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Prezi Online Presentation Maker that Will Change Your Life

teacher avatar Alvis Pham, Business Consultant and Trainer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Prezi Overview

    • 2. Prezi Features

    • 3. Prezi Gallery

    • 4. Pricing and Sign up

    • 5. Prezi Dashboard Introduction

    • 6. Prezi Edit Mode Guide – Visual Storytelling with Path Editing

    • 7. Prezi Edit Mode Guide – Make your presentation pop with Visual Objects

    • 8. Let’s Create an Exciting Presentation

    • 9. Step by Step Guide to Create Great Presentations

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About This Class

A well-designed presentation helps you a lot in making that first impression with your target audiences, managers or to get your dream job. However, to create a great presentation that won’t suck, you have to put in a great amount of effort, time and resources. But the outcome may not live up to your expectation, and that depends on how well you are with your Powerpoint or Keynote skills. Sometimes, it just doesn’t work.

So you have to look for other options. And the good news is, here they are.

In this course, we’ll show you how to create great presentations that pop out of the screen and grab your audiences’ attention. And even better, we show you a free online tool (Prezi) that can transform the way you make presentations forever.   

Who Should Attend this Course?

If you’re a freelancer, job seeker, savvy marketer, copywriter, entrepreneur, small business owner, consultant or anyone that wants to make that brilliant impression, you come to the right place.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alvis Pham

Business Consultant and Trainer


Hi, I'm Alvis from Visual Contenting.

Visual Contenting is an online publication covering emerging trends, news and expert insights in marketing and technology.

We're also the Father of the largest Marketing Live Book (, the first open book for marketing with tons of real world experiments written by hundreds of Authors in the field. This book can help millions of people get knowledge and skills they need to grow their business and career online.

Visit our website for more information.

