new to price action. Anton's all setups worked perfectly fine. Without stochastic, you can straightaway work on pure price action and naked charts. So my best fishes to all of you happy learning 5. Long And Short Positions: welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, you will learn an important constructing price action. There is long and short positions Gulen for Dependent. How you profit on market goes either up or no. So don't stop for us. Let us understand locker symptoms generally in market, we have two types of sendings. The Fosters bullies. If investor aspects off price movement, the sentiment score bullish does when investor things their price off. A particular classical rise. Then center. The investor bullish over there, said the other, and a bullet sentiment is dish. If investors expects downward price in one, then send given discord. Barish. So there were two cases. I don't the investor things their price, rice or the pricing for and does investor has to take his position. Gazed on the sentiment. Tony. If the price goes, asked his sentiments, then haven property. And if the price goes against his sentiments, then he will be across. Another important direction in which a price can go is side with the holes on the movement . This direction is the nightmare for kids as evident. It wants toe award. Such a zone aside, with ward off market often huge two losses are very less profit. Stupider does assignment. Market is often call of hip show, and this is awarded by most readers. Now. Another question is, Can you make a profit from these two sentiments? That is Angela over. Then market goes up and you also make a profit on market whose don't the awesome discussion is provided by long and sharp provision. The master can take his position, visit on his sentiments and profit from either bearish or bullish center. Let's see how first, let's see a long position. This is conventionally investment strategy. It didn't walls buying a star. Good expectation off ingredient place hands in a long tradition of stalkers. Board first, good expectation. There the price will rise and dance a little higher price and those by buying low and selling it high rate. The investor gets a proper Let's understand this with the help of an example, since over sentiment is bullish, supposedly by a stalker and dollars. So if asked our sentiments, the price starts moving upward. We will make profit in this scenario once it reaches a plan target off $1. We can exit the position by selling, and this is called the target price does. You can see that we bore 1st $10 later sooner Grand doors their way of earning a profit off doors as we know no tradition that is bought first and sore later. This call it a long tradition does. It is certain we even loan in this chair. But markets really move like this. I didn't know. But what if Christ don't move, Ask for your sentiments and I started moving bone so boasts a carnival losses was the price of the East of learners off a dollar? We will exit this prohibition by selling, and this is all the stop loss doesn't discuss. Also, we are buying first and selling it does your losses hands directly. Agent lays a long tradition as off tradition in which we buy first and sell later. It doesn't matter that trade is profit making or lost long coalition waas, Really. This is generally you see in your bitterly walking. This is what during dance, stolen off business almost Wyatt who prize and seller tight and the margins are the buffers . Now let's see what a short position is. This is in fact, let's go one investment strategy and it's used. When you have very sentiments, that is, you expect prices to fall. So if you have very sentiments and expecting prices to go down, then how could profit from this Extracted down, one woman took place. The hospital is question is sharp television in a sharp television you send first at a high price. Then, if the market goes now, ask for your very centre grant. You buy it low prices and does you make Crawford Kittles? Let's see an example. So what we do is we will sell a hypothetical stop drilling at your $10 and ask for our Cindy Mannesmann Price moved down. We can make robbers was the price. He's the target price off. $8. We can exit the pollution by Rio by which is your target price does he sold $10 water in dollars. There were making a profit off. Who knows for sure. So a position that is sore first for later escorted sharp tradition. The name Short goes from the faggot when you send the store he wanted. Once you're short a game market bull asked for over 70 years, what did the price move in a positive direction that is moves up. Then, in this case, I wouldn't be across. Was it a regional? Learn laws off $1 even exit the pollution. Why we're buying. We just want to stop loss does minimizing over losses this lawful for the sore first and pilot? Hence let me gently. The short politician has pollution individually. Send first, and by later it doesn't matter that the truth is profit. Making more lost me Not from the fourth question, which every new traitor asked whenever I did. Sharp addition. My classes, that is hog anus. Sell a star who's in narrow, and that's true. This is against our normal trading or doing business. Hoppin set up things you don't even own. The concept of shorting is indeed very conquering to do simply because we have not been shopping in our day to day activity unless you have a traders on Saturday. As in our didn't a life, we can sell only the things which really Oh, let me show you with the help off a living example how you can sell a thing without even owning it. Suppose Apple and Amazon went into it. They're Apple's new iPhone would only be so like toe Amazon and no other grateful, moreover, to boost sales and handle Heidi Mars. Amazon off the iPhone only do that disturbed with this, and this administration will open only for one hour now, our jobber to start for the new iPhone, which costs are 4 $99. What, you don't somehow Mr Balls And he couldn't really start as you was in the office. But being a die hard apple from Peter wants iPhone bag off. Sheer desperation here walks to his friend John and men over. You just said he is willing to buy a new iPhone from John at $500. John, being a heart, portrayed a very be accepted all foreign, even look money in it once. But John was coming back. He talked. What have I got? I have sold off, which I don't even know yet what John or White worry. I am registered with Amazon and I can order anything and pastor unopened box to Peter. So John immediately ordered the iPhone on Amazon and upon delivery handed over the Peter in the whole process, he profited around $100 that is John first sold at 5 $99 there. Why he was one foreign shore and then board the phone from Amazon at $400 before handing over to his dear friend, Peter Does. Your condition is sold at 5 $19 minus bartered for $10 which means profit off their dollars hopefully give the concert in psychology off shark, let's come back to stock market and, as in past lives, feeding at $100 and you are beauty shop, the stock that is, you expect the stock price to fall, your convinced that stalk will treat Lord and $90 in coming days. Now you said you were to make profit from this situation. Well, yes, this you can meet offered by real short in the storm, you buy the stalker $100.3 days later, as you owning stock trading at $90 you buy the stock at a lower price and thereby making a profit off $10 pusher. Now again, the portion is how you sell the stock off Tesla without owning it. When you send the storm, just as the were you sold, iPhone didn't do it on just as an iPhone example. Amazon caiman did. He would your phone in stock market? It's a stockbroker. It's come and deliver you the stars. Next, see hope. Where you for cell. You are essentially blowing the shears from your stockbroker, and when you bite back, you actually do down the borough. Cheers. All this happened in the Becker and the Stock Accion festive days, the process of borrowing and returning it back so efficiently that it hardly comes to your notice. So the steps in this sharpened buses are. First you borrow a stock from a broken whose price is likely to be decreased and you are advised to return it later. Step do, then you send the stock in the market. Step three after to see buyback the stock once its price is decreased to the target Inspector in the last time you had done this year's bore back to the boat. So in this whole process of shorting you, teacher profits broken took its commission, so both are happy. Even if you are at a loss. Local still gets his commission, so he is double happy, and there's a reason brokers are happy and letting you all of the shares to sell for sorting hope that this your clear the complex concept of shorting or short position. Now let us discuss a Roman general, as I'm sure in the market that is, short selling is risky. Let us foresee a long collision. As we learned writing a long they should be buyer forced and sell it. So next as you be biased, awkward, save $10 with ever expectation that the stock price and rice and has been put over target at $1. What what did? The price doesn't go up as expected, and the market makes a huge done and stars falling more or what we didn't for the stop locals. So can you tell me how low the price can fall? If you Sergio, then you are cared. The new price can fall, is you? There's our losses limited to candles. We can't lose more than $10. Now let's come to the short position here. Also, the stock is trading at $10 we're expecting prices to fall. Does the shore the stalker? $10 with the target off reaching the price to $8 the number in sharply profit wife all of prices. But what if the prices don't fallen and in students start sizing and keeps all right. Moreover, be dealing with the stop loss. Can you notice how far the prices can go up? Yes, this morning the prices can go even to $100. And now imagine your losses. It's a loss off 9 $90 as compared would also just $10 in long collision. This is a primary reason why traders regard short selling as a risky proposition. So next time I the long and short positions as in long position, we buy first and Seliger market expectations and long collision is bullish. That is, we expect prices to vice vigor property when prices raise asked for our expectation and Vera claws on price falls similarly, in short position, we sell first and violator market expectation in sharp pollution is British. That is, we expect prices to for big profit when prices fall as part of our expectation and directed Osman prices race 6. Order Types: very quickly the structure. In this lecture, we will see various types of orders which we can plays in the market being price action traitors. We need to understand all those very well and need utmost care, right place in dollars. Wrong order milieu. Two losses. A person who doesn't have basically the world market mechanics will find it very difficult to hear before the stock is particular. Soul usually instruct your broker about the order. This means you should specify the order. Very clear how the order this to be executed, Sending proper instructions to your broker with the first step off price action. Pretty, we generally have to Dr Borders in the stock market. The first is market order. The second is your daughter and the third is stopped or stop for Let's understand each one of these in two days. That stock market, all of us in sharp market orders inspired any place of it. With market orders, you are instructing your broker to buy our cellar, the current market price market, all of the image it foods. What in orderto price, you hear the fiber. It is generally at the price, either slightly about or below the price when you hit the Bible. Similarly, the case when you place the market or no for self, hence market orders should be awarded at all cost. If you are placing a by order for stocks, said Kessler, the order will be executed at the price that is available in the mark. In this example, you can see the stock off Microsoft currently trading at our own $100. As for the charge now, when you play the market order for by also it gives it could immediately, but not at the price guarantee shown in the chart. The price you receive is most often different, but the difference is very money. You will only get Portis if your order is large. That doesn't Elsie limit or does in sharply in good order is an instruction. To broker that order is to get executed at a specified price. All back example. If current market price for shares $100 you want to buy it $95 then you will hit the limit by order. So now you're ordering gives ego driven the price. It's $95 or less. The primary and one playoff limit order is that it guarantees that the trade you were at a particular price or better. Most price action treeless used limit orders as this is designed to get the best local the market. It is meant for situations where market behaves according to expected, and later on the schools, we will learn how to find the trend of market and does placing limit orders increases of chances off making profitable cheers. Managing platforms give the option off duty. Siegert is good still cancellations, which is nothing but linger daughter but lasting for multiple days. The platform I used gives GTC option off seven working days Does being a stricter that I Mostly please do TC owners on weekends and just wonder these trades on my working days? Does Judy Z orders are best for working people? And if you conveyor the moment off marker, then you can very well plays the limit. Orders valued waas and price action, feeling we can indeed, with market predictions and hands limit orders comes very handy. Let us understand limit piled up with the help of an example with limit pilot. We instruct our broker to make a buy owner at our special price or lower Being a trader, you would love to buy the stalker low and sell. It does with living Biota. You can buy the stock, but you can feel will drop in the price and future impossible. This talk whose turn prices $100 you want to buy it $95. Then you can complete this using a unit Biota and specifying rice has $95. So this wonderful market executed until the price is $95 or law not to the target price. Old record. We like to see a practical example support in this chart off Amazon The stock is currently trading. I got on 6 $45 and you think that stalking going on further toe at least $600 in coming. This does weaken years Our delivered by owner or GTC order to unspecific as we can extract taken a single day Hansel, place our get out of here. And when price reaches this target off $600 or lower our order will be executed Now Nazi limits. Celada limbs in order is a career talent price or higher. The northern Every Western wants to buy it low and selling high does. If you expect the prices to vice in the future, then you can place a liver cell order. Let's take an example. Suppose you are holding a stock with sternly trading at $100 and you extractor toe rising future. So in this in are you never will come handy does by placing a unit order off over target prices $105. We can easily on profit off $5 per share without even monitoring the stock price. Everyone logistic practical example off Amazon again. And suppose we're holding shares off Amazon, which is currently trading at C $100 per share, and we expect prices to rise further in this Ready doesn't this case. We will place a unit sell order Officer $1300. Doesn't the stock president just talking $100? Our universal order will be executed. Now let's face on certain last category. Afford us. Get this stop stop loss on us as an incidence. This order is to limit our losses in case price doesn't ask. Part of our expectations will ask for our centers. A stop loss is an order. Closer positions at a predetermined price point. Stop. Moses very border price action. Very and right section is back in training approach as this technique gives you the gear, stop losses and carted prices. Does the moving emotions cooperating? Ah, stop Lost chance your broker that you don't want your stocks to go below this level in case you're going long and and so if the price hits that level, you sell it. It is important moaner Stop loss on us can use without any condition in the stock does. It is important to cancel stop loss orders if you're part of it, is it? Well, you must be thinking bottle and we can't stop us. Order. Sound similar, but the fact is, your computer different. Limiter events accuse when market being asked for over 10 and stop losses just about it. It's the used market goes up with it what we expect that is via making loss, and it's an order just to limit our losses and also eliminate emotions. Completing legacy example off stop loss Sell over as an incidence disorders to limit our losses. Why selling that is venue and going long. So what? You want to stalk $100 you extracted to each at their own $105. But arc, another move. As for our police endurance, then we could play. That will stop loss. Senator, at $95 doesn't reducing our losses to just find on this pusher in the stock price falls and $95 then a market order to sell the shares is or to articulate executor. Let us understand. Stop loss selling with the practical examples. Stop Tesla. So what you are told by the stalker, this little that is at around 3 $45 we took and trying to this talk with bullets, sentiments that we extracted to rise and reach at least around to $60. But, as you can see, just talked. Didn't want ask. But what expeditions? And in fact, it's talking a long downwards. Doesn't losing a stop loss senator at all. 3 $20. We were potentially seared from the loss of around $17 per share. Have you didn't put the stop loss that you can see the importance off Stop loss and Price Action treaty? No, that's just a stop loss by owner. As the name suggests, this is used to minimize our losses went by as this option is used. Why, in short, so we'll be short some chairs off $100 extracting the price to least $90. But Christ irritable asked for our police scenting us So in this case, we can place topless by other actually $105 to use our losses to $5 per share. Does it stop price if I just $205? A market order to buy back the shares is automatically years ago. No Dad and shocking loss can Being funny does it is important to you stop loss by shocking the legacy of practical example of stop loss Bio. This is the charco Bitcoin. As you can see, the prices started falling and we expected the prices to fall for the down. And with this very sentiment, we shocker this phone and Anjali. But the big corn price different. Asked for all the sentiments and prices start it afford Midway doesn't orderto Mysore loss . We could stop must by other at around here. And by that the shock and shares at los but the stop loss by order in place, we minimize their losses to a great extent and stop is busting kids off shorting as loss can be infinite. Hopefully this you're clear the types off waters in the mark and won't make mistakes by placing dollars. 