Press Releases That Never Fail

Alun Hill, Journalist and Broadcaster

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10 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Press Releases: Introduction

    • 3. Press Releases: Next Steps For Success

    • 4. Press Releases: Crucial!

    • 5. Making A Plan

    • 6. Press Releases: Upcoming Success

    • 7. Sending Out Press Releases: Best Practices

    • 8. Sending Out Press Releases: The Power Of Press Releases

    • 9. Press Releases: How To Put Your Results Into Overdrive

    • 10. All Ready For Your "Personal Stamp"


Project Description

Writing A Press Release To Increase The Size And Sales Of Your Business

Study the course

Study the course in full and learn what journalists really want from a press release and how you can promote your business successfully and for free.

A press compaign?

Think of a press compaign for you business. Make a schedule for sending out press relases.

What is a successful press release?

Write a press release using the attached press release template and the secrets discussed in the course. Make sure that you go through the attached press release check list.

Who to send a press release to? 

Make a list of journalists and bloggers who are interested in the niche your business is in as well as press-related online agencies (see my personal rolodex attached).

You are on your way of getting a successful press coverage.

Feel free to share your project in the Project Gallery and get feedback from your classmates.

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