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1. Prezi Overview: Hello Every long I welcome to Crazy, which were harbors in creating arson presentations in a specially which we call story carrying. The first this is the wear sun entrance are crazy, which is president. That come Jenner busy is as Carberry Shivers. It's been that you can hear their service in military. Americans say you don't have to do our Lord or is or anything at all. It's require, right? Okay, let's take a look at the research for discovering it back Crazy. Here are something that they want to tell us. President Mitt Visitations and Dallas and get Remember Earl. He, not just a presentation is a conversation, and it can adapt on the fly. For now, I finally know what visual storytelling looked like or busy. Is Ministery rapid presenting the new? It'll represent these three. They also talk that I like Stanish life president, combatant motion jur and Special relationship. To engage your audience had, um, remembered you're a message and then you see rat ever city 1,000,000 already present better with president like to dance? Remember Tad? It's on as your fourth and of course, president is great for terms. Clapper's collaboration let him department or entire organisations who is MP sand together . You can create sure and began from anywhere and, of course, breezy, working, crazed on IRAs or enjoy or even Windows Platform Royal. Just amazing that you can repair your presentation at home or in your left are on. And then after that you can rallies or deleverage by using your phone or your tablet. That's amazing breach. Okay, that's enough about integration for Reggie. Now that's moved in. In that ledger, about teachers are present, it's good. 2. Prezi Features: Welcome to Crazy Fisher. So the very first thing that one sure year is about the reasons that met People look busy. Or I can say the reason that Mitt busy send out dio visa storytelling on criticizing, representing Geno bags using crazy your presentation. We're baby pure with strong physical contents, like furthers every trees, videos or Coach Man's you name it. You gotta is very clear stories or scraps die we should have created there before we start working with President Superior. Or I would say that basically busy were Havers in know exactly where we want to tell our audience before we actually create days. Our presentations, unlike other presentations, were realtors lying up just like 10 8 You know what that's like, Artist. Right in it. It will be a gift card to got the idea or message destroy for bowsprit gender and irons. So I really can't stays. Here is Visa storytelling Methodology from Busy is really impressive and effective. You could also see that people are more likely to understand. Remember your messes. When is a community Barry strong visual? A district with a targeted pull? It pours, especially when ISMs and pants you're so content. Yes, that's right. They using Treasury's Arvin Station when be flipped lay best late in a poorly way. But now the kibitzer in a murder is sunny. Really, It could be sure, and band are so you is the December about that. Later, it turns out compensation of presenting here. They also tell us that raises have been canvassed less. You read a room and a death on the planet to fit your honest. That's for restricted button lay or has been more challenging me in on the details in order to understand this church Najia, Babrak justice or three simple steps here that warm big a tablet set your ask your contents and step three see your impact. As you see, sir, working with praises. It's a truly December like that. They have abused number are ready Met champions first and now on we have to do is just privacy on our ideas and our content. Okay, Ness is a bad the convenience of cow shit vis Is that president want to tell us you can use crazy on your mother differences or just pass or pressure and you can store and collaborators your presentation based on computing a French pressure in addition to die because he served about training and Webinars community or passport or image headed in privacy control as cetera. Now it's time for a two run through Brexit Gallery and see some group presentation temperatures there. 3. Prezi Gallery: Hello and welcome to Crazy Gallery. Lexuses here if you want to Asset to President calories Jake Candies Gallery Burn at the many bro Gina It didn't get a repast here. There are two course busy presentations. The 1st 1 is new presidents. That's our credit is day. Baby Bear is just less you. Here's the mouth. There are references to inspire. Your creativity is you see Turner Prizes are credits. Is Maar creating stairs a spur conference education for training with chargin popular tenders as Chitra and the Nets points is the ready Mitch hammers for a year to just added to tablets? You can see that you can t near onlooker Already there on your heart to do is just Jan di content on the presentation. Okay about the ready Mitch Hamed juices that we are so happy. Shouts Internet presentations, visit pictures resume enters into kissing. That's your arm. Okay, so that's our bad enquiries. Now we can particular as some map now Chemnitz here and you carry Let's go 4. Pricing and Sign up: when it comes to these video raise depressions and Sunday process after really could compressing burden never impressing page you nerves There are two tires of pricing plan at praises which for sale plan here with three pegs is enjoying her on purpose on educational pans of here could come this link Sir, we got three patches in education hands here, eh Eh geez drying Add Duker and Eddie Tomb Okay, let's just back to your standard prising. All right now literally debated barrack tree parities instead oppressing first. There sure is. We got franchi goodbyes if we choose the journey and on immediately Per and poplars Private secret for assess on any device and premium shippers or the same for three packages Image credit insurer and are flying ashes is supported on a on her and problems package Advanced present training Isparta on a on purpose As you can seize if you choose months appearing the process were be 10 bears for is a packet 20 beers for a