7. Candle Sticks Intro ( With reference to Price Action): welcome, but this new lecture in this letter reveal study one of the key ingredients in price action . Trillion dollars candlesticks. You can use many other charting tools like Rango, Kagy point and Figure, but the visual experience and ease off interpretation. The candlesticks bring in price action analysis, Northern charting technique and match candlesticks are basically usedto describe the price action doing the given time thing. And the best thing about candlesticks is that they can be using any time there, whether it's one minute, five minute, 15 minutes hourly, daily or even weekly. In order to create a Candlestick chart, you must have great assert that contains open, high, low and close value off each time Peter you want to display. If the camel is closed of overs open price, then it show my green candle, and if the candle is closed below its opening price, then it's shown by the red candle. Many traders used white instead of green and black, and start over does using a black and white shop. But formation or structure off candle is saying. Whatever the color combination use, the best way to long candlesticks is hard to legally, but visually, let's see the basic structure and formation off a candle. The hollow first section of the candlestick is all the hell born in your body. The 10 lines poking a bow and below the body displays the high or knowledge and our call of picks off shadows. The drop off the a perfect score high on the bottom of the law school Oh, in the store closes higher than its opening price. Green candlestick is drawn with the bottom of the wordy, representing the opening price on the top of the body representing the closing price. Similarly, the stock low this water and its opening price. That kind of stick is wrong with the top of the body representing the opening price on the bottom of a body representing the closing price. The green candle, in which prices closed about the opening, is often called a bullish scandal, and it represents a bullish sentiments of market in that thing. Similarly, a rat candle in which the crisis closed below the opening is often called a berry scandal. On the present abuse and difference off the market, let us understand the life cycle of a tendon that is its journey for birth through death. And this we made you learn nobody about the formation off candlesticks, but also how the price action works in the market. Lifecycle off a candle basically consist off all stages the posters open. Hi. No. And loose the life cycle off. Any candle is the time frame in which we're working. If you're working in five star than life cycle of a candle is five minutes is working on one hour charge then lifecycle off candle is one hour That is the candle lives all the four stages in this Peter. So condom is always born Other hearts on the line like this? Yes, that's a new one. Candlestick at this point of time moving most whether it will die bullish or bearish and no one move whether it will move up or down. And now the real fight evidence that is the fight breaking bulls on beers. If the buying pressure is moved, then Gamble will start moving up and formal bullish. And if the selling pressure is more than the candle will start moving down and it falls. Avarice, Red Campbell. And finally, when the time for amends or life cycle is over, we finally see the result off the battle between buyers and sellers. If he had a red candle, that means buyers one. And if we had a red candle, that means Sellers one. Now let me see the importance off each part of candid in price action to first lattice it important. It not only shows the high in the north the candle, but it also offers other important information. Just a bill distended on the right, Small knew of it. Small British morning and our top of you this kind of show there after opening bulls trying to take price high as represented my longer. But before this kind of clothes beer stooped the charge and who's the price back down? Does the higher price Which Boots initiative was rejected? All the Victuals, the price reduction of the market, the longer we hired is the price rejection. Actually, candle that sharp wits Just dis candle on the right. It has short Lovett of British 40 and short up of it such candlestick that sharp wits and begin that most of the training action lost in finding the open and close just all the discounted on the right And can you leave some price sexual in this. Also, we do for the movement and just observable price action. Don't come on for the Japanese name off the scandal Purple Easy it from price action Point of view. These kinds of sticks with the young couple show long, lower shadow and small, real body are coursed. Spinning tops on this made represents the indecision in the market, just although both frightened take the price higher as represented by the law offering. And then bulls took the controller took price very low ash on birth lord. But see the end result no one of them really want. And the price lows near Topa does, making a sharp warning and long weeks, in fact, both up on endure prices was rejected by the market in this example of the stock. Netflix. Just off the long weeks off these candles just in these candles, which got long organ, the issue of the rejection, all the more prices by the marker and just notice how the stock price rise after formation . All these candles? No, no, just dis candle good short upon a long law and bought high end clothes. Waas near open and close datchu market was trading in the range of the body. No see, these can be long, upper and lower regions, more body actuals markets in busy and was it open markets? And yet it's open by the buyer's nor sellers to get the upper hand and deserted in smaller morning of the country. Just noticed this chart off Microsoft Corporation and off of the multiple rice rejections. If you get multiple price of the action, then this is a strong signal off rewards. Just see how more prices will detector. The years are trying hard to get the price lower. What market rejected and as you can see, how the prices rise after formation off these candles with long law, it's now let's it important body Barbie candle show The more momentum in the market if the body is longer, the show's market is trending. And if the bodies are sure that market is not turning, our is inside. This movement like to see this chart off Microsoft Corporation. And although the wall worries off candlesticks in the area shown in record, notice how small bodies resulting in consolidation off market doctors, there is indecision in the marker and now see this portion of the chart where we have long candle bodies and just either trending market. All the prices are moving in skins. This market is very good for pretty and this formation off long candlesticks. Cyprus Charities Strong Signal that market is blank offensive Now let's see the important off losing price off candle in the price action closing price. Nobody decides whether it's of a bullish or bearish scandal, but it also shows who's in control of the market at that particular for a long time. Rather, it's bulls obvious. If the Campbell closed near high. That means bulls are in the pro. If the candle disclosed near low that these fears are in ago, and last year the candle is closed near its open. That means none of them is in control at last. Lettuce in importance off three inch good respective price action. Rain off a candle refers to the difference between high in the North. A candle. This is basically the journey off price within the same thing. Long radio. Campbell shows high verticality in the market just off this Microsoft chart. And what is the longer these candles for me? Prices moving, offering down, making very volatile part. This we're done with the introduction of the candle states. And that's all you need to learn or candlesticks to master prices. Pretty and just friends. You don't even need to remember all those complice candlesticks part on the war. This is all what you need to know. Oh, your beard with candlesticks and how price action waas. 8. How to Identify Market Trends?: welcome with section on identification, off market trends Our training simply the primary direction off the price moment since hold reading depends upon identification off friends. And if you can master the art of finding than the market is trending and when the market is consolidating half the working over the most of border thing that we have to master the price action trader is get remind vet of the market is trending or not, and home security remind the transfer our technology. You desire profits and success in the locker. So if you find it difficult to identify trends in a chart that by and off this lecture you would master this ardent clearly out in the footprints estimate this year, Nick a job. Let's start with the concept offspring, hiding swindles, friends markets, always moving this it will make an up move, which is called rally. Then I don't move, which is Hold it line Now this combination off wolf doll mals make something really border , and these are swing highs and singles. One off meeting off, really followed by a decline is called upstream. Now you can see in this sharp their value here and then there's the decline. Now this point here like a peak, is far string high. Similarly, the point of meeting off decline followed by really is Hold it down for me in this hour. You can see this decline followed by Really? Now this point here we just meeting part of her decline and ready is a world swing low. So you lived upon circle swing highs and lows. This concept is very broken as trans are made from the swing hiding Sing lose only now they're basically treat Are so parents in a marketer anymore The flushed in an uptrend then don't bring and 30 minutes site is God is avenging off consolidating markers as an incidence uptrend is when market moves up Don't bring is when marketings don't what side villages market moves horizontally not start with occurance and upturn has falling Correct justice! The 1st 1 is higher swing lose and 2nd 1 is higher Soon highest Just see these upper to the right As you can see everything low Waas hired in the previous single and I am noticing I was hired in the Beavis ing, her Venice talkin upturn. Then we can see that overall sentiment of the market is bullish on the stock. Let us your practical example of Tesla and just over a whole this talk went on to make passing losing highest selling high spec in on on this. Let this stop right from $60 to $100 which is in leader. Remarkable A pattern. Let us know. Focus on don't don't burn has falling two characteristics. The 1st 1 is the love someone hires and second is nor singles not see the example to the right The charter admitting los ing eyes and sourcing lose like this does. You can clearly see how the price one Now, with every loss when high and lower swing low combination taking or suffer not to see a practical example of Euro U. S. Dollar chart. And just although, how this started making Lawson highs and Lord swing loss continuously, that is each swing low Wharton believe a single and each ing I warden Leavis in her. And does Judy go a great longer and one of the most profitable trade for price action traders. Let us now see what aside with marketers inside with our aging marker, the market move almost horizontally. That is market swings between support and resistance or some Peter before making a pickle. The region's off consolidating market often has a very low price action as Afghan phones, all of candles with swallow bodies and those most er's in this chalk markets are not asked for federal as in turning marker, and many dreams are even in losses. I noticed it a practical example of the stock physical just on love decision. Where this talk is training would be disappointed and this instance also notice how start more horizontally and less working does as a price action trader. Regions like these are nightmares. Does he should completely a work training indeed, agents, once we off the guards, stop the struggle between a channel you must know here with the concepts off uptrend. Don't 10 and side with movement of the store. No, If I ask you this in publishing, what is the current trend of the longer can you want the deck? Let me better ask with an example. This is the Wonder chart off Facebook stock. Can you tell me, what's the trend of this talking? The vision shown in the rhetoric? Kinda well, if you answer uptrend than dad school. But you want celebrate early? No, si discharge, but knowledge. When are charting? Start off one miniature and I have shown you the series in the vendor. Now what? Your officer I did your answer will change to side of this from up there. Isn't there severance? I asked you a simple motion. What's the current trend of the store? So before you also discussion, your first question should be what? Your bank thing. The branches will time for him in a minute. Char your grant, maybe up in. But the moment you switch to hourly charts and images to a dumper does in the guard who can never make your decision in the highest The next toe each used one and defied the trend of her marketers. Moving averages most bigness as Venice co freshman issues moving Abbott is to sport trend because of the Julies with which we can sport the trend in a second. I generally moving over this news or the short conference as well as Long Company are don't even Peter Yemi and Exponential moving our it is used to go to find the short company on a 200 Peter year May used to remind the long conference. If don't doing here, me is pointing higher in price is also above it. Then the show that short on turn is up, if you wonder TME sporting higher and prices of over this shows that long comprende ism? No, that is true for downgrade. Let's go straight to a particular example. Here you can see the chart off Tesla and focus on the region. The black boss. The moving average is nothing but a 21 day exponential moving average motor. All the prices inspecting from you in the A m E. That is, the prices are above the moving average and moving upwards along with moving average. Also about moving out it is pointing upwards. Does we can clearly say that short term trend is up in very chart of Tesla. Next you'll see the chart off slog. But with 200 a year, as you can see, the prices are below. The wonder the G M A and moving average is pointing downwards. Those moment print is don't indie chart of Tesla. Now, next, focus on the region in this black box. What are your opinions If you wandered short term turned his down and long comprende is up . Then you're gonna frankly, this we finish with the trend identification. Hopefully you have learned how to support uptrend, downtrend and side with word of the star. And thus you can improve the probability or sporting some great moves in the market and does making good profits. 