Prezi Online Presentation Maker that Will Change Your Life | Alvis Pham | Skillshare

Prezi Online Presentation Maker that Will Change Your Life

Alvis Pham, Business Consultant and Trainer

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9 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Prezi Overview

    • 2. Prezi Features

    • 3. Prezi Gallery

    • 4. Pricing and Sign up

    • 5. Prezi Dashboard Introduction

    • 6. Prezi Edit Mode Guide – Visual Storytelling with Path Editing

    • 7. Prezi Edit Mode Guide – Make your presentation pop with Visual Objects

    • 8. Let’s Create an Exciting Presentation

    • 9. Step by Step Guide to Create Great Presentations


About This Class

A well-designed presentation helps you a lot in making that first impression with your target audiences, managers or to get your dream job. However, to create a great presentation that won’t suck, you have to put in a great amount of effort, time and resources. But the outcome may not live up to your expectation, and that depends on how well you are with your Powerpoint or Keynote skills. Sometimes, it just doesn’t work.

So you have to look for other options. And the good news is, here they are.

In this course, we’ll show you how to create great presentations that pop out of the screen and grab your audiences’ attention. And even better, we show you a free online tool (Prezi) that can transform the way you make presentations forever.   

Who Should Attend this Course?

If you’re a freelancer, job seeker, savvy marketer, copywriter, entrepreneur, small business owner, consultant or anyone that wants to make that brilliant impression, you come to the right place.