per and 30 birds for a purpose In case you were like to be it annually peering Then the price will be trooper before our our 5 13 and 20 especially for those packages. Care for their just want your creates an account for free. Then you were lead Come this continual free burn to center. Remember that and put it account your president will be partly via per a strategic around reusable. We got to register about the beauty in policy. Different regions is how do spirit work then the Ascher is in France fortune days up there suppression or free. Then you being really the currency. And if you don't want to renew your subscription, you can cancer at any time. The second ricin is what if in it to cancer. The answer is it's judicial doing. Trying appear that you don't reserve. Continue using president issuing or per these euro set in his page. Teoh Cancer. You're a suppression, the virus being charming. If you like Teoh, praise Uruapan. You can did this on in your set in space as well. And you see, in any case in Japan's here is we'll be free. Afraid I do each other packet Fridays in months for ad occur and used to contact President . If you're a timid, he's over 20 members. Okay, doesn't enough about President pricing a shiner? So now it's catching guys for introduction. That's video 5. Prezi Dashboard Introduction: Jason era luck into May. Ready cows on lightning. Bernie's race here and then I wear be redirected to this page will be cool gas boards. Jerrod. Desperate is the pace where you can maze one of Europe reputation. You can see that because a fugitive's friends here with our badges on then you can food. It's bad. John created Bay me. Oh, are shirt with me Something that I don't These are phrases it can evens organize your prejudice and by this new furniture burn and become a tighter for dress Here the SIA answer d the name of the first farther, and then I can say I'd burn. So we got first father's rights here. She wants you create any future president Plantation. You gonna want you these first? Roger on. Then you can create a new crazies right here. It's now just not incurious. They said, uh okay, so we but we all resist right here, letting off presentation. Sure. Ria Street on counter or Tyrell or a copy from the other. Or we can go awesome tempers here. You want to use crude risk on this so that aren't that is organizations are precious. Plantation is you wish to quit? Isn't your badges on that? That that Rio 10. You to the editor. Rights away. But now I want to tell you a little bit more about this Britain. So this is married. Praises the cheese man and a car setting Professor Peixe. It raises or refers and knockouts or your left. Coram's right here. We've got a lot of things. Literature, the information from badges for his MBA. Sure, I can up in the Paris from Brazil or for about president companies, You can have been our spirit from praises second season this year. Bauer Paris President is so man so keen for bar Reggie presence here and then about the president. My series. We can see that president is working Grace on on drying for iPhone or iPad. Even that's our And I had just been let out. Okay, so dies on about there. President Jazz born sir know about your our does go by clicking on that My base is here. Okay, sir. We're going to stop here and then we merge your units. Video for amazing in terms of their hodja presage. Let's go 6. Prezi Edit Mode Guide – Visual Storytelling with Path Editing: in this video, we're going to talk about 100 years. Villa Torrey tearing with pat and eating you see from dashboards here become creates new crazy burn. The very first thing we met here is to your attended option Care not to tear your arms. And they're your story nit to pick the way that your story really turned first. And these option from president you have to do now the's Earth's bloody tenders and right here is about popular canvas. His past is year to search for Tenders Bay entering Cuba Rush like this If you want to look for more tenders, click here this city become learning off Tempus here, two chairs. Very fledge. Great freaking news as the fourth. Okay, let's say we beat this one and then we hit on. Use tablets burn. There we go, sir. Revise Here are crazy And the mood. Let's take a look at some friends here and see how they displays in our presentation in order to understand anymore. Inner is your rate, I would say not really certain. Divide this editor. Insure to man parts. The first rung is the raid that return of their story to our opponents and the sick Awan is about how our village situation look and feel. Sir, this video's gonna talk about video storytelling or the Redox retail. Our story first here, basically there's er for is a very Hafer tour for a tenant story record that had to do as you're going to see is here at a packed room. Whenever you click on that Israel, display the path with the order number off every singer friend here. This murder store burden is for an amenity and friend contents. If you want to chan the laundry of thes friends, just trap them like I now have Chand position between these through slice I mean, you better prepared the order If you're in for in your story, like 12 tree for that you're gonna put on your presentation first and then you're gonna bid them onto friends later. And after that, you could easily chance there at minutes ham you want this is cleared or burn. And this is your current view. Burn here duty time that you're telling your assuring it should be not just moving between these friends that Sudan's issued out. Teoh remained your honest where they are and then we're back again to the points. And you can do not is his current Buber. You say it. One is due out at the point between from three. And for him for Let's see what I'm gonna do scenario. Gonna Surya is Montes Ember in this demo? 7. Prezi Edit Mode Guide – Make your presentation pop with Visual Objects: her. Everyone on American to day second parts are busy. I didn't move in this video. We're gonna show you how to miss your presentation. Power that Easter 10 is the object. And then we were answer could amaze our visitation background and dim s You conceived here being gone to Britain's right