9. Mastering Trendlines: workbooks lecture on Bring Glands Friends. After understanding the visit, comes up so far, cry such a move. Then the trend lines becomes one of the most effective and lice price action. These lines are used to cut the morning show where the crisis heading, as well as identify the 18 years off Support and resistance Visual love in our next one. 10 lines are important pulling technical analysis for both Trent identification as well. This trend conformation landlines is one of the basic concepts of price action period. But if used incorrectly, it will lead to false turning signals and Hansa losses. Those understanding trend lines is our most important to become a successful dissection. French trend lines are brought on the charge to help predict the general direction of the price. Trend. Lines also helped better my good and three and exit points and have to decide where to put your stop losses. Dax fiving a price action trader. He needs to understand trend lines better when it comes from treating, traveling. So as a health food. There's a lot you convention treaty areas, such as when the short term meets the law. The main problem with translations is hoping Roy pending on a charge. Morse Traitors are intimately did that start, but we will learn growing trend lines with very easy approach. Pleasant lines is fairly easy. All you need is the first identify losing or high points and second brought in line, joining them. So in December, the awesome expulsion is bold. Yes, as what is No? Yes, because it's indeed not much of a brokered, since your friend, like about the steps are the only stuff you need to broil trendline. The answer is no, because Friend nine is once a topic. We just many look parts and does this art has been made complex over the thing, so let's see some rules or screws up tar, which you must know before placing Kremlin's. The first rule or school talk is rather to use the body off extra brother trend lines friends. This is a long, debatable topic, and there are those who go carts Once is used, body plays, the trend line and others is used visual plays the cracklings well, talker. The only thing is the general approach you use stick on sister don't mix. The two approaches many traders trying to mix the two approaches while trying to justify their friend lines. This is the most common mistake I see more stairs made one training that is mixing the two approaches I personally used candle body took place, trend lines as biggest. Nothing for price reduction. The bodies were to prevent the action trend of the market. That is the price at which candles open or close is well again. It's my school of thought and I have in profitable using disciples. Next these two approaches with the help of practical example. It is a big pointy Chuck. So what we did because we identify pleasing move and made a line joining Vicks That is this just and this point does we get a friendly and this traveling show of that market is moving side this now next example off other school part that is the practice I use. This is a chart off Amazon. Here we just identify these swing highs and lays over trendline such there it touches at least 200 bodies and using trendline, we see that the stock is enough. Let us look at tentative temperance or trendline from their market bounces twice is basically your country differently this shoulder. There is possibility over trended making, not just understand this with the help of a particular example, Let's look at the date chart off Netflix and watch guest using glows. And if you make a line touching board dissing glows, then this will be a tentative trendline as the started bouncing twice after touching this does the show's possibility over upturn in making. But this does not show information. Nothing to be content just on the basis off tentative trend lines. So here comes to conform trend lines. If the price bonds is off keys three times from a trendline, then this is a confirmed friendly, and we can most probably predict that market will get the same way on the next walls or a break, it will happen. The higher the little bones is walk information. We done it market with their conceive. The next time those tree touches is a beer. You need to say that the trend line is valid, not just a particular book. This is the daily chart off Microsoft Corporation. If you draw a trendline touching these three swing lose, then you have you would have conformed. As you can see that that's talk is one thing off. Treat him after touching this trending and even as you that the Stopfel there conceiving if it again goes little. This trend line in future friends, the strength overturned nine is measured by number of balls in the store gets after touching the current. Just eat this example of nervous notice the stock monsters off five times with the trendline before giving a break off. Now, in this talk off microphone cooperation, this train language, they can't Agent Brandon until here, when the start wants two things. But as, um, is it just the planning? Third time the trend. Lincoln what you to conform, friendly and with each touch, the strength off district lane increased. This is also again from the fact that the prices inspecting the streamlined it comes through the picture again and again, even if it had a false break on from this trend line. At some occasions, the price comes backs within the range of respecting the Terminator. The holy Grail of Kremlin is get as many balls as possible. Start with you, Bones is and and market as a regular trendline, indicating it has a tentative in your descriptive job as soon as it makes a torch touch. Make the horrible Kremlin as green Dad will indicate. It is a conform friendly. So perhaps you can take your treating disease better. I hope you know here we're going turn nights now. Next move forward and love life. Softer nights visually have therefore contains one is uptrend line on blister on line, then we're building like on business friendly. Yes, I usually look down one level. Let's start with learning after online or bullish trend lines and optimally generally indicates of rising stock prices and upturn line is made by joining one more swing move with second string low must be higher than the previous England. I also know that Morecambe should be below the Colonel. Yes, Victim Officer can those can open outside? But all candles shoot close above the turning those you should remember every single candle closes above the invincible. Now this is my side of making friends and frankly, I have benefited a lot from the state as price action period. In his marker signs have any dinner, the first with his strategies, but whatever use stick with it. That's a practical example. Off upturn line here, you can see the chart off Microsoft Corporation. Now we draw trendline from these two singles. No, Mr Second Swing Low is higher than even and those at this point of time. This is a tentative up turning only after touching for third time. On that with a swing low higher than the previous swing low. We marked this front line as a conformed up Gramling and just notice all the prices inspecting this trend line of a none of it. I also know that each and every kernel shoot close above this trend line. If it's an uptrend, please note that if you are doubting this other false greater Mordor, this candle also loses about this trend line and hands. We consider this other touch no better soon. Don't really it's simply oppose it off. What we learned in an uptrend line or downtrend line is made by joining your war swing highs with second song. I had a nor level in previous one All the number No Candlestick Shoot close about over friendly Yes, Vic in local, sir. And those kind of closer What candle must goes below the trending Another thing motors the steeple adrenaline you, bro. That necessary level, it is going to be and more likely it will be. Let's see a practical example. Off down, Bernie. Here is the chart off Microsoft Corporation. Notice that we got four months off the stern line and also mocha most above the sternly and each wing eyes Lord er deviously This is a very downturn. Just checked district night and answer whether it is a valued up their life or not. Awesome video. And just recall whatever learning this morning if he was an invalid opera, right, you worker notice that this candle close with other turn line This candle also close below trendline This kind of lonesome close with soldiers of the valley Trendline But Mordor this can lose above the Colonel and for their destroying language comes in weather and we stop making overtraining decisions for heroin So France trend lines become stronger the more they're tester. But now we're trying to make them for it in any job. If trendline is offering than its model eloquently managers Fredo forcefully just returned line. Even if the trend line is not fitting into a job this week on the mood off this lecture and Hopefully, you have mastered one of the most basic, most important but most overlooked concerts of technical answers. There is trend lines. 10. Support and Resistances - Introduction: very complete this important mom, you French. One of the most frequent convention word in any form of getting is support and resistance. This is because they're important level that gives signals on the next move the price. So very relocating stocks for X or commodities on even Cryptocurrency. It is important to know their support and resistance lies, support and resistance levels are critical, part off price executed because it can be used to make specific training decisions and identify vendor trend is about to yours. So that's start first. Support and resistance levels are important concepts in technical analysis, since they can be used to identify potential long and short opportunities, asked me earlier. Demand and supply are the underlying forces off price movements. Market opened demand exceeds supply and does now supply overcome steam are thus price move up when demand is stronger than supply and listen are you wires are more you go to buy them . Sellers are willing to sell so buyers will offer the higher price to welcome sellers and thus price races. Press drops went supplies from Gordon Remark and sellers are body go to Selden. Buyers are willing to buy in this case sellers in border US in price until buyers are willing to buy and hands price falls that support ministry. Baranski Yes, we had a floating off supply in the morning. The jury behind and blowing these lines is there. The market has very long rebel the price for years with respect to certain levels that have previously been significant turning points in the historical price Action movement and other participants also like to be treated with consideration for these levels. Look at this daily chart of Tesla and notice how the prices instructing this level whenever stop comes near this level the price Bunches of Vienna ports. And this happens again and again, and it seems like the market is having some sort of memory. Also on this level. Market comes to this and the envy horses there don't, and this happens of the eight. Another market is simply finding it difficult to break this, and these levels last not only for few days they actually last, even for months or years. Have you seen this? Lost soccer? Kessler. You can see this bottom support level lasted for around three months and this stop resistance level last year for around one month. Another important point, which most new Raiders are confused is that better supported over this dance is actually in nine autism because most off this is supporter Distance has just lines in many training workshops. This is the most common question I get during my watch. Rent teaching supporters does so first supporter. The state is not actually in line. In fact, it's xylem just of low discharge. I have more light, whatever can lives on. The support and assistance are not here. Cut price levels. They'll go over and read off prices, however, for convenience and clarity, many technical and in this drawing lines to make support in distance. But bright lines department support in the distant is acceptable as long as you understand that these life actually do Present zones were the demand and supply generations, but my wife is to initiate practice. Support under the stuff has also farther than lane 11. What is Resistance?: variable this new letter in this lecture with a lot of or resistance in Today, As the name suggests, distances something stopped. The price from rising for the the distance of the price level at which selling is talk will be strong enough to prevent the price of rising. For the the logic says there. As the price of losses toward resistance, sellers become more inclined to sell and buy has become less inclined to buy. By the time price reaches the resistance level, it is believed supplying or welcome the one and prevent the price from rising above all of Vista's. As you can see in this, Apple Stock noted this own in blue record. No, the price strike big his own first at this point done at this point all sort these points. But it could not big this do it kind of falls recorder this point, but again, the prices went back below the song and again try to break this. Finally, it had a big old at this point hands bull straight every weekend break from this move on board assistance, but feel does this active like other listed in the stock off our poll from November 2017 Made over speaking, Yeah, I can see some other properties over the states as you can evolve the level over the students always about the current market price. So between now Amber put on 17 70 18 The price off apple start cutting here below the distance level. Ashfield In this job, our traditions always acts other critical said so whenever the price touches or enter the stencil that is heavy setting this needs to again broken press. As you can see in this is Apple. Also, whenever the price test or entered the range off 1 76 to $100 there is heavy sending and only at the end off. Maybe you are eating the bulls to the control and manage to have a break. All there are taking price to one of the level Another, quite don't know is it was never this Chances book on another resistance level will have established at a higher level. Let us go back to the apple example. See the charter there. This is only the who is the resistance level which waas broken at this point and does this new resistance level was form was order the stuff and a new. And since level is established at the price level off, I wanted to sound wanted to your dollars Ashland Better of metal record. 12. What is Support?: welcome this new letter, having none of or resistance understanding. The whole Kevin should be quite simple law opposed to the distance. The support is something that prevents the price from falling for the supported the price level at which demanded Storper was strong enough to prevent the price from declining for the the logic dictates there. As the price declines towards their support and gets cheaper, why has become more than Cranko buy? And sellers become less inclined to sell. Why that kind of price reaches a support level, It is believed their demand with the weapon supply on this provides the price from falling below support. Just an example of, you know, US dollar on a daily chart. What is the one shown in the just see how prices facing difficulty in falling below this or clever shown in the movie. At these points, the traders expect Mexico maybe one hands. Whenever the price force to a support level, it is likely the balls back hands. You can see vendor price false toe first at this point it and then bounces back. Similarly, priced Bonds is back again from all these points. The oldest finally broke under at this point, let's see some other features off support. First is the support. Travel is always below the current market price, as you can see us example from January 18 till after 218 when it finally blew difficult price. Always hold off the sport phone. Next is the support often acts as a trigger to buy. This is also gonna add the points pointed with Adel's whenever Christ just or under this award. Oh, there is heavy going which eventually triggers a jump in the price. Last but not least, one support is broken. Another sport level would have we established at a your level as we learned supports and the distances are not for our. They are broken from time to time. Similarly, when I support is broken, another supportive form let us against example off Euro U. S. Dollar. The old support was finally group on at this point, and it fell free here, where it is most likely to form a new support as everything from the past 13. S & R Psychology: Welcome back in this lecture, we will see what is the logic behind formation, off support and distances. There is basically no science under a petition off price section have support and resistance level. In fact, experience, traitor or human psychology, which makes these levels lets you end up friends and any market. There are basically three times so participants The post to the buyer who kicked their market will go up. And I should go long no second in the cellar who are wondering than all the other things that market will go down and I should go shore and does sharks and the stars. And then we have off those who just thinks or plan their future careers. Or it's about which stocks to sell or buy from the stockbrokers. Now let's see the exact logic behind support and resistance levels. Please bear mentioned the floor figures. Let's take the example of a hypothetical company, ABC LTD. Which is currently dating $100 next year. We're different participants do at this point. The 1st 1 is wire. He buys $100. Now why are things that are this stock's price will go up hence he should buy the stock now seven cents $800 short Center makes a short sell, thinking that even by the price decreases, lastly, observable nothing. He just above the market movement, making his future strategies. Now what happens is the price off Stock, ABC Rice. $205. Let's see how all these participants in the accident the buyer. He's making a profit of $5 pusher. It's hard not. He should've bought more short seller. He's making a also $5 course here. No batter Short seller makes profit with the fallen precious. He's in Bennett moral equal Stop loss at $110 so he can't even buy in the store at this point. Finally, off their work are Oh, I'm Mr Bus. I should have ordered $100 7 Now what happens is the price of stock. ABC falls back $200. Let's see the reaction off. All these participants know while he things, he want a second opportunity, so he's ready to buy it. Short seller. He's also ready by the start of it and make break even by buying the storms and losing his pretty sharp hope over normals off there were hating is Gore has sending another golden opportunity, so he do wise. Thus, at this point, that is. At Quincy, the marshals and price again races from this level of $100 hands you can see different participants have for different reasons to buyer at this point, that you can see this level is no marking a level of support. So this is the psychology behind the formation, off support and resistance levels accessible. Most participants have one reason or another by the strong. After a distance, most participants has one reason or the other will send a stall. Hope. Now we're cleared the formation off support and assistance and also the psychology grand of formation, all diesels. 14. Support and Resistance- Role Reversals: friends have started before. Markets have very long memories, and this leads to formation off support under distances. But this doesn't mean start support and resistance levels are now support into this is levels are in fact regularly book hands rent broken by a bullish move. The distance often becomes unusable on this card. Hold yourself as you can see there, the starkest trading below the distance still here. When the price breaks above the resistance level, no, most often you will find that this resistance will become a level of support. Well, actually a practical example from commodity in this daily charter who you can see this trend line act together support here when the storm breaks above the hole and you can see dissolute is no acting as a support similarly, for the Irish move or support becomes new a distance. You can see this example. This general line is acting at a supported here. Then it turned of pickled and moved on. Now most of you will find that this general language act together support earlier now becomes our this town CDO let us understand with the help Often Example, this is a daily chart of Tesla stall on motive. This Greenville, which acted as a support still here when the Colonel Rico and from now dizzle naked her. This is which is only present. Do that wrestle. This is nothing but with all reversals on even moved in this price action every now and then on the charts. So France simply put if the price breaks above the resistance. Even so, distance becomes support. And if the price bricks Bill Ausubel, you get support, become the distance and assignment. Just observed this war reverses in a chart available in your country and notice how frequent is such batter. 15. Dynamic Support and Resistances: Welcome back. First dynamic support resistance are nor click traditional horizontal support and resistance zones. These steps of supporters systems are in fact constantly changing, depending on recent prices. Let's understand that affects a popular itself included. These are supporting with sensitive get you move along with the price dynamic support horsemen. The stalk is in an apparent and no candle closes below the support level and on the resistance off stalkers in there don't brand and more capital closes above this dynamic resistance level and the best to find dynamic support, for instance, is moving averages being a swindler that I personally used 21 Peter TME but the tumble off selecting moving averages short on your training time frame shorter. Must be the petered off. You're moving average. Let us understand dynamic support with help off a practical example. There, you can see your daily chart off Alibaba Group on it looks like price hand the counting on either Iemma pretty well every time price opposed um, it it acted like a support and price falls off year me again and again does this year me, I would like a dynamic support in trending markets. Moving evidence are the best way to find support and distances as horizontal support system is more particle in turning markers. Actually, the example of dynamic of distance in this chart of GDP US dollar Just notice how prices respecting the continent beauty and and it's finding hartal big of the year. Me, I never price tried to come close to the M E at these points. It won't go for him on August 21. Peter Yemen is acting like a brother is just a price. 16. How to Find Support and Resistances ( Quick Approach): with this new lecture. French Finding the Laval support and resistance is usually a beauty off any price action traitor. But seriously, we learned how to make support and with distances and how efficiently read this price action lows. But I am offered about this push in there when we see a charge card, sporting support and resistance levels. So in this election, I will guide you. How does for support in the distance in a neckerchief? If you've been playing Easter, you've been easy sports support and resistance levels on Georgia Friends I, personally four started used to sport supporting the stem cells. The 1st 1 is sweet NYSE and swinging move, which they often more triangles started. The second is idiot off condition. The Tardis certain surgeon Williams and Fort is moving averages. Let's start with Started You on that is being high or low or wrangle started friends in high answering. You are basically potential support and resistance levels Does. Our first step is to find the spring highs and news, which are really easy to sport. Then start joining these highs and lows on the price sharp like this. Join this mingle, Let's being high. Deborah another trending line, joining this to next thing. Glue and sore. Finally, you can see your chart like this. You'll notice this party. Strangler tips forties. I wouldn't barbed this tips now, I said last time you need to go Record lures one. Covering as many triangular chips as possible. He's motivated. Include as your hips as possible. So just more. Howard, directing support into the stencil, told decision of support already in this chart, it's clearly this was that this rectangle There's only a support. Those for Alibaba Dizzle Sit 1 65 1 Some $2 is a historical tested support for in the shark . Historically, it went missing back whenever a legal reached this 1 65 to 1 some people dollars into reacting in a peculiar way you do for which offer price sections. Another factor is terrible. Right section is Vince Piston thing. It's nearly appears on one year. This means 1 65 to 1. Some people dollars standard the time tested price action, therefore, giving the first will price action analysis that is his street pants till the need itself. We go over the video, their discipline that one will be It is never early on. Let's warm glow of second started. He that is giddy off condition friends whenever market for the sort off condition, the dinner prices it needs. That market is interested in back rice grains. Does this strategy And who's sporting Videocon just and then for covering these areas? Now it is. You won't find idiot off condition in normal charge. Seeing candle back and the north zoomed in, John, always zoom off your charter. Then you can very easily support in years off conditions. Let's take a practical example. Look at the zoo. No Chartoff water. Lloyd, you can support this idiot. The condition Is it good? You can see price moving in small from some time. And then for me, the sort of condition. Now what you have to lose, Justo. A rectangle alone covering as many years off condition as possible. So now those for something peculiar. Did you want this one after he had the support here and after big look at this point, acting as if this just liquor Hence these past tedious of condition are very born by sections ALS and often do thus a new supporter. Sisters, let's move forward to over talk strategy of supporting supporter distance. This strategy of finding some water resistant you won't find in many medals and also distracted. He's one of the best and easiest to a play for distracted G. Just add running for your talk, which again get after sporting supporter Resistance Friends. The best 1,000,000 off market interest is, will you? If you has interesting price action zone, then market rates more and more and and as well you also subjects. So what Foster is to find extremely high one bellows All the Russian is is there is any definition off one? Well, it is no scientific definition. Let me tell you what I do practical. I signally good trendline which touches at Max 45 William over. Peter off. Well, once Now I've, er these volumes as extremely high, will you for that putting their star just see these warning bars advocacy. These are extremely high bolivars for a for the daily chart off Tesla stock. Now what? You have to lose sport Who highway bars side west I and see the corresponding candle through these bars. The easiest apples always just use idea No, off this candle as expected, support drug resistant. So let's see these two side by side eyeballing bars and then brought the trend lines corresponding. Candlebox, What is your purpose? Like you get handle of the So this is a trend line and other projected support or resistance Now off So designed carefully you can see this as acting at the support here and after record. This is acting in the distance here does high all you also helps in finding support resistance levels. The last marker is using moving averages and we have discovered this already the last chapter of dynamic support reticence. So your normal look in here moving out of our favorite off Wall Streeters and identification of support for this just levels, especially your dynamic supporters. I also know that support and ministers lines are only indicating off a possible reversal of prices. These white mome use should be taken. Ask for something. So friends that Disney finish this morning on support assistance and from next morning you can start learning price action fruiting strategies. See you in Catholic 17. Pin Bar Trading - Intro: very good. Your first price action, this feeling Second, which is based on pin bars. This is one of the highest probability trading strategies, and this applies to almost all asset classes like stocks. Commodities, forex, anyone gripped occurrences so that stock French spin bars are one of the most level and profitable pools and price action training many traders regard in bars as in best back. And the reason is most often Finbar standoff are very reliable. Reversal signals. When identify and traded properly, the pin bars are often former major price actions always like market turning Morse corrective levels or video trend as continuation singles ventricle. Mind pin bars with strong support. Resistance level been bars can be one of the most accurate readings in those we're doing. My initial days off section drilling are deterred just on pin bars. The best thing about pin marshes there day occurs had all market conditions. Did Oprah don't grin and regional, So the strategy for each is different. Those if you weren't paying body in an uptrend. The strategy is different, and if you're getting a redbone market, the started is different. I hope many traders trade on in Barcelona this is the follow up, involves and asked, My market relates. Have anyone pin blocks. So by now you must be excited to see how Inbar looks like. French pin barred basically is a candlestick bar with Long Upper or Norbit and much smaller for this is hoping Bardos, As you can see, it, has a long body along above it, also for show and a small lord with often formals. Similarly, this is a bullish Finbar with a long, longer small, bullish 40 and a small above it or nose the formation of the price action reversal. Parker got sure there at a certain level or price point in the market was rejected. Next, as in this is there one hour as price move up doing the one hour here, it appeared that bulls were in control of the market. But then, at some point during the one hour here, sellers for able to come back with great fury on what only war the buyers from pushing the price higher. But they actually came in and put the complete control of training here. By the end of one, a session sellers had completely It is, although the instep pliers had, and they were even able to push price below the period of one soldier. The candle closer, which proves they're sellers, are now computing control of the market. Those the psychology behind the cannon is their price, like to us and higher prices were completely reject. Er, he's been bars are powerful reversal signals when they're forming a correct manner on location. Viven Study How great this been, Barth effectively and profitably after finishing some visits. 18. Characteristics of Pin Bars: very probable this lecture. I hope you know family here, with the formation off in bars and price action behind the formation off their hammer like structure. National season, featured up in bars and home could identify a valid been one from a fake involved the first characteristics. As you can see from the structure off in Barnes's, the open bar should have a long, upper or lower the open and close off. The pin bar should be very close together or almost equal or the close of the better. Also, the open and close of a Finbar should be near one end of the bar. The little there, the better it is. Many traders are often confused on what length off the victory should consider for the pin bars. For them, a general who locked Thomas candles, which should be at least three times larger than the body at last the vehicle token. Barr should stick off from the surrounding bars. Or we can say that there should be no price action near to the yes, understand this point. With the help of a practical example here, you can see the daily chart off ruling notice displaying Martin, the rectangle. Pick off discipline bar sticks out from the surrounding boss. Just look at previous five candles. Also notice Vickers highest and most formidable, for he's just drawing a scandal like this prior to the And if you confined candles and Dizzle, then there is price action prior to this memoir, and we can't consider this as a valid when bar for our training purposes. I generally considered last five candles to check this whole you can use. Ask for your restating a beauty. Very conservative traitors should be used more than five prior candles to check this whole no birds. You can find many pin bars in your charts, but finding appropriate very human bodies important for successive price action training. And this is not very difficult. If you follow these five rules, let us know Think Bushman bus in a bullish minbar Orange down because it shows the rejection off nor prices off level of support. Ah, bullish Finbar often released rise in price, but you should not start getting greatly because if you back us that you'll see some false trainings in those. So we need to refine strategy later in this model. So finally start reading converse since the program you reversal is so high. Hands bullish, been bars are one of the most powerful reversal signals. Now let's see some of elegant invented Bushman. Boss, I will show you some pin bars. Just answer those as very or investment. Waas First officials have been bars with long Laura Vicks then eventually was have been bars with shorter love. It's just look at discipline box all the video for some segment and apply the rules we learn. Yes, that's a valid pinball. This contains a long war with which is more than three times the body. The worries at the end of the condom which will open and close near to each other Now look at second can do This is also valid Bullish Don't get confused with red color This war all