here. Each earth Andi couldn't marries Gina were not the most stunning things where you're using this anger is depression Were freed, Teoh, as a lot of visual archers like he meets shipper, serves YouTube, Vitter and so on. And you could honest and see that we are absolutely i batuk for arrows and large and using a ladder. And then you could actor from music together refers server to dance, Sam. And of course, we could lose our sours in Peter for math or video for met a rave in Para por sour. I'm going to steal your very use for infection. This is like our to Britain. You see, this official is very hard for where we want you manually displace our content in our way. Like don't first members here gonna aspen. Aimee's injured his friend Janice. They're gonna enter tach. Content Does is so easy. Nasty is a bad background and to recognizing. Let's go come this burn catcher marries. So this area is about the crowd. If you would like to train your pepper collar to change it like this, and even if your largest todos your image for occupation a proud is also easy with this juice far broom. And here we are his dick term portion. Now that wasn't their draft is like choosing the star of that fit your in it. I would say that in like a kid really has been around and finds the core you name it. So let's say we're going to try. Some of them here uses Member too sacred to him after having visit and occasion it to chance and things that are more detail about the appearance. Zika Condi's advance burn lets you see, is here. We can chant the have a color stick of friend, the camera fam Paris and Lyon worker on the detail Be the color, really even Can Chan about the three D bet runs here? Terry loves here, uh, absolutely content by the tattler front name color and it's the tenor or even bunnies are tense, so you want you quickly, Tran Dirt sends down minutely and to be very is here You can get comfy creatures, tamp and then we've got a nest burn after reading. Use our marriage to chan everything. Everyone, thank you. Says here all about the pharaohs and we're gonna stops here from Mirrors International, Peter, for creating on deciding detention. Let's go. 8. Let’s Create an Exciting Presentation: Hello. And there's term for it, sir. Create and studying vegetation refers. I want to show you how argumentation looked like. And then I gonna show you how to create it from scratch. And here it is, the richest person risk the name, step by step guide to is crazy Accreditation. Let's go! 9. Step by Step Guide to Create Great Presentations: Okay. Scenario is our presentation. Step a step guy. First disease. The story outline on. Did you tire? Are through recitation. And then the strap Teoh entered from content. All right, so they get a story, Or right now we're gonna search for our temblors tree. And these rights here from groceries on tenders Memory he owns Hit on your It started burning. You are into any here Way gonna demise post Nice here if you don't want you go to every single slice. And Eddie, It's the foreign cars, sir. Praise for all. Yeah, Karcher. The couldn't manage. Brennan writes here. Then we all fear first you see, there are better so we can binge any color for super prime. The channel term. This is your advance. Peru. So realize here. Doing redress. Generally we can chant the front trains. Here are until the court for the caller way should be better to the region. Taps here and saving Cheers Dio color. Is it treated around the car? Sir, You cross that? Okay, sir. He's just running caller for the counter and stepped on in Bari. Conceded Turner. It's a tenner. Very there. Say aye. Chan Franz, for the tenor Great's first. Okay. Gets this year the chance in here? Five years here. Nasty. Picked the color. Yes. Face It's him for Tartar said it did. Fund destroyed menace as shoes. Did it? Must want then we collector and gets torn from very test right here. Okay, these are bars. Champs Should frame are there. Did you, for sitting there become done bird? All right. Said sites aren't about the mice are looking shell for our registration. So it for entering detects I've been there, I realise here and can't tatter into departs. Gonna go Teoh Every single friends here. Civil one is a say born a story way from a Favorites folder have said down for school Visited favorite once a four term We started to see signs that is like that and movies in hands here. That's right. - The chair my city made from my computer. Okay, sir, they have Teoh any for some sickens just because you have to guard it from the Correa Teoh Carl. All right, you can see that God, Then you know our sins here way can edit the fans here. You see if it's safe for our enemy image There were any person. 10 Sir. This is further and user. I guess you got regarding his hands fans and fram trying for him. Yes, you can see that We've got a lot of many Fancier this. I don't want to use it. So I got to the finance officer disease. But Russian er Okay, sir, you say? I say very and they way can you size and they can rotates our image. Good to sit for I said the shimba and sat for you to see We're gonna It's an honest hours. Here we are used for, like crazy on these. Sure. Her rice here. Okay. You don't want you don't want to use it is about you can get in and you get your duty for intramural keepers. All right, sir, we have entered auntie content. I tempt your ideas Something about their animation. It's a matter changed by looking Sure Firstly , Gunner, as current here for their powers friend, I'm sure capture using barrel friend Then I tried to you dear between from foreign size and their guards transfer with these in pouch Nessie about foreign between yes trended Teoh car between trying services finally said no. Just gonna be this port here you can trying to please on their fan and find for their amaze from content option. Or you can get on that he peppered and be honest, more Starbird advice here. Com Teoh chest Israel after d animation and can be few with this paper. We have memories. Our Arabic last time. Yes, sure way have Teoh race Perception Crims we are growing. All right, sir tend to in jars our case They're heartened year is on its and thank you for the news.