little off our bullish minbar long love it with more than three times the body bodies That one you know the candle with open and close very dear to each other. So just longer than the general rule. If Lord is very long as compared to the body and bodies red candle, then also we can consider your other bullish No look at this Torkan? Yes. Absolutely valid. Bullish. Now check this 4th 1 Yes. This is also Van Englishman, more guarded. All these four policemen are snore because much lower than our three times with the body issue. Now look at other set up in bars with short of it. Look at this. 50 kind of Yes, you got it. Correct. It's a valid no backers. Vic is just about three times the body and arrest other characteristics up in bars. Also fulfilled. Now see this six. Minbar? Yes. The exports were valued. Pin Bob. Now see this seven? Yes. This is also valued pin bar. Now look at this last for if you said it's invalid than you are. And you're the concepts. Really well, yes, This is invited. Bullish. Meanwhile, motor the clothes off the candle is not as far from the law. The candy with the last Red Candelas. Very because the moving price was very far from the law of the country. But here the clothes is not bad, far from the law. And as we can't regard this as a valid bullish Finbar So market sentiments are not as bullish as in the candle. Amato, Hope you're no clear with variations of bullets from Mom. Remember discharge of the reference for valued and in very bullish my boss. Let us look at the latest look at a practical example of polish been bars and actual charge . Just look at these stupid bars in the rectangle. Don't get mislead by the regular. Just recall the property is overvalued. These men bars has very long lower compared to the body body. That one you know, the pin bar and open grew that also ready close to each other. Also, the vic has no previous price action. These we extend all from the last 44 candles. Does these are valued bullish, Been boss. Also notice how sometimes the new world prices being rejected by the market And this year's we were something and prices start the war now, Lexie bearish been bars. Bill's been Marc Arcand. Garceau Bushman bars the weak points up because it shows rejection off higher prices or a level of registers for regional beers. Been wants often to use to our drop in price. These being boss can be for most often ETA and our Children. Simple, I think reversal a Fokker has These are one of the most powerful Bir Singh knows in price action, fearing next was smaller societal identifying, valid and invalid pin boss, look at this fuss Bunma and market of valid or invalid pin bar. If you said it doesn't have a libyan Eschenbach, then your car This second pin bodies also have granite pin bar is also valid Getting spin box A lot of color is green with long per week and open and close very close to each other . This form of valid beauty spin Look at this tarp in March. Yes. This is also were granted to the finish Been Mom. This 4th 1 is also valid. Barish, Myanmar. These four candles were having very long picks. That is more than three times the size of the body and very small worries. Does these were all valid? Bearish? Been boss. The color off under didn't matter Here. No, let's look at another category. Oh, in bars with shorter weeks. This 51 is a valid bearish Been box. So is this sixth and seventh. Now, look at this here thing. But if you said this as invalid, then you are correct Onda and congratulations. You can identify the thing wars Very well in practical shops. Let's see very spend more formation in this practical example Off the top currency Italian notice been bar in the rectangle nor this long upper work small body with both my section near the weight in this pin bar As this is a valid British Finbar just notice the higher prices being rejected and Tran changing after the formation of this pinball French been bars on. Why do you treat it as a reversal patterns rather than at a continuation back? So just imagine the power off these Finbar if their form that support and resistance levels Look at this chart off a preference Italian on us notice these two bullish in math just noticed these stupid bars Former exactly same What is on the level and also this price reacted same way and these to converse. If you and he's been bars, why are rectangular zone? Juno is that these bullish been bars are formed? Not already. Who should level, which was earlier Resistance lower and knowledgeable reversal. This point is now working at the support friends. This is an important concept in price eccentric that is finding pin bars and data Word who shall support understands low. This is one of the simplest yet powerful price action trading strategy. I also my earlier days in price accelerating, implemented this strategy but still do do some false in this I include upon this strategy by way off conference with evil discussed later in this morning. Friends, sometimes in bars like this form are significant market turning points and change the direction of very goodly. The example in this chart is called a V. Welcome to yourself. Because the water is social. It almost looks like in yourself. Forward fee. Okay, you can see the reversal power off. He's been boss and friends. All these are actual example from real jobs. 19. Pin Bar Trading- Entry Strategies: welcome. But this new lecture in this lecture we will love the anti strategies once you have formed so little and that win important price acceptable. So that stock once you're bigger Wonder you have over Sally Quinn Bar, that is, in an age of price actions, all the barbell give you three and three opportunities. Let us foresee and restarted his for bullish Minbar before us Jews. This first strategy is you can hang around the clothes off the pin Barkindo. This will allow you to create with a smaller stop loss. No back and all started you stop losses. All this poop are Don't know off the bullet spin mark. Many triggers put fuckups below, but I perform toe right at the load of a Marc second stop. It is you can enter when the price breaks the high off the pin. Bartender. In this case, you will be using a largest crop loss. But this gives you directional confirmation for a slightly larger poverty of success than the first strategy. Water over good, larger vis you can get a larger reward votes. Many traders trade with restorative or ratio. One is to do that is their target is twice the size of this different so larger. This are that isn't war. The thoughts started years. You can enter that about 50% level of the pin bar. This will allow you the smallest stop loss. But the loss, poverty of success, less poverty. Because most off 100 verceles happened by the next kind of. If my next kind of price didn't come to 50% level of the Inbar, then you won't even get that creating opportunity. And also, if you do it, opportunity to enter the period, then the show. That reversal is not dance for now. You actually entry strategies for very long. 1st 1 is just as for the Lisbon Bob here. Also, you can enter at the clothes off the pin. Bartender, this will allow you to parade with a smaller stop loss. No matter. Very spin were set up. Also, the stop loss is always put at high off the very spin because most often you will get shorting opportunities when a very spin bodies. For that is the expert prices to for many traders a few tips about But I prefer to put right at the high yield. Looking back second strategy is you can enter in the price the exact clothes spin work under here, you will be using a larger stop loss, but this gives you a directional information for a slightly larger property of success than the first ready. Moreover, with larger if you can get a larger reward, those here also many traders straight with this to reward ratio. Punished toe, that is, their target is twice the size off this. So now they're that is our that is reward. In this third strategy, you can enter at the world 50 question level the pinball this will allow you to create with smallest problem but Louis poverty of success less for wordy because most often reverses happened by the next kind of if, for the next candle price, you can come to 50 question level off the pin bar, then you won't even get the training opportunity. And also, if you do get the opportunity to under the prayer issue that re worsen is not gas, for you have to see a practical example of the stock. Looper just noticed a formation of this bullish Finbar Fushek. If it's a valid bullish, been better mark Hope are now you're comfortable with. I don't define go elected so you can clearly see this is a valid bullish. No, the zoo, all the char cover heading over bullets been Do go zoom Oh, maybe you find it difficult to spark. So can you see something If she's either his figure the holes on the level where the bullet spin bodies form noticed are those own within these two horizontal lines. Is that price action? In this example, this song was acting like a support with these two falls recalls. So when the bullet spin bodies formed in this supports on, we expect a strong reversal. Does this Boozman bar has very strong bullish features. You do formation in a major price action. Also, as you can see, this indeed cause prices to rise with a very good a prayer. So let's do it again and see all the entry strategies with this been marred election. Let's use strategy one. He's not headed of a bullish part which we are working with his strategy one. He's recording that we made entry it Global Open Bar does leave it and clear this level in NASCAR and we Markell stop loss at low off the pin bar. That is this level, friends. This is all of order and to strategy. I would like to move forward and explain you this basic price action trading strategy which most writers use. And I also used it during my initial. It is so France, after entering into the trade and predict the stop loss, you finally have to set the thunder. The target is choosing business. The vista the risk is mayor as the difference between entry level and stop loss. That is just so the target is can literally, as a one time stuff this that is dis level. What advice that is taken. That is this. And as for your risk taking everything, you can choose your target. In this example, you can see both our targets Hitting is you over here with this visit Price Action Trading , Sarah letter. In this morning, we will learn more improve or, you know, were training, which helps in eliminating many false in those. Let's move forward with discussion off entry strategies that was discussed the second enter strategy. Please recall that in this strategy, V entered the break off the pinball that is at this level and put the stop loss at law that is this low in this strategy and you can see the risk is more than the first strategy, but with greater risk. Confiscatory wars got is larger. Target levels does distracted. He provides greater progress. But keep in mind that risk is also more. Lastly, let us see the Torah and the strategy please regarded in this started TV. Enter the 50% off freeze level that is our dishneau in the next scandal. Also note that the doctor is cause used in this strategy, but with Lloris, the targets are also does. This is least profitable strategy. Another demon it off distracted. Is there many times the divorce? It is social. That next scandal don't even come closer to her. People's a level. Thus the traders don't even get the chance to enter into what year. Forget about making profits, but in this example, we do get a chance to enter the trade in second country after the pain. Bardet is this kind of friends with this definition important lecture on over under the trades in a pinball First door it off. This constructed you personally, but you can adopt any of the three pep religious. Each strategy has its old minute and divert 20. Pin Bar Trading- Confluences: Welcome firms, friends. If you're training for some time that you know this fire that nothing will ever will conform the training, training before our getting close to a game off probity, no one is ever sure in training because off this is our only. We have a very important concept in price action training that this conference let us learn more about what is conference and why it's considered so important. Price action training in simple terms, when two or more levels off moment of building comes together at a certain point on your chart, this is called Conference. Did you ever notice reading off Too Much is off the river after conference the river because war grand and against more momento in the direction of flu. Soon early being even Paul Ones and price action pretty. We take as many signatures possible our particular price sections, uncles and then take of buying and selling disease. Yes, I understand this call. So conduct and reading the marching off to war more things proved highly beneficial. Open it can mean the difference between a loss making trade and a profit making trade. Just imagine you're working at a price sections will see this is a price acceptable and we want to check whether the price will make reversal at this point or no. Now you are freezing those which were pointing towards the Marcelo prices. So what would be your chances are pricey wasn't. Indeed, it's high chance that the prices in vehicle yours yes, markets are unpredictable. But still, with confluences jack over 80 off, including successful, great increased. We were just calling for a strategy, never been martyred. So please understand this concept of all West very well. They're just discussed some corn for inspectors the first years and a friend ordered hunger . So with the Bushmen bodies formed in up there, so can tell what that indicates. It's just a grand continuation. Then you are correct and support. The beauty spin bar is formed in an opera, then this indicates the end of the trend and possible reversal. Another converse with uses exponential moving averages France, and walking out of this helps in dynamic trend identification and this formation off in bars, along with extension moving averages, have seen predicting future trends off market. Another important golf instructor we use is 50% people actually retracement levels female matching. The transferred symbols are well respected in price Section Freddie and thus formation off in bars. Along these retracement level show peculiar characteristics. Then we have formation off the Lupin boss Formation of development bars either both bullies or both garish means price rejection on continuation basis, and this proves a stronger arch of the market for resources. Then we can use no previous price action as well under your God for a little bar, there should be no previous price action around. Pick up the pen bar if you form such a pin bar that initial, there are good chances off yourself. So these are few conferences which we can use in our price action Pretty. But there can be an number of conferences. Argo is today every conference, bigger and much. All the signals and gain who went toe, whether it's for price increase or decrees. If you are still confused with the tongue conference than this example, will clear all your doubts. Is it the hourly charge off in general Corporation and you have to find the confidence levels off this pinball so they're start. As you can see, this is a valid bullish, been bar with long with and no previous price action. Just previous Jessica previous few candles and you'll notice there is indeed no previous price action. If he's do off the charts, you will find our pin bodies here, that is, this is our focus. Price action When we see this bigger picture, you know, is that this bullish been bodies form but a very important level. After drying the soul just over the that pin, bodies formed at a very crucial support level which was earlier out of distance level. Let's zoom back in. You can see the foreign consequences with the respective discipline bar first conferences there this been body The bullish pinball with Long Lord. With this indicated did is possible price reversal in upward direction. Second conferences the and there was no police protection along the kickoff discipline bar This two point guard there is possible reversal. The 3rd 1 was Was there discipline bar at an important support level. The price has frog over deal bossing from this level Does you see that all three conferences indicate one commenting that is possible. Do porcelain off for direction. Does this price actionable has gained momentum towards possible prices. Also, so friends who were not comfortable with the concept upon us also no back don't bone yourself With these four conference level only there are a number of conferences. Remember the Holy Grail of price action. Trading is toe want waas everything into a price acceptable French award using many indicators that on first levels, because using too many indicators as level off conference will only confuse you because every indicator will give green signal direct signal all at once, with one indicator indicating you go sell on another, Dubai will only lead the complexities, and this is actually the price action. Very. Our main focus is only price action. Our buying and selling decisions will only be business price action and not indicators. And Max lecture. I will discuss details Step master in par trading strategy. Oh, you are cleared with the conferences, identification off support in the distance and and restarted use along with this to the war issue 21. Pin Bar Trading Setup: very comfortable strips. After building strong platform, we will now build our trading world isn't converse As I told you earlier that we can trade simply using supporting the distances and in bars, forget these crucial price action. Those many could still use this model. Even I use this model, but I observed some false in those and us. I developed this improved version, visuals, conferences and help introducing false signals to a great extent, France. Basically, there are two types operating in in Los Fosters. Recourse, um on other is continuation There will focus only on record. Surgically, that is trend, which is worse after formation off Ben Wa. So that start for the ease off understanding. I have made this falling steps you may hear sometimes get you an army family of it. But I will explain each and every town and later the most feared the strategy. Using stuff buster Example. Those Seoul Step one is spark of value. Pinball France. Lee already learned how y identify ovary Quinn Bob the already so that a policeman bar can be rentals. Many traders learn involvement, bookish definitions and not a basic price action movement. So if you find a major rice rejection with small body and no previous price action. Then it doesn't matter. The color off the pain bodies green or red. Just take it. Other valid. In what Step Blues identified potential support in the distance level. This is one of them. Organ steps. Prince all the streets in bars at supporting the distance. Syria's. If you break in bars at these levels, you're Arthur. Securing will interest many fools. Most of when I'm asked to push in that how we confined that pin bodies. Forget a major price action area that, in that support over this Nunzio friends the easiest way to supporters draw horizontal extended lines from high and low that involved? No, just you want about the charge and France 90 yards off 100 times you will see a clear picture just just this method an and you will definitely get read results in sporting support and assistance. Another future voters is don't get the zone's Getting these two lanes has support in distance. These are just approximations, you name it. We're just these lines up or down over to get exact supporters stencils. We see this in detail when we do practical examples. Step three is fine. Pity this friend and step TV. Happily see that stalking in pity, Mr That is, if there is a lesbian bar, the previous terms should be don't care. And if there is a bearish? Meanwhile, the biggest friend should be operating friendlier, orderly business trend identification. Every will use 21 Peter Dear Me, who's supported her. But after practice, you going to do in Noosa stews? You can see all the knicker chart. Weather trend is dear or not. Step forward is there should be more price action racked up in one. This we have already discussed in detail while identifying validation. Boss does insure. Just see previous five candles and the vic off a weapon bar should be more prominent off. All Step five is we had as many confluences as possible. You can use Fibonacci stochastic channels, chart patterns like triangles. Veg is flags execrable. In fact, as we learn there can and member conferences and you have to just get in the morning, come towards buying or selling. And the best thing is these conferences keeps emotions out off creating. Now, after confirming whether we have to buy ourselves in step six, we will enter into a trade if you are buying or selling. Just take the trade pact. Losing level off candle. Next to convert. I've been Experian. Enter started. You end up y going examples and you must have spotted that this entry started. He is different from what you learned earlier friends. The three entry started his which we learned earlier our traditional strategies which war straight us use. But we have modified the entry strategy. Keeping in view dwelling made of false traits in Step seven could stop lost futures below or slightly below the pin bar in case of long are above the pin bar in case off sharp in order you Can you stop that law to pin but also in case of long and high overlooking bar in case off short. The fact is, I got good deserves quite keeping it slightly below the lower high In last. Just sell in case off law or by India's offshore with the risk to reward ratio Minister one aggressive traders may use one is to go Are are you on? One is 23 but always use trail stop lossed. Soldier profits are protected first. Neither simple steps off over pinball training set up. Let us understand the strategy. Usually with the help of practical examples. Principles of a stock is trading in discretion on we got a beard has been battered this pollution. Then ask for this strategy over four structures to sector. They should do very British Minbar. Only then we should proceed further. After this, you should check if it is formed at a nearby section. Home like act Support over. This is and said the U. S trained Wassup brand. And we got a bearish Finbar than this one should be Ideally, other instance was the swords for we get a visual price actions on usually in our conferences and gain momentum. Once you got four for conferences, you should proceed with the trade. And in this case we've been, finally goes are as we expect the stock who fall from this level again. Let's see for a bullish Been what? I was struck really like this and we got over bullish Finbar here Once Conformity founder, this bullish been barred was formed at a support. Does he gain some momentum off reversal? Now we will, for the red work. Um dis reversal signal. Why're confluences and once received their own 45 conferences? We move on with the trade. Go along as we expect the price to price from this level. Let's get straight to practical example. This is for our chart off us for Tesla and just over this been bark. Now our first up is to identify if this is a valid point Borrow more received at Oper because more than three times the body and Eliezer one in off the bar also open and close very close to each other Does this is a valued garish Finbar and stop! Do we have to check whether this bearish being bodies form that support order the stones level. So for this my short records just make an extended trendline one from the high off the pin park like this and under from the law of the King Bar like this. Now just a lot of the chart will see the bigger picture. This is our zoomed up chart here is of a British been box. Just look at these two power lines. And did you found any support of resistance levels just above diesels here His bones are confused with this Fibonacci in the middle, we we will use it later. Just look at candlestick pattern and observe the price action. Did you noticed how prices finding heart? Who big ism and that zone is acting like a major resistance level. Do we had a false become here, but against talk went back under. This is a stencil. That's really be so that this bearish been bodies formed at a major listings level on This is indeed a very favorable sign off the worst instructing we have to see the devious pair answers. This is Ah, bearish, Finbar. The piteous strength should be after and with the help of these trend lines, you can clearly see the store was an uptrend before the formation off this been bar? Yeah, it's more logical Step for in the stuff we check a video, any previous price action near the Finbar every. See that the victims are prominently and there is no price action near the spin. A simple strategy, I hope, is just dry racking was like this and see if there is any candles president invisible in the candles at present. Then there is used by section on. We will discard this pinball not be more stuff. Fight very well at as many conferences as possible. Friends just notice that we have already 103 conferences. First up in body that resistance. Which man? This is a possible reversal. Second news, the men bodies garish Richman rejection off higher prices. That's possible. Reversal the tortoise where there is move even price action prior to perish. That also means possible courses. What? Friends? So you got three conferences, but still you concentrate only on the basic off. These you need to work more simple discipline one and only. Operating 56 conferences. We should proceed with the trade. So let's at world conferences to add on the rover deal feelers that started in conferences . The first appointments. I use the stock pastor. That's the indicator. This is the only indicator which we use in our strategy. Stochastic is one of the best indicators to work with price action. If you are not family units to cast its, just remember that this indicator consists off who lines that exports in HK and percent tasty. You won't want to get in. The only thing you should remember is when these rains will about 80 level. This indicator gives signal to sell and as many traders who work on this indicator. Senator Pat running over when Strom plastics move of already this is card all the Warsaw. And since there is heavy selling, the chances off crisis dipping is huge. Does our example movies that stochastic is a probity? This means there is indication to sell and as many traders and algorithmic traders will start selling on does chances are fall in prices is huge. Does we added a conference to already bearish Finbar No visit our Dobie used indicator but still we are using innovative 4% price action only. Let's that a look on us. If you will be the traditional discipline bar, you will realize their data The team using high We didn't higher level and this pain But that is this one and you have a law also, which is a lower level than disciplined that does this. You can move this camp just in various former somewhat middle on these two highs and lows off the charts. So you accept the level off this been bar formation with the help off people that you knew treatment. If you're not family good to watch you respond. Boom. Then in sharp, this tool looks like these multicolored levels. As shown in this chart, Phil. Naturally, treatments are basically the issues used to identify potential reversal levels. The most popular matching retracement star, 61.8% and 38.2% retracement levels allowed traders off potential trend reverses and also the distress and supported the US does our example. We make sure natural replacement from top off this thing high, that is, from 0.1 and know of different line that is still point who we sort of our been bodies form at a very crucial level, off 61.8%. In Nazi retracement and us. There is a high chance of reversing from this level. Friends offered more comfortable with technology than you can use. Other points travels, which we have already discussed. The border is only to get in the morning next on a little ones. He's about this kind of observe the open and loose moder is kind of most Lord and the clothes off Pemba. This is also a strong signal that reversal has actually started. Moreover, the biggest nature of this candle asked over warning. So, friends, you get many other conferences? But we already got 56 conferences. So let's see the results. The first conference waas anybody, that resistance. This means that it is possible to or something. The 2nd 1 vents wall the pin bodies bearish the show rejection off higher pricing. Then also possible reversal. The third conference waas go previous price action prior to getting involved. There's all socials. What's even more so? 4th 1 wants war stochastic above safety levels. This also shows 51 was Watch Fukamachi Air. The beer spin lines are 61.8% retracement level. This also shows possible divorce. Six. Congress Waas NextGen closed more than the clothes off number initial that Wasserman reversal as starter. Thus, you can have many were convinces and higher conferences you get the better forward you succeed the treatise. So the final dessert is that it is high program, different person. After this been bar, and thus you can proceed with the tree prince. That's five price action was best retreating, crying frame off our little or at least one hour. You get time. One. Life's prices in France never dig busy in in hissed are traded with one minute off. 15 timeframe can be a price section creator. Let's move forward with our example and finally vehicle entry and stop loss as the next target. So, as we learning steps within and target the price at which the candle next open bar close, that is, we will take Andrea these levels and we got opportunity to enter at this candle shown by the at all I an interview. We don't have 200 blows off the second candle. We have to use the laws price off second kind of as a reference level and turn into the grid. Does you go short here? And Marco, stop. Close few post that is slightly above the high, open bar that is here. Now, the difference between and Iranian stop loss is nothing but over this. So this is a love is. And now we start our target being conservative crater. We set up a target equal. Do this not be there? This No aggressive traders people their risk, er who x or even more. But all this put pray stop loss, man targeting more so that you can keep saving your one x two X off hire doctors Finally. What target? Pixar. This kind of And we had profits off from $10 slash year. You actually look at another example and just time that CIA bullish been bar. Actually, in this box looks flustered to value Tee off This been bar You see that this been bar law over with body at one side and also open and close very near to each other Does this is a valid bullish Finbar. Now next check if it's following the other important price action, Zona. So for this we will brought new lines from top and bottom of the pin bar and then sumo. After whom ago here Did you notice these levers? It is clearly with the wonder this zone is acting as over this also. And after Rico, this will most probably act as a support level. Doesn't either this bullish been Moniz forming are important price actionable. Let's move forward and apply our investors and we can see there it is little price action around this been Bob on a week is clearly pointing off. This is also visible from rectangular We see that book Andalas inside dissolved does our embodies forming good move. Biggest price action Now let her second use fair. We see that the previous trend was downtrend on Gus. This is also complementing with the formation of bullish Finbar. Does he accept a trendy no letter conquest of discipline, vibe and gain More moment When we checked the stochastic we saw order It is the look on the level that is over so horrible does more straight if a buyer dizzle does he expect But I system war also more than Mexican l after Penn Bar closes above the clothes off Pemba Visual that you want Some have already started now actually the result of over on one's is which we are You fosters bullish been martyred support which means that there is possible reversal in upward direction. Second is looking bodies bullish, which means rejection off lower crisis. And so this possible reversal are no previous price action prior to bullies. This also indicates possible Iwas forties stochastic below 20 levels. Does this possible reversal? Fifth Next kind of closed higher than the clothes off Finbar, This shows what's even reversal. I'm already starter friends you've been in war convinces the higher the better. So our final dessert is that there is high probability off reversal hands. You can one with a period now next to the entry stop Lowe's and Target for district. As we learned over and revered closing level off second candle. That is this candle with adults on our stop loss with me. If you perhaps that is slightly below the law of the pinball. God is on this level. So what? Risking the period is just And, uh, we mark our target or a reward equal to get off this, that is our target is just level at the recipe. Penis can put targeted two weeks and you strange tropical strategy so that they get at least one Esther target. Friends with DISY finished with the training with Finbar for you, lest we was trading with another important price. Actual pattern that is inside 22. Inside Bar Trading- Intro: Welcome to this new morning. In this morning, we will look at another price action trading set up, darted inside bar like in bars. These are also very strong price action areas and often give highly successful trades. So let's learn some basics over in sidebar before we start learning how to trade them. Inside bar is a settle parts that holds the price between high and low off. Mother Bar Just noticed this pair of candlesticks notice how second candlestick is completely inside the high and low off the first candle. This first candle is called a mother candle, while second candle is called the inside War. Deceptive is often called Haram me in Japanese. This formation typically reflects a period of consolidation within a trend before making under strong move in the same direction, but in many cases indicate potential reversal. Those inside what candlestick patterns are created during periods off price contruction. These patterns can be found in training or re one markets and are one of the great for increasing your orders off. Finding winning trades. Friends in sidebar comes in different variations, so don't get confused with a very look. Let's look at some of the video Asians that me appear in your charts. But the bottom line is simple. That is low and high of the inside bar must be within mother candle. Just eat this pattern observed how the child bar is inside the high and low off the mother candle. Similarly, in this as well as in this pattern, our basic condition off inside bar holds true. So it doesn't matter in which form the inside Markham's. You must first practice the identification often sidebar. You can check out the assignment related toe identification of inside Bar for further practice. Another important question. Which most traitors ask others about the color off inside bar. So friends, it doesn't matter if the inside bar itself is bullish or bearish. The only thing that matters is whether the mother candle is bullish or bearish. The formation off Mother Bar, in combination with the trend, tells you which way to create an inside bar set up. We will learn this father while learning how great within sidebar, let us know understand what's the reason behind formation off these inside bars, as we learn inside Warburton indicates price consolidation that is, market is undecided whether to go up or down during inside bar buyers don't want to go above the high off the mother candle, and sellers don't want to go below the law of the mother candle. The high end ALOF mother bar actually formed the short term support and assistance on the inside partials that at that point market don't have enough conviction in either direction , although inside but our Jeanne leader for two as reversal patterns. But they're equally strong. Continuation patents well studied trading with inside bar, both as a continuation pattern as well as reversal pattern before starting how Ukrainian Sidebar. Let's first identify how more compared them first and foremost, now trading inside but in a consolidating market. But why? The reason is in sight very pretence consolidation or indecision. And if this inside bar forms and consolidating or India sizing market, that is, market is moving in a channel and confused whether to break these levels of mark. So what you are going to work? Does indecisive candle pattern loss, indecision, marker. We'll give you water in decision that is, war losses. So now 100 inside bar when market is choppy. So first, now what? Read in sidebar, which have form in these types of chopping markers are trending. Market is always best to create, whether you are trading in sidebar as a continuation pattern or the for sale price action. Problem with this we're finished with the basics often sidebar, and from next lecture, we will start with inside trading. 23. Inside Bar Trading Setup: conference. In this lecture, we will start with the trading strategies Often sidebar When trading with inside were price action pattern. We should remember that the offer comes ahead of an important price move when most readers talks off inside Borras Reversal candlesticks weapon. But the fact is, they connect both as reversal as well. A strong continuation pattern. What better minds inside bar as a continuation or reversal pattern? Is the aural Trenin bigger picture in this strategy? Villa trade in sidebar as a continuation pattern. So let's start with the steps. Step one is Where do you think four hour charter about on the best is if you trade the daily time cream because more than four hours time frame with the best period to create price action. But with experience you can even treat with all your time frames. Step two is looking for inside Bar, which forms after rice. Record from consolidation. This stuff is most important step as you have to consider only daughter inside bar for trading this strategy, which comes after break or from consolidation. You don't have to consider inside bars, which are forming in consolidation face. If you confuse them, you will understand clearly when we discuss practical examples Another point to notice that if the breaker forms and Davis uptrend, then mother candle in inside bar must be green or bullish and it will break or forms as down Graham then mother candle in inside bar must be read. That is bearish step please. But I should respect 13 Peter DME that is exponential moving Havers. Now, in this step, we are starting peon exponential moving averages and see the prices respecting moving average or not, This means if in sidebar forms in a downtrend, then price should follow the moving average below any of the inside Maris form in uptrend and price should respect moving average above it. Step four. In this step, we will check that moving average should not intersect. Who candles before the formation of inside bar step fire. Lastly, if all the above steps holds good, then we enter the trade at the level off. High off mother Candle Indians off long and and they should be at lof Mother candle In case off shark Step six, we will put stop loss at North Mother But in case off long and we will put stop loss at high off the mother bar in case of sharp step felon. Our target is two times of this to the water issue for conservative traders is you can put target at one time of this to the water issue. Another important war for conservative traders is if the candlestick next to inside bar also happens to be inside bar, then please exit your position because this means that market again went back to consolidation. But this is really happens after Brickle, so you are clear with steps. Let's clear the strategy more with the help of practical examples. This is daily chart off Asian pains. As you can see, we comply with the first half that is, we're using timeframe off four hours or more in step. Do we have to use inside bar after breakout? From consolidation Face? Just look at the zonal concert tradition on the break out here. Now a stock has too often after Bickell. It will move up very fast or moved down very fast, so this talk has a big open. Don't worry about it. And us. We have to look out for inside bar after this brickle, so let's zoom in the charm and search for inside bars. Friends, This was over consolidations on. And here is the big car. From this consolidation face No blame Step See, we are taught in petered Yemi. You sure that prices inspecting the moving average after vehicle now over. Force inside bar after the big poker here, then here and then here. But notice that this inside bar is more credit for our training. Can you tell wire? Because Mother Candle intersected the moving average. Also we have to check it prior to candles. Should not intercept the moving average does this inside. But combination is not really so. We only get to valued inside about patterns after Bickell. And also more bad Mother candles off deeds inside bars are very does These are valid inside bars for work training. So after confirming that we can And then into this talk we finally went angry. Lexie, the entry strategy for first inside bar combination. This is our force inside bar. So, as part of a strategy retake entry that is make short in this case and the price level off , all the mother can do Does we take Andrea at this level and Mark stop loss at high off the mother. That is this level. As you can see, we got and cleared this candle when price tested. More of the Mother bar does. Our risk will be. This data is difference off entry level and stop loss. Our first target may be equal to get off this. That is this. And second target for aggressive traders will be this. That is, to Time service does. Our first target was hit at this level, and second target was hit at this level. So both the targets that before comes over as well as aggressive traders were hidden. This example next, No discussed. Second inside bar. That is this one. This one also fulfills all other parameters. Distance sidebar has a bearish mother Bar Price suspecting 13 Peter TME also that two previous scandals prior to the mother Barb not intersecting the moving average does we can proceed with the career. Hence we make entry at this level. Got it that low off the inside bar and mark our stop loss at this level. That is high off the mother bar we finally got and trying to create our this candle shown in the circle our risk. You with this. And now we can mark over Carter's so the first target will be equal to that off the list that is at this level shown here, and second target will be so I starters that is at this level. Hence, our first target was hitter this candle. Sean would circle, but we don't get our second target hit. This train was profitable for conservative traders, but for aggressive traders, it waas. It didn't live up to their expectations. Let's take another example, Moody's dis consolidation fears and brick old after this fears. Here the bridge leads to a bullish friend. So next fine inside ones. After this pickle after B zoo in the chart, our focused price sections looks like this. This is the force of sidebar cracked and shown in the blue rectangular region we get after the big order this level. We also noticed that this is a valid inside bar. As first, it is an upturn asking from Yemen, and this pattern has a bullish mother can do. Secondly, who can describe mother candle are are not intersecting. The moving average early. The prices destructing GM and operate is also fine and upturned is so fine that you can see not even a single candle is breaking the moving average. Does we see that this is Ah valued inside. What pattern? So we move forward. The despaired Our entry will yet close off. Mother bar Got is this level and we mark our stop loss there. Dis level does we get entering toe despaired at this candle and we can go along now for marking the target. The first interest, Which is this Another example? And we mark our first target here, which you did This candle shown in Blue Circle and the second target which waas hitter this candle shown in Jello Circle Does this trade proved to be highly profitable for both consul video as well as aggressive traders. The Holy Grail of this strategy is to find the inside bar as soon as possible. After Brickle lets you find an example in this lecture. This example is from the currency Bitcoin. I'm specifically using 15 minutes trying from here to shoulder. This strategy works fine with every time for him but we use for our horrible because my section trading can be implemented better in longer time frames and we can take better trading decisions. Very small time frames need quick decision making Which works well when you are doing a would be trading. But it's hard when you use price action as your primary strategy. As you can see in this chart, the prices and fears off consolidation which can be seen after making dis general and and the bigger campus downwards. At this point, let me zoom in the charts so that you can see the candles better than and search inside bar for missions. Just pause the video and search also some inside what formations after brickle. So we are basically getting three inside perform missions. The first is this second is this and what is this Out off these three the second inside by formation that is this one is invited for overtraining. Can you also Why the reason being previous two candles prior to the mother can are intersecting the Yemi. Does he concrete with this inside bar set up So we have only to read it inside What patterns on which me country. You have to see how to create the first inside bark We will take and create this level that is a loser off Mother Candle and mark over. Stop loss at these levels, we finally got and create this candle with Driscoll's difference off board these levels now we mark over targets. Our first target will get this level and you can see we got over target later. This candle. And you also got a second target later. This kind of does. Both. Our targets were here, and this was a profitable trading. Now I won't discuss trading with third Candle. As process is saying, since you are now much more comfortable with inside Marchetto, you can clearly see that this inside bar was not as profitable as only target. One village so asset. The mantra to succeed is to identify the breakout and inside our formation as soon as possible and write the live with this. We finish this lecture though all the strategies in this wars are back Custer and implemented with Children. But please first practice, Jassal, do paper trading and back us all these strategies before investing your hard earned money in life treading 24. BONUS : Railway Track Price Action Trading Setup: Hello, friends. Welcome to this bonus lecture. In this lecture, I will introduce you really attract price action trading set up which is one off the BDS and profitable trading set up if treated properly, this pattern is very effective in sporting the market reversals and a ball. This pattern lets you write the trends for much longer durations. So if a stalker's in trend, then that stock should be in your watch list. And once you see this formation than this denotes reversal is near. Let us foresee what you will learn in this lecture. First rule. Learn what is railway track, Martin. Next we will more 12 types. No fosters bear. Israel will track Parton. Then we will learn bullish railway track pattern. After this, we will see the price action behind formation off railway tracks. Here we will learn the rial psychology behind the formation off these patterns. Then we will learn at Wantage is off railway track pattern and see what plus point they have over other setups. After finishing basics, we will learn the trading settle and see how cooperate railroad track Wharton in a step by step manner, we will clearly see very to pay country would stop loss and mark over targets. Lastly, I will demonstrate this set off with some practical examples. So let's start. So what is really attract pattern French? The river direct Parton is fairly easy to sport. The really redirect Parton consist off two candlesticks off almost equal bodies but oppose it in color. That is, one is bullish and others bearish or wife or sir, so really redirect. Martin looks like this pair of candles or, like this pair of candles, northerner the bodies on board. The candles are almost equal in each formation. Since disparity in looks like a really track hands, it's often Corland Railway track. Patton. Let us know. See some characteristics off this pattern and how you can effectively support this paradigm on a knicker chart. Please pay special attention as this forms of bases off identification between no valid and invalid pattern. The first is the two candles off the pattern must have bodies which are almost equal. Know that we don't consider weeks while considering the size. Also, this I should not be exactly equal. As in trading, nothing is perfect as a reference. Dark difference between site is off the bodies should not be more than 30%. I would like to discuss another point or I should say the confusion, which most writers have. Many traders start competing this pattern with inside bar or outside bar. But the fact is, this pattern is completely different from both these patterns. No doubt in inside bar the size off child candle doesn't matter. But in raver track pattern size off one candle should not be less than 70% off the body off other Kendall Hope. Now you can differentiate between an inside bar and available it required in. Secondly, the side off these two candles must be longer. That is open and close. Must be far from each other and not close to each other like that off duties orphan bars. Another thing to notice that a railway track pattern should always four million print, that is, look for this pattern in either uptrend or downtrend. Now a prayer, this part and choppy markets. So if you see that a particular stalkers and trend then are not stopped to your watch list , you may find a good trading opportunity in future. Now let us see types off railway track Parton reliever. Track pattern occurs in two forms. First is bullish Railway track and second is very is really direct. Let us see each in detail. Let us foresee Bullish Railway track Parton in a bullish railroad track button though four scandal is bearish and second candle is bullish since pattern denotes trend reversal from downtrend. Toe up friend has these are often from their dogs win or during down trends Does. If you see bullish railway track Parton at important price action zones like supports, frivolity levels or don't friend lines, then stay alert for possible reversal of trends from downtrend to uptrend. Let us now see examples off bullish really track. This is one our chart off US talk and video corporation and nor this downturn and observe this really retract formation here nor bad. The first candle is bearish Red candle and second is bullish. Green candle also nor the bodies are both. The candles are almost equal and long. Please note that this pattern has to be found at important price action zones does if he zoom all the chart, we see that this pattern is formed at major support level. Has we can see it are. This is a valid bullish, really attract Martin on which we can trade. Now let us see. Beer is really attract Martin in a bid ish RealtyTrac four scandal is bullish and second candle is bearish. Very shrill. Attract generally denotes trend reversal from uptrend. Downtrend Hence, these are often found that upswing or during upturns does. If you see Berries. Railway track Parton at important price action zones like resistance is Fibonacci levels or uptrend lines. Then stay alert for possible reversal off the trend from uptrend downtrend. Now let us see a practical example. This is our Lee chart off us. Talk Netflix and please know this up front. No. You see the formation off this really attract part on in this operation, nor that four scandalous bullish green candle while second candle is bearish. Red candle also bore. The candles are off almost equal and bodies long. And when we see the previous price action, we see that this pardon is formed at major resistance level. Does This is a valid various railroad track pattern which is ideal for overtraining. Let us understand how to differentiate between a valid and invalid pattern with the help of practical example. This is our only chart off Euro U. S dollar. And if you see you can support many really attract patterns. But please know that never go for Parton's with very low price action. Just see these bad loans. These all have very low price action and those very small bodies, though you might argue this as valid railway track patterns. But fact is, these are invalid patterns and not suitable for our training. Always go for patterns which court longer bodies Now, just although these Parton's shown in red Oles, these all have almost equal bodies longer bodies and are formed in trending markets. Those all these are valid patterns. No, please, no, This pattern in blue. Can you tell whether it's valid or invalid? Well, it's forming in an uptrend with almost equal bodies. As for over 70% rule and longer body also so is this overvalued kratom. The answer is no. The reason lies with the trend. The fact is, this is actually an uptrend, and nor the other part informed is bullish. While we want a bearish pattern to Mars, the previous up run does. This is a invalid pattern. Asked whatever reversal strategy. Let us know. Understand the basic price action behind the formation off. Really attract Parton. I will explain you with the help off. Bearish. Really Track pattern French. This is Arlie chart of us talking Netflix. As you know, beer is really transformed in an upturn. And since that trend is up, most traitors go for long traditions and thus forming a long bullish candle. Now, as soon as traitors realized that they are in the wrong side of the market by realizing that all major resistance level has been reached, they immediately closed their positions and get into the aborted side of the market that is in start off long. Now they're switch over too short positions does huge exiting positions causes formation off long bearish candle. And with this, there is reversal doodle change in market sentiments from bullish to bearish. Hopefully this you are clear with the psychology. Behind of formation off railway track pattern France Price Section works on psychology of the market. And if you can read the psychology off the market than you can easily read the price woman and hands, you can take good positions in the marker. Let us know, discuss that one tees off railway track price section set up. The first is very easy to sport and awkward, frequently French. This set up is very easy to sport and awkward frequently in charts does. If you are aggressive, trader than you will get ample trading opportunities. Second is high. It is to reward issue. Friends District Set up gives very high risk to reward or issue. Generally we go for one is to do this to reward, but even one is too. Three is realized on many occasions. Tartars Easy entry into the trend. The best part off this octopus. You get into the trend very early and right on the way for long term. Does profitability margins are good in this training center? Let us know understand the real attract price action creating set up in the Dale. I've read a monster this in a step by step manner. For ease of understanding. I have broken the set up in falling nine steps. These steps are for treating bullish really attract partner. The first step is identify a downtrend, so this is bullish pattern, though the trend should be downtrend when this pattern forms. So in Steptoe, wait for formation off bullish railway track pattern. And when this pattern walkers check for its relativity, please read the definition and characteristics again. And with the help off dark, make sure dirt apart informed is valid. After this, we will add stochastic, which works very, very in price action. Since this is bullish pattern, so stochastic should be or sold on does and stuff for Jack stochastic is below 20 level that is oversold on instead. Five. Make sure that this pattern is forming at Major Support Zone or trendline or Fibonacci level. This one is most important stuff We have to pray this part on at major support levels or food Nazi retracement levels. If this pattern forms at random place on the chart, then we're taking creds. Next step is wait for next candle toe and as bullish candle and close about the closing price off the candles off the patterns. No, this pattern in itself with this strong reversal pattern, but we will add one more consequence toe. Make sure that reversal has actually started. We will check the candle next to this pattern on if this candle closes green that is bullish and above the clothes off bold the candles off the part on Then this gives final green signal to proceed with the trade. No, we're confirmed that we have to take this trail. So let's see the entry point. Stop loss and targets in step selling. Take and create. Close off the bullish candle next to pattern. So our entry point is the close of the candle, which gives us conformation to proceed with the trade that is a candle next to pattern. Let us now see the stop loss stop loss will be below the law of the longer candle of the pattern and last up, we will see the target we trade with Risto. Reward ratio of one is toe or you can even use trail stop to write the trend longer. Our human human use us swing hurry or previous resistance level as your target, but most often risk to reward ratio off. One is to do can be achieved easily. Hope you are clear with the steps I am not discussing step for very shrill Attract Parton at the staffs are just oppose it off What we discussed for bullish pattern. If you want kindly message me and I will add separate lecture forbear Israel retract rating sort of also let us know See practical examples. The first example is off us Talk and media just noticed this bullish really attract part on here as step One Know that this is formed in a downtrend and this is a value pattern with first candle bearish and second candle bullish Also observe the bodies off Both candles are almost equal and long does this is valid pattern Next we check the stochastic at the formation off the pattern. You see that stochastic getting oversold on does stochastic shows strong reversal signal Obviously if this pattern is formed that major price action zone or not When we checked back we see that this pattern is formed That major support level does there are strong chances off trend reversal At last we will see how the candle next to part and closes You see that this candle is bullish and closes above the clothes off both the candles off pattern Does we get our final confirmation and has we proceed with the trade music and three at this level And this candle shown in the blue circle We played the stop loss at lof this candle air nor that choose the lowest of the coup candles and does This is our risk and we go for varnish to pull his to reward. So our target will be at this level as you can see our target. What hitter? This candle shown in the Blue Circle Doesn't this trade? We took entry at around $100 and hit our target off 1 $95 Has this was a profitable trade with profit off around $7 per share. Now let us see another example. This is our only chart off Euro U S dollar And just observe this bullish railway track pattern nor dart. This pattern is formed in a downtrend. Let us not object if this part on is valued or no First VC there four scandalous, bearish and second candle is bullish Also, bodies are board, the candles are almost equal and long does this is valued bullish pattern. Now let us check the stochastic. We observed that stochastic is in all sores on Has this gives what she will reversal signals After this we check if the paradigm is formed at major support level or not, as you can see, this pattern is indeed form that major support level. That is this. Now we move towards final confirmation and check the candle next to pattern. That is this candle, please. Northern. This country's bullish and closes above the candles off the pattern does we can proceed with the trade. So we take Andrea at this level and we finally get entry at this candle shown with the blue circle. Let us know plays the stop loss stop losses plays at the level that is low of both the candles off the pattern. So this will be our risk during this trade, and we place our targets with one is to restore the water issue. That's our target will be at this level, this God hater dis candle shown with the blue circle. So, as you can see, this is a good, profitable trade. So, friends with this, I wind up this lecture, hope you are clear with the center, and please know before implementing in life trades due back test and take all necessary precautions 25. Practical Session: Railway Track Price Action Trading Setup: Hello, friends. Welcome to this practical session on the baby track Price section trading set up in this class, we will learn the practical implementation off the railway track Price action trading set up because you saw in the 30 glass. So let's start friends. This is daily chart off Euro USD and just see here we're getting our very track. Martin. As you can see, this is all of a would require done no legacy if this is a valid, really good required on or north. First of all, you have to check that it's forming in an uptrend or known trend. Let me zoom in the chart. So here you can see that it's forming in an uptrend. And now let's see. It's so valued, really good required it or not, since this is farming in an uptrend. So this should be a Berries really would required on Onda. Just see that second candle Israel and first candle is green. So we are getting our very shrill attract Martin in an uptrend and ask for over 70% pool. The length of bodies are both candles are almost similar, and the difference between their body GIs less than 30% asked for rule which we learned in our 30 class. So this means this is a valid bearish, really but required on which we can trade No, Let the supply over step master parading set up and see how we compare this very Israel with 1/4. Another thing we have to notice that it should be farming in a major price action zone that is at a distance level. And if you do want the chart and if you see historically over, rated required is forming at a major resistance level. Just see this trend line. So as you can see our village tract, Martin is forming at a major resistance level. So the chances off reversing at the zone is fairly high. And now let's you if the candle next to over pattern is a very scandal and also closing lower than the second candle, let me do in the chart again. So here we saw that this candle is closing lower than lower than our second very scandal. This gives our final green signal to proceed with the trade and we take entry at this level . Are the clothes off at the close off this candle that is at around these levels. That is we it That is where we take and create this. Can the letter on this level? No. Let's place our stop loss. Our stop loss will be high off. This kind of that is high off any any of the two candles. So this will be over. Stop loss. This is over. And readers, we are short selling here and this will be our stop loss. Let's see what will be over target. Our target will be twice off over risk. This guy is the difference. Were doing entry in stop loss. This is our is so our target will be twice off this serious. So we have sharking hours, talk here and just you risk to reward ratio. Here. You want one is to do this to the war on our cargo visiting. So our target is hitting at this candle. This is our stop loss before the stop loss. And our target is eating at this kind of. So as you can see, this was a profitable prayer. Were even we're getting one is Toe three Issue does. Our target is hitting at this candle. This is our talker. and we are successfully hitting our target. So this was your property one from here. Now let's see another example from cool oil French nomad. We haven't used to cast a care. This trip was actually an optional step place specifically for new traders who are new to price action Prince. Initially, you can use stochastic, but later, when you can identify support into the stands ands on other Fibonacci levels, you can remove the stochastic altogether. And we were purely on price action. Friends. This is daily chart off group boil. As you can see, you're getting bullets. Really? What required on here? Now let's see if this is a valid bullish really track or not. First of all, it's forming in a downtrend so offensive and he's talking in downtrend. And that stock should be in your checklist because any name, this really would require time conform and you can get a good trading opportunity. No allergy ever. It's forming in a major price action zone. Friends easy historically that our bullets really what rock Wharton is not forming at any major price action zone, So you should not trade this foolish really retract. So ask for our trading goes. This is in fact, invalid really would require done. No, the prices off who'd arising. But as part of a lose we will not trade. This bullish really would require friends. Let's see example off bullish railway track pattern. As you can see here, we're getting ah bullish railway track Wharton in a downtrend. So let's check if we can trade this bullish. Really good required on or not. Our first stop is, too. Aren't different doctors forming in there? Don't Brent. So this bullish element required owners in fact forming in a downtrend. And now let's check if it's forming in a major price action Zonal North, I will use to extended trend lines who are NT five efforts forming in a major price action zone on Lord Question Lane, I would question Lane I will make from about the scandal and second trendline external uterine line I will make from bottom of the scandal. Now let's zoom off the chart and see the picture. Clearly, our So, as you can see, our bullish really would require donors, in fact forming at a major price actions on just in this area. Earlier, it was acting in the area of congestion and after break or from this soon not his own, is farming has his own off support so over bullish. Really? What requirement is in fact valid question which we can pray? No. Next up is we have checked. We have wait for the next candle to close above the second candle. As you can see, this candle next to the pattern is closing about the clothes off this candle sewer entry will be had the clothes off this candle. Don't do that around here so they can create this bullish candle at around this so admired this level. And now we place our stop loss. Our stop loss with me lof both candles. So this would be l A stop loss. We will play the target where one is to pull this to the water ratio. You're going long hair. So we should select long on. We are taking and create a had this level. Our short Yes, I will stop losses here. And our target is the ratio. One is toe. So you're getting one is toe, Mr. Gore issue here. So our target visiting this candle on even when he's two for your one is to four water then So we are successfully achieving one is to pull this to the world ratio on this trade. So this was a profitable career and we got profits off six point and we got profits off around $6.40 for share. Friends hope you're clear with this set up. And, as I say, always implement any trading set up after proper back testing in your time frame and all the assets you are using. Thank you.